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This program is funded by grants from McDonald's Corporation. Restaurants run by public television stations. The Ford Foundation and the for Public Broadcasting . What . New York City. That sounds good. This is the. 500. Letters. Right
. Oh. Here's it . Do people go places. If. He would she do it . Right . OK. Yeah.
But . I don't know. And now we know and we will see which contestant well win that $20000 bonus. Yet this question What can travel all the way around one
corner. Yes. You're absolutely right you get it . Right. What question never be answered by yes but yes. Are you asleep yet. What do you like. The next . How do you make it . Look. Why do. I gotta . Have it right right right right . What . What can you hold without touching
you. Right. If Batman and Robin got run over what would they call them . And what . I might say next . Let's listen to the jungle song. I couldn't imagine trying out his new combat . Everybody.
When you go to . That strange when . Caught by the you know PITA .
Because you feel. You know you used to . Do. That. Yeah you got it. You hear the word but she goes you know no video anyway . Being on the cymbal is you beat with the bass .
People like you start . Doing that. People
. Will be. People feel happy . He
did his day ahead. A
. But. And . Oh. And put on your friends . Just remember all actions just
just. Right . And when you send for your card don't forget to include a say Z. That's down by the way . While we're at it some interesting I just can't say. But I can say that's not the same thing . Yes it is a self addressed stamped on below. Yes. That's easy . If you want just remember along with your letters say. But I think
because the . Oh. I think not. Time . Because. I can. I think so. I wish I could be something like that like and stuff like that.
Like I was like out there from my school . You know just like. I get married I'm going back to Rob and I like it there because then I'll be with my relations. Because right now not with me . And I live near them. Like if we go on holidays I see I know there will be better because right now I can't say I'm right . I'm like that because they're all out there . And beautiful time of the morning . And I'm not going to get married because I just I just don't like the idea that I don't want to I want to just go to New York have an apartment with a friend .
I don't like it. I am not sure. I was like to see . Yeah . I want to go. Out . And I want to go to Florida. I'm just going to take care of just what has a body. The money don't let time. There was a girl who wanted to sue but to go through it. For now
it's just a teeny bit different primaries . They have these new closures that are designed to possible . Hurt each other. This is the reason I think people animals benefit because the place where they can be. Jack needs his food and I don't want her hungry
children zoo is where me and man would do most of our work. Monkeys especially in the case of some animals the mother is not quick to keep the animal so she does not want it like in the case of Holly's mother. She did not have enough milk so they had to take it away in the car again. OK arm your arm you provide here. I'm just going to let you. See Carl when she was born. Like that song to her mother we was going to a very good care of it but all of a sudden the night keeper under the water bowl of that grows. But when they're old enough to go out on the
island with all the other gorillas then they'll be put into a special area where they used to be other animals other animals used to them. Kind of animal you know loves you back and is very affectionate. You're going to get attached to it but check remember not to get too attached. You know they're going to leave someday when they grow up. They probably won't remember you at all you think they're going to love you forever but they're. In bed . Every day so it's clean. You know it's good enough for the animals in feeding and yet they get it they get their start and the kids they can get seriously hurt to make sure the water is clean . So there won't be any germs to herd of diseases .
You know. I. Like. A lot of things are due to children who are kind of boring and sounds silly but sometimes you get to know the animals habitat and know what they're like once they get to see your face and smell your scent to you and they really don't mind because they really trust you and I know you're trying to help them. I just don't. This program was funded by grants from McDonald's Corporation and McDonald's restaurants followed
by public television stations. The Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting . It.
ZOOM, Series I
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WGBH Educational Foundation
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WGBH (Boston, Massachusetts)
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Series Description
"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
Zoom, #415
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