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The. Presentation of this program is made possible by a grant from General Foods corporation by public television stations and by grants from the Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. I.
Think. I am. I am. Was Now she. Was. The teacher. Was. That. You know what this means. You know not a spelling you know AC. Look you know what they say yes you know it's not a spelling. I.D. you know right. Them out.
Here's a zoomed from Alison Breen of Medford Massachusetts tried to say this tongue twister fast 10 times six to six. Dick this was sticks. To. See if. They. Think you. Six think this is sticks I think six people says a stick. And they. See. It says. This will stick. To six. Thanks thanks thanks to this sex thing. This is. It. 6 think. This is thinks it's 6 a.m.. 6 6 6 3 6 6. Think they're getting lazy again. Sixty six. This will stick 6
6 6 TAKE THIS OH MY GOD. Thanks thanks thanks. Say. This so stick. Thanks. This is so sick. That. I don't. Think this. Six. Missiles six six. Six. Little stakes make a fiscal stick. Six makes you think. Six picks. Oh no it doesn't seem like six. Not again. SO SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK SICK. Yes I did get a little. Bit sick around 6 times 6 think
just expects. That. Hello 6. Think this'll stick sticks there. This will stick sick sick sick sticks this SIX SIX SIX SIX SIX SIX. It's all fixed. Up to make it. Oh it's not. You know what they say ass. Yeah it's a mouth not a spelling. Yeah I think. How do you know. I'm days small and I have news for you Ruth my neighbor.
I've been delivering paper value now. It's a first job I've ever had. Do you remember who you are. It's good to have a job in make you feel a little older and then dependent. Master mo money. At the moment I have about 4 9 papers. With my pen. I earn about $9000 a week. I have lots of things like a tape recorder for normal birthday. Things to fight their bike to deliver newspapers with dollars and saves a lot of time and I deliver.
I really like the more in my missile. It's quiet time to think about things. Sometimes I pull my head at a nice cool breeze. At 5 everything is alive. Too. I am. Five. And living history too.
You know what this is not a spelling. This is not a spelling. Bee. Oh waitress. Yeah. I like to see the menu clear. OK what's going to be. OK. I like steak. We're all down with charts and we don't have no steaks. Well then what do you have. Eggs scrambled. Well I guess I have two
wigs left the aisle. Is that where else like this all day long people men say nasty things about me. They were also doing bad things to me if not too much. Can you give me a kind word. Yeah. But. Or waitress. Yeah I mean you've forgotten something like what my cat I know. Oh yeah. Though only the year. Zoom will resume after this important message. How life ends. Coven Yeah we got this what it is that is so bizarre been out on PUP governable above novel are probably double what the puck up on a bit of a
rugby cover novel our own lobby over of a brother to brother and son of a run of it are also full of rubber Robbie cover novel. Others gather Robin Tubby table problem while watch put up some old rubbish rubbish at double double double stubble worktable gobby of a bubble I sell them. And now back to zoom. Here's an idea sent in by Cheryl Pickett of my Cammy Illinois. It's hard to make paper balloons. If you for this you should have a square piece of paper. But if you know. Just. This corner. About two inches from the top. Make sure the edges are straight. Then. Cut off the extra piece here.
So now it's a triangular shape. Then you open it up. And you fold this corner. Here. And it's another triangular shape. When you open up it you should have run across in the middle. Now you take the two sides and you bring them in together. Like this. So now it should look like this. You bring the edges. Up to the top. And do the same in the other side.
Now it's a diamond shape. Now you take the sides and you fold them into the center. I'm doing the same the other side. So it should look like this. On one hand there are some for. You inserted in the side that you just folded in. And do the same on the other side. So now it should look like this. Then you just hold the bottoms so when you blow it up.
It's a paper broom. You know what this is you know. Not just belly ID. That's life. Mississippi is a very hard word to spell Amyas do you know how to spell it. All it taught me. So I could do it. Do you want to see me spell Mississippi with one. Am I SSI. SSI PBI. I'm a junior instructor for my third year and I started when a friend told me about the club a custom dollar for my membership to take a swimming test.
The beginning sailor and the teacher is how the both of you. Yeah the first center board it's moving sideways. This is a writer you put this in the back of the book you're on this track. Where you steer it from. The ball. Down the track press when you step into a book. I think it's pretty confusing because it's pretty easy.
If you really don't think about selling in the middle of a city but in Boston you can. Never go straight to the city of Boston Harbor rather. Than a first go out about the wind direction directions. I try to to try to. Bear off to watch. Charles River sometimes tricky because of tall buildings. What happens is the wind hits the building and it affects the wind.
Lot of traffic on the Charles sometimes like the highways in Boston. I like salad as a racing is really great competition. For two racing like one because you really have to use a little windy air to its best advantage. I wish more kids would tell because it's really a great thing to do and it's a lot of fun.
I should play a game called Egypt writing. See if you can figure out the rules as we play it. Yes. All right. All right. OK. All right. Right. I think you. Are a dog
right. I know that's what I did. Can a man which. Can be more than one thing. I think he's probably you know angry too. Yeah it could you know. But I think she was. That's not all. Yes she was thinking ma'am from my trusty not only not you. I was kind of the only end of the city. All right. Oh
that's easy OK. Oh yes I can I think of all the meanings for this. OK hold it could be she was 23 because I'm in the business too. OK. And then it was spying. Spam you see how she helps her out squirrel has she told me she was crap and they. Told you. In case you didn't get it. Here's how the game goes. First you pick a three letter word. Then you point to an object that begins with the first letter of your word. Now. Clap a different number of times for each bottle. One eight two key three and so on. Now point to another object for the end letter of the word.
My word is set. Shoulders a.. 1 8. Teton try it at home. You know what this is this. Yeah I knows not to spell it. And oh I see. No but they're serious. Yeah no not a spelling. Yeah. And this he you know what this is. I know it was not a spelling. Yes. You know how to spell it. I got it. Listen to me. You know how to spell it I think yeah I get you. Yeah. Oh. I thought. I asked that question. Where did you think.
How. Sally the Salamander and Norman the new bio lest oboist of Bronx New York. Once there were two masses of eggs just laid by a female and a female Salamander the salamanders did not like the nudes and they always had wars. The eggs developed very slowly. It took about a month for them to develop. Finally they hatched and one girl salamander started to play tag with a boy who knew the salamanders name was Sally. She really liked him. The Newt's name was Norman. He really liked her. A few years passed and they both grew little tiny legs. Now they could climb right onto the land and really have fun. They could play hide and seek beyond the trees. A few more years passed and they decided they wanted to get married. So Norman asked his father who was king of all the newts. Dad can I get married with Sally the sound man or what.
After Norman asked his father fell into a rage. When Sally asked her father who was king of all the loot. Well can I throw up. No they are the worst enemies. Sally's father would not even consider the marriage since they couldn't get married by asking. They decided to Although. They made plans for one night after all the party animals would be asleep. Come on let's go now. And on their way they went. About a year later Norman's father was swimming. He cited for salamanders playing with four notes and he said to himself. These are children my son and his wife. Why should so much was sell a man who's lived peacefully together. And from that time on the new Ellis salamanders never fought again.
This is. Probably what it was. This is from a man who. Was. Told. That. This. Says. He won't answer. It. Oh miss. Yes. He told this in the House of Cards. He took the mouse out. Listen. To. The way.
The. Sun. To. The birds they say. In the. Woods.
At the end. The. Student was sure. That no one can get. Something for the. Show's success. With. The.
ZOOM, Series I
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
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