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No. We want to know what you see in many of those on welfare Odama they Latino in this hour let me share later when I said Well there are a lot of your the compact and what I mean when you look through Paul in Beatles prison palace a crime at the Lionel DE LA restaurant the last Palm US and North through the rocky and Little Rock. They must I mean I was in Europe at the art of the Grammys is appropriate Are you in a cafe and a lot of little the cafe grow my straight import they take them into Colombia even in most US you know a choppa case in
France where 90 all the last minute rescue in the baking us impress us the thousand years gone so if you see making Little Rock eagerly mass and we can all see a little bit on the party all the food bowl. There is something else when you're ready gotta know their own Latinos in PSL Uganda to buy you can say you know there are going to Kassa if you know the main threat Dando in them be the sort of economic I mean he isn't that isn't that a lot to the sense of the sea and to the dollars in prison as a thousand years. So I'm picking up in places they might need a guillotine when I've gone to see you in Maine. A listener you cannot make a device a. Dick that's in place of picking Yes. Say when and since when I learn you love me he said to me Eunice you know counter that I want to play else you know get an implicit familiarities get up against the Latino communism.
A lot begins in place a Latino You gotta love me you on this one your own one up or you three men dollar economy at a price. Now the romantic scene almost departed in the throes of the Beatles. They see the don't we don't have a game play so you can move the CD Don't you lecture the Cantonese you know then it's a great job but I get told it all of the rest of the entries. Well in terms of religious opinions here a lot of us antibodies when designers willing to make it better know you've got to come on but it's are you nor there or employer. I see in the export Export person is but I was in prison for get this is it the boys in your throat being the you know the supposed to know that
in prison he has the less leniency for them in the U.S.. Clinton's comments I don't know your madam in particular. Problem us basic I don't seem to be coming to him really got on cuz he put his own impetus Unix forth as your menacing tone says OK put up a fan Dena alone on all season and remarkably little rock to get I mean at the needle grandis got the difficult problem of central downtown then the rock software posted your main thing is a joke. Can you put aside do you see in the sim your career OK. Again I would have those enables us in the skull as your body at the near the exit door alone or lose those inelegant busy face every element hold I must look at my will so has no chance.
We see in the economy anything you know in quantity in this enables you to beat up a stone and it was really a form of asbestos as of yet as usual amusement that we see today. Medical but I would look at Will you see him taking us to you America this he will not call sign like while experience yeah we are already in two yet and I went into one of my yearly physical contact that I would have to negotiate better than it actually does nothing expediency and the same in this environment. OK at the end in which experience in a little more of a stone enters its it that I knew nothing and when I do so yeah the authoress course has paid and also so it is at them. If weight went up in these I had to do.
Trust coarseness pick one of those ones who probably will see their son as a little souls. We experience here. The things he said. Employer the attorney who knows you. Because on those courses the finances were not only employer your daughter of course then it only goes look at that hour but at the right time it took the 70 percent make or the game process the Latino the Latinos like me they never thought they'd be and that's when I said we should see a enough to run meant a sort of an empirical Latino and I think an Aussie Mother Teresa managed in Little Rock restaurant that neuer was a Maccie Canales and may not give out the line you are a useful of food with them or get to represent the mass. Q Out of the Clinton days are picking us embrace a Latina woman for Casey to go to a settlement also
while nothing like you qualified only by your difficult then you will get your foot up. So you went in with a gun. I thought I had a commie brain will understand how to pick up a metaphor and so never know how democracy in a one for one yes. This means that a minus is the most the next plan is a this I don't know about you but on a sold little bit of a missile to me the most he is therefore they can say something then to say that I have noticed but I don't trust I don't think it's bottomless. Just a note a little. OK they don't have what they do but you also get that on the local scene a lot of money is that I don't know a lot of input in a way they want to see that they have a veto that was thought I must give even California
71 of the how to get us out of the numbers and the set was put on the US as if I don't but I would use to think I mean I don't know if I'm going to put them as you know you don't have to listen to all those into say sources this is not the nation we got I won't get millions in the issue. Looking over from interest excite them into looking dumb of our people to go and see your words are not then the elect but ends you will cure your little community and I hinted as you may know. Look I said I do understand I can unlock or seen them interferometers you know any of that work up in their communities and there's a God who copied me and that has been the call has been lit up and there are going to be new to him. So not part of my technical this I've missed out on tours and carfare time in looking for then to live
with a man who knew of the money I had in there or I thought I would say you know when those persona. Better see not when they had it in the washer and done this by about the act. SIEBERG Enderlin I saw what a Muslim he said but on a sort of a sort of one of his and got out on this I mean that as you'll just tell us Are you looking and knew of it but only on us. Guess they wouldn't get all hot enough for it then and I didn't fit in think little in the Bible that I raised over them and we were both so you know you think you experience yet you so when the holy places you though look it only says she only you left out of the bay. Which I hand to for him you never knew if that
said we knocked on the New Jersey I mean we never said I've just presented is one that called me up by I think I said booking orders this time of course and didn't they give you what you know and with a start and there was no privacy which I can come into Jolt City and they will see it in front of that look at it look at the inn think you know look it will give me a days and I would be 18 in Louisiana on plan the medical You Can I hit the moment with a mental condition of the medical and they will ship in a search. OK only the only I'm more stressed by more is any less room business plan and one plan than they were. Yes or one I want to present an
exact time into the apostles came out the amount of remorse you said it was thought how orders because then the what they are fiance and the. When I said no it's give you don't so blind. OK he's a retard. Don't you have a lot on the Columbine I said Astoria proces authentic Oregon as I've learned through the plan. OK but I've seen him but when I could plant in and casually you know that I'm not your little negotiate the Latino who don't know who played along a billion dollars you know who won the super time in because it was going to start with and it was.
There was a commercial bank it was in response to new rules and we could fit into a lot of places I hope you know someone or to help a little pressed on the part of compatible Cotterell OK. And all those places and they've done fundamental bank we pay to see N Sync went I mean the letters all pestle focus when I was you know standing poor stores you know some in recent times to blind us a Dominican time was almost unnecessary. I kissed on a stick spread NCAA blank is it going to get it from any of us would look who's to say I would throw them in the business developments and one central part of their list of usury laws are not very poor than Demichelis are heroes here a lot of course dentists who
want to go you know what I'm going to need. Just undertaken and by New Orleans and the city the Inform us you don't get what you did and I knew indeed the SBL So there will be enough to keep people in the most fastidious question your cost your capital one good people but I'm a fussy does I put it in place so that the people must must be a low doc or low documentation and English isn't a must in a parking or you know parking I could run corporate upon a time in a dimple because they are provided or not provided but as to Morris right here with me as a measure the same minus for Messrs Isaac is as fussy and cons again protest I'm not backing
that up because you want to represent us with Uncle your backcourt to me and yet I want to say you people already to him since and what I mean this is interesting when I mean look at him but on the other. He's not looking but how did that get in and loftiness and so when those thought I don't think my uncles were amazing but it's something I wanted to settle down and think for the dick that meant there was God meant you get a Mason but it's time you stop looking at them damn it's a lot of thought on this. Get the nickel Cup I got a super Miracleman that soon as they get to the corner I'll go anywhere. So we're not going to be done. When pressed I'm a partial Carol this is the time to start going to see another letter and assume a muggle. You know the thing at
least by no spine or secretary of the persona you know so I mean I see no point of course if you don't look at the credit report and report. There's a great deal on a lot of you see what you're going to get a sort of done it gets a little not going to be on the book is what I see in it on Monday to see NCIS. A formal get to London it was you sitting down to Britain also you know put out who got supported your week to move just as you and I had to say you'll see us say to us a little bit of a dozen or a medico a in a castle a cafe to impress at the Kona coffee and went on one of them a cafe a bit o keep us up on an account of this I feel we fit into the present.
Is one thing to do something. Those negotiations have been through a list out on the bookcase if we consent books and you've been remiss in to insist I mean when I'm going to see anybody who knows the most quintet of RBM in carry a case about a lot of those polled this past year but I'll start a coffee in their local wholesale business. Most of my yo go to have missed out on those as in this past year. But all good came in Michelle Obama Him then you know no question for a mile. When you see Teddy accepted a respectful about that they need me
the most members the list Specialty Coffee Association of America or the Grammys as soon as the rest I wouldn't is that the look see if you know get up on enough on this just to say we don't care you know see as your own they will know part of the influence is going he says you know it is the beginning in his time at the end they don't see this job we do you see cause as this is the important thing but I think that again a woman said I will never allow in the DML and they have put up an early him you'll say care you know organ has your own they. Isn't this how you know you are stand
looking look. Remember the interment the whole bit of my experience doing anything I love baby a lot of this will make you sit on the money was in English. No way I mean to your level See to me making a note that we don't get to see people from Austrian SIMPLEMENTE no further said yes I'm going to look at our home. It was Mr. Minister your feet to be honest. A magazine portent IF I LUCKY get in said picking as impresarios only got to say I keep the name also happened so not getting a little bit around I get emotions and so we had many reports of an important list. You know where I thought of the Natal four mile circle I guess I got a better me source one of the low IQ country that when I will I will take a set but I get when I can think of the recently mentally petty NCA in the think anybody in the middle class in a part of a settlement.
Me to me you're a hole in the neck at the new place Samuel's I mean move. OK well no well you included in those comments I really want to record this. Those is the here where do you think could a little thing go make all of them were as a fall below. Yeah you say. You know where mine will lead to him and we should be Seattle can also lamented thingo never less human than it was going to us
the guy was nevertheless in there was a present then which is where this whole better Tennessee enters the line is louder. A Do we don't get like I can tell already see a well scene and so that assisting on that I mustn't come out of thought on thing so you must but I'm not going on as when the last one of the last little while. So you must want a uniform or not then and it is my thing either leave or. But I stumble. It's enormous president us who hasn't got the answers and that is unless you think that it's none of my sink us principally and in the UK when I meant that the cup at that moment was up I just pressed him but I don't know what your level of
I said he said because in fact before meant a dn invite you to get in with I don't know as far as you know going to answer that. You get muddled about me so I guess I got but me me and keeps you on and going with us. We encountered only seven feet that would likely mean a supernatural cell and when I was there this criminal so no barrel see me that I would like to see in a you know come in the window and saw the VPC. SEE BUT I MEAN FOR know if way. No I don't fancy no concealing the reaction I said. Yet as you well know in this intones his employer
comments you respond No I didn't know you know it's a project to see who read but I was scared are you ok. Both but if I was sick and I was but I wouldn't It was our home. One those who say they saw that I hinted not seen in the needle. Yes in almost one of the game's impresarios virus you and I thought arsenic was one the most annoying when the light went on somewhere else or one loss was improbable it would deny and then US opinions yet on the Koranic. Never show nor thought up a storm now. There it is done in a washer and when I press on a Seattle
this job I said you know I know by fiat which just in this silly ass if I seen it there's still no more sure of my now sort of but or more fair by on my luck Kornel Meo in front as if I have your as I'm looking they were hinting to him at the stores to sell them in to work and other possible number in a watertight Amala seen up it I know I know I know you know and I'd like a needle put up. Guy went up but I got mine or you could have you know lost cause to make a point of putting him postcards sorceress OK schools are still nowhere as it is because councils used to stick on the common sense to seek when they come from you know so that was
the most part of this I was using only one no problem I started it. Better than money to us. This was when I lost my daughter. Look and say well look at you really you find that the canoe enables you to see and pick up the bat but obviously Steve is here at the school that's because I'm sitting in those negotiations because I said that about him going to class on less than a river market. A woman lost pretty meniscus we must say yeah I left him which was negotiated by the sea to look at OK see you not us you better not let us win this thing is almost all in the books almost medal match you'll see.
So your own experience all your good work with some of us thought I'm going to stop what I'm going to say some of the most of the models. So when I get home but I'm going to be thought all the time at the line all the while Google may see the launch up but I'm getting it and I will only use a little open
in the local medical kit.
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The Hispanic community across the U.S. has become the "majority-minority." The Arkansas Hispanic community continues to grow rapidly. El Latino editor, Michel Leidermann, hosts this monthly program featuring discussions about issues pertinent to this growing population. This program will be in Spanish.
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