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Presentation. He's made possible in part by general so it's going to ration. Funded
by grants from the sun the circulation is done by public television station. The ford foundation. And the fascination for public broadcasting. One of the those people. It's what. I got for you what you do is you take a piece of construction paper. Make it into a come in at the end of the car. Should be a little hole. At the top of the call. You tie three pieces a string from the. Nice long one. And from that long string. You try another long string. In the corners of the doorway. Then you have. Paper here. And you. Likely. Now look like a banana.
If you want to make different shapes. All you have to do is adjust the top string. Yeah. That's. Name is gone. That looks like a beer or a long pickle. Oh it's probably. Cross. And that's how you make it. Why don't you try to buy
more mormon. Take a potato. And one of your hands and a fork and the other. Up in the air. About three feet. And try to catch it from the fork. They may sound simple but it takes practice good luck for. I think the big. I'm going to give you the four feet. And i don't the best. I have missed the first try. I'm the only one.
You can't catch i don't hear. Try to see what you call for is where two pairs. Per. Well. Can speak it to him on. When. And. Africa and the bush country. Because. Because they had very sure if that's the reason why we were you can be. Is very probably most. Today.
Do they do it somewhere when it's with different angles used to over and over. And i feel more. But there's one thing about to find out. You have to be patient with it. Because if you do it. To do it again. Watch the fingers go and everything is very easy. Just or db of the month two years ago i started running the steam engine.
As mentioned. That is really neat and. I finally got up my courage and asked and. In the atomized. But he comforted me in a couple of weeks when i'm on will i get a feeling. If
you get into the fire. One you want. To get the. One with take a train you know where the tour. In the is the best that i've ever had in the. He and i get
along well like i. Ok.
First you know. It really but this is what she does. And you can do any design you want in the back because it does take time in it. Yet the car doesn't get between you messed
up again. What. Well you. That's one good guy. And he said. Well you please keep quiet.
But the guy. Finally the driver gets a break. The bus. Then you know. What's the matter. Don't you get. A bridge. To nobody i want to thank you know. Just one. About not knowing how to roll this morning. Here's one i bet you haven't heard. What did george washington say. Men before crossing the delaware. I don't know what.
He's put this with. Because he never or i was just bringing it. There while you're running from the polling. Well you see. I'm always afraid of getting caught. I guess. That's so crazy yeah. Yeah that's right. Back in my favorite spot. Is this is your
favorite spot. You know address. Don't you yes. I have. Money teach my students it's messy really going to do laundry. Oh we just know it into the drawer. Today. Here's what cuomo looks like when it's fine that they're going to do this. Yeah. Would you like to do it. Yes.
And these are the lies. We want to go. There was a fireman. It was. It was scary because. Like everything ever so quick a lot of firemen. Actually about ten to ten fire engines. Two police cars and two fire. I mean i was scared because. I made it happen before. The same place but i was scared because like it was. Flames were coming out of the window and. You know the siren. You know i think that you know it just got wet.
You didn't have to jump through. No windows on the. You know our house on the street but we like our windows and stuff on the side. And we would have to jump out it would have been like the gable wouldn't have seen. Because people were in the front. And i mean but it was scary because there was a lot of smoke and i was barefoot. And i was had my pajamas on. Right. Yeah it was sunday night. I was watching t.v. and then. My brother was sitting up and. Here comes in and then my mother goes well why don't we go see where it is because a fireman stopped right on the corner of our house. And then we all realized that it was that our house. And we had a run out of the house and then. We had to stand up there in the freezing cold.
Without glasses coming down from the top with all the traffic coming down and. We see that some friends of my friends. To my house that the last time there was a fire in their memory. The firemen go back up and get them for her. Treats of them brawn. Of morton grove illinois writes dear song. Here's a call about your show. If you're bored. Don't be. North. Go up to your room and write write a riddle or something where they made up. Right song box three five. If you watch. The very best show.
My family. My sister amy. And i love the smell of michael. And michelle. That inquiry. That must be about right. You know they got divorced five years ago. That the right way and nearly all a male person in the house. The choice of my father my two. Usually done by myself or my mother. Maybe. Makes me feel the kind of glad that i'm helping around the house. Is this something that i can fix then good school should let me do maybe just as hard as you can get it. Maybe if it is a solution. That seems really. Already.
Oh. Ok. We follow live. Two hours away and. She lives down cape cod before one of his got divorced. Got along with other misses to my father. And didn't seem like my mother my father fired me i guess. Because they made a captive for something like that and then when the mother tows they weren't getting well. And she said that my father's going to go down like it. Now i see my father. On long weekends. School vacations and. Go on the simple. Brushes amy. We go to the line right here first. Got your workout. That's ok that's good we got start going to clean now. Yeah. Michael what do you get a for oh well that's good you help me know.
First it seems chemistry. That my father was. Like something was missing. For just saying i've been talking as my mother my father. It is like i said things that as me it's a piece of it. That's coming out good. I was. Ok. Played football and. I got the gym teacher father. Can be a very good friend to you and. You know have a very good friend. Can make you feel great. I wish my father was around. So i could talk to. But when i go down to see him. I try to talk to him like football that much but i'm going to be on the soccer team the gymnastics. Here for him here. Right
right. My father remarried about a year and a half after my mother my father got divorced fathers. Know why says sally. I was here. So circles. Go ugh. I like to go out in the boat where it kind of confused me for a while that my father is getting married again. But part of the family. So we can adjust ok now. Going back and forth. You want to go. That's something about. You know what i would appreciate. I would love to have some more things like this you know someone. Let me a big bouquets of stuff you got me without the. Goldenrod please this will be beautiful mother. Divorced.
I think of became. Open about things. When someone has a problem. Usually try to figure it out through the family. Now while
they got to voice. It affected not only me but sometimes i think about them i feel like. I don't really care about. And so this is the way it should be. Should we be teaching. This
program was funded by grants from a solid corporation that mcdonald's restaurants bond and buy public television stations. The board foundation. And the corporation for public broadcasting. Presentations elites made possible in part by grants and generously school peroration.
ZOOM, Series I
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
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