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The. Presentation of this program is made possible by a grant from General Foods corporation by public television stations and by grants from the Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Yeah he. Was.
Right. My name's Danny. But. I burn it down. I am. I am. I am. And. I am. Honest. AS. I am. With
a Staten Island New York. Close your eyes and try to catch it. Keep your eyes closed. Can anyone do it three times you know. That. You know you're going to. Win. You know. You. Get up I think. Yes. All right. What
a way. That's all you did. That's what I do you know I'm. Not you. Know it's funny. I know. That. I. See you waiting for we already. Covered too high. Straight out to Honolulu that. Highest. He said in Illinois can you guess what.
What is it. It's a sort of machine's view of a dying. Yeah yeah. It is not only that you know. You put it in the.
Wee house so to get the water runs. Wow. This is how it's made of the same houses are made of straw and. After the fire we have to let it sit for an hour before we can bake. My mother bakes and special in the night we sell to the tourists in the summer. I used more modern and a little bit of
sugar and a lot of flak. It's about 45 minutes. To get a. Room. My mother say 60 loves a day in summer. Thirty. Two. One than nine.
My mother taught me to be a not alone that she made herself. Can you cool for women in our book make beats and sell them at the craft shop to get it. It's and she did put two blocks up on me and the ski and I just want some string on the nails. That to be this sick. I. This is my grandpa joe. Sometimes he comes down to put in the US.
My grandfather was born in the book too. You know dark grey on if you weren't the guy who won. Yeah he got the place back to trust in it which is our language. You know you are right it is tough and he was about my age when the boy was there with these two uncles told KOMO he was when they got there they had a feast in the hole in the floor. Either way if they're no longer off then
you're through. You. Know your. Time in the pit. One. Has to do to buy jeans of college boy New York. Can you guess what it is. What is it. It's a camel passing a pyramid. Lots of kids wrote in and asked what wee houses were like. Recently we learned a song with five different languages in it. Here we are rehearsal with new and next week we'll do the production.
Here we go. Spanish version of the word world together. OK when we do that is it. Yes. Chinese.
Chinese word syllable old man one time. OK but what everybody everybody. I think Danny when you're playing this you know if you hit the triangle just every once in awhile every other big but kind of if you're going along. You know just kind of ping it every once in awhile. Let's have just a few sound. Before we begin to get this into this one two three. Two three.
Run. About one more with the American. Legion. Sent in by must draw my of. Can you guess what it is.
What is it. It's a draft and got its head stuck in the ground. You are.
Have you ever made it to Riri And if you want to learn how to write zoom.
Oh I. Know. And will send your resume card with the directions. There's a problem saying to me by Jennifer Hogg of saying that since she sent this guy. Does anyone live from the sky the sky is so high it's blue and white and black at night. Does anyone live in the sky. That's. Good. For. You. Here's a poem sent in by Julie Gottlieb of Los Angeles California. What makes the wind blow the wind the wind. The wind goes she should. It blows hard blows soft blows hard blows called it blown LOL It blows
the flu sometimes in the bedroom hit the window when the use of porn sent in by sharing spill and crashing again. I am a tree. I am a tree. Oh it's so fun out all day glad I knew the sign and when winter comes and that leaves people pick them up to make winter reuse. Oh it's so fun to be at tree alone you know when we. Yes here is a poem sent in by Mt. Vernon Illinois. Rain. When the sun seems to run out without any notice and the clouds turn inside out. The rain is near. Quiet finds its way into your small part of the world with rain at its side. The sky comes alive with emotion. Excited sad laughing and crying not knowing what to do. Rain starts falling with a soft happy sound.
Then at last a rule builds in itself and at last it cools. To happiness and sunshine come again as if they have always been there and quite makes its way into the earth. Once you've seen the light the fire you know you know know you so much for you. He said it was sent in by Libby lines of Portland Ind.. Can you guess what it is. What is it. It's a keyhole view of a zebra going uphill. I need to be turning to. Me to think I've. Got. To have. MY BACK TO BE.
Ready to meet. Me. Hi stranger would you my love I know it's not the real Ha. He must be a Martian. I get a yeah yeah yeah you must be new in this town. Most of all I have on. You. So you know me. Hello what's her name. Well I never feel. That's a nice name I'm sorry. I want you as a father. Why should I be. I have a bit of that we don't but if I don't I'd tell. Them to hold them tight. I said I mean I have no doubt. That. Man I have. That. I mean I don't write. That. I don't have time. Right. Now. I doubt. That I
have. Had that had I been driving I made up. My. Own. Can you guys just take no shit. Oh sure. Let's see. You know that the poor this thing. For I can't read this can you. I need glasses. Send us those. Good thanks. The base so those of us still buy. All the stuff we come up. Stop me. Come up. So they got steak up. Do you see what we have. That's the one. Let's get our brain on the left will also. Knew. Where she was or was she and I was around to take you down the stairs into the.
I thought. Oh. I mean having having a tough time. I mean that I haven't got that down. I mean I mean I know that. I mean that I mean I mean. That I doubt. That it. Would be nice. To have never had I mean that. How am I for then so be Gabby's that was said about me get Bubby bubble up and he got up. Be that Abbott fellows about why botch. They have been mugged I know because I love to use love I think. It.
And now back to 0 0. 0. 0 out. So. Does. That mean I mean that. I mean that I mean I mean I think. That. That would. Be that. At this point I have my for my own car. Rob I.
Got shell. Sandwiches you. Know that no I can't get. Myself. See. The.
Presentation of this programme was made possible in part by a grant from General Foods cooperation and by public television stations. A.
ZOOM, Series I
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
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