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A . Presentation is made in part by corporations.
This program is funded by grants for McDonald's Corporation Donald's restaurant and by public television station the Ford Foundation and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting . When I woke up in the morning I practically flew out of bed. This was the day I had been waiting for all summer long I had worked odd jobs to buy one special thing a parachute. Soon down the street to a surplus store . As I went in the door I blurted I want that person you know. Number two was the five six . Very good with you like to try it out here . She's a millionaire. And with that I picked up my package and left on the bus ride home my friend said it was really good. A couple of miles away from the wells you can jump off that. That sounds like a good way to test my parachute . I jump off a cliff. I was so occupied with my thoughts that I didn't notice the
huge lady taking up most of the aisle. I picked up what I thought was my package and scrambled off the bus. Jumping off the cliff I thought this is going to be fun. I was wrong. When I pulled the cord out of my backpack not a parachute but a size girdle . No way . Why do elephants drink. You were trying to. Here's what . A None of the
other people. All the people thought. The closest tries to get here . You. Are right. I mean you know. Like I did what he did . I can't. But. I can see. Yeah. Yeah that's right. I should be .
OK. Great. Yes. Thank you . What of the dirt . If this keeps up.
Time . For . These people . A. Place . In the .
Carry . For the . Airport. Card because he thought . He belonged to one person or to everybody. When the people saw them back they had a big celebration with sparklers or firecrackers roast chicken and berries cake in the circus. I mean these are kind of big speaker
. Stormed to the store and they were too good and had me treat . Me How can you stand you let me stay here in New York Harbor because you can't sit down. I don't tell people I do . The sissy thing
. I don't think . It's right to know the contract. And he's right. I take it . A .
Piece of. The teacher.
How I have a problem . I just . Have. Yes. I wish I were. I wish I wish I had . I wish you were there .
Well . So what . I say. You. So . Right.
The testicle a great piece. Oh. Yes.
Because. They came. Here to get. Their shot. Wow. So . You. Get. These Right. It's so
hard. Just think of it . Yes . How come this is. Personal. Because you expect it.
To steer it . Yeah .
ZOOM, Series I
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WGBH Educational Foundation
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WGBH (Boston, Massachusetts)
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