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Only one. Thank you one presentation of this program is made possible by a grant from general foods cooperation by public television stations. And by grants from the ford foundation and the corporation for public broadcasting.
You're yeah yeah yeah you're thirty. I watched kids about it. And that's how i did. At the beginning of the show. Well when my father was young he went to visit mongolia. And he met some friends who taught how to do. So now i'm going to teach you how to do it. Betty. Here i go. Ok.
Just clocking chris hogg away in this again called blue and all they said to you play with a ping pong ball. But we tried it would help a little. You know we're going to. Do you want. What was the only downside. And you know.
Right now. What do you mean. You didn't get it. I'll do it again. Now watch very carefully because i'm going to do it more slowly.
One month. Here's a lamb i just finished making out of some homemade clay. And jackie naca which. Of scituate mess. Sent us the ingredients on how to make homemade clay. And here's what you need. You need two cups of flour. Some salt. Some order. Some salad or is coming. What you do. Take a mixing bowl and pour two cups of flour into the mix. And then you take a half cup. What a little more coke. And then you put that in with two cups of flour. Then you take another half a cup of water. Put it in with the two cups of flour. Have a cup of song. Oil.
Measure out one tablespoon. For that and with the rest of the ingredients. Then you take your food coloring and. I think i use blue. I just put a couple of squirts in don't need too much money. Then i need to know. I may need a little more water or. Only a little of the time to become to use. And then you need it with your hands.
Don't eat this whatever you do. It makes great clay but don't eat it. This meeting will take you about ten minutes to get it really firm to make make something out of it. So here's a piece of are needed. When you're done it should look like this. It's really a lot of from playing with this and you can make different things out of it. Try anyhow. Just in case you still haven't gotten it to a really small it for you. Now watch. C. I have to do is put your elbows together. Swing your arms around. And there. Now try with me. Now is to try and get it.
Can i want to scribe do you seen one. Showing your bill. Strong. Through the middle. Picking wildflowers by the base of the tree. You're going to say. What a lovely day this is the flowers you know so fragrant and fresh. One of beautiful meadow. Now you don't have to say that word for that's just don't know why. He has that good. Ok. Yeah ok. Joey for mike you want to go pick up one of my greatest hobbies. Has been making videotapes. I've been making them. For about two years now. I want you to go behind the tree and. Face the other way. Now chris. I want you to go over the side over by the tree. In ways that cardboard to make wind. Ok. Just make sure the cardboard doesn't get the picture.
Now i want you to come out like you and mike will pick you up on a close up. Ok. And actually. The bell started like a fair. Oh you look at your little while and. Wow what a beautiful meadow. Now very well as you can hear. Oh all right. Yes we get away. Yes. I see a way. You don't do it like you. He wants to play that now. Ready to go out into the hallway. During class passing time and. Walk up to a few kids and approach. Was they want to be on the videotape or not
you know. Chris before we start. I want to be sure of emotional strain and don't sound like you're reading so much ok well. Ok. Take everybody out here we're going to switch track. Could you take this to one of the real trick. My props. Made right in school and. You have a cost much more than fifty cents.
You're going to into traction. To the viewer the camera is ok. And then you scream as loud as you can. Well you know how to convey did a marvelous scream and your rejoinder that. I know chris. I want to show you how to do this special treat effect ok. Yes. This is what you gonna do you going to just go right to you during this time the train will be gone and that's when we do. Be on
camera for both those two or three seconds. Everybody reading any you know. This was going to be yes. This is not her god said. Ninety seven. Yes. Well. We're a film. Yeah well. Ok. Here's a doodle sent in by kim parent. Of palomino hampshire. Can you guess what that
says. I just want is it. It's a convention as coffee grounds. Have a barrel sent to him but i'm really a fan of tony gwynn the john johnson of pennsylvania. Take a piece of each with one hand without letting go. Try to tie a knot. In the rope. Well you know they're going to take much more.
Yeah you know. I'm not going to do it. I think it's a possible. I know you do. Let some other sandals know. Yet that. I'll put it all do you know for me to help with you. You have
right now i think. Oh well i didn't see the good. I bring that you see i'm going to. Yet it was the goal. I heard up in bringing absolutely doesn't call it. Or acts as if you're already right time not dr king boy. Then you stupid out. Yeah. I used to listen to by dana mari of salisbury maryland can you guess what it is.
What is it. It's so we'll go. But. What's this. It's the lesser of two weevils isn't possible. Can it be done. State. How by fedayeen savvis out us. That us others have an idea that be done about the public by the tub and have a love of double yellow cab and double. Adding that he's not a barber. But another hubbub about. Jebus by privacy. Studies bob devon's watch. The do do. Father. Fallen. Well. Now by law bans bob is every. So back to you. Remember to not type of oh well keep practicing. And you all get it. Try it. I
don't want money. I like.
Ok i really. If you don't make it like this right. Actions. Here's a riddle. Send it by way about keiki milwaukee wisconsin. Two young girls went to the library.
To get some books. Neither of them had taken both from the library for each girl had to answer some questions. The librarian found out that one girl was. Julie promising. In the game don't both go on the same day of the. You have the same mother and father off the lobby. That they look exactly like the girls. You twins. The two seed. Oh no. Can you explain how the girls can look exactly alike. Be the same age. Have the same parents. Yet not be twins. Stay tuned for the answer. Here's a story called the hour when the chicken. Sunk in by a new thomas. Evanston illinois. Once there was a wise. Who could make things turn. All different colors. One day and a fine. Chicken made for white.
She read that there were different colored eggs. So she went to the hour. Said. Oh said the magic words. She said these magic words. Any time of eggs. You are going. You're welcome welcome welcome. Our next day the chicken went to the wise our women said my king. Yeah well. Then say the magic word said. Out. So she did. No time at all of her eggs were yellow. She was satisfied until the next day. Again she came to the wise owl and said. I want my old saying the magic words. She daughter is immediately. The eggs broke open and out jumped for baby chicks. They were all gone.
From then on she never asked for. Howard eggs again tomorrow is tomorrow. Do you remember the riddle of the two sisters. Well yes the answer. Julian jane had a sister who was in with the. So they were twins. They were triplets.
Would you put on a bathing suit she's a something like this to go. You know what are you wearing. I'm very glad you brought. I'm still going to play the trombone in it. Do
you play the. His middle name is a cairo producer. I said it was a big cheese. Speak in a cheese. Why use a mouse. She's
my mom. And then you can you. You what do you think. I'm afraid. Well here's a real phone you know did you say i'm phony. You mary mary.
No i think why the. Presentation of this program was made possible. From general.
ZOOM, Series I
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