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Sorry about that Mike $276 to be. Any. Presentation of this program is made possible in part by a grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations and a grant from the Ford Foundation. Right.
To me. Possible bike runs from McDonald's McDonald's restaurant and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
Let me. See what I think. What do you think if. I do. Something. Find it. How is that. I think it's.
I think it's money. I mean like. I said. I think I think. That you can put a washer. I mean I know. That's not. You.
Nine years old. Something like you said I would write show once. Every phone my sister and I go picking a brace and make candles from. It takes a lot of bayberry to make enough wax for candles. So my sisters helped pick them. In the fall the papers get a works covering. And that's where you make candles for. To be very bushes growing near the bridge. And there are lots of them on Cape Cod where. It takes almost a bucketful to make sure. You put the papers into a. Tin of. Water.
With wax melted on top of the. Tin with the bin in the fridge or it has to work so. Then you can lift it right out of the path. Next we mounted again and strained it to catch any twigs or pieces of steps there might be and. Lots of things you can use for a candle. Small kids were. Hurt. But we use an old fashioned care of them. Takes about six hours for the wax to write.
Oh. They break Hindus have a special smell when they burn. This snow. Really nice. The seven. Yeah yeah. As a matter of fact did you know that when you're showing a movie a hundred maybe tiny pictures of the juggler in only 10 seconds. I'm real.
No room for. One with me. He was born with something that he could hear before. You.
Change anything. Do you remember. Yes you were. Yeah that's true. Do you remember anything when you were you know that. OK. You know how long I learned so much from when he was little until now. I was just cycling you know really just just language it's like talking you would like to know the signs. You probably think you do.
All right. People. You pick on. Anything that you get. Not me. Yes. Yes. I thought oh no. It's not. That's right.
Oh no. Let me say God. I didn't you know it's hard to get that. Right. You know I'm. I'll tell you what you go. Yeah. Become that. Oh oh oh oh oh. No you are right. They are OK.
Yes you want. To jump fifty times its own length. You know. Something that is done in sign language. Is that for a particular person in. Some time. What do you think. To me. Yes. Here name. One that then.
Then how do you make it to. This. Day. I get it. Life is a counsellor. Can't. You just invented it. Yeah and just very very nosy. So far yeah yeah. As a matter of fact
English language contains about four hundred ninety thousand words. Even most people about 60000. Has this ever happened to you. You. Know. My eyes are no like would you like 70. One of your family never rode on. Wow. After this. Yeah.
You have a right. But there was of a pub another tavern. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. Daddy daddy. But. But but. But. That's not. True. Up. That your foot
is pointing toward the floor. I try to stand up putting your head on the floor. It's. Good. That was sent. Because I guess I'll get it for ness. You're putting your hands on the floor. To balance his her good luck. With It. Oh. I thought you. Said.
You can get kissed him. Yeah. You. Know. How I feel. Slowly. It was like yeah. I know I do it. Well I think it's impossible. Let me. You.
I'm. Trying to get down from. You. But if you. Look right here. My name is mailing Leahy and I live in Plainfield New Jersey. We found that used to be a takeout place. Now we turn it around. My father. Is 16. My grandma and I have to use.
My. Young sister's maiden lady and my baby sisters. I. I saw. My. Mom.
I. Know. Words. It was. Very. Very much. I'll be right back.
Tell me.
What's inside. You. So you.
Know. No. Me. That's. Right.
As of now. That you know not that there's a town in
Texas called Diana that the English name for truck is Lori. When people pray sometimes there's a kind of fake ultimately that's the instrument that's bringing up our voices that there was a king called Eden that there was a song written about a boy named Danny. That you met. Zoom is made possible by grants from McDonald's Corporation and Mike Donald's restaurant is fun and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
Presentation of this program was made possible in pi by a grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations and a grant from the Ford Foundation. A.
ZOOM, Series I
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
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