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Meaning. It.
Was made possible by friends from McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's restaurants Fund and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Yeah. I know. Yeah there. Why am I that.
I put the flies in. The air. Here's a good you can play sitting in a circle like categories. It's called dogs. On dog who are. Brought in the cattle. You guys are a close family. Thank. God I. Was. Twice that I could be I don't know if you go. I got. One of them. What.
It was 60. And I said. How. I said. I was. Five. I. Did it. I was. Going to. It is every family. This. Is all.
So be grad school or by school just two wheels. But my friends and I we decide to change all that. I've. Got. A client. Now riding to school on one week on a unicycle. Basically like a crazy day for you Andrea. Yeah. The old long do you know. So all of us knew each other before we all
jewelry in our groups even bigger lots of time to get together and ride. One really neat thing about riding unicycles do you have two hands free so you can play a game or something. It's very hard to play a game of catch or frisbee or anything like that because you have to set part of your mind on catching the ball or freeze bin or whatever and the other part in trying to balance my gone. What. Everybody remembers how they tried to learn how to ride a bicycle. But it's much harder on a unicycle because you have no handlebars to hold on to. It took me about two weeks before I could ride just a little bit at least a month before I could really ride. When we play basketball we don't really have a competition game. We just sort of split up into teams and try to help each other out yet still have fun competing.
One of the first things you do learning how to ride a unicycle. One of the hardest is mounting. The trick is in positioning your pedals you position them like this. It's very frustrating when you learn because you can never get your balance quite perfect and you keep full when you can one way or the other. One of the nice things about riding a unicycle is usually when you fold. Your feet. Of course sometimes you do. So it's good to hear and.
Many people think. It's very hard because the seat is right. Which means you're. Just perfect. One thing we do when we get together is formation. They're fun but they're hard work. This. Information both quite easy. They really aren't. Takes a lot of practice to get them now they are the chosen exactly because. When we do a group practice courses through channels. To get more
control. The basic thing behind the Course is to teach us how to control our terms. We start out with cups further apart. And gradually as we get better moving closer together which is harder because we have to make quicker turns. Going in the straight line. It's kind of fun. Right now our paths about a foot wide are gradually going to move it a little over a straight line. Once you learn how to ride a unicycle it's just like a bicycle you just get on and why don't you ever forget. Matthews North Carolina sent us her glass sculpture and all she knew
was a piece of glass and a piece of tinfoil and if you like how to make your own glass sculpture. Made. And don't forget to send us a soft addressed stamped envelope so we can send you a. Card. Yes something sent. Try this. You need a long look and a little piece of folded paper to start. Hold the loop tucked between you and place the fold of people top string transfers the paper from the top stream to bottom string back again without touching the paper. Good luck. Top Top take.
OK trekkers to. The paper from the top to Little Jack. See. You make it again if you do. If you're putting things in. Here. Michael. CARR-GREGG. Real. Hard on the bottom string. Let's try something.
I did it. All giraffes and lions will one thing one of your on that would be. The underwater Kingdom sent in by Tommy Sacco. Once upon a time there was a fourth Brit. Their names were Bill Jack Harrity And Don as they walked along. They came to look at Bill and Harry said let's go inside. It was dark so Jack turned the light on and there was a big machine. They looked at it. That's not a toy.
Let's get it. Everybody got the machine stocked and they went outside. Everybody thought that it was a little different. Let's go exploring. They walked down the beach and after a while he said. Good sea monster. If they want to go down. World is back and they did cons of fish and then they came to the bottom of the ocean. It was beautiful. They met. They were like people except. They also met General barracuda and. Kitchen and cook food.
It was delicious. The next day after they had the sea washed his house became one of the ocean. It was fun. Then they went into an ocean with my parents. They had a picnic lunch in the flowers. The next morning a messenger fish came in. The bears sharks were coming. For the last time they saw the beautiful Kingdom and countryside and the Sea Monster started to take them back. When they got to the shore. The Bears said goodbye. To the Sea Monster and thanked him. Thank you. They walked down the beach and they saw the shack again. They wanted to get back to their family and friends.
They turned on the machine the machine made all kinds of noise. They went outside but the place was not familiar. The Bears don't live there were really strange and different. And then there was a time machine and you could never go back again. For every day they had stayed at the Kingdome 100 years had passed. They walked around the town. He was a nice. Nice happily ever after. To be on television be fun to be filmed because I really got such a great hobby. OK during the weekends I go and go out with Bill on the boat.
Girls my stepfather go out and go there's a lot of nature photography. Like see for mountain lions all sorts of different things. But he especially love sea otters. I have to go out with them because I can help them get the pictures and really wants to get. On the way out to the others on the Coast Guard bought a break their California sea lions and they stopped off there on their way to the south and they just pile up on the rocks and sun themselves and eat and just enjoy themselves and around the water. And if you get downwind of me really smell bad.
I think because it been hunted so much for for now they're protected as an endangered species. And there's about fourteen hundred of them. Before we started filming we have to get a sea close to the boat and you sort of get friendly with them if you give them squared and clans they'll stick around because they're they really eat a lot. The 25 percent of their body weight every day. Three women in the water. I sometimes get my wetsuit on and get in the water and lure the otters in. So Bill can get good pictures but water's about 52 degrees Fahrenheit. There's the flippers. OK now you can bring the animals in so I can photograph.
It. Sometimes I joke and complain about getting in the water because it's so cold but I really like it. You really feel like you're an author yourself. And the really playful creatures. Are human closer to us. That's got old everything really. One of the great things about authors that they're really gentle and they're really cute because they just look like that teddy bear. Is trying again. To take. Her Out of the movie. Yeah we go. There we go. See otters and a few animals that uses a tool if you give them to clams he will use one clan as the amble and he'll be as a clam on this just as I pounce on the clan. He turns over and over to get rid of the waste and the broken shells and in the pieces of
unwanted garbage. See others live in kelp because it's a protective forest and they they're streamlined and they can swim through kelp really easily and they can escape their enemies like if a shark came in which is rare. It wouldn't be able to swim in kelp at all and they don't grab the kelp around themselves. They just sort of drape it over like a blanket to prevent drifting. Swimming under the water was an otter is is really something else because you feel like you know like you're in a totally different place and see otters just swimming around you and he's disgraceful. It's like watching an underwater ballet with a sea otter. Sometimes I feel like an otter but when I try to swim I find it just doesn't work. Out.
I consider myself lucky because I've got them right here and I can go out and see them every weekend. Sometimes people ask why they stay here but the only reason as far as we know is it's just a nice place to look for others. If all elephants and grasshoppers What a lovely yellow hopper that would be. It was. Do you still here is trying to hold a pencil under you know skin above your upper lip. Now say Run Rabbit rabbit run. How many times can you say without dropping the pencil. Fun sent in by states of Somerville Mass.
Can. You explain. Your. Room room. Let it. Run. It might you know. If
the elephants and tigers are one thing that would be. This time. What. Did you used to blow soap bubbles. Well if you get some tin cans and some other stuff you can make some really incredible bubbles. Thank you. Oh. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. Where.
Are you. I. Mean now. Thank.
You. It was made possible by grants from which you know Mike Rice.
And the Corporation for Public brought. Me to You.
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