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The. Presentation of this program is made possible by a grant from General Foods corporation wide public television stations and by grants from the Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Hi. My name's. David. I.
You. Would. Like to hear from Kim Ziel man of Westfield New Jersey happy hopping contest. I'll start
hopping on one foot in place in time as you want. The president gets the highest number wins. Freddie Mac 7 and switch B. What do. You. Think.
60 to 70. OH MY. GOD. I feel like a cup of tea. Funny. You look like one.
What I meant was would you like to join me in a cup of tea. Do you think will fit. No silly. I have two cups. Now would you like sugar queen or lemon please. Or two. Seven. What hand do you use to stir your tea with my wife and of course that's bad manners. You should use a spoon. A. I come from a musical family and my father makes recordings and flutes I play violin. And recorder. And tuba.
I'm in a band at school. We got the school band conducted by Mr. summer. One two three. Huh. One day I came up to our classroom and asked Mike to play the tuba and I said I'd like to do that. But it was a gorgeous sounding instrument. The bottom of the band we need below no foundation of the band which is based. On. It. When I told him system I'd like to take the tuba everybody laughed and said oh you're so skinny How could you feel the tube. You can lift the thing. Well I can.
Do. When I go into it but I don't play like I would blow into a recorder. I know. I blow. Or vibrate my lips. And when I play a high note I have to flex my chief muscles. I punch my cheeks out like this. If you're in trouble. Same here from here. Run one more time and get my. One phrase for this be this big.
Why don't you think of a tie or rustic wedding for rustic wedding. Very light easy. When I start laughing and try to play I can't I can't play I can't get my lips into the right position. I get them to vibrate. At the beginning. For one you really want. Now let's. Go.
To the. Show. One. A while ago we asked you what you believed when you were young. Here are some
thoughts. When I was young I used to think school teachers stayed at school and never went home like machines. And that was sent in by peers who did not know. When I was little I used to think it never snowed on the sidewalks and streets because when I woke up the streets the sidewalks were cleared. And that was sent in by Debra Carlson from Livermore Iowa. Debbie Horrigan from Worcester Massachusetts said this one it when I was young I believed there were little people inside the radio who sang to make the music. Could you believe that. Baby. Yeah. OK. He's a real. This was so funny and very rosy so love was through your mind when I was five. I didn't know that teeth fell out. I thought they melted.
Good. To. Think. About oh oh now this is out. This is great. Myrna Benner from Florian Park New York says when I was young. When I was young. I thought the pupils in your eyes were dry dry roasted peanuts. You right. I. Soon. Will resume after this important message. How about if Robin's Subby that is. That this is a bad idea Bobby. Bobby lovelight Bob Hope I'll be coming. Rabbi dubbin Bobby Gulbis rubble of a club in Lubbock Sebo the rubber. Band. I've EVER. Been and. I've EVER. And.
Ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever. Do. You. Just show me how to make a cup. All right. What do you do. That's the first. Yes. Yes. First you hold it up to try to make one of these before I can never do it myself because we don't have any work on the books at all. Well this corner up to. Two inches down to the top. That's straight across the street across. So let's me sort of fold that into this little flap the first flap into the flap. And you don't have to
try to. Yes I fall back to the bone. He only just thought it inside the inside the cup was that it. Was just so easy to play. So you know couldn't be this really holds water. Oh I see it comes on. I have to see how that would be. Q There must be hundreds or maybe even thousands of ways you can make things out of paper. If you know of any senator zoom box 3 5 0 0 Boston Mass 0 2 1 3 4. 5. 0. On. The shelf. Go. Read a riddle that no one has said that
your success. Is. Down. That's. Why. I. Carry. Make. You work a little rope. OK and just started on your horse meat box. Take your rope and put it up under your arm so that you don't get too tangled on disparaging thing. Just go ahead. Right right. Don is our ranch foreman he's teach me how to rope cats. He did last night. Did. He's really
good. He does everything that a girl saying tighten the ropes and he ride any horse that you can put in front of him back in time. Now the minute that gate opens you go and let her out and. Are. Crowded out on you for some reason. I think it's hard for me to know because my hand is too low a night and the rope always gets turned around in my hands and I can't keep the horse up on the cows. Well Bella the last thing you do that time runs is that you your rope got tangled and it was kind of wadded up when you threw in stand up into stirrups and get up to help if you can. And that's about all your horse didn't follow your calf. The reason you missed it wasn't your fault. There's not much else you can do though except just keep
practicing keep practicing. Pretty soon it all comes together. Our ranch is located west of the Green her man and south of the big sheep little sheep mountains. I guess he can be a cowgirl. Cowgirl is a girl that could ride up on the high mountains and bring cattle down with us the men ride horses. I really don't have a job. But you just gotta keep up with the cows and make sure that none of them stray off. Our. Brand is a lazy hotbar. It hurts the calf a little bit but we have to do it so that we know the cabinet doors. Can Keep your eye on and watch so they don't get you in the face with that but.
Keep your hand or watch your time be watching to get on the way. Don't turn your back. Take care of our brand. We have to cut them out of the rest of the herd. We use special cutting horses because. A calf usually wants to stay with the rest of the herd. So the horse has to try to keep this one from getting back. A good cutting horse falls every move of the calf. It's kind of scary. Riding a cutting horse because my legs really aren't long enough. We bring in calves because if one of them gets across the fence into another person's pasture you can identify it. I like to bend
because I like helping the Cowboys on the ranch. A really long around here and there's a lot of work to be done.
Sometimes we work from sunrise to sunset. Can you do this. It's called stretch. Try it at home glide the caterpillar by Stephanie Perry of Worcester Mass. Once there was a hungry caterpillar named Clyde one day he tried to find a bunch of leaves to eat but each time he tried he ran into trouble. First he spent two hours climbing up what he thought was a tree trunk only to find when he got to the top that he was on the telephone. He was so tired and disappointed that he did not see the bird coming after him until the bird picked him up in its beak.
She was looking for food. Now I'm turning into a meal. Luckily blood was a pretty skinny caterpillar when the bird flew over the circus he saw some pieces of pop and he dropped glide landed with a thump on the ground and he was pretty dizzy for a while. He looked up and saw a large great tree trunk. He crawled up up and when he got to the top he discovered he was on top of an elephant glide and glide found himself being picked up by the elephant's trunk and blown away. He landed in a lady's hand that had false leaves and flowers on it. Oh boy. And last autumn he took a large but a belief and thought it was the worst tasting ever. So the lady went into her house and put her head down and looking around saw the prettiest girl he had ever seen in his mind forgot about food as he crawled over to introduce himself.
He talked and talked to his new girlfriend. She would not talk back. Then she came back in the room and started getting dressed to go out. She put on a wig and then picked up the phone. The club was trying to get to know the lady screamed as she put on the eyelashes and saw the green fuzzy thing was gone of course she threw it out the window. Any landing you see leaves. Well I would rather have a good meal than a girlfriend who wouldn't even talk to me. So glad I settled down for a good meal at the end. Here's a tongue twister sent in by Sherry soles of Buena Vista Pennsylvania. What do you know about Tweedle beetles. Well one tweedled beetles fight it's called a tweedled beetle battle and when they battle in a puddle it's caught. It's a
battle. When beetles fight these battles in a bottle with their paddles on a poor eating noodles they call this a modern puddle Tweedle beetle pool eating noodles battle. Now here's some tongue twisters we all tried. B. B. B B. B. B. B. B. B.
B. His tongue twister from Ronnie Greenberg of Inglewood cliffs California around the rough rugged around the rough rugged around the rough red rocks the ragged rascals ran around the rough rugged rocks the rock ragged rascals ran around the rough rugged rocks the ragged rascals ran around the rough rugged rocks the rough and rugged rocks the ragged rascals ran. One was so but it wouldn't listen. I still was so but I still wouldn't whistle. So I bought a tin whistle. Now I tin whistle to. Be bought. Last. It's cheaper and
better. But it's. Not going to make my master better. Now I'm better. Than. You. Will make my better. Much better. But I bet it's going to be a bad day. Not a bit. Much better. Than. Me. Lisa Stadio of Brooklyn New York sent in a tongue twister. And here it is. Rubber buggy bumper rubber buggy bumper rubber buggy bumper rope rubber buggy bumper rubber buggy bumper to bumper to bumper rubber rope rubber buggy bumper to bumper rubber baggy bumper rubber rubber buggy bumper. I cry like a baby. A.
Rubber buggy bumper. Rubber baby a rubber buggy bumper. On. I mean. It's. Not.
Like. It's. Written. On the shelf. Sure success. I. Know. I. Do. I mean
I got. Presentation of this program was made possible in part by a grant from General Corporation and by public television stations. In
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