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Public television station additional support is provided by a grant. From the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Ford Foundation. I am
. From South Bend Indiana. We got this. My name is Mary kids around 15 years old. I don't know how people who watched but I presume that it is anybody who cares to watch it. I enjoy watching it because you do the things I like to do. You can tell my nickname is mouse ears and she says I have something to talk about. Make mine a short stop. I've got this name. Baseball shortstop on his benefits on his people.
Get mixed up. They can't win for a card . Can we have . A really loyal fan. And even though I don't know where I got it I don't remember where your friend tried doing Herman asking us why we have a letter here from written by Nicole and she said I hope you stay a long time. So when I get married also we'll see a show. Well I can hide quite seriously when he were you
dressed so that's what he said. Yes. Yes yes . Yes yes. Yes . And. Two . Years I make as I'm sure dessert Linda Stuart of Elmira New York sends the
instructions. What you need is a clear glass to walls. A ladle a strawberry raspberry cherry flavor Gjelten is what any flavor is alright as long as it's red. LEMON Jordan whipped cream. What you do is in the cording to the directions on the package . A big brother sister can help you boil the water for about an inch of the red. In the glass. And put it in a refrigerator and. Then . Put about an inch of ice in the glass until it gels repeat the steps until the glasses are full . And then you have a dessert that looks like a sumo
shirt matches what you want. You can put whipped cream on top . Then take your spawn and eat it. I wish I
. Could meet. What I was . But. I think . Oh of course . I do. Welcome to zoom views and whether today's top story comes from
Illinois. Megan Gilligan sent us a poem about happiness . Happiness is to have happiness to run run run . Happiness. Happiness is to have a pool. Happiness is to have your own. Happiness to look at the moon. Jennifer and Benjamin David from Fort Pierce Florida wants to deal with those who misuse and happiness are. So we talked about it things that make me happy as when like when we go to genetic sense I mean genetics when I do a lot of things my friends do it with me. And so it's like it makes me happy that people like to watch everything good competition everything thing that makes me happy is. Report says that she's really proud of me and something else . Because
. I'm sitting in the house. Things that make me happy like my house like my backyard with nature and that I can you know just be by myself. You know like what God made for me
. I think of all the ages alike. We also asked viewers around the country whether they could tell us what makes them happy. When I'm around people that I like a lot. You know we do something and. The song talks one of those like nice . When I meet new people and when I'm with my friends who are to be what I want to be . Able to do what I want to do something when I can have a new friend. Once told me if I go somewhere special. When people like me and that's today's views and whether what's happening in your town send your letter to box three for Boston Mass 0 2 1 3 4 1. It's another beautiful day in the life of me
I am the world's largest collection of everything in the world but my favorite collection is up my pew. And how are you today my little bugles . And here is my thinking. Oh my goodness . How do you . Know . Where My name is not why do you prefer I own the world. Why does everything in the world at my price. You must help me find you. OK relax. Start a complete investigation. Now let's see . When did you notice you're not doc told you. I noticed it right before I called you. Course as anything I knew or suspicious happened around here lately. Let's Y-yes something very unusual. Then what was that. Well my girl I was cutting the arm with the wind when you
left a cup of gasoline in the garage in my little car. She found the crack and drank the gasoline. Right after that she struck how running around the yard and then she tried to climb a tree but she only got half way up and then fell straight to the ground and she didn't who see why she did it. Just out of gas. You're right that is unusual. Let's get that garden here . God knows I'm big on not . Hot. Now tell us what do you know about Mr Bush . OK OK what do you know about Mr body's bumpers not what he's bomb fire bomb how do you bomb please bew right. What do you know about Mr. Baez but Mr. Brown first bugles. One of. The love of God I could say all of the
good thing was due to his bright rugged big. Beauties. Right right right good. I go myself. But mine are right here. Why the hollowness your office if. I'm missing you. Yes. Well this man seems innocent to me. All right. Have you seen anything or anybody around here lately you might have stolen Mr. Brown. Well you only person I saw was the sure. Show. For. The chauffeur. Where is the chauffeur. Chauffeur. Oh. Right. You. Might. Want. So you have a seat. Well we cut. You see. I didn't steal it
. I needed for my job . What. Possible use can you show. When I have. A bugle. The kind you turn up. Taste good as you can separate a plane sure with any kind of design that you want so you can buy the shark or you can recycle all T-shirts and die. Just follow the directions in the back of the package. Then look around the house. Some nifty things that you can use like. Bee and ribbon and scraps of material for you rethread buttons safety pins. Why do parents and things like that and you can also buy decals materials aren't onto the shirts. No she stores have
lots of funny things you can look great. You have to put on things that won't fall off when you put them in the washing machine. And also be sure to have an adult around when you use the I or the dad. It's best if you're a designer before you start then you can. Now I like so I put a big tag on the front of my shirt and I was packing. We've worked really hard not sure. I like and I'm still a trace and high in the air . I put a sign on my shirt because at that time it was really hot when I started making it and I had no idea what to put on it. So I just made a circle and put some stars on it show the beams and on the back I put the opposite and
I put my name in and oh I did. This is my shirt and on the top it says The Wiz on it and that's what that's my nickname that I call myself. I have zoom coming down because I'm on the show . And it. Will embroider that and on the side I'm going to have a tennis racket and a gymnastic approach enhanced and so I did you know. Tennis on the front of my T-shirt I wrote the words I am which in Hebrew it means to life and I wrote that because I really like the expression you know on the back I'm going to write well has nothing right now but I'm going to write to life in English so that everyone know what crime means. I guess I I do know Boston a professor and I did it by hand because I like to you know to make a lot of a lot of work for myself and make a little things to a big thing. I put motorcycles on my shirt because I like motorcycles and I have a dirt bike in the back and I have it going up the hill with some dirt
and I put studs on it because I like story designs. Has some new friends in England. Here's a few. Charlotte Alexandra Janina and Fiona do at their home in Merseyside . I want Xander Polaski. I started talking because I couldn't afford to Gould's riding on the outside I saw someone lighting a space opera on a full time I said Well before I had one about a year after I discovered a space for her books which was a present from then on were letters half the stockroom which were used as a good stable and then we had acquired some Holton's
rug. We also have swept logs which we read out of a piece . So how was it to watch after the round if they did too much. She would jump in. It's OK to ride in the road and get it. So if you are going to do get used to a bridle and how to catch it you missed out on the training. This is a draft . This is taught. To truck
. Passes . This is countering. With
. Alexandra tears you know we are very pleased that the film is being shown in America. We are still interested in space hoppers teaching our new school friends . They are very interested and show good promise. We already have 13 including our own. Alex has written some books including Sylvia and the bouncing Aha. School need have also written some books too.
Well. Good that America wishes good luck to you with your hoppers . To . Night. Yeah
. Yeah. Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine
Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine Mine. That was. A . Major funding for a zoom is provided by Grant from General Foods corporation
and by public television stations additional support is provided by unrestricted general program grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Ford Foundation.
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
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