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The. Presentation of this program is made possible by a grant from General Foods corporation by public television stations and by grants from the Ford foundation of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Soon. Soon. At the end. Thing.
And. That was. That. That is. That. Lots of kids have written it is a home and asked us to play Chinese Jump ball. And how digital Boger ocean Congo Illinois has told us a way to make it and you make it out of rubber bands and he is going to show you a good hitter in. First of all you have two rubber bands. Take the first one you open it up with the other one through it and then take the two loops and put one of the loops
inside through the other one. Pull it tight like a little double salute. Yeah we took the next one soon. Yeah. Pull it. That's three of them got twisted. If you keep going keep going keep going. Girls like that. It looks like that and that's about have big you need one if you want to have a Chinese Jump rope. I made mine out of all different colors. Do you. But. What's easier. That's true. I did actually them out mine. She was actually you. Say that.
You clocked a maniac males in there. Second step down good. Yeah right. You. Know. Yeah. Hard. It's me. You know. But if you
believe it I don't leave my mind sees. No no he's got to get me out. Cause every night you have to look it up too. Yeah. Yeah yeah right. I can on. You could. Just buy a big you like do you like you can almost like and oh oh you look like you would just like you know what. So I got out you know this one's no no. OK I'll try. Some.
When you're out. They had their hands on him. I'm the worst among them. Perhaps he's nodding yes. OK. Flat will open your eyes. You know I am going to choose. I was a little I was up to. This is a book that has one thousand and one Fanny do isn't it. And it's brought by Judy Jones and Laura car of Chicago Illinois and start it. Animals. What does Fanny do we think of animals. Fanny Julie loves goals but hates turns to Fanny joy loves gazelles but hates antelopes three and a dearly loved dress but hates Sokol pies for Fanny Julie loves hippopotamus but hates herbivorous animals. Five Fanny do loves bills but hate speaks six.
Oh. Here's Isabelle from Joyce Henley of. Lutherville Maryland. Here's my idea for a special zoomie handshake you can use on your show. You'll need two people to do it. This is what you do first. Shake hands a normal way. Next. One person lifts his right leg puts it over both arms. And third the next person does the same thing with his right leg. You should both be back to back I know take you next to first person lift his leg. Back. Over both arms and then the second does the same thing. Now you should both be back to normal. Try again fester. Yeah all right let's.
Go back to backs up. Yeah right. Let's close it. Up. You. Know. What I did. I think. I am. Right. That's it yeah. I was person lifts his left leg back. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's. Now. That's a person doesn't. Do it. Yet. And. Yet. What food does Fanny do eat one how to Fanny loves food but hates to eat one of three Fanny do he loves coffee but hates tea for fan he loves lettuce but hates salads. One of five. Julie loves cabbage but hates coleslaw one sixpenny Kellogg's but hates cornflakes. Why no seven Then he loves lollipops but hates suckers when I wait for carrots but hates it.
This week soon guest is Jaime Silva's most of the year. He lives in Texas but every sound much he and his family go to work in Colorado. My father and Milo are meant to be but I was born in Texas where. There is green the whole family comes to Colorado to work and nothing else. I knew Pete goes. Q Can you get started with Pete Daniels and we cut the tab with the city. If they would put him
in the can. So much. But with little time. My sister in the field. I don't like to work in the field because it is too hot and I get tired. I never said. I didn't. Want to. Write the book.
The date is pretty long. Sign test my little brother can't wait for notched he stuck in the bed truck. That song. We live in a house farmer Colorado. And the
farmer has three I mean. This is where we're you know 16 in the family. And taxes. We don't live together but here we do. All my brothers and there surely and my sister. Little by little. We have night dogs and they're belong. One of my cousins. They're still a puppy. I like Texas. Then they call a random. Guy half of all my friends over there. I have a lot of fun to play with my brothers and sisters and cousins. Three three four.
Played by Pat count seven eight nine. 10. But I'm right. Now. Not. A. Lot. I didn't. Think. That. Was a. Yes. But. Because. Of. The magic near by Genie McMullen. Once there was a tree house he knocked.
Go away. I don't. Good lady Einstein. Do you have any bread to give away. Go away. Pooh. I don't have any bread. And then she closed the door. The tramp thought to himself she did but I have an idea that will show her. He took a new shoe. Hello again. I have a magic pill that can make perfect soup with just a little water. Something for nothing. I like that. County. She led him to a big pot of boiling water. Right. And. We.
Didn't have a carrot or make the soup even better. I have this great I. Have a nine year. I mean how about a little rice. Yes I. Have. And how about this. How about a dog. How great. How about some. In me. Lol me.
The old lady went back to the table she put bread in milk on the table and the tramp and the Old Lady Ada. Yes. I. Like that one. I. Just think. The magic nail made all of these goods. Yet just. If you have a play you've written and you'd like to see it on television send it to zoom boss. Oh well asked us to read or 386 they do he loves George C. Scott but hates
actors 387 funny Dolly loves gold diggers but hates prospectors 388 any duels bookworms but hates readers 389. What. Planning for a guest looking My hobby is raising pigeons and entering the in-kind. From pigeons I own long been the same breed. I raise Medina's and. There are 150 l a different breed just like dogs you have all kinds of different breeds of dogs which you do on occasion still. Sheesh. I. Like a shawl for contests. And. The. Judges at the contest they all have a standard so they know what every bird should look like. The stand for only one of them. They judge
how close your bird comes to being 100 percent. Perfect. The judge will look for how bright his eyes are. At the condition of them how how nice his feathers. How red is from how you put him on the show. Then look for about every detail possible. So we try to braid Brazil as close to perfect as possible. Prize bird doesn't come by accident. And hold the baby squad. The. Bird. Hasn't been gone. In. Wreckage. What is grim. So you know. I put him and breeding kiddies in put the kids in the
get acquainted. Oh. Some people say the only way to tell that there is another way to tell the tale. I think the best things are raising kids. Learning about genetics and heredity and watching the parents raise the youngsters. But. And. If you're going to. Raise pilin humor as well. Put it in your head right now that you don't have to take care of them. Change the why.
You feel what they'll win. No more no less. That's just like any other animal. Knowing that it means you know I'm right. My friend my grizzly still and sometimes we help each other take care of a good use of. This person before the show because we want those birds in top condition. My wife's OK. It's amazing. He's going to be because. He's doing it because he thinks. He can get some food. Maybe one time I had a dream.
Like you I wasn't as good as I thought it was going to bring. Brooke is going to be my friends because I got so far in his it is a real most one. Of three loves to be correct but hates to be right. 884 loves to be depressed but hates to be sad thought. Then I'd really love to be seen but hates to be noticed. Six family pressure but hates tension 887 to be indoors but hates to be. Think now.
You. Can. I can't see.
When I saw. The horses Nan Nan. Said.
That. And now the moment you all been waiting for number one thousand one. Danny Dooley loves Fanny Dooley by herself. Here's a letter from Jerry blotter of Randolph. But I don't think you should hold Fanny Dooley over for this. She's getting boring. And that's all there. Are you still puzzled by Fanny. We're going to tell you the answer. Listen carefully as we sing the last verse of Fanny do. Me. With.
The. Presentation of this program was made possible in part by a grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations. The.
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