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Presentation of this program is made possible in part by a grant from General forge cooperation and by public television stations and a grant from the Ford Foundation. So this. Is made possible by grants from McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's restaurants
Fund and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Well somebody please send us a play. His Zambello sent in by TMZ for us to Grapevine Texas gives them the Heidrick the stand in the middle of the floor. Hold your left leg with your right hand and put your left hand around the back of your head and touch your nose. Now stand on the tippy toes of your right leg and turn around without hopping. Can you do it. Good luck. Do you think if.
You don't wake up when you. See. Me. I'll see you again. Stay hopping. 1 2 3 5 6 7 be 40 50 60 70 80. Take. Six. I. Love. You.
I love. My. Right. That's right. I like that one. Well is it that. If all the cows and lizards for one thing. What a lovely co-host that would be. A letter sent to him by Calum a new york new york. She writes I noticed that you always say to get it so God sent us a self-addressed stamped envelope. Well I don't think some kids understand what that is.
So why don't you explain what you mean. OK. So this is your letter addressed to so before you seal it up take another envelope. With your name your address and a stamp on it put it in with your letter and send the whole works just so we can send you a guide. Have. Like semi-secret sure what kind of ice cream would you like. I didn't say my ice cream. Yes you do. You said ice cream. Ice cream. What kind would you like. I'd like some of your ice cream. Sure. What kind of rice cream would you like to see. Rice sweet. Yes you did. You said I like some of your ice cream. Ice cream. What kind would you. Like.
Yes you have any apple ice cream. I'm sorry. I have my ice cream and rice cream but I love ice cream anyways. OK. Ice cream. I. Do. My name is Chris Bashir. And I started playing piano when I was in second grade. I had to play scales all the time. I had to learn to love everything you need them to learn how to play the harder stuff like Bach and Beethoven. Bach is like. Really scaley guy because he he didn't
he didn't go all his course he does moves around all the time. Beethoven doesn't go too fast like. And then one night. I was watching TV and Max McGrath was on the Boston Pops playing Scott Joplin music and I got real good what I got under ragtime too. And here is one of those pieces. Jack was born in Texarkana Texas and later in his life he moved to Sedalia Missouri. He's been forgotten in the last few years. He's. Become known again. His songs are being played more and people are bringing to him. Again. I learned. To. Play Joplin by the first. Guy. I she the music and then. I've got them in Boston. Next week I have it memorized
and then I just give my answer. For and play any song to be. I mean you just can't run right through me. You got to stick with it. You can't be too hard on yourself because you get too frustrated and you just leave it in and you'll never learn it. Jackman's phases are pretty tricky because they have a long reach in. My hands aren't. Big enough yet. So I just cut off the chords so I can fly. But when I get older my hands will grow and I won't have to cut off a chord when I can play it like it's written. Nobody can make music. Still has music all of his own and nobody can just compare to writing. One. Whatever's most famous pieces was Maple Leaf Rag. I didn't think I could play it. But everybody wants me to so I just got the book and learned it.
And when I get to feel like playing I just enjoy myself. You know. It sounds fun mad with me you know like. I'm not feeling very good and it kind of cools me down. I'm going. To perform because. I designed for my pleasure when I threw myself in on condition of my own mistakes and I always correct them but I can make them feel bad.
You know when I go off. And. I'm going to keep on playing Joplin because I like a whole bunch. He's just a fantastic. Composer. To. Frogs and mice for one thing. What a lovely man that would be. A few weeks ago. We did some food color. All you need is some paper towels and some food coloring. Lots of kids have said in full color right. There. The.
Whole sentence by Janine and Quantico school of images. It's called winter. I went outside. And. You know. I saw the ground covered with snow. We
made an igloo. And. Then it Canet. Collapse. Now it's small. I walk down a hill hit a tree so hard I. Guess. I. Heard the poem sent in by war of conquest of Marblehead. It's called the cold. Here. I sniffle in my bed I have a cold in my head. Well here aspirin there goes around me everywhere. The sun is shining in the sky while in bed while in my bed I must lie. I want to get up and dress but my mother says Rest. Is waiting for that. It's a Shoalwater Princeton New Jersey writes. So I have been watching so many horror movies lately I can't help thinking there was a monster in the closet.
So I wrote a poem to calm me down. It's called. Yeah. Oh no. The windows are closed. The lights are out. There are no monsters to worry about. There is no snooze. With who knows. There is no black with 14 toes. There is no slumpy with three heads. So why don't you just lay down and go to bed. So letters. For soula yet sir. Coover. She writes this. I am very concerned about the energy crisis. People should try to save as much as they can but it isn't fair to have people saving and having these big buildings with the lights on all night. What do you think. The story starts of saw TVs during the day that they have on their TV set to show people. How colors or something. It's because you just waste all energy and then
they're telling you you are not watching the TV. You don't need a life. Turn off the big buildings have above 3000 lights on. What. Ever. That is said. By Vashti Jackson of Richmond Virginia. She writes so I have a boa constrictor named slinky. Slinky is seven feet long. It's mice. Geragos hamsters guinea pigs squirrels and eggs. All my friends think that I'm odd because girls aren't supposed to like snakes. I also like frogs spiders and all those creepy crawly things you can learn by hand to me. You mean you eat chicken. Yeah. In the next. Or so. So if all snakes and woodpeckers were one thing. What a lovely snake that would be.
This was sent in by Marn Sandom of Jackson Minnesota try this you need four toothpicks two bowls of jello and two players then each player has two toothpicks and you see who can eat up the Jell-O first by using just a toothpick. Oh my goodness. You can't put your mouth on the ball and scoop it up to fix. Good luck on your mark get set go. To go up so you can see. If you're good to me. And do his best. To me. Joe was not. Hungry.
You. Can. See. What happened. Why don't. You. Just saw. The back. For you. Yeah. Tell me why. Did.
You. First. Sherri had made a. Huge. Thirty. Two pieces. And. We had to simplify. Everything. That took a little bit of time. We ended up with about 21 pieces. Staying stained. As. Splinter like. Your. Do have to be careful working with sharp edges. It's slow work and you can't rush. You. Know. When you get all the pieces cut to fit the design. It's good to get an idea what they will look like
before it's sledded together. First you put a piece of clear glass over your trace and. Then you draw the outline from the trace in the glove. Next you stick the pieces of stained glass on to the glass with model. Then you can hold the design up to light. And see if the color is. Next to you ready to join the pieces together with special strips of blood. It's very
soft. So you have to cut slowly and be careful that it doesn't squish. Five. Pieces together with a soldering iron. You have to be careful not to get too hot so it melts the lead strips along with the solder. And one side is finished. You've got to solder the other side so there's no chance of any pieces falling and. Just. Have to solder together.
Cherian I've tried to figure out how much time I put into this butterfly. My closest estimate was about 200 hours. Or. Do. It. Why. Because you don't want to. Talk. All. That. Stuff. I think.
Yeah. Yeah. What do you want. What would you do if you had a dog that talked. I take them to Hollywood Jack. I seriously no help. Hi Joe. Here's a goodie. Sent in by Cathy switchback of Sacramento California and she calls it despotic special. What you need is an apple some peanut butter some cinnamon and show the mix together and some American cheese.
What you do is you take the apple slice into pieces. And you have to cut the seeds out. Next spend some peanut butter on your slice of apple and then that sprinkle some sun Michigan on it. And last but not least you wrap your whole apple into a slice of American cheese and you have it.
This one ex-special. I eat it. But I like cheese. Well. What. We. Do. With. Yes. But. Then. Again you. Get a. Dog.
That. Does it. For us.
One. What. A. Good. Start. I got a. Closet door. Don't forget to close the door. I.
Don't I made possible by a grant from McDonald's Corporation on my farm. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Presentation of this program was made possible in part by a grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations and a grant from the Ford Foundation. And
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