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Manic wreck. Plan. But. Back. Back. Back. She can write write write but she can't smoke smoke smoke her father's point. But yes her mother mother 50 says to see the elders have over the fence fence What did you get. That this is a loving robber Robbie. I would if you have a lover. How about Tabu spy week. Rob I subsume been through before before. Yes kids chop chop chop so.
Good evening. Each week at this time. Zoom dramatizes a plain ole story sent in by one of our viewers. This week we have. Riddles by mist Donna Moore age 9 of Weymouth Massachusetts. The next letter is called True it is true its number was to create 3000. Hello this is the Burmans residence. Hi John. How would you like to hear a riddle said Gladys. Well OK but just for a few minutes said Mr. Wood who has gray hair and don't know her name said Gladys who replied Miss Jewett you said Gladys. Me. Oh well now I'll give you a riddle. Who is Grace blackish white hair. Oh so
good as you and I don't have to share goodbye and that's for a fact. And she hung up. This is a very confusing story but written with such intense dramatic feeling that we could not fail to bring it to. That night. As Miss Truett And John we're going to bid on so John in a rather mean voice. Yes said Miss Truett. Oh Joan. I just got the phone bill and it's four hundred ninety one dollars. Explain why you were on the phone. Well I said John. Well Gladys was on the phone too. She said who is Gladys. He said Gladys Travers the lady with the grace blackish whitish hair. She said well you just tell her to stay off la phone. So John what does love me. She asked. It means in French he said but your
English she said. So I said he. May be confused as to why Mr. Treuer is living with Mr. John Barry and. Have no fear. They are legally married. Before Mr. Behrens went to bed he called glottis and called 9 9 5 3 1 2 6 0. Hello Felix Travis here who's speaking holo fanfics This is John Barry Jones. Let me speak to Gladys. Yeah Gladys here. Hello Gladys. Give me four hundred ninety one dollars. Well I'll try. But why said Gladys. Because you're a great blackish watershed lady Good bye he said. And then he went and put on his doggie Germans. Incidentally if you do notice a resemblance between myself. And
one of the characters in the room. Is. Constantly. The next morning John went to the Travis house. Hi. Let's. Hand over the money. Felix was Gladys's husband I have a 401 whatever money here I have it in good health said Felix Felix. This is it. The next morning John went to the Travis house Hi Felix. Hand over the money. Felix was Gladys's husband. I have the 401 whatever money here I have it in good health said Felix Felix. Is this money from monopoly. So John of course it is said Felix. This is some kind of a joke. So John you know it is a riddle said Felix. The
next day they gave real money to the phone company and the whole thing was cleared up. The end that was written. By Donna. I hope you enjoyed our little show. If you have a play or a story that you have written I would like to see dramatized by all cost. Please send it. To zoom. Channel 2 Boston 0 2 1. I know. How hard for books about how to
well. Man. Man. Man. Man. That was. Me. By. My. Mother. I. Held. Back. Right.
I could sew.
It. If you have anything you want to. Eat.
If you like between. Describe. It. What is the worst possible. I have no time like.
That. Do you know what you can make things to drink under a tree. Varies from Bush is like Bush trying to place a bunch of really real is just a plain. Three and a
mentally that looks exactly like Nicky. I found this on the left fingers on the right. Yeah just take it's all low so I want to leave it there so I can go out. If it's not as fast at least she don't think so don't take it up because it may not be best and you can get very sick. Like really. It takes about 15 minutes and you can link to it.
If you want a recipe send a postcard into Boston. Get the shots. See how.
They did. I see the doctor right. Yeah I know I was out for the job. Now I just want to get desu and I hate every time I go to the doctor now I always ask what I'm going to get out. I'm just I'm just good doctors now because every time I go I say I'm going to get a needle. Do you have if you if something. Me I remember when I was much annoyed I don't remember but in this is what you don't remember missing about a year ago and this just really caught my eye was semi-unconscious semi-conscious with him redness and all I can see is so you're right. Yeah I'm sure that the next
thing I know is I'm in this hospital. I can't move my arm. Go ahead. I feel this your whole life changes and the guys don't get your face and they tell me to my face is bleeding. I said I know what he said. There's glass in your face he said and then I think it again. As it was it's really good because when you fall down and you don't feel anything you know something's wrong. And one time when I was. Something happened to me. You know I was unconscious. Did did I wake up. He's my mother my father my sister and my other brother around the sides and like that. And he just stared at me like what happened what happened. And I and they have two faces and long faces and skin.
And we were wondering what arts and crafts are all these really bad fumes and you like to spray paint and all this stuff and I thanked him and all you can see is like I saw a whole bunch of cars on the scholar and hallway and then you know you wake up and you can't for a minute you can't sing and you look around you know and then everybody staring at you and it's really frightening because you look up you know you're just waking up and you look up in all these faces come out you know it's cold in here again. But usually like when I'm when I feel something strange in my back but there's a pain when I go to the doctor again so severe that it goes away. And that's happened to me so i times when I got the flu. That's what I said. I don't see I think as you please. Yeah and I was trying to do here. Right down jumped over rocks and beer when I woke up like everything's turned around and I say what happened. It was.
Like I was when I seen him in the best position on the third floor and off and I tripped on the stand. That just gets me when you walk in down his. You walk in and you see something happens real sad and then you walk you know son. What. Do you. Think. He wants to.
Eat. Meat. As if it was a. Bit. These. To me. Thank you.
But. Fifty cents. Right.
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Zoom, Series I Pilot
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