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Presentation newsroom is made possible in part by a grant from General Foods corporation. Santoshi. I'm crazy. I'm. Me. I. Was.
I. We've interrupted the theme song because we just received a complaint about it. You know the part where we sing we're going to teach you to fly high. Well Allison King of Boston sent us a letter about it. Dear zoo you can teach me how to fly for eight years I've been wishing I could fly high. People keep telling me that they are going to teach me to fly but they don't. Well I'm sorry because I can't help you. I'm still trying to learn myself. Don't lose the faith. OK. Well. This program is funded by grants from McDonald's Corporation Dunhams restaurants and other television stations. The Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. What are you looking for. I lost my will. You sure will
pardon me. What are you looking for. Hello. Pardon me. What are you looking for. ME TOO. Pardon me sir but you not just example we didn't lose this time show. Why. Is. You here. Danny dowered of Milwaukee Wisconsin sent us this game. It's a blindfold race. The rules are really simple. On each team one person is a racer and one person is the guy. All right. One two three go. To. The. Right.
Let's. Go. Straight to. The. Straight. Make your point for me was no. Way. To. Go. Yes this is incorporated company dedicated to make you and your smile. Why we represent to. The world what we should be. Just please see.
You. Yes. Yes. Your body Thursday told you to stay. OK good bye. It seems to me. Was once today I believe Wednesday. I was pulled down the big got. Monday to the salad bowl Tuesday tuna fish in peanut butter Wednesday tuna casserole Thursday tuna fish sandwiches Friday and Saturday to know how I'm old.
Yes. Yes sir. All right. Something fishy. Right. Thank you. How are things going in the. Kitchen. Fine but we need a couple hundred more too. Maybe you'll get a raise. Would you like to join me. Oh sure. The key is to build. But here it is. Forty third green stop of the grand tour of the building room. I have a question sir that is to me until we get it to my name and tuna fish my good blah blah blah blah blah blah groovy baby tuna fish you get that only to imagine what was your question. Speak up. This is a letter from a young man whose interest to try to fish University. Do you. My all down mom tells me it was a very selective university. They want people who get to know
that people can take a good many from Yockey one just. Why like fish so much. Last question What's the difference between a fish and I. Don't. Know. If you have a plate already when you like to play especially for TV rights back sweep all Boston Mass 0 2 1 3 4. What is the mother say to the baby when they saw a room. I don't know. They. Just can't. Can. Of.
Worms. Oh my. My name is normally wrong. It's been my summers that Hurricane Alex. Is one of the seven out of bounds schools where people worry about themselves and different skills that other people don't do in their everyday life. Like getting up at 5:30. More. People come from all the United States and sometimes from foreign countries. People come down and find out the same thing I've done all my life. I grew up with. This girl. So my life here is the director of Hurricane Earl went out to help Starmer 10 years ago. All right. OK.
Once you start losing all the staff will try and teach the students to show them how to do things that they didn't think they can do. And keep trying until you get it. One of your rooms. Bought a car out. Of a man. I don't Jim. I think the White House picture actually there's other kids working through that are my age.
No. The thing is he's like a brother. That's. Right. That's good. Really good. His new ropes course in Hurricane Irene. I want to try the new ropes course we're doing. Nicely done. You know what. Keep your keep your arms high. OK. Here here's a hint. Going up there. That's good that's really using your head. Nice catch. Of course you bounce and you're going to try to do it. And if you don't try and do it you won't do it over. You've got you've got another of your friends when you need it. If you think you're going to make it you will make it. Usually you try. Good for you. Nice really nice. You know you know. You got
it. Nice catch. You. Keep your cool. Climbing it's just about my favorite thing to do on the show. This is the hardest one that I've done yet. Hardest part about climbing the rocks is just trying to get up at levels and keeping your balance when your legs is two inches wide. Open. No man right there. That's it. You have one safety rope around you when you're climbing. It's not really pulling you up. If you do fall it will hold you. Up in the middle. It's pretty scary sometimes and you look down but you just keep looking up and keep climbing up.
Third. One climb there's a place you have to swing on a rope to a ledge. And. You have the ODO to get up on the ledge and if you don't make it. Again. You really feel good when you're when you're done with the long climber something that's really hard
like you accomplish something. That's the whole point about about to find out that you can do these things and you don't know you do. Leave her you know at the end of the summer feel happy. That's what I always look for the next summer because I know I'll be back. Do you speak English. No I don't. Sprechen. No. Probably not will. All right. Bobby. Bobby. Bobby I can understand you are blasting your. Hi Andrea. Hi Tracy having trouble. Yeah. That's computer dating service that deal with this guy but he doesn't speak English really can't read Yiddish. No. Bobby. Bobby. Bobby. Bobby. Bobby this guy speaks every day.
Do you know how. You. Are. Governed by what we give a song. Oh OK. You know what you would just love to do. Something drastic. Just step up. I just can't say. Maybe you can say it but I can say the same the same the same thing. That's not the same thing. Yes it is. Stacey is that self addressed stamped envelope s s. C c c c c c c c c.
If you want to write a some card back to you. Just remember to include to say along with your letter. Say these days I say. To. You. Now direct from the one he was rescued and what really mean. We bring you the world would you like Professor cheese sandwich. What kind of bread. Rye plated toast. What kind of cheese sauce. What kind of thing is that. Fine then mustard or many mustard letters that they call a plain tell. All over parsley Olive medium jumbo classful colossal potato chips or French fries
French fries with or without salt with cole slaw potato salad. My birthday just bring me a glass of milk and an aspirin plain or Bufford. I. Went. Pixley's and have been the better choice. The kitchen something from Cambridge really find a colossal for the professor. Don't hold your breath for the next episode. As soon as. If you want to help us write as the world Zoom's we'll send you a sound card to tell you how to do it. I need to do is right to zoom back sweep all Boston Mass 0 2 1. Before I remember to include to say see that's a self-addressed stamped envelope. Why didn't we say Amen. Instead of a women at the end of her
songs. Maybe because we sing hymns instead of. Special. I was right. Sounds like. A. Sad day. Now. The. Way. It is. Oh my. God. Thank you. For your faith. I read you now. Why not just name and address. Now. My.
Get. It. We decided. Not to make a zoom card on how to play. A bottling dog because. We get in trouble with a lot of people. If you just happen to have six glasses sitting around a. Brew on the thing about being a big big brother
is it has good parts and bad parts funny but you know the good parts. You know you can tell your brothers what to do especially if you're really young. The bad thing about you get all the blame for everything you don't think you get all the blame. My life. Good good place. Like one am I so funny. You should've known better. Yeah why didn't you stop though. I don't want running around in the morning. I was catching my brother one morning and my brother Michael and I took him and I grabbed him. He screamed. He was running fast. He went right into the into the wall into the parking lot and he started screaming rather going down goes. It was all your fault you do this every morning. Leave him alone. Yes that was him do when he was out being the youngest in the family you get. Sometimes you get spoiled and sometimes you don't. I don't get spoiled get treated just.
Like no special than anybody else because. Some of my sisters and brothers are living with us. There's only three living in St.. My sister my brother and me in a. We just get treated all the same like my sister gets more calls and asking because my brother will get no clothes. And neither one of us really like toys. So when we get older. And you know we just get treated the same it's like well you're older you get more and you're a second older so you don't you don't get as much as if you're the smallest noodle you can hardly at all. So that way that you know my brother will be in the middle he'll probably get the less attention you know because the smallest one will get attention because he's a little sad and he doesn't know what's wrong. Right. And the first child will probably be cared for in the middle child and you know what's going on. So. So it's no wonder really wouldn't want to be a middle child. See like I'm happy I'm the youngest in my family but if you're the oldest and you have two
younger brothers and sisters go to same school and you didn't go with one teacher and they go a teacher that's all they hear about your brother was good at this. Oh yes. Oh look lady do you have a subject that you feel would be good rap but. If you do send your suggestion to some box three five. Boston Mass 0 2 1 3 4. Those kids in elementary school in Omaha Nebraska should I not make you watch this. My. Being good can be very boring. I think some of the director maybe you can do something good old shoe of your.
Kidney me again he just won't leave me alone. Where is that double decker. He's much too slow for that King so grumpy. Well I'll try to cheer him up. Yes your Majesty. What can I do for you for me. Yes. OK. Come on you've done your job. These are really juggling. Come on. Come on. You better beat up. I'm crying. Give me a chance to. Do did you do. Oh. Oh you clumsy old. I'm going to give you just one more chance. Yes your Majesty I do better this time. You call that an improvement. Come on. After. I made a big mistake. Gee I guess
I'm just without a job. Oh no I didn't Gasking Coppinger's Falls New York for us snow. I would suggest suggestion first song on your show. How about Rock Around The Clock. OK Adri. Aye. Aye. Aye.
Aye. Aye. Aye. Aye aye.
First you. Say. Yes. Yes. Thank you. I. Read. From the Donald
balance restaurants from. A television station and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Presentations was made possible in part by Grantham General Foods corporation. To
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