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Number three twenty eight. General foods cooperation. Public television stations and a ford foundation.
Ah you see a few. Thank you soo much made possible by grants from mcdonald's corp and mike donald's restaurants fund. And the corporation for public broadcasting. Ok here's a barrel sent to my shelves taco looked good in new york. She writes. Here is an idea that you could try. Everyone stand up and hold hands. Well then everyone hold up your left. What then will feel right foot on the floor get down on the right and. Up again. Still holding hands.
It's very very high. Good luck. The but. Yes. Run for the ride when i read you right there nothing like what you know you write for tons of money. The you know if you got it. You. Typically sweet. You know. The you know the girl. To get help and get ready. It's working.
You know why do you go. So i can go now. Ok. Why do you. What's going on with me. Ok. Ok. Any of you guys got any pennies. Any any desperate for a penny. This one penny didn't. Thank you for one of them and could show you guys. How to make these pennies. Cleaner. By using some salt. And some ben ago. What you do is you take one. Course a cup of vinegar. And you pour it into a four hundred one k. up.
Then you take two teaspoons of. So. And put them in the villa go. Oh yes yes all right then you have to do. What do you do with the pennies and also didn't notice that in the one nine hundred seventy two one. Ok remember that you know. You can you know i don't like. Honey. Oh wow. Well i was pretty clean. I guess and say. This and i think you need to one. And you can also do it if you have a t.v. and i just kept. To have a kid. But not enough.
I mean. I've been able to do like to listen to the new rector on the guitar with my mother and everything. She said. Your take is that you're performing a little bit. Teachers you say you gave me this student concerto the play that i learned the the the the the the.
It's funny that that one little know it sounds. I started playing with concert when i was six to see whether i was really serious about it. I was just playing around. And i said. Yeah i'm going to be a concert violinist. Ok sure. The worst thing for violin this is when the fingers guess like it's even worse than if a harpist gets caught and. Now we have to make this piece a little more fantastic. The the. Fine because we're going to do it faster about the fight that's out on this summer. I performed. Two concerts in argentina. And
then when i came back. I had all their concert with the dogs and cats already arranged. That's my first experience playing with an orchestra. Here it has to be a little bit like an hollowing when you go below the you the you have for a lesser known so now st francis of assissi told him very. Once among the you may music that master classes are good is because you get accustomed to reforming. Good tips for mr toad embree is a great teacher a new big concert violinist.
Sneaking into all those a b. instead of a. Then there's a. Ok. You can learn from other stood strong points and also their weak points. And that can help you improve your own. When you when you look. To let him finish in the quiet no do you. Oh come with a well noble a geisha. For me to practice after school. The right to call me up. To make
offers over their house. I always ask refuse and i'm committed to many instruments so i know that it's all work hard as if i were to make a career out of it. You hear. The you're
poor poor mary to you. Here's a little done to him by. Terry fields of chicago illinois and. What did one hot dog say to the other hot dogs. They've taken us to. The holes. You have that. You know. Why frank. Well. Here's a poem sent in by carl. Gleam of quakertown pennsylvania. Road to ruin burping the day we're dumping orange juice. On your guests. First sable. Ruiz also talking out. Squawking up. And last but not least showing up.
We're this point this is just air. Or dumping ice cubes in your brother's. Underwear. It's also taking for a very dark platter. But you don't care it doesn't matter. There is much more to being rude but all of that. I can think of. Ok here is a letter. She. And he writes in to say i did so. I am what you would call a free hand. Artist. I just look at something and drive it. I said. My two best pictures. One is copied. Peacocks and it was sent in by christopher nor a raffle mary lee. That's good. Particularly. Here's a tongue twister sent in by maria mcraven of starkville mississippi. First of all. Especially suspicious spaghetti. Ok. Especially suspicious because especially since. Especially for a pressure you. Especially suspicious. Spaghetti. Especially.
Especially for. Especially suspicious but very special suspicious forgetting to use a real second about parents got. Of missile alabama. What do ghosts. Eat for breakfast. This is really good. Going to my window. Come on really good. I give up. Coast to coast and evaporated milk. I gotta type like back a little. And then it's going to open. And i don't know what's in it for you. Oh. Oh right. Oh is that some of what. Though the next day. That's why you.
I've never seen so many. Marty our indiana. Thank you and good night. Especially suspicious spaghetti. You have to see. See how easy that was you know. Somebody please send us a play by not too long ago. Danny and i got a chance to go out and do something we always wanted to do. Learn how to skinny.
When you see people. You know think they make it look we want to time like what's that then in me. Let me tell you it's not so easy. Even when you have a good. If you like reading the names and their followers you play through it like when you've been on skis before you folks don't know what you're doing. When i started working with them. To carry some i.q. around the tips to take your ball and burp it like this because when you want to have a blow up. Like that. Ok. And the head sticking to so i can go to track you fall.
Take the time you put in the gore you quote one of the new movies. They really like this that i had trouble. Plenty close. Every time i tried to slide backwards. But the story. Has a false. Because of the snowfall. When you do snow piles. If you to proceed in like you turn your season in so it catches the blade and. Lean forward a little bit and turning isn't just slows you down. First of all the defending you.
Know what. First of all. You know this is a hard time. Across the hill. Like a poll in some news if you don't this is just so far just a brief. One said i like to acquire. Even she told me how to get out. I still couldn't get out there. It was late. I said next day a friend is saying that the president did ok. I didn't really know if i want to learn how to ski and when you go up there. It wasn't so bad it was fun. Well you have to do not to break your leg gazing at the ben you need to see these friends in. To the list. That's a whole to do with the snow
right now after the snow plow. I learned this other sort of thing where you go on down the hill and you want to go to the left. You have to listen to the right. Way down to the ground. Right. That's kind of going like the common link to the right. Yes the right. The where this. Yes. Let's go.
By the end of the day. Dan you know i want to see what you call great scheme. But we should have gotten better climb in those little. As. That was the day. I hope he was that you fell on the finish line i think that was the wrong. If there was a rivet i would have broke the record. Were for why i thought. Yeah if we break the revenue line number that we have falling now. Oh you don't do it because like you they like
kill each other you don't. You don't you know get hurt at all. Let you down. Can't you just. But you can. You chances with the slot on the ground just to get back up. It's. And yeah i don't want to install i.e.s.e.. Although the boots looked about he was only and you know we only know a little it only showed a little while but i felt out right now like there's some of it i'm getting now but i'm going like this if i get up i see you spread apart. He felt like a glove operator. How do you have to do a lot of people to know. Oh well we can measure. Let's see it was like it was well past done from problem like we had was stood up and you know do the only way we had top pair. Was to in the knockout turn to my man to a fence. Oh a skate parallel to a parallel to this and that was pretty hard with a parallel. Chicks. Thing which i snip and run and. I know how to go to church. Is same thing itself i know i did the stuff off. A tricky thing like that and you go down like that to the place will catch it. But in the snowfall here if you. I want to turn
to the other just left to turn to the right to the right if you want me to write your name for less. Lady. Yeah. She was nice bridge. Fourteen thirteen that's it. We're going to hear him say. Yeah that was only what did you get the stuff with you and stuck to said to you. Like you know did you understand oh yeah. But it's like easier because adults are so going to know you do this if you don't do it right. Don't you know. What a kiss is all good no no i hear one guy. To talk about this kid. Going all the way to right. Even during the day and walking out to the right people looking for wrong. Degrees. Every day that i sent to my cabin. Grants grants. Helping in math. And she like. Here's something that's fun to do. Divided up into pairs. One
person is a mia. And the other one the person looking into the look of does movement. And the music tries to follow them. It's not fun. And harder than you think good luck. To me. I don't want to come i mean i'm the mayor. The best. You do is you go commit to memory. If you will. Oh.
Oh thank you. If you were. In the store and one person looks we want to let you know the whole mess will go down on the guy. Yes. Because it just gets worse. Trying to get on that distinct voice right. If.
You can agree to the good of the day. Susan.
Laid out the video that you would understand it was the boss. Got me back oh believe me.
You know. I don't. I don't do are you. The do. You you when you
ZOOM, Series I
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WGBH (Boston, Massachusetts)
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
Zoom - Program # 328 Dubbed from 2 Master.
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