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Number of one hundred this is the presentation of this program is made possible in part by a grant from general foods corporation. And by public television stations and a grant from the ford foundation. Nice
to see what you. I now know what joan was made possible by grants from a common. Corporation. Mcdonald's restaurants
mom. And the corporation for public broadcasting. The seven. Yeah. The three. Yeah. As a matter of fact. Did you know there's a man's ways over a thousand pounds. Hardly tie. What is known phenomenon. Why was robbery. Ok. You guys. This is how you blow up a room without using your mouth. What you need is some vinegar some bacon sort of a funnel. Pollute of course. In a bottle. Now. Ok first with the flow in a bottle. Yeah. I think you know. Take the vinegar. Can you put it into the bottle. Doesn't look like. You just can't seem to phrase it but. Then you take the baking soda.
Little from. And you put the two teaspoons of bacon soul inside the boom. You know. I'm going this going. One. Good for me. Oh. No listen to much with us. You know. The old they consume the blood. And now you guys need to figure this you know. Fresh life we put the bones. On top of the bottle. And then you go like this and say presto. To us and decorate it with a broom snow.
Might do a little just a little peek and some of the. Well i mean why do lariam our dentist mess. Sent us an idea for something that you can do at home. And all you need is a cogburn. Box. The object is for two people to turn the box. Over and over. Just by using the feet. You know. Oh right. And then let's go out get it by ok i put my foot on the bottom right. Like this nothing but. Yes then you put gentle but my foot here yes and the and then i'm probably here. Yeah i would like to thank my said. Thank you so much. But we have a good time yesterday. Ok up there. That's tomorrow at the any rate there money doing ok. All right. We do know that sort
of that would be good to see. Ok. Ok. Good thank you. Before you people. Yeah. As a matter of fact. Did you know that the largest crystal ball. In the world where one hundred six pounds. Was carved in china. Polish in japan. And is now in the national museum in washington. Wow it's a good thing they didn't drop it. Yeah. A little potted mccann of downers grove illinois writes dear zoom. I tried to mego the waters of the alphabet was my body. And i did want to see if you can do it using the reverse way why don't i first get there then. You
want yes of course. Yes yes but you're really doing a. Yes. Oh i know. K b let's see what sam form. Said there. Well this is what. Ok. Yes. You know. I say. Do you really want receive. You know. You also said i'm sorry. Oh you don't know who it is this is all right. Ok. If you. Really really really really know. Oh i was like yes. Oh yes he didn't say
you know good and i think this is not i just. I'm one of the school. Oh yeah this. Ok. Yeah you know what. Oh. Yes concepts oh. So you're in there you know i did ask at the. Well. You to. I'm
shelley it or not i came from india with my family. It's meant to go. Everyone in their family is learning. Indian music. My mother is teaching me to dive in and start with the day of the competition. Ok. In india i don't know hard to guess about mcveigh wanted to end up to die because his ready beautiful new i listen to that person. My mother. I was used to play. But i got anxious. I said i'm going to play like that so most going but how can you find a day that i didn't do so give me a run. Ok listen. Mom can go. You know. I can tie. My gangle. If they didn't direct. Oh god that's all and so then you get it back there's a delay done
you can get it over. It's hard to sing. This is a game from india. Decide to learn hard to bear. When i first started to be i got british dave. Sitting in one position. Quite a long time i knew i don't want to be that instrument as the pseudo because there's rabid of. You in india we play a kind of music card draaga. The low drag in and what language. Means. To follow the morning of the listener. You get on many indian music. And it takes long time to learn them.
All. Yes the sixth. As a matter of fact. To know that for the longest time and then every said. One leg was fastened half hour. I give up. I do. I know i know i'm going. Thank god i realize he's gone from you know ok tell me that yes. Oh yes oh yes. Apple that if they have like two people that. Well i know if you like this go straight go straight. No one goes like this where they're like. You know someone. Under
will just take to you. Ok. Sarah fried of jefferson mess. Kelly williams. Of out to deanna california. Bonnie wells of cherry hill new jersey. Glenn hope of women. Mess. And kathleen getty of. O.c. of minnesota. I'll sit in the rules to a game called hank pink. See if you can figure them out from the tank ok. For a chubby rodent right. That's been going to be a dream for you from our day did the very same junky p.c. styling. We've all. Wairoa. To
think that if you don't do the devil i don't know if you don't hit on that one person here. One and he keep e.g. got that. Static or mess. That isn't him you think he made a bigger mess than. I had a better father who perhaps if every day. Matters cat are fatter debtor fatter butterfat are matter much. For that matter. I've got a right think of and. Trace our. Stray for lost loved ones lost. Chicken and chicken yeah i did so and. Last last week. Yeah. Well i guess. I was like to know. A loose goose loose salute and all i was going to say but yet.
Oh. Think any people a frozen vehicle. What is it. I think going to do you think you probably don't want to look at unity. Icicle bicycle. Yeah. Well ok. The good ones use i think you can see if this is an exploded adult. An angry angry angry. The and. You just. I don't know. That's a cool little good. Explode. What's the worst when angry. I agree. Negri. Angry grown up. Now. Do you know the difference between a hank. Tank. I think it pinky. And i think any pink any pain i
q q two is this one person like that actually flew one person goes. All right. You want to must tell me who's visiting my news. Going to be directly. Thank you. Ok
ok ok. So
why did you have was now just going to have to drift. It is right for. You. On the phone when you do you know who was. The man to green. You know. The magic. Not me more than the word. Oh that's a shame. Well. Good luck i hope you find it. Yeah. Oh yeah. I won the gold you make a decision or. Amanda green. You're. Today. I hear you want to break the. Out of my head can you imagine they understand you how do you define magic remember. You said i did and now i have learned that i could do this
show was the one from ghastly that. Are you ready now for yes you would stand and. Know what i said very true to you right. Ok either way always a lie. Ok. Capitalize on the movie. Ok. This way. I think. Oh why. Oh yeah i go you get this way you do what you were doing. Do you do you make good.
Meaning. A trap you can stand with idea ok no. Trap can turn to your right. The right way but that you are ok right. Keep the circle. Perfectly well what will catch on and take one step at a time twenty middle of the circle until the person in front of you. Is one half foot in front of you reading the room. Just one. Oh ok let me tell you about the one about where you're supposed to run if you're going to be in so many of us. Right now slowly sit down on the dais of the person behind you on the wall to the you know i know i don't know i know you know here. Ok. Everyone started getting out a
little oh i know we sit down and give you could really mess. One step at a time towards the middle of the circle until the person fun to do. It isn't far behind this supposed to be and wait. Yes right. You've got to be with him the north must do so my sense of ok is the one half that's good but turn a little way. Ok. But she has nationally sit down on the knees of the person they're going to move in with the right person behind you know what do you do you hope the day. Maybe you don't want to again do you
see one of the three. Yeah. As a matter of fact. Did you know also the ladies. Seized one hundred fifty five days straight. What happened on the one hundred fifty six day. Oh. She stopped you know you got it. You. Well you got to do it. To get get it get right. Eric. All right you got to take my car. Right. Months into the strike. That's tutor was for. I don't close we have to take another route to the streets or one hundred or turns commas. c.m.e.
week. Six. She can. Yes a matter of fact. The jews at the towers you monkey can turn his head halfway around the world straight back words only monkeys can do that. But the first time to boldly go on a number with the boll weevil than anybody in america.
We will make these ninety nine can make up. We want to know whether the balibo have p.c. or. What is it might be a a n.c.t. of
what pasta. Pasta. Was you know the security for games just like you. Let me take. Old lady. Granny d.n.e. robles. Story laurie raphael studio you know. Trying to trace him it to me. When i did two wheeler. Bike mike. Always hungry. Do you do if you get radio free you when you're done. Oh. I hate
to miss made possible by grants from mcdonald's corp and my comms restaurants than the corporation for public broadcast. Presentation of this program was made possible in part by a grant from general foods cooperation. And by public television stations. And a grant from a ford foundation.
ZOOM, Series I
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
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