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We'll get you back yeah I'm going to try to. Make it stand on camel toe. Let's try it on camera run right on camera three. Yes.
Will be going on the road with a lot of money in the Money money money this time or drive with as much of a member of the badness of a man about as about in your schedule. Across the river in New Jersey today against one of the rooms of the backs and with in the
building back over the past some of the defendants and some of the biggest Abbott Labs Johnson and not a little Republican baby needs some of that of the rabbits and I sort of plan for tonight is doing what politicians seem to do best deciding what to give and that is a program for $10000 across the bridge in Greece from members of the Beretta best comes from the bread presidents who of course are numbers of the boat the best leave assuming the consul referred the proposal to committee it was a dream when he takes office will be taking a 60000 out of her little brother presidents of course get a boost. That means for Bob Abrams a total of forty five thousand dollars per year.
45000 others without a mouse. And. The new president of the city council and then a 2000 not for you in the newly elected a man was elected on a platform of watching out for the people who ask and will still have to prove everything. The city councils and I was taking no chances. He was holding a meeting. With some public officials make money that is one of the sure to financial success it seems to work for the city and as a housing yesterday the Lindsey administration announced that he was leaving to go to work for the real estate and presumably earlier of course I would love for
this. They don't have a lot on the record and they're quite distressed about it but it's understandable in the one that a member of the borough that I talk to today is going with. Museum of Modern Art kind of an angry striking staff members have been back on the job but that doesn't seem to have been any mining a room. On the contrary what I saw was a report no reprisals against any strike and that was one of the key agreements in the new contract between the museum and the bargaining unit. But today for Imus strikers told the 50 first dates that there have been reprisals already run in the form of the routing. A number in a first running to endure at the bronze. What the museum called insubordination after complaints include segregation of Bing and unit members from nonmembers in the museum bookshops and banjos to
provide the union as agreed in the terms of the contract with an agenda of tomorrow's meeting with the board of trustees rather right in the first meeting since the strike. A director of the burgh on the bargaining unit union members claimed live with feed the message that Mr Early Bird ranted no right of a direct communication with his staff or our problems are to go through a grievance procedure. Director Irving Bagley's error could not be reached for comment. M m m m m m m m m m m m m. M.
The third thing.
Right. That's broken when you're being held in a growing crime for robbery and for juveniles in the Bronx. Children like below the age of 16 are committing felonies of violent crime. I know I know.
Today I'm more serious violations writing and pacing last year increased by 21 percent. At the same time adult arrests actually declined by more than 6 percent and during the last three years arrests of children for murder have more than tripled in 1970. A total of nine kids were picked up for homicide. Here again 73 children and that gruesome record may be broken this year when the final will be compiled. You're. Going to. Have a. Run. For it. You know you're. Trying to get rid of them.
No no. No no. No I'm not. Running. You're. So. Right. Let the.
Family cool each child whether he is entitled to legal counsel. In addition as many can get in a case before a decision is reached the family court judges with little background for understanding the complexities of teenagers and black and Puerto Rican children make up 90 percent of the court's calendar based. This combination of heavy caseload and poor administration has apparently transformed the juvenile court system into a bewildered legal dinosaur unavailable to cope with crime. When I grow up. And know my lawyer I would then move my lawyer I would love a lot of
them and I will be running a review of the little brother on the run. Well we will have a run and at the other end of this. The confidence with the family but I were permitted inside the room in the back of the miniature to the prison will be good.
And then let me stay. I've been accused of crimes like prostitution and they can be confined to me. It's too long educational.
Contact with the children.
And we came under attack with overcrowding and homosexuals and to improve conditions for an investigation of drugs.
Lunar regolith. For. One thing.
Boy you're. Right. Because of possible retaliation perhaps because many counselors are a little too much of what is going.
Wrong With The. Rest of it.
And in 1969 I was little. Concerned about the responsibility and ability with it and that was it but it was merely a right of the individual. When it was just a look at a good leader he wanted to know what is right is it in line with us right which is a
one minute left but we don't know what the rest of this money on this is as soon as we record. It's a little bit higher right now than when I was going on the run and it was when I thought of going to assemble and spend it as well as a high tech one. It speaks for itself I think the sentiments that I had about 10 of them in the lives of the right was not satisfactory to me was when I was with them and I was one of the women who.
Wrote a letter for me. It is with a sad way to go. What was going on I haven't really read Sunderland's times and it's not a must when perhaps. I don't know how to count. I know the running of this tournament any accusation I was playing with a kind of spittle and grimace but I'm more of a total embarrassment admitting it really is not really so terrible. And you really don't think it's a. Good restaurant
and it was not if you. Ate 80 people it was supposedly going to but never even really in the right Natalie Preston room was just out of the sun and one of Will and a friend of yours now. Little never regularly. He would listen to a little.
We live in a little place number one and run an independent sort of assembling. And I just let it. Run around I will.
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Pre-show footage is included before Episode #285 of The 51st State, hosted by John Hamilton. Hamilton gives a brief introduction to the episode's news coverage before 51st State Metropolitan Editor Robert Sam Anson reports on the New York City Board of Estimates salary report. Benita Eisler follows up on the Museum of Modern Art employees after a new contract was issued, and the first of a four-part series produced by Selwyn Raab investigates the New York and New Jersey juvenile justice system. To conclude the episode, John Hamilton speaks with Andrew Stein and James Ingram about questionable payments made by Blue Cross.
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