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10:54 WGBH Boston. Make. Your funding for Zoom is provided by a grant from General Foods corporation. Additional funding is provided by this station and by other public television stations in. The.
Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. Hi. I'm. Done with you and your.
Next. One. Thank you. Hey Dan I think that one from before we were two chicks come from chickens from Chicago. That's really all these people are always sending him
letters about special things. Well I don't have any special hobbies or anything like that. I'm just a regular person. I think as my good people are ready to tell you about it. So I'm sending you this pledge to me. My name is Bob right. I'm eight years old and I live in Beaver Dam. I don't have any special hobbies. I do draw too much TV. I hope you read these shows to other people do it just regular people can always. This is my blog of Georgia why cross the road. It's of no use to see how to get them out. Because the chicken replied. That is when I grow up.
I would like to be the person to be president of the United States. What would you like to hear from Caroline. Two schools from Greensboro let me know. I want to be there for him. Oh boy. A lawyer an architect probably an engineer. And a single. Pilot. I'd I might like to be if I were you I'd really like to be a disc jockey professional work. It is a duck truck driver. I don't know yet. OK. You go everywhere from car park. So it's got
to start with you. Good. Luck. Well. Please don't leave you with sugar. Well he's live in New York. There were six ferrets did or a brother or sister or frozen. Great. That's. Great break because I'm a character. That you portray to people crop. Took popsicle
sticks in the. Trees for four hours oh please. Good. Good things come in all shapes sizes taste and smell. We want the recipe. Good. Then it is known that at one point you. Hey hey hey. Hey hey
hey hey hey hey hey hey. Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey. Hi. Hi. Hi. There. When I was five or six I came to the race track and I wanted to learn how to ride because you
know I liked it. And since then I've always wanted to be a jockey. My family's been with horses but generations know my great great grandfather was hung for horse steel. I started riding in November and I won five races my apprenticeship. Started to run for the first and a second. So. I should wait a second. I've been in a hurry 10 majors and I've won 22 horses all their. Brain bird gallant chance put them on money machine. Taking my bag I'm my little Billy so he listens and so a good break off to quote a pope from work a quarter of a mile in tomorrow. My father's been with horses all his life. He's been a trainer for 35 years. Some of the number one post so we're going to have to get him a little better than he did last
time because you come from behind the way you want to get trapped in. Like. I started working horses when I was 12 years old and I've always watched my weight. When I heard two problems I don't want to get heavier than that. Luckily I'll stay like. I get on these horses and I exercise them and I work them. It's just like someone who runs he has to get fit for a big race. It's the same for a horse. So. What was your experience when your people are getting here. That you have the opportunity to go all of these pictures. And see what you've done. The mistakes you made there are six or seven other apprentices once a day we have video replays of the previous these races and that's where the students come in. They get in a boxing contest here. He drops rail random those clubs his heels and he goes down. Anybody can have a right to this.
Now re-exported your wife for Pete's sake out there he knows Rick knows what he's talking about and if he says Get me and take me out that he can take it out on route or avoid not like maybe 12. You know with all of us he had 12 split of the lead. Scuse me when you are in a race there are guys that will try to intimidate you and if you let them know that you are easily intimidated. They're going to take advantage of you. You know. Sometimes when you're on the fence and you're just coming into contention they'll try to crowd you a little bit and they forget a little bit you'll take out of it quick just like you no heart. There wasn't even time for me to ask my boss to run up in there. You know you can send the any home. You have to understand what it you're in a public contest on the inside who is trying to get out. Race horses trying to get in. And that's our series and always kind of a tough horse right. I have you had a horse we tried to get in real bad
in Europe. So I you he the only judgment that you possibly could use to be a good jockey half of the hard work and you have to have a little but have to be able to take. Constructive criticism. It takes brains and you have to want to learn. The key to it is experience. When you go into the game your mind is centered on the race. You just. Think of nothing but the horse. And you stay out of trouble. You know. But you know for the other guy doing the best you can. Make those around all be considered gentlemen jockey.
And I'd like to continue writing the first one is possible or not. All. Right guys. Stand. By. OK. All right. So. One thing that you know it's the same old one.
OK fine. Amy how do you keep a turkey in suspense. I'll tell you tomorrow if you do. Making movies without a camera is easy. I need some white leader. I can clearly do that depends. My calling you in any movie my photographic on different side is up for making home movies seen in this picture. These are the kinds you see in school. This is a 35 millimeter long easy to use this project. When you start to film one of you that
depends on my side from this. To see if you pens right on your film to see which side of your film soaks up the fact that you've been using the right squiggly lines. You might not get a good movie you at least four or five feet of film. Most of the animation you see on TV is done by a single frame the space between a broken heart and single frame takes 24 frames to make one second you can make any designs you really want if you make a ball bounce back and forth. You have to draw you like three or four times then you get
to them. We just want to show that this is just like it's moving to take a long term solution was do it you can make birds fly fishing swim it make any way designs you really can draw lines between the space you have blacklead is making all of them with a black hoodie on one side to shine. The other on the dark side gets the black good enough with the film with a sharp object like a straight pin. I knew we to save thing but be careful not to poke a hole through the film. Safety pins are really easy to use and they work well. There's got to be a white projecting on the screen. You can decorate them and give them different colors by going in with a different color filtered markets to make a design move move to make the a different
every through pain. So they look like it's moving and you should make it pick in between the both the specs sprocket also you have the whole picture and you don't have the film. I. Don't. Like. That one. I. Feel. Like. This is my. Party. I don't. Mean. I. Can. Tell. You. What and when. I get. It. Because it takes too. Long. To. Get out of the ground.
Oh really. Well. No. But. It's the best. All. Around. That's nice. I. Like. The coach. K. Bye bye. Bye. If you've got his card on hand I agree with that to camera. OK. Bye Bye Bye Bye bye. And don't forget to say the pen when you're done making your film and how much it cost
$10. Oh boy. Can you send me the bill. Oh no you have to buy the whole bird right now. Oh my. Oh. My god. We.
Have. No. If you go on a magic bus Eric will take you anywhere is the past. Present or future where you go. Why. Why email from Calford this year when we were in sixth grade is the first civilization we study was done to me. Now I'm all in the book short with
the treasures and stuff to be cool. I know that's where I'd work if we need to go in. All right. I'd like to be there or maybe you with grief because not only was it a beautiful runs for. Who you are. So I want I would like to go back. OK. All the way. I just like to go to work because I think some of it was for me like you had to go to the outhouse in the daytime like today you have. I went over. I love how my heart and I had it. I was too scared because
all the variables like check you know. What. I'd like to go. In Iraq. And it would be like an hour to go to work you go through the clouds to my liking. You know when they say which came first yay or nay. Why why why
why why. Why. Why why. Yes. OK. Hi hi. Hi.
Hi. Hi
Hi Hi Hi John. John.
Hi. Hi. Hi hi. John Major funding has been provided by a grant from General Foods
corporation additional funding has been provided by this station and by other public television stations. In
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
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