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Iraq. Zoom number 6 0 9 WGBH TV Boston. Major funding for Zoom is provided by a grant from General Foods corporation. Additional funding is provided by this station and by other public television stations.
Oh. I know. During. My life.
Yes he sent from Illinois. You see how many cotton balls you can pick up with only now you have to get the cotton balls on to a place you don't. Want. How do you. Know it's like you don't want to. WE GOT A Yeah yeah I mean when we got there I just don't think
we know. We got we are going to get you on I think. This is called cooler. All you want to. Strawberry. And a bowl of tall. Glass. Cantaloupe and sherbet. And mash it. Take the right cut cut from what. You take the seeds you know. Yeah see. They mesh it up. It's a good use of it. If you want to.
Drinking bliss. I have something close. To 50 scoops. And some cantaloupe. He's. Got it. Good. Right. What does the 200 miles say. OK. If. He is my little brothers in arms and yesterday today and tomorrow how can I teach
him what they me your friend so me from Tucson Arizona. I know like you tell me. Yes what I'm like. Tomorrow as I was coming but in the ride because one tomorrow come tomorrow like tomorrow it's a it's tomorrow and I want to tomorrow comes today. Oh I don't know you can look at an amp but you can see now tomorrow is what happened. I mean to me so I'm OK. Yesterday fusing IQ at myself. Yesterday you could say was what happened when you yet know what happened then. When I have yet to. Yes day and day.
Here's Anita and Kim Harris from North Carolina tried to save those notes. Now. Joe. No I'm from Colorado. My name is to research. What is the difference between a and a cheerleader. Okay.
Why me. Now I do yeah yeah yeah yeah it's OK. Watches and the other watches. You know. When you start a new beat I usually buy from a supply house. We were lucky because we found a bird house full of bees honey bees you know think of as our own problems we had to get them out of the burning house and into one of our own was you had to pry the cover off of the bird house to get through. Thing was really really loaded with honey. We have more than we thought we
think. All we did was lift the combs out and trust me into the empty frames. That's not going to be just throngs are going to have to who's got to have to cut that off over there. That's just the thing. OK it's only a BTS this time it's just a series of boxes with wooden frames and I was reading the beast build a Kong on the frames and then they store with honey. OK. We fasten the combs to the frames where the last tick beams and all the BS could start working on the comb and make it fit to the shape of the frame. So not a shaky. After we get a call from Harvey. We just don't need a door so they could just walk in. That's just
about all you have to do really to get a hive going. Once they're in there the goal just stop producing honey. Good for you will provide. You have to smoke to be the smoker. The reason is that the beast will think that the hives on fire so they load up with their honey and take off my home life is so full of horny that their sting muscles can't work and they can't sting you. I see. Once a smoker is going to close the top comp you go last and it just smolders there and make sure all smoke. That's just about it. And when you're ready or what. Give it to give me. Thank you thank you. This is a hard that's already been established. You have to check it every so often to make sure that it's not diseased and you have to check your pony production.
Yeah yeah yeah yeah. You were going to take them with us. You know we might as well just say you. Know they're good they're looking they're. You know you going on you know. Let's take these back we need. Yeah. Thank. You goes back to get my. Food honey you have to take some more because if you leave it there the bees will just stop and fly away because it's normal work for them to do. Or you can just add another box new will be more to make honey. Let's go right behind. Them. The reason we like to keep is that it's an interesting hobby. Not many people know about these so I think peace stirring and that's all I need to know.
Well peace can produce honey and bees to pollinate. So there wouldn't be any fun. If I were in a race. How would it turn out. I don't know how to lead is to be the guy who would be reading and that's a man I know will be trying to catch up. I was afraid of. How much i friends. Sadly that was the obvious I was up on Noble carbon spavin of it being a double buggy spot when I bitch. You will come in w o having some break up and Hobbit problem
robins and Sky mummies are being touched. You will come in all we love and love if there was total Hubbard driving public companies but all of them. Oh oh oh. Might be tried by the. Hubble now beats bubble levels. Imported from our steel you use a barrier split. Go to think so yes it's kind of strange looking. No he's just there for life. Brody Yeah what does he need. I don't know where Al Sharia is growing. Yeah.
Oh I was proud. How are you this far beautiful woman point. All right why can't. You. I know. It's not stupid it's probably wrist describe. Me. You. Think there won't be any peace still. She said. Well I don't know what those but I just look for the right route. Well what can we do for you. I mean so we get for my guard. It's. All overloaded as we all have to get up from the storage room. How bad I am. I know. This.
Is a weight killer and this is. Described. As a school where I wonder where she could be. She could only have a. Look at Brody. He's. He's very good. Now that you've mentioned he has not been there. Since. Caretaker. Well. Let's close. By Let's go. There. Oh. Yeah. What am. I going to have you. Yes just there. She didn't leave the lot to do and looked out the door. It's only half what
you folks call for an electrician. Oh yes what seems to be the problem. I'd still like to try and remember very quickly though can you fix it. Yeah it'll take a while. Oh that's OK. Take your tour. We have some work to do in the store to. What to. Do with your employer. And employee. But. Let us. Say that you know. That little. Kid. He's going to. Take. You out. Oh sure I'm sure it was a fun. Doing. This. Raise up family. Members. You know do you have a lot of motive zealot. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Think of the little. Fearful Brody. That.
Have you no. Plans. For a mansion. It's called route. He he.
0. 0. 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 you are right. First I got tonsilitis then appendicitis then oh and then ending up with neuritis. Then they gave me a hypodermic and the mock you for your Was that hard to hard. Yeah I thought I never finished with that Sproing tell us how life forever I feel I'm a dour stubborn Maybe you love doll but maybe Emmett don't collide. The other thing is if you didn't understand me you know me cause
I did get one right to me that lets me I know. That. That was me. And don't forget to say. I hear it every week. To my parents I don't mind but I like to have more say about where do you have any say about how your money is spent your. Money. My birthday and Christmas my mother puts it away in the brand. But like I don't mind cause I know it's like for later on when I really really need much more like now spend you. I leapt up to my so I told them what I want to buy. And they just saw
him right that they were. So I leave it to him. Like you should have at least some money. His So should your parents like you always say like they're wrong. But they're really not trying. This really nice thing is release people money I can spend it all I want because they gave it to you. Says nobody like my grandma. Some you know I want to keep it. And you know I mean you know by little things I want that are gone that you know I'm sorry is the end of the week because I could still have a beer with when you just feel like you got to spend right right in here.
See when you buy something right then your friend gets same thing except his going to get real and I got you know I got mine in so-and-so. Mine was you know I suppose I can. Write. And I only I love money to buy when I go to like two or three different stores and then I'd look. Also check the prices you know because there may be the same one except cheaper in stores. Sometimes your parents don't really want you how you use your money like like everybody will say you go to a store like you spend a week and then you feel sorry the next week. But you just keep a lid on it. Then you cut down a little bit then you tell your parents how come you didn't warn me about spending my money I thought you know and it really is some time they done it to teach you a lesson. You have to learn yourself if you won't listen.
Ready for this poison on your plate. You know I like food but what Ron said. But I'll take a whack when I find out. Cabbage for my taste buds shrink but start to grow thinner. My sister worked said Farris very true. So when you eat spinach. Makes you turn blue. Someone My mother says Eat your peas. I say if enough. And now comes pluckily which is worst. Others don't give some to your brothers and your mom. Some just people give in and don't ever stop. And that comes as that's very nice because the rest of our food I gave to them was. Ready.
What's your favorite vegetable. My favorite vegetable. Carrots. Happily. Kerry. Squash I don't like Rickles tomatoes potatoes. Carrots. Carrots and peas.
All right. All right. Yes.
Were. You. A.
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
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