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The WGBH TV Boston . A. Major funding for Zoom is provided by Grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations. Additional support is provided by unrestricted general program grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Ford Foundation . And . On and. On. Did you notice the new words at the beginning. Well that base
sent in by Susan Maxwell pencil bang. Do you use it . This is going to be a lot of fun. Everybody's having fun. Everybody everybody is writing. Thanks for the lyrics. If you want to get right to it we'll send you one. And . Then Chris and then and now. And then we have a musical chairs. See if you can get some while we play. OK. Tiny
House. Four inches. And it was . OK. We used to go to the plant every day. And one day . They had the house. No one of the four had ever seen this house in this house. How many times how magical powers these people . Sleep. Am
. I . I don't want you to. END. Who
. Do you want. This is. The night. Don't . Like . Don't come get the stuff. Name's Tony Karp you know I live my older brother Mongo my older sister Josephine. My twin brother Carmel . That's something . That . We don't know with the towns that are. Just for Kids
. I was. Born. My parents were married. When I was around my mother died we all moved over to the United States . My brother and I live with my father . We have problems with come to my problems . Away with a totally different. It was really scary coming to our. Country for the first time. I've missed my friends the family you know . When we came we can speak one word of English. And I started learning English. My first couple of things you know
. I mean there's a lot of things from us from Italy to be here . Among the Stop and Shop. You know. Among the ones just to learn a lot. He's always sort of teaching us things. Just like a brother and a father Tony. Right . I have a problem. I treat him like a file I. Like to . Treat him like a part of . The room. When I . Write. A paper tonight.
Can I was away from the problem. And I still have a lot of responsibilities on the house. Usually we kept us. Then I was tied up for my sister Josephine. You could be so mean come all of them go to work to get them to compromise. So we wanted two different things. He won't go his way and I'll go my way we just try to pocket all the 20s the best you can opener which is nothing. You see that. I was. So what. I will play Baseball .
Stuff that looks like it . Right right live the nearly was five cars. Everybody knew each other and everybody help each other . It was all one big family. You need a son you know you would ask somebody else to make a video. People here don't much like to walk away . Maybe that's one of the reasons why you hear . Things. An uncle and cousins live nearby. They came from
. We had a lot of problems and a lot of I think a lot of patience. We all have different stories of everything we do. We always stay together . Why don't we. Welcome to. News and Weather presenting important issues from around the country straight from you. Today our reporters have news from New Jersey Illinois and New York. Take it away reporters .
Thank you Chris. In time no wonder New York Stacey Ray and Lisa are set. They say quote We have a problem. It's our parents our moms will let us go back and be boys our fathers won't . We're tomboys and really don't like our fathers holding us back from fighting boys. We are frustrated and quote Rand thank you in the reveal Illinois. Peter Phillips reports. I wrote the president. United States all you wrote back was dear Peter the president enjoys hearing from you. He didn't even answer any of my questions. No I don't think that's fair. Just because it's a kid I'm a kid doesn't mean I don't care and think you won with a war game here in Paramus New Jersey has a very good question for all kids. He asks quote How old would you like to be and why. And quote that to you Chris.
Thank you Carol Ward we have some answers to those very questions don't we. Indeed we do Chris as well that you would like to know what was wrong with the country. Proud to say. Child or adult an adult because you got so much more privileges because the people around you get . What you learn in life. Because I would. Like to be a baseball player because you can help yourself if you need help to help you . I don't know because you get more fun like riding a bike or skateboarding
. I'd rather be a child because I don't know how many more responsibilities when you're an adult and everything like you get a lot of free. You get to be so free when your kid so far rather being a child wasn't having fun at it. And that's today's news and weather what's happening in your town. Send your letter to box 3 for Boston Mass 0 2 1 3 4. I'm frankly a
little devil. It was my pleasure. Yes yes. Candy from a baby here. Hey hey hey. Did you see that. I've been doing so many good deeds lately. I don't know what's happening to me . I'm losing.
I'm just no. Oh and there goes my other one. It's so embarrassing. I'm for the part the scenes . Look like it like it looks like a . Carrot. Yeah right now would be nice. This is what it says. This problem might happen to other boys and girls . Recently my mother got remarried and we moved to Long Island from Flatbush Brooklyn . How do you think it feels to move to a strange neighborhood and get a new family all at
once. I don't know how putting two families together would work out. I was a bit scared . I had never known my father and I never had a brother. Would we fight for me. Then there was school and new friends and even nuance uncles and cousins would be all like the same things to do. Yes I was worried but I found out it can all work out if we tried. If you try hard. We all get along. We have had to make many changes. I've discovered that I like family living. My mom doesn't work anymore. I get along with my brother within reason and having dad is nice. I'm even learning how to live in the country but the squirrels and the birds. How would other boys and girls feel. I think it would be hard I mean to live in one way and then I would have to change. My president and like my follow up on the Cape here and I don't know it's all it's different you know like stay with each other in America from people
like my father. But at first I had a clown by his name Pedro spade right. But now like I can talk I could talk to him you know MAN Oh yeah. Now kids that's it be hard to comment on you father Dad because you think if you're on the front you say well maybe dad if I started calling Dad I don't know yet is that he really he did he. Likes the guy. Yeah right. But it's something that he can't really. So you'll say I'm for real. I had to ask. Do you sing. Does he want her father she can call him Dad you know and everything else and feel that
the real parent my father you know my father married again for this brother that's really different it's hard to call me and call her you know but everyone you know it just pops up. No I want a friend like my parents and think if they got married again and they married someone and I was a kid I think I'd be so hard to move with the new kid just suddenly with the new King you've never heard it sometimes if you want you know if your brother would say you're mad at your brother you think oh why this whole thing have to happen and it's a lot harder because if I had to have another sister another brother or you know I got my transcribed force and stuff I think if I was mad at him. This is so stupid all this time I can just be like the old days you know I said you know what MY HARDEST THING I'M HAVING A stuff that is giving them a hard Christmas or different day what I look
like. Like I it's hard for me to write him. I do it when I do it especially the family one of the kids and he wouldn't want them to go . Like you say . You know he got mad and I spanked this kid but then afterwards I think you know our life is like you know like you know . Yeah. I feel really bad because like when your mother has something you know I
think it's because you know their parents think it isn't some parents because if. Say you get all this happen. We have a life on the line of us here so don't know if I can do is have the kids say they're going to have hard feelings. Maybe it's good for some kids but I don't think the true young and second because you can't see them out you know when I see such a hard . Person to discussion. She said well I'm going to marry you but if you feel you know I don't have the
money much to say you know it's you know it would be hard to get used to . She's walking on the sea her brother or sister and she's walking with this girl with this boy. Thank. You.
Why don't you.
Major funding for Zoom is provided by Grant from General Foods corporation and by public television stations. Additional support is provided by an restricted general program grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the Ford Foundation. Enjoy.
ZOOM, Series I
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#501 Zoom Rebroadcast Master from 2"
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
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