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ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha as soon We've been very fortunate this season on black journal because we've had some very together brothers and sisters who've come on this show and really stated their commitment. We're also very fortunate this month brother Sammy Davis Jr. is doing his thing. We call it Rapping with Sammy. But more important than that, Sammy Davis sort of indicates a trend of what we call super black stars; entertainers who are saying I'm black first an entertainer second I will serve my people and then I will make people laugh if possible. Lena Horne the institution that she is provided the same kind of thing. What Sammy is going to do tonight, I don't think anyone has ever seen him do on television, because
probably for the first time he's at home. He's at home with us the brothers and sisters. I also think that it's more enjoyable as the good book says in the parable of the prodigal son that it is better to rejoice for a brother who has come home than it is to pat one another on the back because we've been here all along. it's (Applause) (Lyrics) There's a man who came to town. passed his heavy weight around. He's the king of the ring. Ali is the champ for me. People tried to take his crown. That just made him get around. Do his thing out the ring. Ali is the champ for me. (Interview Clip) Well I came here hoping that Muhamad Ali would win the fight
faith and we get our heads beat up, and I just don't think I should go ten thousand miles from here and shoot some black people that never called me 'nigger,' never lynched me, never put dogs on me, never raped my mama, enslaved me, and deprived me of freedom, justice and equality and he's black too. I just can't shoot him and with this in mind and plus my religious beliefs too, which is a legal reason I'm not going, I just can't go over there and shoot them people and come back home and fill in the form of japanese wall before the korean war before german more than in vietnam and escaped old
labels will only goes out of washington to begin what the libyan deal the pros Africans go where we can't go and Communists go where we can't go. So I just don't- can't- fight. I just can't go and do nothing like that. [New speakers] [Male voice]: Where are you from? [Female voice]: I'm from [inaudible]. Today is my birthday and my maiden name is Clay and he's 'gon win. [Male voice]: I bet on Frazier, but I want Clay to win. right fight. And its hard to predict at this time. I mean, I know Ali a little better and I think that, ah, with his boxing skill, he should win with his boxing skill. Who do you think will win the fight? Ali. Because he appears to be the greatest [Laughter]. Where you brothers from? Frisco.
[Ali?] We worked here for white people for 310 long years for nothin'. We worked [Ali?] 16 hours a day without a pay day which enabled America to be fifty of the [Ali?] the richest states on the planet. Who is going to win the fight? Muhammad Ali, my man. Where are you from brother? Detroit. The motor city. Black people really don't have nothin' to fight for. we go to Vietnam, we come back, I saw a brother come in through the airport
with no arms and one leg cut off...couldn't find nobody push him into a taxi cab. Chicago...Who's do you think's gonna win the fight? Well, I think my man Clay's gonna do it. You got any money on anybody? Any money? Yeah. I don't know...go all the way with it. Chicago and Pennsylvania...Pittsburgh. What do you think about it? I'm here to tell you. [Laughter] Alright, that's perfect. My man Clay gonna do it. New York. Who's gonna win the fight? Ali gonna win...tell it. only as the lobbyist joe see black people not find the quality with the way even if it wanting with the white man's don't take it up we will open housing which you white folks. Dog beats you. He's in the bed with the white folks. We won't eat we won't eat with you in your places of social equality. the dog beats you. he eats out of the plate with white folks
we will arrive with you in your best transportation. huh. the dog rides up front all the time. we we want a white woman and all that, see. so, uh, we ain't asking for nothing the dog don't got. Yea, there he is. [Music: Ali is the champ for me; people tried to take his pride] [Music; that just made him get around and do his thing out the ring; Ali is the champ for me] [Music; now, ah, he is the toast of the whole wide world and he is dapper dan. and uh right or wrong he is always there to lend a cat a helpin' hand] [Music: oh when al a dance or two]
[Music: looking out for me and you. paid his dues. he can't lose. Ali is the champ for me. well they can say what they want a say, but there it is, Ali on] [Music: is the champ for me and for the whole wide world] [Music: pass this heavyweight around. he's the King] [Music: of the ring. Ali is the champ for me; people tried to take his crown. that just made him get around. do his thing out the ring. Ali is the champ for me.] [Music: Now, ah, he is the toast of the whole wide world and he is dapper dan. and right or wrong he is always there to lend a cat a helpin' hand]
[Music: oh and a dance or two] [Music: lookin' out for me and you. paid his dues. he can't lose. Ali is the champ for me. well they can say what they wanna say, but there it is, Ali on the] [Music: champ for me. he's champ for the whole wide world. Ain't never lost man nowhere] [Music: there's a man who came to town] [Music: fastest heavyweight around. he's the king, of the ring; Ali is the champ for me] we'll have to commit two million dollars. [Music: paid his dues; he can't lose. Ali is the champ for me.] 10724
or a three it's
big you know at that horrible that was my first taste through races in havana have been exposed to the engine it you'd run into the average pivot but not the line often to upset you really you know are going to be where the grand showbiz so i was aware of it as it can be in show business you know i didn't learn to later they about why we slept in bus stations and why we have the police say with a college family that you can stay with that you couldn't get all kinds of things that you couldn't eat lizards but there was a very close fraternities between most of the black and white performers at that time and that doesn't exist today what were some specific example when you started first getting the message well i think at the first real thing and i got was in the army when i'm in
and i was in basic training and i hadn't even gone to basically like women in sentences went into the city of monterrey and the third day i'm standing in line and recently flown in the desegregation came in the no standing in line in the lead that this place where that was black and white soldiers in an attempt to get back from that is going to stand back of a break here and now a baffled bag of about what our families to cave shaving equipment and i decided even though they're knocking down and then kind of let them live and he said ok you know he's done it it's so so this it is you know the esoteric at the gao never reach where there's some points which you during that time when you had a lot of pressures on you almost
lost confidence in yourself all of that happened to me but not until i made it really does you know you when you're hungry a candidate there it's one thing for you about that ambition and that means and you keep falling on your ambition to get it i get it then lost control of everything sense of values know i've got the ball so wound up there was no relaxing there was there was no being aware of anything first one was an image to be aware of anyway in those days i mean the normal where there wasn't there i was just wrapped up and he and that's good because i started to lose what i thought was a basic human instinct that i've had and i got too far he had you know i did all that i have and it's it was at in the book i've been in some other crop but i you know again to relate to what you are i sit today and i look back twenty five years ago and i say wow i don't think i
have my it would be where it is now then twenty five years ago almost takes being on the left in the lady include emulating the white star is not trying to get my own identity but he says that day was to take their you know that's what you have to do so i decided to do and i do it better than anybody else had ever done it you know in other words when i started to do impressions of all of that are relating to a theatrical being on broadway and still wonderful and all i wanted to do all that because i figured you know comic and do it is dishonorable as i was becoming a blot <unk> mickey rooney instead of becoming a black candidate is what about the rat pack your user not true it
is it's b when the eu the pay to play what now what about the euro
was up for your mistakes and at about it about it's not about it had an advisor on tour i know i will know that in films really busy good meat of emir of opportunity based upon the fact that there was nothing to do really accept the fact that we don't know when somebody is based upon a camaraderie that we had as a bunch of ads this performance the viruses and we called the virginia but even so we helped my career tremendously again my own personal involvement being such that it came so involved with that lifestyle never again i found myself submerging into a lifestyle that i could not equate with actor you need the public a moment ago at that and you say well imagine was given a couple of big names in
the movies but there was no i love being with my friends but it was so lacking is a human being i think that i have allies about and they were beautiful moments during that period of the sixties series sixties there were some frightening moments i remember walking on the stage of the democratic convention that being blue and southern contingent you know they have the visibility romney with white women no i won't you know but it was a private conversation privately and publicly is that you're married to a white woman it feel about that i would you advise a young black person your son wondering why do i give the president really wanted i think that you can be committed to your people because what it would over the challenge we will use that we imagine if you find a lot people a
lot you know if you get a i don't think anyone it's america's children and the rest to do appreciate until you know and to me but you know going about it i really don't i really don't feel anything about it and i think that so damned private land and has to do with what i want to get to do it with the whatever it is when you don't have a job don't talk about my private life that's my hand at the level of a lot better than it does the point whatever i had it like and you don't really want talk about but when i'm that's professionally that as a human being on a professional level of human being period i tell my kids barely won that now i know this issue is uncertainty as long a whole bunch of others this is the likely result went to white
people are the likely what you feel there's a group of brothers and sisters are alike because it was a whole bunch of things that didn't like he's crying and that's why they had no idea of the numbers or that everybody liked it into a lot of the game only getting a new york alone beats you'll hear why i got everybody in the region stand and so can't hire a black fly about the man with a lot of our time and when they can only have a half a church full of people it was like it was black and there was already he was losing and he says inside out of you read his works that there's a whole bunch of images of the likely fall slightly but not then it is which is true and three blackout dream is not they're not paid by the white establishment that's my feeling that i will be elizabeth warren redlich anna was afterwards of the us the resurgence
of this madden sully we became aware of all things because as long as the current spike in farming but as long as malcolm was preaching separatism as long as he was preaching century humans at all it was when he came back from that and he said we must all that together we must we must as black people who i think that we must all live on this earth as one glove up that's when he started getting his house plant got wiped out months later same thing with painful as king was in much of the jail there was a suicide bomber vietnam and the workers and despair the other giving out of his field oh gracious really heavy too heavy for somebody like him out you know and it's frightening to me so that's why i say a lot of people will not like a performance and then you try to rewrite its climate drama relating in terms of oh i
can do this and whatever it is a game and right on the top of the word that ahmadinejad relating to what the problems are but a society which we live in today it has gotten to a point where you cannot do that all based upon the fact that i must do would i feel if i feel like i want to help in this area i try to do and i've tried to its fans publicity not based upon the fear that i have for my job but i think that sometimes if i want to help them brothers who are in trouble my leaving my name to it defeats the purpose that they're trying to treat but money isn't money heart is in your heart and your money interviewing couple money then then there's a new body to talking about i think that it can be used and he should be used to put my obligation into black positive things about what about nationalization to convey something is happening on the corner
i did it as i found out in waterways and in ten years we found out that you go into account then sometimes it's as little as a hundred dollars you go to have an area with us some projects are in the recreation center a doubleday random the rest wait to get right you walk in and you look around you say well i know i do the political and when you know the record label reprise at that on my own company to send racket you're privileged jewish or straw i guess i would make an analogy between yourself in the or i needed to npr for lack of a better phrase our superstars are using to some extent your sense of commitment you were you're bobbing a new sense of self and most importantly like you're going to follow the nation and you're saying i'm black i'm proud i'm relating to people
about anything by name but i'm sure you won't but where they had a lot of the black superstar we don't see them like we see you in philadelphia with the street gangs we don't see them saying what leaders said in terms what happened to her well i didn't always do as well ok but i am though is that again i have to sit by and watch these people be more hit by our brothers and sisters in the streets and they've been the bonuses must be aware that they need to know that it took me a long time given the dignity my brothers and sisters with supersize me that kind of try and not many was involved in i don't know you cannot get involved in it because they are first or black and their community whether they want to be committed in not very nature of the skin can see i don't read a script that i don't weigh in say i wonder what the other think about this how
do i change it because the obligation is and so they have a lot of mythology that man at one number as like a latvian you know i do jokes but somewhere along the line i couldn't relate to what's really happening somewhere so that the brother who was watching me who may not necessarily by my records may not go to my movies may not come to the koch brothers and the elysee me was a year or so but the black audience posner but before the publication of watching and supporting it and as he turns out to be really a rapper of all time but i mean when i say rap i mean he's not doing anything he's doing things that embarrass the black population nine a lot of people like flips doing the big
big big job really don't like it the microscope they have a job is funny at your bony butt with the game and i think that going back to something that's so deeply rooted in black people religious but i think that doesn't mean i think that i'm looking at it again to live it looked in two dimensions versus of apologies if it is a clever secondly as a man who tried to relate to a cat on the corner here youngstown to me because first and foremost i'm a performer that's oliver done all my life so i know his going away at the way you do you've got to have the support of the people but i just love saying the number one variety show the country now and starred ian by a black man who is very very funny and they don't do that they don't do that and early
on with all at different levels in any way or is it it was then it was funny i was embarrassed but i signed letters to you know what i i say that i think at this point now we've got more stars or that i can afford the luxury because in place a job being and place of what wilson i have don knotts me because we know there
are twenty one i know it again now is that they will it let in those who are lonely as you look at this only allow it they vote and they care did i was the work he really i don't know but i would it would i wouldn't do it but that you the clue i certainly wouldn't do nothing more than i'm doing as an attempted a lot more violent change me last time about a local group seems i could smoke i couldn't say what i wanted to say and though i've got to work and i did a
lot of things and all of that it has a lot of policies in the sea you know we make excellent yeah pigeon i walked in that there was a view others will guarantee black be lesser known standards it looks like a loser the white fields and that was it and i went on a very good and i worked well the helmet and they didn't like it as well as other people that i know and we get cable dramas as is don't know you in these scenes patent and they said it has a very ill but only thing that they are doing a couple copies of rules against that the most rather than writing i was able to do was nearly endless series of a sketch would be seen russell about how rose tree grows and i didn't remove walkout going to apply for a job and they're who's won three button go susie thumb of his brother he took to ensure that they get raises and then get watery the bass we
want a white secretary i'm i'm here for the job and i like to live in okay tonight when the ibm she recounts estimate that apply and say i wanted to see what his position has been able to benefit you lost it you know and suddenly it was then that i do is out and he is not protected and it was a funny sketch and we love doing it on such complaints in dc you would not believe it would never work to do a novel that i think we went through a period where we just say black friday you know you got to go on you know i mean and it's not just in the black at their law whereas i because i do believe that white guy that when the pressure came on madison
avenue amid the debate over black people into commercials base that will show in black people in the commercial so they put him in the commercials were black people looking to address it you know and everybody has a white neighbor pain you very rarely seen two black women talking like women talking about this is this it was little glass in australia will lose never do i've never never do you get like your fourth logician says no you must look like you know the old result of ten confession and that's it a day speaking
greek you're wearing a free angela but he had any reaction from other people as a result warner but i wasn't a phenom i do this run and there is at the risk of the airport and there was a missile attack and he was like and he said the jaded wife chris baker got it would cry laughing and it all out how scientists the case in and i sounded nice and i was want it the status variant of the regular sports you get so i was trying to focus on that i was born as well as they have an image of me i guess of another time my involvement with
angela is again the injustice of it all her medical believes in our own i don't share her political beliefs i share her blackness and i show the injustice to any black person as in a way that you don't get the right to a trial we know that it's stacked against them they made her the most wanted woman since the bonnie bonnie and clyde and i think do they have a guy like myself which is a button a sudden somebody in that crowd that i go wrong with no i'm like that you know marriages i am
absolutely flabbergasted by the fact that we as a people the underground which they keep saying we got a lot of reading out on the ground as a soul on the ground you know i think it will change something happens it's it's the same thing to get into this suit is downtown has the debt lou <unk> an overly literal is that they got it and we didn't get we're going to get funky jiggle into something else is i'm not you know the day we had a lot of people that well is that the median it i cant that says jeff poor it says here that that same thing again at war yet and your ears and not all of it is now right on top but really just yet is you know we can solve the problem by having some type of army or some type of violent confrontations lights no wearing away but for
cadillac is to rescue his name on the flavor of years of our local color red they know we can do that how is it that you're free or not to talk the way you're talking indian entertainer because you know there is now is that if i'm black entertainer it to involve a black audience ends of it and industry and so basically by white people how you free and i would say to go online journal and relate to the brothers and sisters the way you are i think that it's called a respect for one's opinion but i've had to really what they were cooked meats or i don't like what you cinema david koch about that way but she shared a logger to say in that the appointees which is very very good work i really don't care i don't
get it when i say this is a racist society which we live and everybody knows it is a big big statement to make it and it is shocking to hear it from someone you just watched the night before of laughter but it is that gets a mohawk and you say that white and black kids to make music that made you write it made my psychotic neighbor who had to fight all of that by dan owen obligation to my brothers and my physical or no that existed then it still exists now an idea of what is you know i've got piles of the life of virtue of the success you know because for me to try in every way feasible to help apply to my people and again offering him because i see the policy is where members the least a dozen and an agreement about money they're making three popularity don't make it
free but you know that you know the show i live in a very old one shackled by the same things about the problem was i have my bosses say to me yes i worked for who you know really basically get a jack and fatah will say that makes sense to those we'll have a statement he said on that yeah i know simon robinson into the bandage you know i didn't say what your religion and says about this i don't have a lot on who's electable all religion his blackness we have to get to the point who was the only as a black jew the black athlete a
black baptists to black who's a release at the titles of the papers put on people who were in trouble our religion in the daily connections all is the practice religion of blackness that's it and again you know it's
been it's b california's a big state is also fear the mine too often overwhelming provides pleasure and it includes payment of one point five million black what the most companies south texas arkansas louisiana and myself from tennessee they live in such places as los angeles san francisco oakland and san diego tonight i want to give you a picture that rather than citizen california out of what we want but you know nothing is more california even for them rather than a dry i need to
pay for the car besides arrive what does california like a lot of those if you've never been here it could be warm weather movie land land of opportunity are a land of women among all the kinds of lines you might think of the man with a talented black america become another sammy davis jr the walls but is this really so the psychological suffering that the brother is going through in california in southern california critical way is just as strong as the psychological suffering of the brother goes your aria now other areas of the country there's a saying of police
occupation of the community there's a saying mom for educational system and even though there's grasso on there their houses are furloughed necessarily the best houses hear racism and suffering comes from the truth is california's know you took the black men in those ghettos racism economic deprivation and believe me it is not a movie they have some field that offers many things speaking on islam to atlantic get over it and they educated people even can be someplace else than decent place to go and they can also be someplace to be there see what people in california are struggling to save like people in los angeles for example moving hustling bustling is the freeways trying to make their set mostly by people in northern california are trying to develop alternative educational
systems like people all of this is indicative of the fact that white people people in the state of california are in fact and in the huge bubbling to be something different than what we have been there's a constant saturation and social issues in terms of social conflict what this means is that although lewis black people do things in numerous ways though there are some there's some commonality among them the fact is that a significant number of black people in their own way are involved in social issues particularly if you that the favorite island perhaps more important young black hole pointed that they're not ashamed they tried to make a phrase nation can come true california may be the land of the living
isn't always is make no mistake about it weathers here are struggling just as hard and they were all from us jobs good schools and a decent place and california have some problems of a cell some pretty fierce racism in place the fed system of public transportation here in southern california you know there's also rootlessness exotic lifestyle a misanthrope call someone once took a look at la and said i've seen the future and it won't work but i'm not so sure the businesses this year may yet leave the weight of our quiver at this as they've approached a writer <unk> is singing we are interviewing mr them on what that must have them on what is the director of the political department of the organization of african unity we decide to talk and so what i don't get information in terms of number one the history of the
organization and also some insights into the political movements that are taking place in africa well it's basically exactly let the organization revenue to use and how it started and is the republican whip of necessity it is seventy two and petrou integrity of each other's think non interference in august the state's internal affairs
in addition to that moment is this moment are no no and there were racial discrimination and then we have regrets on the one hand you don't take an action biggest and which often been since this is a new area of the disney opens which very soon so i woke to conclusion and try to make big smaller differences which quite an absolute human who believes sometime soon among the residents the hot out as neo colonialism manifest itself in express yourself enough neil cornelison
it's new designation was done now you come to me we've had nights and order which would you say that neo colonialism is the control over certain aspects of the african economy definitely beauties of the level of the african economy if i knew that guttural level in a cultural fashion for instance you've got this so court carter assistance being given to african states where we are scholarships sending that africans didn't you know america why does that mean that they get been washed after does that is so the foods we in europe or
america when they come back to africa they come back it is which have afflicted the african state and that tilts disciplines all things which kind of the x rated to the benefits of the african development objectives well it's alchemy organization of african unity fight something of that nature and how will what what can it do when ever since its creation what we have been doing this job is as much as an attempt to expose those dangers of neocons i must add that we only one we know that this one night of a given what you think right so angela
davis gates have the rather than a man you know it becomes a pull this is the reason that the inability to be who headed its money will be able to acquire legally disrupt that would be an influence we do the whole process is that the only a weekly thanks to you letters will read tonight are naturally from you and they give us
some idea of what you think about the show first letters from durham north carolina written by ms frank robinson opulent my duty to commend you for showing such excellent programs primarily black terrible it is disheartening that the network stations do not assume their responsibility in showing such programs yet it is encouraging yes even inspiring but some stations such as yours realize that this responsibility must be a signed a letter was sent to the unc tv in chapel hill north carolina this letter is critical black during your career is doing more to alienate the people in america than any program of the year the idea of urging our young black citizens of nineteen eighty four to think of pope building walls putting the whites in another world is a travesty this reader from toledo ohio tomorrow and i have never been motivated enough to write any one concerning a program but i felt like going to be a warm and exhilarating experience i enjoy especially black man at a four look for to save next month
as letters from fairmont west virginia from thelma stuart thank you for my journal i need blood drawn to help me know who i am stay on the air for me fight for me maybe it will make me fight for myself tonight we dedicate the black national anthem to rather whitney young for as a bear the rain
he's in the movie the i go all day ah me when
you see is the law at our day and those days where our amazing change as did it allow
them again there you all and in law girl well no
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Entertainer Sammy Davis, Jr., is interviewed this month by Black Journals executive producer, Tony Brown, and is seen performing at the Hilton Hotel in Hollywood. On the show, transmitted nationally on PBS, the Public Broadcasting Service, Davis discusses his past and present image as a black superstar working in the white-controlled entertainment industry. Recalling his early days in show business, Davis says, I dont my head would be where it is now if I had not gone through that 25 years ago Emulating the white stars, not trying to get my own identity, Todays black star has a responsibility to relate to his own people, Davis feels. I dont read a script that I dont weigh and say I wonder what the brother on the corner is going to think about this I think we went through a period where we were just pleased to see a black guy there (on television) Now we've got to go on further. Davis, who was formerly married to a white woman, is asked about his views on inter-racial marriage. He responds: I think that you can be committed to your people, to the cause It doesnt matter who youre married to. Asked why he is sporting an Angela Davis button, he says: I dont share her political beliefs; I share her blackness. And I share the injustice to any black person. Queried about his feelings on violent confrontation with whites, Davis says jestingly, You know there aint no way that you can put four Cadillacs against a tank; two rusty razors, you know, against an M-1; and a flame thrower against a bottle of Coca-Cola with a rag in it. Also on the program: -Blues singer John Lee Hooker sings and plays the guitar. -Black Journals African correspondent Horace Jenkins interviews Dramane Ouattara, director of the political department , the Organization of African Unity (OAU), at the OAU headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Black Journal, a production of NET Division, Educational Broadcasting Corporation, is seen on Public Television the last Monday of every month. Executive Producer: Tony Brown Additional Program Content: In an interview conducted by Black Journals African correspondent Horace Jenkins, the director of the political department at the Organization of African Unity (OAU), Dramane Outtara, says that neo-colonialism is creating division in African countries through nice words. On the cultural level, he asserts scholarship for study abroad are offered with the intention of brainwashing African students who often would prefer to remain in colonial countries or who will return to those countries with ideas foreign to African culture. He also accuses the great powers of failing to exert pressure on the Union of South Africa to change its racial policies. We cannot understand why you condemn on the one hand, and you dont take any action, he states. In another segment, entitled The Great Black Hopes Fashion Show, Black Journal gores to the recent Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier fight and to a post-fight party for a glance at some black celebrities spruced up for the affair in the latest fashions. Celebrities include pop singer Diana Ross; Berry Gordy, owner of Motown Records; comedian Bill Cosby; soul singer Aretha Franklin; composer and band leader Count Basie; and U.S. Representative Ronald Dellums (D-Calif.). Muhammad Alis voice is heard in the background delivering his recent political statements on racism, the war in Vietnam, and his problems with the draft.
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Black Journal began as a monthly series produced for, about, and - to a large extent - by black Americans, which used the magazine format to report on relevant issues to black Americans. Starting with the October 5, 1971 broadcast, the show switched to a half-hour weekly format that focused on one issue per week, with a brief segment on black news called "Grapevine." Beginning in 1973, the series changed back into a hour long show and experimented with various formats, including a call-in portion. From its initial broadcast on June 12, 1968 through November 7, 1972, Black Journal was produced under the National Educational Television name. Starting on November 14, 1972, the series was produced solely by WNET/13. Only the episodes produced under the NET name are included in the NET Collection. For the first part of Black Journal, episodes are numbered sequential spanning broadcast seasons. After the 1971-72 season, which ended with episode #68, the series started using season specific episode numbers, beginning with #301. The 1972-73 season spans #301 - 332, and then the 1973-74 season starts with #401. This new numbering pattern continues through the end of the series.
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Identifier: 1833106-1 (MAVIS Item ID)
Format: 2 inch videotape
Generation: Master
Color: Color
Duration: 0:58:21
Library of Congress
Identifier: 1833106-2 (MAVIS Item ID)
Format: Digital Betacam
Generation: Copy: Access
Duration: 0:58:26
Library of Congress
Identifier: 1833106-4 (MAVIS Item ID)
Generation: Copy: Access
Color: Color
Library of Congress
Identifier: 1833106-5 (MAVIS Item ID)
Generation: Copy: Access
Color: Color
Library of Congress
Identifier: 1833106-3 (MAVIS Item ID)
Generation: Master
Color: Color
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