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So one person at a. Presentation who zoom is made possible in part I agree and from General Foods corporation. Santoshi. I'm. Crazy. Sign.
Me. David. I. Was. Gonna do. I. Write this program is funded by grants from the donuts boobery Donald's restaurant spawned by public television stations. The Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Today. Oh not so high. The doctor told me to drink some lemon juice after a hot bath. Well did you drink the lemon juice. No I didn't. First
drink in my hot bath. Here's a barrel sent in by Rebecca Smith of Danbury Connecticut. It's called Penny pass. You will need some playing cards and a penny. Everybody sits in a circle each holding the playing card between his teeth. The first person puts a penny on his card and slipped it from his card to the next card on his right. And so on around the circle. Anyone who drops a penny must put it on the card to his right and is eliminated from the game. You can keep going until two people are all left. I'm very kooky. Thank you. So let. Me get a break.
OK guys. You put it on the internet. Good Morning America. I represent the best vacuum cleaner cooperation. But I would like to show you. You'll never forget our latest model. Oh. There is not a hot shower. Don't pick up every piece of dirt. Eat well young. I think you'll be meeting this man out this way. We don't have any electricity.
Do. You. Or last drooling and heartwarming episode of the world Zunes nothing much happened. That's because Drew was the last episode of the world Zoom's But in this episode something might happen. Please. Hello. Good evening. Good afternoon and good morning. This is the zoomin it's your last resort because the greatest bellhop in the whole world but when he starts thinking he's super clerk. Watch out. Same to you. Kurbaan fray with a. Super clerk routine again.
You know Mr. Williams is the manager of the zoomin. Let me tell you he really wants to manage a rock n roll band. I have an easy one in this place. What does that mean. A lot of. That. You know. Hi how are you doing. There isn't any other way Chris quite like Bertha. She's got a real warm heart and she treats the customers right. I just want you to know that I'm not taking any live customers tonight. It's my birthday and people are going to treat me like a lady. Your birthday. Are you sure. I think so. In. March of this year this month. Oh. Dear Blabby. If you've got trouble she'll help you out. Even if you don't want to. Like I told my many readers blabby says your
plan. Man do I have to write you a letter now because from my manicure. Yes. It's my. Pleasure. That's Professor vendôme kaf. He's our handy man. They say he was once a great scientist. Have you take the elevator. Yes. Oh. My. Wife. When Chef lose money gets going in the kitchen. There's just no stopping her fight with her. She's. I know she wouldn't let me in the kitchen and I work here. Will somebody please fix so why not.
It's never. A. Happy Day. She used to sing in some of the biggest places in the whole USA. So. You got to give it all you. Thanks to you. Thanks. All right. Well. You should hear rock n roll Ricky play lake. My. Making. Look like a ballerina. This is a party. Turn the lights on. Yeah sure.
Block buster Bonnie thinks the whole world ought to go around on roller skates. Sorry I was right. See it was a big day. That was the Derby today. I can't be that. Come on now. Happy Birthday. OK. Why do. You. Go to work and be just like me. So Chris what did you get the. Baby sweetheart. Ever heard of his dog before. This. One. Now. I. Take. That chance. Took you through the post. To be half an hour ago. What are
you. Well you see in the beginning was your birthday you know in theory. I mean I always think you know the merchant happened you get caught again. Not this time I couldn't do they say Macksey used to be a big gangster in his day but nobody knows for sure. What. Size. The process that's. Supposed to be from you. So I put the merchandise there have a piece of cake. Thank you guys. Happy birthday cake. Compliments to Louis. Thanks. I also. Got. To. Say happy birthday. This looks like a job for Seubert clerk. Well darkness ever live from the zoomin waitress made her way to fame. Why does friend keep heading for the booth. And for gosh sakes who don't cough ever fix the arbiter. Be sure to tune into the next episode of as as. You.
Well. Now. You see as it was. We hope we laugh because we really. Were. But now it's up to you to help us write the next episode of As The World zooms in to give you a head start. We're making some time to send to you. And on the same card it will say what characters each of us play and this way you'll know what kind of things to write. But just remember when you write to us to send you a guide you must include a self-addressed stand alone. So I'm. A Texan who has visiting in Austria. I was asked for his opinion of Australian ranch's walk back home and. He was much bigger than me. What do you think of our. Forces. Asked the Australian why we've got
much bigger forces than means. Bragg the Texan just done a kangaroo. That's the Texan. Remark the Australian that was just one of our pesky grasshoppers. Good on TV. If you write a song you want a sound card for a song which tells you how to do it. For. You doesn't say. You got to you every day. What. Is this. If you don't know now don't you care about it. What. Does that mean. So we
try it out. I get it so it means it just stand. Out. But what do. We do with this. I'm. Gonna. Make that. Mistake. It's the same. Way. OK OK but what happened to the. What ever you want to. Send. Easy All right. Time. For. You. Now. Let's see we got news in barrel today.
She throws me California something idea. It's called chin puppets. You have to get into position so your head is sort of upside down. Then you have someone put a blindfold on you so she knows your rights and all that showing is your mouth. Then one person takes a mistake and draws an upside down face on the other person's. OK Janice we'll try anything once. Because I think it was. They look so funny you should see which you look great say something something or not something things let's say Got your time. When you guys talk to each other or talk to each other. Hi. Really. What can't they. When.
Like well in 1963 my brother fell out of a tree. He broke his leg. Geez. Pretty good. But before me talk about your brother for you the fog. Lifts the ground good. You make a black to. Read to you as soon as it's going to look good on me. You know me today. Well you know me tomorrow of. Course. Knock knock. Who's there. See who I am already. I miss the magician part.
You know I take this paper clip box and I shake it and it is fun. These are. Know I'm going to use some sleight of hand. Can you guess which one it is. That is fun. Well thank you very much. Are you sure you want. Fifty four quarts of milk. Yes like that he told me take a bath. No milk. Do you want it past your eyes now. Just up to my chin. Well be able. Oh Peter. There's no way to beat this.
I like to be in this because I have a pacemaker which is a battery. He's my heart going. I had open heart surgery because of my heart. And now I can do all the things I can do before signing off on this. OK. Thank you. But it had to go catch a big fish after the operation. I thought it was a big lump on my arm and it hurt all the time. But the second I was crying. So when I was sleeping when I got home it heard for about a month and a half and I'd have to take special pills to keep the hurting down because it hurt so much. And over. Again I couldn't go outside I could just stay in the house. It was so boring watching the other kids all play around. I knew I could do this now but I had to stay in the house before my pacemaker was put in.
I couldn't go hiking or fishing or. Play baseball and nothing like that. I get way too tired now. Me and my dad go fishing a whole lot. Hiking the turtle. Hey wow. Yeah. I. Kind of. Fall for you. Oh. Christ. Oh it's going pretty good. I have a little trouble with my backstroke. Ground of water gets up my nose. You got a program coming up. Do you play with your favorite. No but we beat them quite. What a bag. Over the bird.
I don't think there's any fish. Period. Let's get to listen to you and see how everything's going. Up. One fear I have to go to the doctor for a real good examination. Sound. Like you've been doing. But it's great that every room. Looks really nice. Well a pleasure to play clever fellow. The doctor hooks me up a machine that shows I have my pacemaker and my heartbeat. Let me tell what is it doing ok. Not. Let me show you what we're doing here. OK. Here's the pacemaker spike that shows how much electricity is going to the heart. And down here I've got
showing here the pacemaker spike which is this little sharp thing and then the wiggle shows that your heart is being driven from it and every spike is followed by the Wiggles showing of the Pacemakers working making your heart go away which is a war that goes down under the skin into your chest. And over here it is the heart valve out there and you may be able to see my finger jump a little bit will be perfect but that's the herb that's pushing my finger not a pacemaker pacemaker just sort of was like an automobile spark plug it starts the thing hurt contrats. And makes it go. Well. See. That's work connects all of the wires to your heart so that when the batteries run down and probably about three years we can then replace it by just plugging replugging. You don't have to have a big operation to change the batteries. You like when it looks like that next time.
Yes. The operation a lot the kids. Going into a little boy and they all said weren't you proud. So I signed up and I got it from my team which is Barens. You got it. Right. Well you're. Right. All right. When we drafted my call my father said the only thing you want to do. Any slighting. Any. Flights. So that's the way it went the first game he was basically he in the hole. Under the catcher. He just laid out like this you know wasn't even just a waiting game
so you get up. You know slide. I. Always walk a close and he does slide. I'm. Really happy I had that operation my. Pacemaker really hurt but it was worth it. Because now I do all these things instead of just sitting around the house all day. All right. When I grow up I want to go to the Andes and climb a few mountains down here before I dreamed about it but I know it can happen. Now I really look forward to a whole lot of things. Last year I couldn't. Break.
I. I. Think. I. Might. Be I. I. I.
You I. I. I. I. I. I. I.
I. I. I. I think it's important to me to people because you don't want the same old ones every day. I mean a lot of kids said I don't get along with like making friends with boys it's just different. Everybody says it's different when it's the same thing because boys and girls are really the same. I'm not scared of many people at all.
You know you meet up with this new kid you don't know what he's like you know he's nice to nice I mean like when you first meet the person they don't show what's really inside of them. When I meet new people I just don't know what to say and I get embarrassed and blush. I like meeting new people because I make a lot of friends and I have so many ways to I'm in a strange place and just try to make friends. The thing can't stand about any new people. Sometimes they just don't seem like nobody that you can really communicate to. You.
I. Mean.
This program was funded by grants from McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's restaurants Fund and by public television stations. The Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Presentations was made possible in part by a grant from General Foods corporation. On
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