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Number 6 0 8 December 1st 1977 WGBH TV Boston. A. A major funding for Zoom is provided by Grant from General Foods corporation. Additional funding is provided by this station and by other public television stations and by the Bureau of Education for the handicapped. Oh. During my life.
You know here's you. I have the bureau put a book on your hand and the half ass hat. Do you
think you're. I can you know. But. Good. You can read my i'm now. OK. Are you doing it all right. I think it's not me didn't quite make it as has it. So. You know. This is
this is good. I am 10 years old and I watch you watch your show all the time. I love horses and I get one. My sister to me because I talk about horses a lot like something you get to see. I was teased about listening to music and it affected.
Go to purse it's true. They can make sure that that is because it works. But do you see. What do you do when someone hurts your feelings. I go somewhere to myself and I think that I think about what the president said and sometimes from Tennessee. My eyes how can I walk away from them when they hurt my feelings. I don't think anyone ever did a good cry one
way. I will tell my mom that's a bonus of a violin. The paper boy come to collect How much do I owe you. Two fifty to this right. Do you mind if I tell you my niece. Course not. Do you mind if I deliver your faithful one page at a time when we have come up with some really neat toasts goodies. Why I'll make you a Super Bowls not to do it. It's easy. I need is a half a pint the heavy cream and a jack. Why Harry Green into the jam.
And covered up. Then you shake him tick and say you know if you have sent us a recipe for a cup of crushed you know it's read to you. One teach a genie and a mortar and pestle put everything in the mortar and mash it up with a fuss. Or the farmer about the car and that's a burger. I don't know. Let's see. Still with a meat
habit of not counting to the Pennsylvania showed us a quick way to make onto our own what you do for me. It's just. It was pounds of honey has become a critical one. To me. They live next. One table and one teaspoon. Over here. Can you make it out. Well it's good to see you. OK. Scared to look like you know there's a lot of pain. I want to tell you it has to
be. Yeah. They are going to charge of the same room. I think you are. Well it's good I think that's about what I'm going through something worse north. Oh the supernatural. You want to disprove using facts. Sure I didn't need to do that right now do you. And that's
really it is I don't think that is but with an eye for the way out. OK. All right. Do you have the good work that isn't off junking Neka room. That's good to do but if there's room. Right back. Did you know that all the animals that went to know it's arcane in years. Yes except the worms they came in apples. When I was born I was partially sided when I was a sixth grader here. That's when I
first lost my sight when I first arrived it was kind of scary but you know I kind of got used to it. I used to give me some time for it all the time. Yeah you know some the proud to live with yourself probably can't do too much about it except to be killed in in a dreadful start with a vision. Sanjoy says or do you wear shoes for a loss. I don't expect myself to be able to do everything right in Detroit. Time takes me a little longer to do things like get aside for homework I have to type it so the teacher could read it for me or. You probably need some help for her. When you
tried competition I want to ask you first. I get bored I'm bored. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 7. Hello lady tonight. OK OK OK are you let me let me show you Let me show you first was thirty seven thirty seven thirty three right. That was a pretty obvious statement. I think all the tests I have I just feel pretty sure
schools are different because what they could do. This is a model of land that was about 12 she helped me at a loss. Anything that's fun and what's the like in the middle. Down the mountains in California go up to the right.
Rise and mountains. That's so sweet. Just one. And now I think people talk to me so I go ahead. You really want to do it do it
feel it feel good. No thanks. You'll be able to do stuff without me he is not. He'd left behind have to have somebody with me all the time I don't want to hurt myself. But you know I'm a nervous little bit. These are books written in braille Braille as a system of rays docs used by the blind who are reading and writing to read braille use one of both hands moving them from left to right over the raised DOS. If you would like to know what Braille feels like sand for this Braille alphabet zoom card right zoom down the way that lets me I know not that my keys.
What shall I do. Yeah I'd only been here. What do I do. Do I think this is a masking tape loss and I'm going to show you how to make one. Now before you start if you want to you can put some newspaper down to cover the surface you going to work on. If you don't want to spill anything on it. OK. Now you start out with a cleaning glass bottle and you tear small pieces of masking tape off. It's better if you tear because they don't look as good cut and you start putting on putting them on the bottle. OK. And overlapping pieces and making sure they're smooth and they're in all the grooves. Make sure it's pressed down tight
now it probably take you long to do all of that mess. But when you finally finish take a wet rag and dip it in some shoe polish. Any color doesn't matter right now. Spread it over the bar. Anywhere that there's tape you can use paint too. But if you do make sure you use an oil base or acrylic paint because water colors won't stick to it. This is a sort of messy thing to do. It's nice when it's finished. Now when you finish covering it take a dry right.
You buff it up make sure you do this before the Polish thoroughly dries. Do you have a hard time. So you want to smooth out all the polish. You know you can put some flowers on it. Do I think you're like the was you are holding on to what was the how do you know how do you know. Yeah. Again you're like oh yeah yeah. There's no box. But yeah you love me. What do a straw Penny have in common. The straw in
January. All you have to do is get a straw and the Pity they carry the pain from the Started to the pain by sucking it up through the straw like think what. Do they feel like running away. I do like when your mom or dad gets mad at you and doesn't talk to you. Why don't you have a rap
about it. From Dannemora have an Indian. Well sometimes when I you know I get like you know sometimes I take a walk you know. Yeah yeah yeah yeah I come back home from sunrise. I used to think I used to want to run away when I get in trouble. And every time I get there I come out for I used to pretend I was cold and I get in trouble for doing that til. I don't wanna run away. Then I thought Where was I go because I want to let you know probably and they probably take you back home. I couldn't go much she think. It is really really.
You think that discourages people running away. You know where my go if I go to my friends. So call me her then model call my mother. Oh your son's So you just thank you. I love this box. Record heart. It's OK you're going to supply me with food ok. About a week. I did because I could write. If I do something bad like if I was sent to some place and I stayed out too long I'd be think you know why but and I go back home everybody will be mad at me. I gotta run away. It's like that but then I get to thinking what am I going to run away to. What am I going to run away with.
So I just go on home and face the consequence. Your family life and you decided to run away. Thinking like what if I never come. And what happens. Yes. You do. Need it you.
Thought. Three. They. Love.
You. Yeah. Yeah.
You. Made your friending presume has been provided by a grant from General Foods
corporation. Additional funding has been provided by this station and by other public television stations and by the Bureau of Education for the handicapped. Me.
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