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A . The . Presentation of this program is made possible by a grant from General Foods corporation by public television stations and by grants from the Ford foundation of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Sue. Sue. Sue. It's . At the . In At. Thing.
That's . Right. And . Here's a zoom barrel idea from Danny Dunbar of cables with Maine. It's a game called Left right. Grab your left ear lobe with your right hand. And you know the left hand. Then grab your nose with your right hand and you write below with your left hand at the same time
. Then go back to the way you started and try again. See how fast you can do it. Sure hope that's right. Yes. Like Victor . I mean . You know you . Don't go to school for them . I mean. I don't do it. I think I can do it . Can you do it like as a lawyer he can do it. That's. Not. What I do though my fear is not where you know you can you can do it . I can do. Right right right good right.
I mean yeah there were three ladies all of us. One said Mike today's The second one said it's not Wednesday. It's Thursday. The third one said I'm thirsty . Let's get off the bus and have a cup of tea. I want you the strawberries. Too. Now three more I think I should buy some. Yes I think here is how they fresh. Yes Mary. All right. I will buy some it. But you know .
How much of the bananas Tilsa are three part and the fresh right. Yeah. Mary Frances do you think I should buy some. Yeah I think. Hello. Oh. But I thought two or . Three more and. I'm very good . Let's have a having Is it fresh. Yeah. Mary I think I should be leaving now. Yes I think you should I. Excuse me could you tell me where the phone booth is too far and . 3. Being fresh to me right. Yes they're refreshed. You think I should slap you. Yes I think
you should. Do you have a play you've written if you haven't why not try sending it to us. Maybe we'll do it on Zoom . But. Look at that bunch of couse not Bunch heard of. A herd of cows. Of course I've heard of no cowherd . What do I care what a cow hood on every secrets from a cow. How much do you zoom right Tom stays out of Erie Pennsylvania. Thank heaven for you. I've been trying to figure out now I can learn it . I hope you show stays on a long time. It's at a site Aqua's
city was far out and standing among my vision of 1986 and it's called Cloud City and here it is . By taunting. Me You're 19 in this earth. It's overpopulated and. The way. Scientists . Cloud. City. Supported by supported by these systems developed in 1980 was raised high above the pollution and . Giant machinery. To see you read. When the city was built the workman had to make two and a half people to live. To heat the icy cold platform and there was the sun's warmth .
And air filter air filtering system . And why they were done. They called Cloud City. And it was such a success. It is rebuilt . And even . Still. Another . Two years . In my own skin.
I was. 35. And at the most to get money to lobsters need it pretty scarce now so I feel good if I come in with a bow 13 or 14 a day . The biggest one I ever got was a 60 pound . Fish for bait lobsters was like it was a crown pretty good for this time. It's illegal to catch up to two young men.
There won't be any left of the small ones . I've a gauge to measure a big top stories just to show I through . Put elastic bands on lobsters claws. To keep him from bite not just his say but yeah the lobsters could kill . Your. Friend if my own left. Sometimes it takes in my files and rebuilding . I also built a whole bunch of new ones for the last one to work. Last one the trouble was the Gibson only gave up on ours. Times like my grandfather father figure.
You know . You know . Me. You know . I guess cranks gonna be just like his father. You couldn't stop this father from love . My guess is the NBA loves him right. I mean much you can do about it. I've been loved in over 10 years now and I enjoy it as much as I do a lot of friends. I want discouraging good healthy loving but I like to think it's a lot of lobsters.
Well this all my life I guess . Food. If you had the power to do anything in the world you wanted to. What would you do. Well just. Try to stop the war. Be a famous actress. I'd help other people who are. Very poor make myself irresistible. Stop all the environmental problems you know the world to a world government and solve the world's problems. Thank. The Senate. I'd staff the lawyers and I'd make peace . Stop the War. Make everybody happy. Make everybody magic . I'm. Through. Here .
From Cameroon. Continent of White Plains New York . It's called animal extinction. While our egos and tigers too are getting extinct what can we do. Make them just drop his gun killing killing animals is no fun . You would like if they were if they killed you. So now we know what to do. Make the hard just drop the gun. Because killing animals is no fun. That's right. Then I think they should kill animals because in part of nature I have a home from Perry County. Very canny of Geneva New York . OK here we go. Don't walk in front of me . I may not follow. Don't walk in back of me. I may not lead. Just walk in just walk besides me beside me and be my friend. I. Share a vision of just as
. Everybody says I look just like my mother everybody says I'm a midget. I'll be everybody says manners like my fives. But I want to look like me. That's good. Short story by Frank Julian of the Hudson New York . It's called ok. OK . One night at 12:00 a.m. and two eating some food. I woke up to get a drink of water and so we had a war. I use my pillow and the ants use food because they do a watermelon and it landed on my head . And it's kind of . Like.
I said I know I would but my I would be sad . If I cut. It like a duck. I would be. Dead set and British soon and I was walking right teched tweenies the readings would fall in my eyes and I would be said that good can you do this. It's called elastic jump. Watch very closely I'll do it again . Trident home runs to him.
Have you ever ever love like a light skin along like a sailor with a long legged wife. No I never I never get my longing to live any longer like a sailor with a long legged wife. Have you ever you know polling as I've seen a bow legs a little bow legged wife. No I don't and I never and I bow like your lies. You know bold like you say look at the ball like your wife. News.
This is how drunk you look . Busy busy. Would you like to make a mask of your own. We have a zoom car with instructions
on. Now I have to do to get the SIM card is. You send us a stamp self-addressed envelope and that's an envelope. The stamp and the name address on it and we'll send you as I'm coming. Right down down there down by a rollercoaster street . On the edge you got to make a cuppa Jimmy Jimmy brough him Islamic up so he's really. Got to ask you how the giraffe got his long neck by a mill you see of could turn a New York once upon a time long long ago there lived a giraffe and a skunk. One day they weren't welcome in the jungle and met an ugly smugly giraffe eater. Then the skunk said I will save you. And he sprayed the giraffe reader but the smell was so terrible that you drew that the giraffe stretched and stretched his neck so high he could eat the leaves of the tree. And that's how the draft got. His long it
. Will be his resume barrel idea from CM Vienna and Stein of Chad New York he said in a tongue twister. Here it is. Try saying Tim the Finn twin tinsmith as fast as you Keane he says. Bet you can't do it 10 times a . Day. Before him the twins to insist. On doing right to him . So if. I were. To listen to him to it's been 10. 10. 10 let's stick to the 10 children love to live in 20 minutes to understand one to. 10 . To. 10 then to . Then. To Dan
do you do enough enjoyment in some of them to come home that you didn't get it right to him says I love. You. It. Runs me to . Tears in a. Gym and stand with you. When you get a look and do you think . Do you think. It is there. Do you think 20 didn't . Really do this in 20 years to get a new job.
A . Name
. For Sussex. Who is it. Now
. Unlike say you wake up in the middle of the night it's sad. That. You're gonna write it all down. And said. So you just get on this. Would . You name it. Because I knew how I. Feel I know I never allow. Anyone to. Have a local that. Take your pants. If you make a mistake I do want to get. Great . On it.
The . Presentation of this program was made possible in part by a grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations . Woman.
ZOOM, Series I
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
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