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If. The. Presentation of this program is made possible by a grant from General Foods cooperation by public television stations and by grants from the Ford foundation of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Soon. Soon. He. Was. Running. As a man. At the.
Time. Thank. You. Thank you. Thank you. Why. It. Was
here's a guy from Helen McCoy who didn't give any address. I have a game. I have a game idea for I have an idea for a game. Ill take two people each of you take you have to strong as I have and then put them in a little pile in front of you know where I go try to move to the side by sacking them up with another straw. The first one to move to the side wins. Nobody Do you get a subtle way. But you've got to take one straw out you know hey bro you would be too easy. So you got to suck them up and put them away. I want them to raise me like that. Oh you get a pile of
little things you do and they're doing on this one. So yeah I was actually there I was with them in piles. Yes really. Yes. Yes. This was like this. OK that will. Be the direction. OK. Yeah right. I mean look. At it now. Yes right. Come on. Yeah but. This is. Not even that.
If you have a game that you don't have to buy Senate and maybe playing it cool. OK. I live in Sky call Nish. It's a small town in the Cascade Mountains and still Washington populations around 250. Scott Connors used to be a big town they were laying tracks out here. For the
trains. That now only freight trains go through. And just the workmen and engineers live and now. This is a general store. It carries pots and milk and dairy goods and nails and painting goods groceries now. It's the only store in town. Also. There's there's a. Fire Station the last time they used the fire trucks was Burra water find out in the street. Theater here they had to close it down they didn't get in the business. They had some pretty good films or the location. On the school it was built and I think 1930 knowing they're not
very many people in high school there's only around 50. That. Just seemed like a basket had a vacuum they were right in there is what they tried to do with their cried foul Johnny bashed out and Ron if you had some real characters and one of them Joe Wallner he goes dog sky co-ownership basketball games and when they got out there on the floor they break my rule whenever anybody talks to Jill. All he ever talks about is basketball on fact you never even started talking about basketball. All my life he said. He said. We have two taverns in town on the morning right here. Sweet peas it draws in most of the hippies and skiers in the wintertime.
And then over here is a whistling post. It draws in the town people and a few outsiders and it does a real good business. Most of them in town work for the longing in the street because there's so much force land and stay Washington. My dad he works on a caterpillar either building road or clearing land for logging companies. When I get older I'd like to work for the for service it sounds like fun working out in the woods and doing different things you know like surveying road jobs and that. Would be sort of. The first time I've ever had a job in summer. I'd go to the chalet and
I'd clean out the garbage cans in the back of the chalet put miners in. I get a free meal and then I get paid. There's always something to do here and sky. Skokomish river it goes right down through the town and really a great place to go in or to Maine. Because that build means it is not as many people as there is in the big city. There are rivers here fishing in it.
This is by Valerie Morgan of Lynnwood Washington. The case of the locked room. Just as John Archer reached his apartment door he heard the tinkling of broken glass. What has happened. He asked himself as you ran to unlock the door. His cat tom brushed against you and welcome. But John Archer had no time for welcome news there on the floor. Molly and Ben. Thank
goodness they're still breathing. Said John. Their lives can be saved. Poor Molly. Poor Ben. Who could have done this dastardly deed. The windows were locked. The only other way to get in was through the door. The only key to the door was in John Archer's pocket. Nevertheless the other lay on the living room floor amid broken glass in a pool of water. Yet John knew at once who the criminal was. Can you figure out what happened. And how. Stay tuned. Brain I think. I. Remember the case of the locked room. I have the solution. The deed was done by Tom member John Archer's
cat. The victims were goldfish. The sound of the breaking glass was that of the fishbowl. The water on the living room floor was water from the fishbowl. If you have a mystery a riddle or a story send it to zoom box 3 5 0 Boston Mass 0 2 1 3 4. Clarence the cat. Written illustrated by Julie Myers of Brooklyn New York. One sunny morning while Clarence Dexter and Hogan were packing for a big picnic Tommy came running down the mountain side to them and cried spiky villainess stealing mama's jewelry. Help please come and get him away crayons Dexter and Holden was soon running to mama via with Tommy. When they all got to mama's house she was standing in the door crying
and said that spike your gun in the direction of the lake. So they all ran away. They ran down the hill over to the lake is so spiky in the middle of the lake in a boat. But he was in a one with a hole in the bottom. Spiky begin to sink slowly into the water. Julie started to float on top in an inflatable bag. We swim to the bag and safely brought it back to shore. Clarence Dexter and Turney were happy in time he said. Let's hurry and bully Julie back to my mama. They all have it to Mom and Brad with the jewelry she started bouncing on a bed because she was so happy. Then she said since you are also helpful to me are join your picnic and bring all the good food I yeah. So they all went to the orchid forest for the biggest picnic they had ever had.
Zero will resume after this important message. How about the bear of an Tubby Verby love and the obvious abuse of a job above upper body double Bobby puffing up above a cover. That is probably not a product of a car bombs are being taboo carbines while crabby maybe travel crab and chubby Abby double Bubby probably not a problem. Tarver double is not rot. Stab it to without a rubber above your grandmother will serve all by a bit about your never rubber stubble or now back to zero. Was it. We have about 25.
Because having to spend. So that doesn't think. There's a pretty tricky thing to do. You have to be very careful of the years and the ship to. Her. As a matter of fact it's I would get all mad. If you wouldn't just use it as it is if you have some right Will. You can buy almost any color you want. There are lots of natural things like plants you can use to make dyes. Because it's easy to find. But yeah.
A lot of minutes and then. It's all time. You have to get it on time before you can spin it. Spenda.
Good. Enough for whatever you want. Why.
Do you have dreams bad dreams or even nightmare is. We do sometimes. We had a rap about it when I was young I used to have that after every single ha movie and watch I'd be scared to go to bed because I know I'd have a bad dream. I hate bad dreams I really do because they scare you so much and you wake up in the middle of the night. I found myself when I have a dream. I wake up I wake up bad dream if it's really bad I wake up in it. And. Like I look round my room and you just look. I hear the buzzing noises my radiator. Then I was I had this weird dream I got in the middle like this is true by the way. And I got a little note once and I'm looking around and this was in my eye and I have right above my head a window and the window is usually open. It's like a
slug and the shade was down in Austin. You know the wind blows it goes slack. The show goes right. Stiffened up and I saw it you know like me ma'am everything in my room starts to come alive like. That. Like I did myself I was in as a corner of the thing with my my bike he's my home how the draw was a day or guys write me like when you wake up. The first thing you'll get is because the first step that I steps up and down and my little one dream Dracula picture.
Things like that. Just get in the Honestly this was in a dream really. It wasn't a dream like trait like Manson's and then I look up look up at the dreadful picture. So his eyes are just looking straight at me because when I looked at him before I was looking at the girl that was on the picture. And then I looked at it again and look like I was looking at me. Neil something that looked like it had it looked just like that with everything is in the window. What was I thought of the mortar that was the knob for the window. No. Do you like making funny faces with make up. We do and we had a lot of fun getting ready for the song we're doing at the end of the show to. Make you blush.
Now you tell me. Oh. Yeah. I mean. It's a. Natural small range. Right. Right. Right. Right.
Right. You know I'll just be playing. Don't. You take it. I don't upset. You. Look you. Can't you. Hear. Me.
Oh. Yes. Stick. Around your waist. I can do it just it just you know. Not. Not. Not.
Not. Yet it. Was a hundred head. Line as you. Look at our lives. We aren't yet on line is brown and white in the eyes of foreigners. My. Name is Matt.
Yes that is a. Man. I woke up. On a Sunday morning. Goodness. What have you. The score with. The mosquitoes. Nothing. You know. I think you. Know present. The. Good of the Round Table or how do you. Want. Me.
Think. You know any nonsense rhymes. Well. If you want the ones that we have just I have to do is send a self-addressed envelope. That's an envelope with your name and address on it and a stamp and listen to. The end. And send. This. Morning. That. Takes
make a mistake to do to get. A. Handle. On it. With. The. Presentation of this program was made possible in part by a grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations with a. Woman.
ZOOM, Series I
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
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