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Number three. And any. Presentation of this program is made possible in part by a grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations and a grant from the Ford Foundation. Nice.
Tell me. Possible rants from McDonald's Donal's restaurant and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
Would you believe it. OK here's a game sent in by Becky you forgot to give us the address. It's called Crab sucker and here's how you play divide into teams get in your hands and feet like this using a ball trying to kick the goal line. Good luck. Yeah yeah. You. Get. To go. What have you.
Yeah. No no no. He has a slight idea said by Lee it's been Sierra. Mess and she did all the illustrations herself. She calls it. Yes all things. I think it's all alligators and rabbits. What a lovely Gavotte that would be. Thank you for the candles we want your cake. OK I'm tryna Jenkins and I just turned
12. Thanks for asking questions. Now's about 5. My father told me I was adopted when I was a Mandarin but he told me I didn't have to tell anybody I was. Adopted some kids think that you're really different but I don't feel that way. I'm glad my family adopted me. Now I feel sad for my real parents. I want to go down there with me while. I'm up. There. I think French should be honest with each other. Not. Friends just down the street from me.
And we're going to do it just as a fun and. Completely. Nice to me when I. Say. Yeah. I feel really lucky my friends and relatives on hand because they're all so good to me.
My house and they always come to my birthday party. And Julie have a friend another friend it's going I was just about the best you could ask for. He's got so much at least that's what he tells me. My brother Tommy was adopted. We really don't talk about that much though because we really feel like we're brother and sister. My grandparents live right downstairs from me and they never miss a birthday party. Because it was going to come. Home. Sometimes when I think of what would have happened to me if I wasn't adopted I think.
But most of the time I feel like the family. Also. OK OK what I'm going to do is going to put all this pepper. This is full of water. And I want you to see if you can put your finger in there and make the pepper go to the sides. But no matter where there's a lot of pepper spray just lingering sticks to my finger to.
Try it or. Not try. It. You finger it is no secret is. Thank you get some more here. Secret is. So what I did was put some a little bit on my finger. So I would make it from the finger. Here's how you make it come then to the middle of the water. You get Going to the top again. Salt. Yes you may come back middle of competition. I want to spend years already trying to figure out. And so you know come back to the middle. Gershwin's where I retorted you so.
So you look at it look at it return very well why wouldn't you know who it is for the birds and dogs. One thing what a lovely put up that would be. Good. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to our fabulous production of Little Red Riding-Hood sent in by Michael Warner of Providence Rhode Island. The first scene opens and you know Red Riding Hood is skipping merrily through the forest. Why do I have to go through the same stupid story every day of the week. There must be more life in this. I just don't play I don't even get a mother. So I have to wake up at the crack of dawn and bake these crummy cookies.
I mean it's really hard. They're sweet. How are you doing today. Oh Hi Albert. I'm OK. But you realize in this story. Clay I have to wake of the crack of dawn big these cookies that say you got problems that haven't fixed my belly zipper yet. So every time I zip myself up the tension is wide contours. We better get going to grant as Bush takes a fit you know has chances to be late. OK I could just slow down a little this time. Yesterday you almost bet me there. Well do you see around you. That beast he's already seven minutes late. Yesterday he was so late he didn't have time to scream. This story is getting worse and worse every day. When I was a girl I was invited all the time I get to make silly
remarks about the jurors no matter how dirty they were. Then again you don't have judges that he was so young and handsome. Aw those were the day. When I was. Ready for the hostile all star you. I thought you'd never get here. Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks. Thanks thanks.
Again. And how would you. Do that. Well right out of. The Little Red Riding you know. What a nice surprise. Why have you brought me. A Yankees again right. No sardines Why do you say. That. I would do what he did. She would have she cut again while I was nice and then I had my own I. Didn't know how she would have all the better to smell you the law the way the dirty don't love her. I don't. Know. What I meant. Let's forget about the whole. I'm sort of tar myself. Oh I'm with you guys. It's really good. I knew we suffocate. I do that every day. I've got an idea for. Play. You see it's a bad. This girl Goldie Locks she likes pot.
I want to try to play. And I'm underside of porridge. OK. And then you and I would just have to beat it out. Katie I've been waiting for you I share my stuff. Well I hope you enjoyed I hope you'll join us tomorrow. Goldilocks in the air. If all the snakes in our street saying what a lovely snake a witch that would be.
When we're finished putting together the parts. This one has 60 pieces that look together to make the different sections of the puzzle. Puzzle making family activities. And parts. This is called the Jupiter. When it's put together it looks like a. Star. And there's only one way to. Gather. It's a complicated puzzle. Bill. But there was that my sister that you can make.
I invented one puzzle.
In the middle. Of the floor to you. Just put it right. How does this. Sleep.
Yes. They are starting. To get to be. In the red. Could be Green said. A. You. Can't do this. I need to make this puzzle is a popsicle stick and a piece of string. Now.
This is called the buttonhole puzzle. Now I need to make it work is a buttonhole. First you put the string around the hole and pull it down so it is material up here and stick the end of the stick to the buttonhole. Now the trick is to get it off. Looks like it just comes off that way. Now. What. Yeah I just put my debit to. Memphis. I think it's good. Because it's so. Good. In there. Prepared to spend the rest of the rounds with this.
Would you prefer I don't forget you pull apart the string. So don't swear but then you put the stick through and that's all there is to it. If you want to find out how to make a buttonhole puzzle or sleeve or staffer or obvious puzzle write Sam Fox 3 5 0 Boston Mass 0 2 1 3 4. It's all fishes and birds. One thing what a lovely fish bird that would be. Yeah. Maybe tell me I'm going to make you sell you funny. Your husband won't believe it is I yeah I lie she do you know what do you know I know you got to be who I just died that.
The money did. Not Die good. I do yeah we see you. Too much. Yeah. I just really gotta work. Now. I shall now. I really didn't get anything. Thank you. Yes Mrs. Maybe. To Myself. If all the rats and think what I love to read. That would be.
Good. Thank. You.
Well you will get good luck in getting. What you think. You crave. Man. Can you think of any funny combinations. Made.
Right. But. Put on. I. Didn't. Film is made possible by ants from McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's restaurants and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Presentation of this program was made possible and fined by a grant from General Foods cooperation
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