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Presentation Whose room is made possible in part by Grantham General Foods corporation. Was. Santoshi. Right. I'm crazy. I'm me. I'm David. I.
Well we have another letter about the good old Xun theme song. This one's from Jody Robinson of Pittsfield New Hampshire dear. Do you really mean would you sing your song when you say we need you. Jody How can I tell you. Surely we need you. We need all the kids who watch zoom to help us. We need your ideas. Place skids in barrels and all the other things that Zumas about. So Jody when we say. We really mean it. Was. I. On. This program is funded by grants from McDonald's operational Dunhams restaurants bombarded by public television stations. The Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.
Knock knock. Who's there. SUE SUE SUE price. Why. Was that a problem. They had no sharing time with no show. Different travel. No that's why I called you here. We must find a chef for our town. Do any suggestions. Mr. Mayor since Terrible Tom the meanest man the worst is coming this way. I wholeheartedly agree with you that we should find a show but we are the only down. Side. Graham Jenkins. He is far too old to be the sheriff years. I see your point exactly see him but we must punish you for our town. I have a suggestion. Why not ask Usher from another town to come to our town. Well Tom has gone away. That would never do. All the sheriffs have to stand up their. Time till terrible time is gone.
Well hello there fellows what's your problem. It seems that we can't find a sheriff. Well that's silly. What's wrong with one of you big strong handsome fellers you can be sure. Oh no that would never do. So you will have important positions in the town's welfare. Well what have we here. And just south of our forces. This is. Grindy. Just talking about not having a sheriff. From town. That's easy. Of course it is. What do you suggest. Why not one of us one of you. That's absurd. I think it's a wonderful idea. It's the only solution to the problem. OK. Suppose. Just suppose we did try it. How will we tell which of you two women would be sheriff. Can't you man think of any. Contest of ours now for the first quarter. We'll be rid of him. Throw the Bible out the window
because he wanted to see the other guy correct for the A. Would you. Two women can lift me with one. Let's take a look here. That. I don't exactly know which one of you two should get the stuff to. Take it. Randi great. Now all we have to do is wait until a terrible time comes. It's a terrible time. Now just just what is it that you want. Or see your share. I'll go get her. What do you mean. How sharp is. All dark. I could never shoot her. Hey what do you mean it can't shoot. Her hair is no different from me and besides you shouldn't shoot him
either. Darren Jimbei things just take the same round leaves her parts. Stellar students share five big golf ball sauteing. Well everyone lives happily ever after a terrible time. Then he can do it big time and was a barber. Knock knock. Who's there. Butcher butcher who put your feet on the floor. Here's something you can rap about. I have a friend and we're always trying to be bad. They need them. To be mine and to be able to do more things in gymnastics and a lot of other things like that. What do you think about. Competition between two friends who. Completely different. Only you know if you can do something in
gymnastics and she can do that you can teach her but you can compete against it. You can't do that. That's a good way of losing friends if you're afraid if you do someday she can't do it in you teacher and you know how to do it. Like about the same amount if they are competing with each other and competing with each other can get you in a lot of trouble doing that. And the power is going to bring you his friends wrote in. I mean it just messes up everything so just. Don't you know like if someone's reading right then they can talk you know I. I can I can read better than you can instead of saying that you know I can do this good you can do that could they. They try and do better than the other person instead of doing what they can do. I have this one friend. He does wild things good. He draws good he can sing good. And he tries to help me sing good you know stuff. And you know coaches me and drawing it whenever we have spare time. And he doesn't brag about his driving yet. I just say to him you know what are you going to be when you grow up he says
maybe a cartoonist. You know I really like this kid because he doesn't he doesn't you know say well I know I'm a great driver and I know I'm going to be a cartoonist when I grow up because you're just no good. He doesn't do that. He just says you can be a cartoonist if you really try. I could help you. I give him a lot of confidence now when you try. You know everybody can see you but. You know everyone is wondering why they have their own cause. Yes. You know they're proud of themselves. He should be proud. So when I go on saying it. Like at my school there was this kid. He could do math. Good for a while after you did it. He wasn't so conceited about it after everybody started you're smart you know you could you help me with my math and everything. So soon as he got the idea it was Mr. Smart. You know he knew everything in the world. Then he started saying. Well I'm not going to help you anymore because I'm smarter than you and I don't want to catch you disease
or being dumb. You should stick with the challenge of having your mind be everything that we can see the body because someone can dance on the news. Here's another cartoon made by the kids at Oakdale Elementary School in Omaha Nebraska. Well it's time to get up. Time to get up and start a new day. Hi Mom.
Hello Harry are right. Look a little footnote today. Oh yeah. You are not. Yes I am. Oh no you're not. Oh yes I am. You are not. I am. All right. Right. You mean. Well that's more like it. Yeah. GREENE But smarter now we're even. Let's shake. All right. Peace brother. Yeah. Knock knock. Who's there. And who wins when there is a day well.
He was a bear. Larry Smith of Clayton Missouri. First put on a blindfold then try to draw a picture yourself. OK. I'm done. He didn't want. To come out with thank you. You say about me. I was a. I tried this. I know. GROSS. Oh I'm sure my feet are right at the end of
the show. My heart. Is as good as you can tell with faces how often now. Won't you try and send your pictures to zone. They still come alongside. My name is to me given me and my brother and my friend doing a really great job in the summer. And we can work on a big screen called the Mary. During the week Maddie takes no prisoners on cruises around the coast of Maine.
We've been working on the move for three years and. Didn't come to New Zealand when he started but every night he didn't know the first thing about it when he started. Feet long and is quite large tough to handle. It's kinda hard to get a big boat like that on these two. Weeks. We're going to be getting under way. OK we'll get up the main and then the war and after that we'll start cracking the anchor Daryn and Edward. How could you help me. Oh oh oh oh oh. Lie down. Hey.
God. Doctors say no. All right. Hey Bill. What about all the way down. Oh oh oh oh. Oh. Oh oh. Well. I. Can't. But you've got to blow it along. OK.
And even 45 seconds Mark. OK. On. A foggy morning we have to keep a full fog watch. You have to watch out for and moon rocks and. Boom. You got the wrong. Well the first I was going. To go down. Yeah I did. I got I got a third. Yesterday and Friday when it was nowhere and the fog was coming in.
Well you know I don't know why I haven't. Had a laugh. My mom will normal soon with the captain and the crew. We help them they help us. Helping each other. And fun thing. Saturday. And when we get into port we have to run errands and do a lot of cleaning and just get everything ready for an excuse we have to bring home the laundry so bongs can be made and the evidence shows in the press so that the boat will look good to take on would cause stoves a wood burning stove. There's a lot of stuff to be done but we always find time to mess around with the crew.
It's a good day for. Working men for free. It's worth it to get me in the sun he said. First off to be on the crew. Oh god no lie down on KOG. Hey for all that you. Say. Have you heard that our friends a chimp operator back in town. No kidding. I
wonder what they're up to. I couldn't sleep last night. Why not. I plug my electric blanket into the toaster by mistake and I kept popping up. All night. Knock knock. Who's there. Whew hew. You must be sick of knock knock jokes. What do you call this fight. He just got married webs. If you think we finger puppets. If you like dolphins the chimp puppets. We're glad to tell you that there's a SIM card about us just. Right Zoom's the box 3 5 0 0 0 2 3 4. If you write a song you wanna sing a song which tells you how to do it. My you say you got to you every day
you know what you're saying. If you don't. Now don't you give up. So. So we try to get it say See means just loved about what do you. See and say OK OK OK what is lazy take what ever you want to say they. Say the right time.
I. Say. OK for my trip. Today. We have this tissue. When we got started I just did not see that there were. Places. Like that right now. Get in ice and snow. Now check this out. This. Is all back together. Presto. Perfect. I just ripped. Well. I am sitting on. It. Is. There something so special about my family. Movie disasters.
Like this all begin was when my dad came into a little town and he saw this as on the back of a battered old pickup truck. He couldn't rest until he had that in involved. In the barn. He got everything you could imagine that he could trade out the market. No no no. And then finally my brother went out to the barn and at that time we had had a letter of Scroggs and we want a loan to this fall and he said Well I would trade those two skunks that is there. That was about nine years ago. And that started our whole career with these animals. And I have just begun. To learn how to teach a royal baby just to weed through the kitchen. And that's the hard
part. Now. With a real work force. And two things say to do. Most people call these donkeys. But we don't because donkeys is nothing for gas. And. If you translate a donkey into English you'd find that it came out dog
color or a donkey as they call it. As means of birds. Which was which is in the Bible. But a lot of people. Just want to. Just what are called donkeys because they don't why they get offended by the word. And those people think of is that they're mean. The other one. Well harmony was sister to go around with horses in it. But her attorney around me is as safe as can be. These animals decide to come up here be petted and just are curious what's going on here. You as much as I can do is help or caring for the girl. Has helped America plow fields for the fun of families. And of course.
They can. Carry heavy loads taking care of 50 percent of the way words a horse can carry only of six of its weight. So when people come to see us. We like to get the chance to do what is really like. My long walk grandparents came from that came from. A student to see what was 250 left in the world. Are so afraid of them that this won't play again until you see the smiles on their faces. They just want. My mother. They don't China and poor showing a little birdie.
Where you. Got. To go. Our family is trying to help the public to appreciate the more to learn more but one time we took one of our animals. To New York City to be on the Today show. We do get right into a freight elevator. And right into the studio and they have any problems at all. Our fellas come a long way. We try traded those two skunks that strongly encourage a horse trader. We hope our farm into a lot of park so more people can come and join this is the way we do. The. Donkeys play at a party.
Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh oh. Oh my. Self-addressed envelope envelopes of your stamp. I just can't say. Maybe you can't say it but I can safely say the same the same thing. That's not the same thing. Yes it is. Stacey is. Self addressed stamped envelope. Yes. It's. So easy say as you say
if you want to write some cards back to you. Just remember to include a say along with your letters. Save the day to save the day she say. Aye.
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