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Any. Presentation of this program is made possible in part by a grant from General Foods cooperation and by public television stations and a grant from the Ford Foundation.
Was. Was. Was. Was. June was made possible by grams from McDonald's Corporation and Mike Donald's restaurants Fund and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Lots of kids write and ask to see this pot to sue me again. This week to show some of the most popular segments. So I'm with this. Here's a barrel sent in by Darin Wisconsin. It's called the choose two people to play. Then each one blow up to build ties one to each ankle. The object of the game is to prop your opponent by stepping on them without letting him park your balloons. The last one with the balloon on his ankle.
We try to. Get things out. Yes. But. I am. Really. Right.
I. Like yell you a deal. Right. Do you zoom. I have a sister Beth who has been writing Morgan horses since she was about five years old you know. Morgans which came from New England for the first American breed of horses. The boys are old stuff. I think Beth would make a great zoom guest sign. Grace Jackson for lack looks like a mess. OK let's go. When I change Charlie for a show I have to work not only on how he performs but also on how I handle it so the training period is really for both of us.
When I'm training chali to do the Great I need to use my camions of my hands my legs theory accurately so that he knows how to do a search. We'll see you nice and rounded so they're usually the same size. Good very good. What do you. Mean. Both. With Charlie I have to work on the stretching exercises because when you're in the shell and you line up and the judge comes to look at you you want your horse to look is best. Good boy. That good. I feel proud of bad training Charlie because when he goes to the show and does
well even if he doesn't get a ribbon as long as he pleases me it does make me feel good because I think that I have done something to make him a good horse. A. You. Know. After working with Charlie for an afternoon I love just going up in the woods and let him go and yelping up the road. Sometimes Charlie and I are just in our own world because nobody's theory. I
can just sit back on him and let him take me. He's my friend because if I get them in a war I want toxic mold with somebody but it's not some that go and tell my sister or my parents or my friends or anything but I want to tell somebody that won't repeat it to anybody. Then I go out and I can attack you championing Millie I'll never tell anybody. Here is a story written by Sheila place of East freemen the US it's called The Frog and the queen. One day a little frog went for a walk. He came upon a cream and accidentally fell in trying to save himself. He started to swim. He kicked and kicked and kicked. Finally he
was too tired to kick anymore. But a strange thing had happened. He had kicks so hard and so long that he's no longer in the cup of cream but standing on a pad of butter. To build a tree Lumi need two sticks two stones some string and a low branch. First thing you do is throw the string over the branch. Then you tie one of the sticks to the top and one of the sticks to the bottom. Then you put the two stones on the string that's left over to weight it down. The next thing you do is warp the Loom the warp or the strings that run up and down. You make a loop over the top branch and bring the two ends through it and
pull. And then you tied around the string that came down. After this warped you ready do we stop you take a ball string and you go under one string and over the other the way across one of the things I like about tree Louis's you can use in more things than just yawn. When the bow string runs out and you can start a new one there we've been just anything you can think of.
If you want to know how to make a tree loom in your own backyard. Send us a stamped self-addressed envelope. That's an envelope with your name address and a stamp on it to zoom box 3 5 0 Boston Mass 0 2 1 3 4. Duncan Brown of Framingham Massachusetts sent us a play. It's called the invaders from outer space. Our story begins in a typical American home. John did you hear what the president said. We're going to be in your own space. Yes. Well isn't that scary. Yes he'll probably be green with one eye. Maybe when we buy. We've got to do something. John you are not listening to a word. We've got to do something. Let's just
see what we're going to be. Oh my gosh. Tell me how it was big. And why should we think. I got it. That's it. Let's do it. Do you.
We'll. See what kind of monsters live here. Let's not. I can hear them. But I can't understand what this says they must be honest. Yeah me. You look just like yes. I have. Right now. Yes. What do you want. Well we ran out of fuel. Oh so you feel right. Yeah I'll go get some more. Thank you. It's nice to meet you. Nice to meet you know looked at right. Oh well here's a few. Very few things we have nothing to worry about. Not more than stories. Why are you so filled just like us. Well the guy used to do it right. Right. I'm not going to very much of the future and if you just come back to our
bar and so the invaders from outer space went back into space in their rocket. As for John and his wife well they bought a new oak tree. He said. You don't make an ice cream like a flat bottom ice cream. Trap what you do and you put.
The butt chalk. You use some sticks. How do you see John trying. And you have your ice cream.
My freind plantation and. We live right in the middle of the plant and shaking all around in the front across the road and on both sides. In the polls start Horace and Horace their neck anus to no entry. The horse is like a big muff they do they look so like some kind of a mosque that has already grabbed you Big Short pieces on it like claws like a crawfish. For you if you're going to kill them. Now smaller than a horse and I just get on the drive. When I was not on a farm and got on it and I did a lot of things wrong at first but then
I stopped to catch up on the work at night. I'd. Do years because the horse threw couldn't get to do that you know because of all the crowded by here and they get someone to roll. What we saw in the coffin all way from the bottom going to be the point that it is a big dock and I saw a horse covering it. You're.
Right it is not very good. Where are you going. Literally right. That's all you have to do to burn it and as you were casting golden so far right. Now did you burn it. Yes the poor of God when you have to bundle it up in a barn area whole. Package really. After looking
like the sun. Just one you have to go out. You get all dirty you always don't mind.
Right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Well. That's why don't you write and tell us again on. Why you. Can't. Thank. You. Film is made possible by grants from McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's restaurants
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