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By. The. Time. I. Was made possible by grants from McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's restaurants Fund
and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Here's a letter sent in by Rause receipt of of Maple Heights Ohio. Each person should get a balloon and a piece of string. Now both the balloons and then try to break it by wrapping a string around the balloon and building on the end. It's one. Of. Those full time studies. We are going to get. Around the. With. Only. A. Quarter out of metal. Geoffrey. Fieger. All. Right. Later this.
Time. Next. Year. I get. Tired. Oh. Yes. You don't want to. Fly. Again. Oh. Wait. A MINUTE. They. Got happened. Last night. My dog tried to chew up my puppy dictionary. What do you do about it.
I took the words right out of his mouth. Gaskill it's a pretty tough time for us. I don't know where they're at. People around here know everybody. We're all friends. Farmers live around here. They're offering free food Kaskaskia Illinois is an island in the Mississippi River. It's rich family protected from the river by levees. Palekar and it's made to hold about 40 feet of water in it. It surrounds the island protected from flooding. In spring 1973 heavy rains caused the Mississippi to rise so far that the river broke through the levee and flooded Kaskaskia. The flood caused a lot of damage and forced everyone who lived there to leave the island.
Six months later visited Kaskaskia. Several kids told us their story. Well. First back in spring the levee almost broke it was real cold. And those waterways they were no way the levee levees are washed away and filling sandbags. And finally just over the top then the wind started after it all got. It just was a mess. I'm standing on the levee right now and behind me is one of the breaks you levee that happened during the flood. And when the water was up it was up to the top levee at one
point. Some places it was washed off out to the sea just a side of it in some places. All the saw was washed out. Is the highest point on the night and animals that would be on top of here and like they would get up on top of the rooftops like there was a fox on top of one person's house as it went by they saw it up there stranded the German art news the new house just right over there and he didn't even get in. And then the fire came in Iraq and there's a tree on it. I think he's going to. Be somewhere else. There was about two months I guess before the war started going down. After a flood everything was just a mess. There was mad everywhere. Our grass all all I saw all these torn down houses that everybody ran around hardly any wildlife really saying.
This is my house what's left of it. This is one of the bigger bedrooms. And over there's another bedroom in the bathroom. There's the living room and there's a bedroom where I used to sleep at. Whenever my sister first starts I think she was crying because it was it was just an awful mess. I had two beds on opposite sides of a small dresser here and a large. You're all right in through here. And I just search. My house a lot worse than this after the flood. And when I first saw it I thought this can't be our house just doesn't look like it but it was and it took about three months to get the whole place cleaned up. Now we're sorry you feel bad for. Come over here and live. Is the school that we go to now. And then this power jumped behind me is the school that we went to
last year it got hurt so bad the flood that it had to be knocked down because there was about three or four bricks on one side of the building. When everybody heard the he was going to work on the island. They evacuated most people moved into houses with relatives until they could figure out some other point. The government gave us trailers and other lead trailers there differ from a house or on a crowded and you don't have much room here and is it's it's all crowded up together and everybody together is most peaceful is what used to be. Just follow me. Yeah. Plenty of places to go. One of the few people that moved back on the island and I'm glad to be back because where we were living was nothing to do except go to town. You do get in trouble anyway. I guess some kids become one person. I hope so.
We don't think we're going to move back because my father's afraid that if they don't build the levee back or make it hard that next year if he spends all planning to build a house that it will just get washed away again or get tore up. It makes me sad in a way not to be able to come back. This. Is home. To. Here's. A letter sent in by Gwen Garfinkle of Van Nuys California and she writes. I
have a special place where I can sit and think in peace and you may think I'm a nut because this place is a good match and it's dirty and dusty but I like it. Some of my friends think that it's silly just to sit and think and sit and think. But I say it's not. And I asked them why do you think so. They never answered me because there's no answer. It's a nice place. So a leprechaun guarded it. I just. Played bass. Sent in by Barbara McKinney of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. There once was a princess. Who could not get married because well she was playing a straggly and mouse colored all of subjects called her princess
played face. She was helpful on all those subjects liked. She's nice but she's played. Like the king and queen were troubled. They liked her very much. She was pretty tough. All right. I am sad that she cannot get married. Me too. Just a little. Then one day the cook quit. And so the princess decided to do all the cooking herself. The steam went into her cheeks and made him go back around her face. And then one day a prince came and ate at the palace.
She's not that or so no not right. She is too big. My hair sticks out. But you are beautiful. No mercy colored. And I'm Will you marry me. OK. And so they were married by the cook who had gotten himself a better job as justice of the peace train. Here's a game sent in by Tonya chambers of Portland Turks. It's called en route. It's a lot like musical chairs. First each player choosing the name of the city. Then one kid has to call her when the caller calls out the names of two or more cities. Those kids have to jump up and find a new suit. Whoever's left
without a seat is the new color. All flights means everybody has to switch seats. But if you get up when the caller shows all flights cancelled then he get to your seat and your the caller. Did you get that. Canceled. Think those. Are. My. Two. Cents. Nope.
Nope. Nope. Around. New Orleans. And. Something. You. Really.
Are. If you have a game that you don't have to buy and. I. Mean that I was going to to skate. They started. Skating. Fine. Then I got serious about it. So. My.
First lesson I was kind of nervous because I didn't know what to do when I kept falling. After a while when you start getting used to the idea that you really after. You know. Stand up then you start doing it. From then on I've been going ever since. There are two kinds of skating figures and first circles one in the four. You try to follow them all freestyle is jumping. Spinning. Would. This. Be my second DD-WRT while x D will teach me the movements and the ballet it teaches most of the footwork. I like working with DD because they like when they want you to do something they tell you exactly how I want to work through to. It From about this point whatever the circle to the teacher let me see the
draft of the train and come back to it again so I can keep looking at the training. And we can work on that and try to perfect. What's. Going good three legs in line good and keep the weight on the back wheels. Very good on the leg really nice that's. Good. Again. The shoulders get around to the roll of the line. Good. Very good. It's going good it again. You have to keep it steady enough to make sure your body is the right position. And to me she turns and look just too small. There's one big difference between figures and face that when you make a mistake the freestyle you fall. Such.
As skating freestyle you start skating slowly to balance stance getting faster while you're doing jumps and spins. I think that the fingers are too straight. You're not using your hands at all. Just do the instruction to music and. Stay down. When I'm skating in a competition. It's. It's kind of
you know you kind of nervous because people around you. You know looking at you. But it's fun too because it's a challenge to see how could why. I like showing a lot of people I don't really expect seeing something like that for. Kids. 9. 9. 9. On a scale about 15 hours a week and when I tell most
people that they say it had. It really because if you care about skating enough it's more of a sport. It's more like you wanted to wait so much. That you can work for him like I'd like to be as good as I can. How my friends have a hard time I'm giving up. Well. I'm a feeble Dubrow try a living. Why. Carbon Cuba. What watch.
Blah blah blah blah blah. So why. Did you understand what that was all about. If you didn't you're not alone because some of us have trouble to always be Dhabi. You put up before if you follow your accent. I'm not sure if you see Danny you see. Right because after the D you don't exit the C B B B B B B. B B.
B B is OK. Oh you can sometimes y right before the Y. All. Right. Why. Do you say you oppose a ship shepherd. Stop Me. OK give us away. OK say shoe baby. So you can go see. Teeth. To be. Quite. Deep. Too easy for you to sneaker. Nope nope nope nope nope nope. Never recover almost
come. Cover. Yes as I said Snap cover Hubei covering up above. Up above the obvious above. Robbie zombie loving Globish lover. If you ever want to blubber have a puppy. Bobby. BOBBY. Seven of us have been up and bubble level while with Jennifer Loven of a drop us being stubborn about it. I mean 6:48 general seven carbide about Date. In New Orleans. We.
Know what. An old cabin made a. Point in Johnny. Never left so well just like. You. I. Got. It. From. Driving. But they would stop and say. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh God Oh. God.
On. Sunday you will be man. And no. Big or. Many people coming back. Around. The sun goes down. Maybe someday your name will be a. Good. One. I.
Was made possible by grams from McDonalds Corporation a McDonald's restaurant from. The Corporation for Public Broadcasting. I. Mean
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