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Hi this week sills got lots of pieces in it that you said you liked best in the first series. And that you said you'd like to see again in a few weeks news numbers will be at work. On new material for next season. And they'll need your ideas just as we did. So keep writing. And now. On with the show. Me
and my ha ha ha ha ha and at home mom and who now here's a tongue twister. From town center rocco rochester new york. Do you like talking to a student. Then try to say. Why go. Ten times in a row very fast. Boy girl boy girl boy girl boy. White boy girl boy girl boy. Good luck. This is a limerick. Sentence like
show. Patrick way you feel. He says there once was a man. Blackie who sat on a set of false teeth. He said with a start. Oh no because my heart. Had bitten myself when to me said. Oh. Well i don't know what it is but it's from paul chisholm ridgewood new jersey. Why is it better than absolute happiness. While nothing is better than absolute happiness. And zoom is definitely definitely better than nothing. Good and. Thank you paul because i have are a joke. By paul a faculty of about prospects that were doing. Like a chicken table to this clearing. But i don't. Six
six six six six six six six or six six six six six six six six for sure. What was that summary yeah. Have you ever thought about time. Some of our viewers tab. Here's what they said in time you. Fast if you are doing something nice and slow so your not trying always manages to disappoint you. Sometimes when you are waiting for something exciting. Time will go slower than ever. Once upon a time. There was a giant clock. And it talked. This like people. Except there were no people. Because it was on then. This was grand time.
And there were five hundred a lawyer. Still coming. There would have been baby. They would slide on the rings and watch. The rainbow. When leo. Time came. We all do it and seem to know me. Here's a tongue twister. That was sent in by gary glasser. Of dover new jersey. Goes on to type twine. To three twigs. Tie twine to three twigs tied twine to three twigs. Tied to one to three to twig tied trying to three twigs. Have fun. It it. It. It. It hit
you you split i sent when i was learning centering it you she thinks. If it's going to run around when the we'll be trying to push it into the center so that it stays in one place and. Wobbly. All over the place. You know.
You feel like a very fine fine fine line. Very fine or. I like a few movements a snowy sun do you see you. When you're finished making the pot and you've cut it off of the wire and you've put it on your board you let it. Get to a level really hard stage.
And then with it to all. You kind of trim it down to get the shape you want. When you're trimming it like the way it shapes itself and. Just standing the finishing touches to the shape of that pot. After that. You usually put in name on it. And then you let it drop so it's hard wiring turns it into a ready brown cow or that first fire and then you claim is it. Sometimes it comes out really years and then other times it comes that really nice.
The best part of ponding is the results of fiction right can i just asked truly right away. Here's a story that was sent in by peggy porter. Of. Charlotte north carolina. It's called. Chris the chicken. What's the was a chicken. Who didn't even know was name. A goose came down the street and said she could check and what is your name. Chris said what isn't a. Something you don't know. No answered the girl and away she went. Mumbling. Imagine. Not knowing the word name. A turkey came and said. Chicken chicken. Do you know what time it is time. Ask chris. What is time. Stupid chicken so the turkey. Many animals came
alone. So finally chris got so confused. He went to school. After asking a cat what school was and learned more than anyone. So now. People. Or rather animals. Asking more questions than they do mr adult. So you can see a chicken. Is a very fine thing to be. Some things take time when you are small. You want to grow big. And that takes time to his pride of power. I would live in it like a queen. But of course that would be a dream. I would have cream and cherry pie. Nobody would cry. Oh draco as happy as a frying bird. I would have white swans swim about my school. And always say for never do all i want to my dear about. I am only kid. It is time to grow big enough to be a queen.
I know. He take time to have a daily. And for something and to grow to take time for almost everything. And you should know. It takes time to learn to fly. And it takes time to cry. It takes time to make a web and spin it in time. While sleeping on a. To learn miss gray of brooklyn new york. Jenny schmidt of st louis missouri. Gerry allen the clute texas. Wrote to us to ask us how. Felt to be our t.v..
We had to wrap about it. What accuses. School that i thought were really you know i happen to know that they saw me and they just came up and they said hello and everything. And it wasn't because i wanted to say they never really noticed they just they never noticed me and they just came up and i said hi and. They just said that i was a good kid or something like that and. There are a lot there are different sides to people like you know. Men do you think you may think. One thing as someone they may turn out to be completely different. And i seen a lot of that especially. Now because they do come up to was like people who you never thought would even look at you know. They come up and they say oh i saw you on zune or something and i have nothing to me that i hardly know. Much other than that. I know them and they ask me to see the i'll be doubly weather report. That's my main attraction. Now you know. Stocks where we go be nobody goes and talks i'll be double. Once i was gone all my friends i was on life things and so i'm just walking down the street. And the
station wagon dries up and says. This lady says. I want you on that no television program. And i didn't know what to say. After school. But i still like i go home and get changed my play calls which i wear to school anyways but anyways. I go to my friend's house and he did enter this. Palmer house it is down the street likely get some coke and we follow around the swings and all this but i can't do them any more. I mean. If i if. If we were all like one of. Seven showed him buffy and all the things they don't consider themselves to be more they consider themselves staunch the big three will be different people will leave will be different but will be the same will be radically the same people with some minor changes. But actually just create a new am i don't say shit like you know all this weird unnatural self to get themselves known to create a new image. Like the op ed men. Can use to be a friend macginnis the small i want them. I hope
the phenomenon. That i'm different from them but i don't want them to think that i'm different because a month will. I want them to think that i'm different because i'm me and i'm not. You know i'm representing them in some of the things i do but not because like i'm not them i'm not trying to be them. And i'm different but not because i want to know just because i'm a kid. Taylor really cannot stop me. Sleep through snow. Cannot stop me. Smog or smoke is pollution. In the key and. Stop me.
I wish i had some snakes. I wish i had some b.s. but the funniest thing i've ever seen this is retold. Long. The for the for. The as time moves along. In a wondrous thing. Float in dough into rebirth has passed. So the people will go to bed at last. If you like a zoom card. With two poems about time. Send us a step. Self-addressed envelope. That's an envelope with your name address and a stamp on it.
And we'll send you the phone card. Then i myself might lose my head so i'm going to kill myself you can find a copy i'm going to have nothing in my mouth. I'm emiko. I'm the wrap myself in myself with the jumping on top of my head. I'm the man i felt
when you cut my mouth. I'm on the bus up with the family or are. She
married. Mike and i started
last lesson when i was seven years old at the m.d.c. rank around. And then i started driving lessons when i was eight years old i went to my first competition when i was a year and that's why i started when i practiced x. school one of the things i do. Batches. There or when he sings an acquirer competition. The patch is based on a figure a. And it has lots of. Turns and twists to go backward and forward. The point of patches is to trace figures. On the ice. They help you gain control freestyle. Because there are lots of changing over edges. And twists and turns in the movie. And i was doing. Figures in the new england championship. I was so light that the judge had to get down their hands and knees to see my tracing. I worked on my freestyle program for about a month trying to really long time to get it together. You need a freestyle program for a
competition. When one game. But i'm only. In the freestyle competition.
I'm too busy to think about the judges. The audience i'm just thinking about a program. When i go into freestyle competition and i'm wondering. If i'm going to land my job. Or if i should take out that job because i won't land it. Or find them to go fast enough. And i'm looking at my competitors to see what their lives can all know what they're doing. When i fall upon titian i just say get out it's not the end of the world. Don't fall again i'll kill you right there. Whatever little in the in the in
the uk. I really wanna skate all my life. I wanted to go into a deal in the. Championships to be a competitor. Then after that i want to go into an ice capades rice ball is to be professional skater. To vote come a professional championship skater you have to practice a whole lot. I practice at least two hours every day. I usually skate all the time. That's why i can't imagine not the game because i skate so much. Can't wait till last school to started skating because then i'm free. The aka
the out now who could evening. Tonight. Nautical narrative. Is like pull says geo solve. For more today in florida. Join us as we take a voyage. On the sea of. Terrell a by. The captain was going to set off on a voyage. Some of the neighbors had done without him. I may never return their wives their wiring. This is to. Do you think i have been very true
talent pool. I just hope mark and brad can rescue them. From what i don't know. Mark and brett sit out in the boat by night. The sky was all this foggy. Mark. Did you ever find out the past. I hope so. The next night the fog cleared. And there in the middle of a version of black car so. Brad and mach dock their boat. Suddenly after the car snow came a walkway. Mark and brad went in. They soon found out they were in the casa love. Dr we've met. Scientists right. I suspect
you are the cause of the disappearance of the townspeople and i know i put we've all the invisible poisonous. Riddick would. That what it tracked them here. When they got here. I killed them. I'm hopeful take over all you want to help them joy. I must kill you. How are you going to do that. Come. And i'll show you. Dr we will put them in a giant. In a row far away from the car. So that when the bomb that was attached to it blew off. It would not blow up the cost of dr weaver was clever but the men were clever a doctor we were put us in the same tomb. I'd probably two zero zero zero zero. It's just an odd tippy toe. I'll be able to press a button up here that all been the glass door and. I'll be sorry. Rad did. Mock press. The fact
that it was three point three. They tiptoed up to dr weaver and knocked him out. Then they took the bomb and threw it into the cost of a went away in their boat in a few minutes. The cost goes up in smoke. When mark and dad got home. It will go to a medal of courage and they will then. Happen in every room. We hope you've enjoyed this season's presentation. If you have a play or story. That you have written. And would like to see dramatize. Next season. Key city. To soon. Book. Three five zero. Boston. Though two one three
four. Thank you now. Goodnight and goodbye. It has no man. On
her mouth. You really.
ZOOM, Series I
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"ZOOM is a children's show comprised of weekly half-hour episodes which showed what youngsters do and think. Seven ZOOMers hosted each episdoe, and the cast changed over run of series. ZOOM premiered locally as ""Summer-Do"" in 1970, and premiered nationally in January 1972. ZOOMers played games, told jokes, riddles (called Fannee Doolees) and stories and did crafts projects...and invited ideas from their audience. The result was an avalanche of ZOOMmail - in the first season, over 200,000 letters. Additionally, the Ubbi Dubbi language was invented by ZOOM."
Program is capstone to first season. Short introduction at beginning of program by Zoomer Jon explains that this episode is a compilation of some of the best segments from the first season. Directed by James Field, Produced by Christopher Sarson. 1972.
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