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A. The. Presentation of this program is made possible by a grant from General Foods cooperation by public television stations and by grants from the Ford foundation of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Sue. Sue. Sue. Sue. Sue. Me. Yes. I am. I am. I am. I
am. I am. Here's some jokes called Show me that was sent by Derek Mentzel Jr.. Show me a poisoned pickle and I'll show you the real killer. Now he sent us this letter. My idea
is a game called limbo. The game is played with an arch usually made of wooden sticks. The arch should be at least four feet high and about five feet wide. God do the honors. Let us pass by. I knew there was. No human take them on him. And you must be say Nema. And. My mother. Was really crazy.
Remember that was. Him on her. Right. I'm only. Seeing if it you know how you get on my wall I don't know you gotta do what you gotta do this. Oh yeah I know you know oh I love you a little oh right. Oh yeah. This was sent in by Linda Hirschberg of Oconomowoc Wisconsin. Now you take a piece of string about 36 inches long. And then you get a nice big button. And you slip the string through one hole and then back through the other.
And then you tie a knot. In both ends of the strings and then you. Center the button. Put in the center and then you twirl around. And move your hands back and forth until you get a. Nice sound. I. Tried and I don't. Show me a nurse was do you know I was sure you would you know blood. My God.
Was. Her brother. Mike. Going to be defeated. It's not. Like. You. Yeah. I do. But I don't. Like to. Bring that up. Oh I do it as sort of like the because like I couldn't be more like myself because that's sort of like me how they like and that you thought. It was good. God. Almighty God. That's why he went over so we could see what. The other wants stuff to know. Do you think. That. Jenny didn't really love the dog. What. Could be the cool she was robbed of my response was This is my favorite scene here because I'm he comes it and he's bouncing up and down he's prowling any. He's. Really more. He's he's funniest right there I think more and more of a supply of Dalrymple with the little girl right. It was really it was.
Just like look you get off the oil base. Oh don't do it. This is wrong. Who. Gets me. Every day. Boston Children's widow goes to different places and we perform stayed for real and we do the two shows. And we are all set up the truck at the different places. Right. We each have our own special jobs like. My jobs to put blocks behind the wheels of the trucks roll back while we're on it and to. Jack up the spot. Let's rock the stage. Debbie.
Reynolds when I was appointed was. Trying. To leave. How. Do I get nervous I think I'm only nervous before I go on songs I get. A little. Right of everything. Please give me some courage. Why the. Greatest of All gays. Like you. Oh yeah you know. One thing that I have to work on when I'm on stage is coming in fast with the
lines like not saying the lines fast but when someone says their line as soon as they finish it come in as quick as you can and start your line the polishing with the wizard. We still have got to clean up those things with you to point off. It's tiptoeing when you're the author. OK but it was good. It really worked for they had a life that you should have piled up with one. Oh I don't know what I'm supposed to be that kind of base. Load of Free the power of the lion is really like. He's such a ham and that's what I have my man. And. Let. Me. To me her back she had lost Angeles California. What a story about Fanny Dooley and sent it in to us. Once there was a lady whose name was Fanny Dooley. She lived in Tennessee. One day Finn was walking in her garden with her goose tucked under her arm
when she was asked if she liked a goose. She replied Yes but I dislike birds. The next day Fanny duly went to the zoo. Fanny duly love Brazil but she hates most of the animals there. She only watch the animals she liked. First she saw the aardvark. Or. Some other animal she saw with the giraffe and the deer. One day Fanny Julie went to a swimming pool. She really likes swimming pools but she didn't go into the pool because she dislikes water. Pinney Julie's favorite number is 3 and her favorite color is green. Vinnie Dooley got married to a bookkeeper whose name was Harry and they lived happily ever after. And if you've got a story about any girl I. Claim I have. Hand. Me. The. Zoom will resume after this
important message. How about I doubled my wife clubbing I bought a jobless jumbles of a bobby double Bobby puppets about our Fabi spotless job a mob of the other won't have a tumble. Yeah Mel up another e-mail war. So. Yeah booze. Up Bobby double Bobby. And now back. To the. Show me. No sure you would guy has ups and downs. This week's play is called The Night the best tub overflowed. It was sent to him by Holly Thompson of Weddle Massachusetts the night the bath tub overflowed. We were staying at Old Market row my skittle
is in a funny place with a name like so it overflowed on a night in June. An awful night when there was no overflow expectedly the water ran up to my feet quickly. The water rose up to my knees. It was very cold and the color of blue cheese. Then it went up to my waist. Oh my gosh I better make haste. I suddenly realized the faucet was on so I pulled the plug. Someone went down it was a lot fo my musket told that and I read that Astro overflowed. Show me who drank vinegar by mistake and I'll show you a real sour puss. There really are. A pain here from an lay
clerk of Manchester New Hampshire and it's called my Lizzie shared my shadow was very lazy in winter it gets up late in the morning and goes to bed early at night. If I want to wake him up I just turn on the light. That's cute. I want good luck it's a problem. A. by Robin Rose Rosie a law of Shrewsbury Massachusetts and it's called its opponents call. I must remember and she wrote it herself. I must remember turkey on Thanksgiving. Putting on Christmas eggs on Easter macaroni on Sunday and spaghetti and Friday but on me. I'm such a dunce. I went and ate them all at once. Thank you. Good learn from Molly rock a Napa California says Brad has a 200 pound mass a what does a 200 mile sit in 200 pound mass a
week. Now here kitty kitty. Then I have a story here. Called the car ride Dragon by Jonathan Lee some of New York New York. Once upon a time there was a dragon whose eyes could be different colors. Everybody thought it was bad but one wise man said you're all too busy reading fairy tales. The dragons are lean. Most dragons probably a very nice. Well nobody believes that. So the dragon was also legit. Made himself small sneaked into the traffic like and their desires read so no one could go. So all the traffic piled up for weeks and no one could go anywhere. They all got angry with each other and started to yell and scream and honk. They went to the wise man and asked him what to do. You'll have to ask the dragon he said it's up to him. So they all started to call for him and suddenly the like turned yellow. Then they all said there was sorry and the
Dragon turned his eyes green. So is the traffic jam cleared up and they all lived happily ever after. That was good. The moral of the story is never decide you don't like someone when you haven't met him on head that's good. Yes I have one and it is by. It is by stand up for your own caseload of Burlington Wisconsin and it is a joke. Oh good. Do you realize George that this room was supposed to be haunted by girls the girls coming back every year on this day at midnight. He looks for a human sacrifice. You know that George George George. If your definition is oh it's so sloppy it's all right. Burning.
Under the rug. Show me it was the got lost in a week you know. And I was sure you animal that's running against the gree was a ruse. Was to muzzle. This is one of my favorite places. It's a really good place to go fishing with your hands. You gotta get the hang of grabbing them because they're all slimy and the first couple of times replied to me it cold gone. I have friends on their back then after a while you really get on your pie comes to life and you wouldn't get called as much.
And they're really fast too. He got to be quick. It won't get out. You got it right. I get. You. I don't. Want. To have. Your life. Where you. Laugh did catch all the fish that made you nearly you first look for a good light gray cookie. You gotta be careful when you dig in the claim with a knife.
Yet I haven't pointed down an out. So you don't hurt someone. And just get a pretty big bucket full or. If he has a long Sure. Then you use that. To put the claim. Oh. After you dig the clay up it's going to be pretty hide so you don't have to get wider on it squish around with your hands or use a rock to pound it down. There's some grass. She's. Mounted so smooth of the kind a little watery so you'd need to add some grass to it. Oh.
How do you stay pretty good while you wait a while till it burns down so it's mostly just cause then you move it over and then you take the fish in the clay. You move from where the fire was in the hard ground when you moved the fire back with some sticks back on top of that. And then you just went around 15 to 20 minutes. After the cold brushed off the fish. You should take a stick when you pull the clay and see if it's hard life walks around and you know it's done. When you push push them aside to cool ground. So when you try to cut it open you know stop. After it's cooled off you can sometimes see where the outline of the fish is and then you cut around it and then you take the top line. As fish comes out of.
It tastes good too. You can have the first bite. OK. It's really fun to stand alone like quit a friend or. A brother or something and do it all yourself like living out in the wild. So unlike a caveman in dorm things to sell. And then. See what you come up with. Here's a book for Nick Binod on Newton Highlands mass. She rolling and it's called. So you want to be a big fish. Once upon a time live the loneliest smallest fish in the world. He lives in the big blue sea with all the big fish. The little fish didn't have any friends because he was so small he decided
to eat for seven days and seven nights. He ate and ate and ate and ate and ate and ate. The seventh day he still 80. Elul fish say now that I'm so big I can go with them and the other on the other side of the sea the big fish of course Caillou fish on the other side of the sea. And one of the big fish. Well have fun on the way to the other side of the sea. A boat came along with two children and one of the children said hey this is a school of fish Johnny I'm puttin it down. Oh oh they got a current set of little fish.
Help them by the neck and the holes with the knee. You're afraid I brought the knife. Come on. The old sayings said the big fish. OK you not going so you want us more on ice on it was as big as you are. Come with us we're going to play. OK so they all swim to the playground. The end. Comes. Down.
You. Will. Find her phone call you No no no no. No you won't be all. Done. We're. Content if you. Stand up to. Something.
Killed. By. I felt. That. Night. I knew. There were. No nothing. There where it. Was. Not only. Not. Going. To back up. That. Things.
With. Them. They. Say wait a minute you got to get some
sun you done that you're gonna write it all down. And said. Are you just. Why do you. Think. You name it. You. Feel I know my. Wanting. To take back a pencil. If you make a mistake you do get. Me. Show me a sassy bug and I show you a cocky roach. Presentation of this programme was made possible in part by a grant from General Foods corporation.
And by public television stations or.
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