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Program by the by grants from the dawn the separation of guns restless and by public television station. The sword foundation. In the court system for public broadcasting. Guy who. Yes. You got any home got to the bottom of this come. See the bottom is gone to make a volcano. To
come to the top for the second part of the link do you find
it. Oh. You can't cry. Would you believe. We have his own car on volcano. Well we do. And if you send forth. Just remember to include a safety. That is a self-addressed stamped envelope. To eyeball to eyeball to eyeball to eyeball to eyeball actually. Choice to what to get to but to a choice to leave it to to have a choice. How many times a day i don't want to fight like a bike or toy store by toy boy toy boy toy boy toy big story broke the story about how i want to try. Toys ball. Tolly told you right as though you want to don't talk about years along which tells you how to do
it right where you find god one day i get this they agree. If you don't tell me now to jump on me just now i get it to mean savagest dance i know all about why that is the not funny way. Ok ok but what karen mcginnis are you on. Many.
In the seafood. And it's simple. You try to break it with a including me. Mostly because we have to work together in restaurants. Because things are so small. Everybody knows everything. People
that come to the people that i know about the free to do dishes. I have a lot more responsibility now. When i'm working in the restaurant is to give them a space. If i really need. Want to go to jail. Sometimes i just don't think that's going to be like to get this can be. Because staffers can. So much. Slight for he so let's just say. I think. My sister melissa wants to just get married have kids and be a boy.
I want to travel around the world. I wanted just because peace. Thank you. My
parents. Just for kids really like working in the restaurant because we all know that we have to get that. Really. Because i told her that i believe in magic. I don't believe i don't micro-manage. I don't think that's the weird i don't understand i don't believe in magic and i don't believe in superstitions but i believe there was there and i'm hopeful apathy
and my mother believes. This is very well my sister is my mother. You know i don't believe the ghosts. Come back but i believe. There are signs. Like i if i can for lady di's interface. Was like a rose and it was really in wintertime. And you saw a world that's like a sign i believe that my going to come so i wouldn't run. In my head. And i have like. There's a big staircase up to my attic. And i my do is the bathroom and the stairway goes up like that up to the attic and. Right you open a door in the big window. And like to go to the bathroom i go out. And i see this the. One of the windows are opened a little bit up there. And it has in the off of the door. Does it look to the door there's a door the ago another part of the attic. And that was open a little too i
think and so you go up and it looks like there was a hand against the window and. Everyone everyone in my house gets the same dream. Today a little man walking around with lice and x. is off to go on in a teeny people and they walk around. And they come up and they go on your blog. I think. I know that i'm just in japanese christians you know the small light to go on the wall like that. Well you know all the sudden the heating up a cooling off. Click click click. Like in my room and he didn't have it on me one night my mother's from when she was in the bathroom right. And i was coming up. I don't know one because she was in the don't worry you'll find out why i was filming out of the room and i was thinking because of the sweetness was ready to go into. You know gold is gone now. I'm just a jaunt out because i really didn't go to bed so late i come in and i thought the back of the door was closed and i forgot she gets up really early to go to work. And.
And so i go. Rip the switch. And it was on. But it was time to get off. And then i opened up doors for two hundred yes the judge. And i don't agree my own money into much the room. Most of the know when we do whatever whenever there's a she likes the door. Oh yeah i think oh yeah it's your friends your. The we've all had already checked out of my mom and my brother forgot what you know he was only feel lonely. He was the last one. And i just died laughing the rest of the day. What are you out there. For my trip to. We have to matchboxes. The first match box is empty and is gold. On the back. The second match box is empty. And is gold. On the back. We take these
two match boxes. And we place them together and presto. Change oh. Wayne joe. Resume their black black. Green starving. Kind of dirty. Just enough to do. Pretty vague. What would you like a look about do you have any minestrone. The banks. And some coffee. I mean man. Enjoy it. Oh yeah why do you think. There is a spider in my soup. Why don't just get rid of it. Ok. Anything the customer wants. There are you going to do
the spider in my soup. A ninety degree. What an awful day. Wages. Why then now. This is horrible. Take it away. Sundays are a couple turnover. I think i'll try them. To help you like oh oh oh yeah. There are a my turn over. Man says you i show how your bias is and they are you know what to syria. Yes men. Help you. This food is did i will never come here again. You want. Oh why did you come in the first place because i'm hungry and the only restaurant open in the middle of the night. What did you yes. What did you expect this is the
monster goulash restaurant. Sure i have a look at it don't mind. The going last restaurant has high quality high value i don't know really what you got cooking. Any spider minestrone is the best any turn over. I just read one on one. I don't know if i'll keep. Once upon a time. There was a dark dark universe. And in this dark dark universe. There was a dark dark country. Country. It was a dark dark city. In a
star drive city. It was a dark dark street. And in this dark dark street. It was a dark dark house. And it was dark dark house. Was a dark dark. And in this dark dark room. It was a dark dark closet. In this dark dark closet. Dark dark. And in this dark dark coat pocket. In this dark dark pocket. It was an inch jellyby. My name is barney spring in a boy's town the brusque and boisterous about three hundred guys. We live here we go to school. We eat here.
It's ok. It's a horrible evil. I think it should be me this year was the boy's turn to be christian. Form schools. First came to the forest. Because i used to get used to get my work by couple guys. The reason why. You guys usually pick fights with you. Greenpoint. Because they want to test you out.
But you have to get used to it. It's pretty hard to be by yourself. With all these guys here like. Whenever i want to be alone i just go someplace. And most of my days are pretty good. But i know guys that just constantly. I think my days just gone wrong. Because i get into arguments. What i have on my chest and i speak. What
i know i get a different court case. There are guys you. Sometimes there is a there are good people good teachers. I think it's a good place. When
i first got into choir. I was glad to get out because guys like kids going out for the football team. And the kids about how out of shape you are. I think it's worth sacrificing. Because in the place. Much might happen. If you're sick or you can do is cry it out. You can't hold. Good bodies. Part of it hard to say that our
apartment it's just a partner. It isn't one of the cleanest it's one of the furnished apartments. And we in we get along when it goes off on about five cockroaches by your bed like. The point of. It stuck a mess. The guys that are good friends with me now. Will probably split up and graduate. To maureen directions but we still keep in touch. Phone calls. Back when the grown ups at my oyster.
One old years. Did
you first. By
grant permission it's done by public television. The third in the nation.
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