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Hundred still number finally it was Hello WGBH TV Boston one. A. Major funding for a zoo is provided by a grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations additional support is provided by unrestricted general program grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Ford Foundation. On and. On.
We present bring poetry in motion for Mr. Nice.
Today or you don't. Have a great job. Martin. Denise and I are acrobats of Circus World Museum. Circus fashion. It's a museum with old artifacts from different circuses around the
world just like it was in your days. It's his choice. People get. A nice you and Mark get seated to sweep the bar now we gotta get all those mules working for the train show all of us to have a bale of hay and water the petting zoo right now. To play here but hard to do all that for me the people who were in the circus or museum do work very hard. They're professionals and they like what they're doing they're watching again
like I said this is somebody says I know how to do it. Then you have to be one step ahead of me to do it again you fool. Clara and of the north. Are clowns. Sometime in their life and I feel like a lot of weather I just put in a mission. Sometimes you catch a kid come on. Can I touch that. Cory says tragedies that are going to start over It's a rough life but it's. Yeah you get sawdust in your shoes you can't get it out. After. We saw the end the newspaper that said anybody who wants to join come down the circus room museum in sand you name. It What You Doing. All right.
OK I was doing good today. We do a good today we're doing the show pretty soon. Are you ready. OK Mark Foley up. Thataway now get on their good and solid. OK you got it all right Mark this is the last trek remember this is a spectacular remember now you're not going on this trek on the proud swing at the top of your height and you're just let it go flying in the air if you don't you're going to get your legs. I understand are you afraid. Yes. But do it anyway. All right now now. Oh that's a tie. Let's call OK here we are now. That's all right. OK that's pretty good. A little girly though that's all right now that's the last number to make your baju come Alesia looks like. That's you know looks like come on down up there you go. All right I like it. That wasn't bad. And then to show you on the screen Did You Know That. Oh you know just smile. You scream
you know you pay and then they'll scream with you. That's what we'll cover the circus for for the thrills today those performers represent high above the sawdust rain. Or tree of motion in this one single tragedy. That's what I'm the boy that forgot 15 year old master aboard. Specialty. Is dangerous because you risky.
Dangerous. Back. Master it with you. It is a kid's dream to be in the circus. To be great and those people watching you doing your tricks. I think I was mostly. Slumped on the Jews views and was. All reports come from around the country
straight from you. Each week zoom says you can help us to fly high. Today's report show how viewers really do well. Jennifer. Thank you Chris. Middletown New Jersey invented a way we can pretend. To Fly high she says what you do is take a very big big piece of paper and pad it so it looks like a jet. Make slits in the arms and put it on. Get a pogo stick and make a sound like an airplane. Then jump with a pogo stick. Now Thanks Jennifer. Katie Easter shell is in Saginaw Michigan. She told us her view on a poem a Robin sits on a branch like a feather in rain shine or any kind of weather. Open your eyes and see him open your ears and hear him open your imagination and live with him. A cardio Thanks neuro. Well Regina Allen from East St. Louis Illinois feels very strongly about this issue.
She writes Nobody has to teach you to fly high when you are brave and try to do new things. That is when you are flying high. Back to you Chris. Thanks to cardio and thank you song viewers. There are many ways to fly high. It all depends on what you want to do and not all the other Ron zoom ass kids around the country whether they know what they would do if they could do anything in the world. Trying to clean up New York I get money now buy our food in a world suck a b c. get a horse and I live on a farm. I have a whole lot of work. I think I'd write books and be an actress. I get to make everybody in the world happy and they're happy all the time was Jeremy Bourne movies like stay out in the woods for a year or something somewhere. Travel get married make peace. That's today's views and whether zone flies high because of
your letters and ideas send them to zoom box 3 5 0 Boston Mass 0 2 1 3 4. And don't forget your self addressed stamped envelope. With your name and yours. Hey that's neat. Yes yes. Thanks for. Everything. And that. Was. Labelle. You missed school yesterday didn't you. No I didn't miss it a bit.
You got my grocery bag right in fine most of the materials right your home. First you need to grow some of. It man. What do you take this is a new credit up. There. Working the side. We said. Yes.
Right. Believe it or not your kite is down. Now all you have to do is string up your courage to look like this.
If you want to zoom card that shows you how to make a grocery bag. Right right does and send us a self-addressed stamped envelope. AS. They do their job of running. Yeah don't worry I have enough wood in the attic to build on no one. I. Like. Brian Barnett from Dallas Texas sent us this letter. Do you see him tell fans that you can put him in such a position that he will be able and able to lift his right foot from the floor. Even though the foot is free free. What. Are you doing. That's that right. Yes right. Put your left cheek. You know you don't know how to just end it right and your left cheek
against three like that. No no you have no right like that try to lift that you're right. If you cheat with the ball. It's impossible. Oh. We can't have all these. Little things scenes like this one. I can't hear you. I see this. So it's really isn't possible with you. Oh holy. Father I'm going to try. Let me just run I want
straight to you try Camus. It's. A. Sheep. Yeah. I. Know you. Are.
We're going I want to with a look here. That's. About to begin. But we have to get a pair. Then there's. This. Thing with the. Fantastic feeling no other way for me to wake up now a green hat the remark to sure I will bring a hat with a shirt right.
OK reflect back. Good looks great out looks terrific. Now put it face. Everybody knows in future meetings of the class we will be learning about mimes and gestures props and gags magic and many other facets of climbing but today's workshop is on makeup. Now there are four basic types of makeup. There is the white face which has a pleasure codebase. The tramp. The fourth is a character class and this is limited only by your imagination. First step in getting made up. Everyone with glasses should take the math. That. I want to clear their hair from the face area. And. Work. And don't forget annoying faces in the back of
the net. What you do is you take three fingers. And just. Making it. From them. There are two main types of power right. One that's the power of power. There are some people. If you go where.
I said I was there I saw myself. Giving it time to say most things. With. One word to make things right. But 3 5 0 5 0 0 0 1 3 0.
It's easy to design your own cloud base. We have somehow small hands and a zoom guide. Thank you. Well why do. You want to send a self addressed stamped envelope. With. Me. Yes how to make zoom soup. What you need first is a zoom so you can make animals out of any kind of vegetables you want. But the most important green is your imagination. What. How do you like my octopus. I made it out of a tomato string beans and clothes for the eyes. You can make a swordfish out of an onion and close to the eyes. You can make a wheel
out of zucchini squash and a slit for the mouth and a toothpick for spout. You can make a snake out of carrots and close the eyes and you can also make a lion potatoes parsley for the main and celery stick for your till your resumes you can decorate a table for a party or a kitchen for a while and now the soup we're about. To want to have quarts of water in a big pot take out all the toothpicks in the animals trap up the large pieces of vegetables and put them all in. The pot you can add spaghetti. Well you don't cubes or spices if you like cooked them all in the pot for about an hour. Then you have used soup hotel and have a good meal. Ha below AAB are moi grabbing a very DAB Levy Mavic
up a bit cob M7 mob and every couple of years I've been debit Naveh virus mob years. I've got a robin tabby have a fab as have her but I will love it. I would rather I be obvious that we have a topic of a fly but not by a bell as governor of ring tabby. Have a member here a fabulous have a private eye while you have a year. Grey skies a. Bit. I take. It. To. Tell you get a banana. Stick out that noble. Wife. Anna.
Yes. I am. And if you think that. I knew a girl ever love me. That. Way.
Thank. You.
A major funding was provided by a grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations additional support is provided by unrestricted general program grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Ford Foundation. I don't know.
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