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fb mr ferrucci a cycle of fourteen children juvenile are so he's known to his friends as a martyr in his own skin and his father dr martin luther king jr was assassinated in april of nineteen sixty eight he remembers the great so wise leader afghan caring loving father who often took him swimming and biking what issues of dr martin luther king jr is a difficult task perhaps an impossible that's why martin is continuing in his father's tradition while charging his phone corps rather than picking up when daddy left off this week
martin luther king the bird in black america from the center for telecommunication services university of texas at austin this is black america discussions of the black experience in contemporary society with this week's programme hears your producer and host john henson being the son of the famous civil rights leader is both a blessing and a hassle marty king the eldest son and namesake of the late so rice leader dr martin luther king jr is trying to do what is right in his heart there are those who urged him to run for political office others have offered to finance his campaign was serving as campaign manager mine is trying to establish his own identity and a term of his goals in life despite their pressures of being the son of dr martin luther king jr marty king is coming into his own is
concerned about the poor and oppressed is becoming more vocal about the lack of direction of black youth marty is a popular speaker on college campuses and churches and rallies for various causes marty and articulate and determined young man is one of feeling that he will sign it mean do what is right with a man of a gracious southern preachers mars conversation is punctuated with quotes from his father and references to the bible religion is a major influence in his life marty says if the lord calls into the ministry he's ready and the meantime he's busy preparing himself for his yet uncertain mission in life is currently a manager trainee and a major hotel in atlanta people always try to say that or ask is it a burden especially carrying the name of one who society knows relatively well yeah i really think it's a blessing
in many senses and i say that because to walk on monks and be amongst greatness is something that we don't get to do are times it is hard for me to talk about it because i have to look at martin luther king jr airs a father who is berating me and then i have to also look at him as the great person and society looked to him eggs and i guess continues to look to him because of his phenomenal vision that one day we would live in a war away or we would a man would want to take any blacks would not be judged on his children would not be judged by michael of their skin but by the content of a character as well as living in a world where we would not have to destroy a person or property and we have to embrace these principles which are the principles of our lord and savior jesus christ more and more as life
goes on because time to more about good years no other time in history of this nation that we can raise these principles more than at this time i've been going on since her father's death to keep his dream alive and well i've done i guess a host of things first of all of course i was very young when my father was taking away taking away alice i guess of that ten years old half or so on to high school and then attended morehouse college graduating in nineteen seventy nine with a ba in political science that degree wisely org as an effect on that same year and seventy now worked for the us environmental protection agency actually maybe seventy eight and seventy nine as a public participation specialist were to that port for the carter administration and a host of things throughout my life like in seventy seven i worked on the film with paul
and feel and cicely tyson caught kenyan society it was an anti mean down and paul and phil played my father says the tyson my mother and i was like a technical advisor to the fans i've been i was i worked in the carter election and seventy six a little bit and then an ad at work even more diligently then also have done a host of voter registration drives in and also immediate became a full time staff person a consultant for the cornered marriage carter campaign committee after ed i can get a lot of public speaking in terms of lecturing on college campuses churches in the end now i work for the dunphy atlanta hotel personnel department i want to management trainee program which was a year now be laid out by dunphy to the city of atlanta for six months working and economic development all along haven't won a host of things and fund raising for the mud and the king jr center for non violent social change which a new organization
established by the king family to continue and institutionalize my father's work in and drain our we have open in documents in archives which is one of the sections and one of the problems in the senate as a center has about ten basic parameters are reading academy to some people become functionally illiterate there is let's see a research component that goes into areas research is a problem a chorus of finding our kids to funding oversees the project until its completion and we have an internship program scholars in terms of college students we come and you do not abolished it for two weeks and none on orientation after that two week period to eight weeks in the feel and in a week of evaluation we write a paper and you get about ten hours credit there's no programming we have a daycare center where you bring all types of kids and basically from deprived areas you paid according
to what you make some versus paid nothing it begin teaching at a generally leveled that none partially can live here without destroying personal property and howl and what martin luther king jr stood for are so i've raised money for the senate i have worked in voter registration drive for every american and policing p i'm always doing fine riyadh beneficial in tbilisi be speaking functions we have been good and i will be at many towns have addressed these things i've been involved in alec baldwin pilgrimage of sclc just recently to get the voting rights act extended which was probably one of the most successful efforts that we've seen in this decade the us for what was it like growing up during the civil rights movement you just there was going on partially your father loved late night meetings people coming on it you realize
your father was actually changing the course of history and the other dignitary did because as ten years when he's not of course yeah now i guess i would have been seven eight six when i realized what was going on but i never really understood the impact of what he was doing at that time it was not until i became i guess fifteen sixteen that i begin to visual these really understand what type of impact he was having and the movement that he lived and the other person to involve work making honest nation and eventually the world is that every major problem that we have in american can be categorized under one of those areas where the nation of poverty and racism and not say that the three strategies that you used to do this i don't all analysts here and i think non violence is one attempt to begin to two two to rectify some of the problems especially
when you tell him that that's not bad says is what we must learn a man does give a step toward achieving non vastly about forensic steps we've conducted training program where say we not me what the center's conduct any training programme are with non violent action steps that can be taken into cities so that we can reduce some of the power centers because that is the black on black crime we can consistently came around young people are killing each other older people are killing job and we must put any internet before it puts any interest you mentioned earlier in the program about growing up and your father the greatness that was surrounding you you probably weren't a few fortunate black americans who have surround himself with heavyweights your great grandfather was a leader in the church a grandfatherly than church and also your father
what anne flores that that leadership have on your life thus far well being a condition unless it being conditioned and being around powerful people as well as a mother because she also it has a tremendous influence on my head and has as well as my grandfather i think that what that did was only idea she would say cement put cement i mean that was a foundation is a foundation was built with my mother and it put it was put in cement with my grandfather had been surrounded by my father so that it makes me know that i cannot be one hour to be in two
of them and now with aarp now i can't be without a b into your which european vice versa and that structure is universal that we are interdependent upon one another no one can't subsist on his or her this i feel we must understand that we were say we as people whites misunderstand who cooks klan misunderstanding or a majority misunderstand the end although attacks on big issues on a reactionary groups radical and reactionary groups and america is a melting pot of all different types quarters of people and the only way that we will prevail is is if we unite as one united we stand divided we will fully willing to your father wendell willkie are receiving the nobel peace prize i guess it was a high honor naturally in nineteen sixty four
i don't know anything about that i mean wow it was great day now i can look back on it aim to think about it in the end and so it was there was tremendous however on other hand apportion things did ease not really concerned about because if you do jesse delmar seemed to try to walk only one of those things will come to you with his cancer was to try to help someone else not bring parties in recognition to himself and so i think that was tremendous and i put it in its perspective however the man what i think is great is what he did with what he gets but what is greater steel he's a he was a man who
was a wealthy or spiritual gifts financial and material gifts however he could have been wealthy from a material standpoint of it could've been the cost of college or university president as he could've had anything couldn't it a corporation or maybe even well are the country that's when he was offered many things they offer the money they offered him any job they offer young women and you know i say this jokingly but it was probably true even often white women and he refused and that all of those things and eventually they said well when the natural movies black man from this planet because he is not in the flesh he is not falling to the temptations to the average
man would fall to they spent twenty million thirty million dollars the fbi tried to discredit him more money than they've ever spent on one single investigation in hoosiers nations which edgar hoover also alleges to some thriller but nothing after that was more important was that he took that fifty thousand dollars at that time nineteen sixty three which would be equal to two hundred and fifty thousand seventy thousand a day nineteen sixty four actually and even keep one that all of the money i know too many people who would have that kind of commitment and he didn't keep that he gave it all to the organizations organizations that later criticized him and elise appeared really a host of others as well as to the southern christian leadership conference which he was president but persuading he would i think that was the greatest thing about a noble peace
prize not summers practice prize as this marvelous ceremonious is it in perspective that's great but what you do with what you have taken that money and made it work really made investments are we would be you know maybe i don't ever well financially today nsa we really may not it may not have taken us fourteen years thirteen years to bilking center if he had taken some of the money to be made and invest but he was not about giving away a little bit and the lead that i've been in the state of about three thousand dollars plus not really any money so naturally i mean at that was worth five ten thousand of the best not any real money when you generally the family for key is to say that blood he always an icon of
bad faith we believe regardless of what happened today we gonna make it somehow sclc didn't have money to pay people have even the day or c a cnn money but somehow the rodin on faith in the woodlawn what is what was right and they labeled as stimulus efforts the last couple of years the march on washington to make your father's birthday as a national holiday how's that come along the birthday has been slow on that effort because of reagan administration in their policies toward primarily you know not just the black community i think anything that everything to do it because social programming unless there is a major trust sammy just trust what i mean is a major lobbying effort are if the people would create a man they didn't build bp's are stevie has done
a tremendous job on one of five persons that i can think of in terms of creating a consciousness in this country if all the entertainers would take that type of stanley and we would be able to get the birth to be a lot of problem so we must and i call it precipitating a crisis cause us what was done in the sixties in birmingham to create the atmosphere in the condition for a civil rights act of nineteen sixty four do you think you actually get out of our deserts they would visit with tennessee we really city of having compassion for her father issues cia has suffered however and benefited so much for iran sometimes we have to lose a love want to gain something and we lost
and immense amount and we gain so much dating probably was not known as well as he is prior to his death and now yet today and it's interesting there's a man who fourteen fifteen years ago die scale and today he's still known so in a sense is he really did physically a man is dead but is the message will live on for every never i think as always days injustice most people are treated unfairly martin luther king jr huge message love freedom and justice for all mankind for jeffers for the monthly king jr center for non violent social change we've got to be involved in a number of things that effect next year in eighty three there will be cows of eighty three will be twenty three years i'm sorry twenty years since the march on washington in sixty three with a one hundred thousand persons demonstrating actually was over two hundred thousand to
and fifty thousand not only demonstrating are that's how also was a catalyst to and the civil rights act of sixty five which side of course in sixty four ramadan johnson is fixed at three we're calling on all people of goodwill we bring and give a coalition of all writers organizations maybe even closer to five hundred organizations to try to bring more people than were there in nineteen sixty three after lincoln memorial in washington monument in between that area in washington we're calling i guess in a celebration but actually it's a commemoration of the march on washington celebration eighty three finally dr lowery is the co chairperson in eighty three now but there will be a hose to organizations labor unions you name it they will be involved all those persons more power when given a coalition and sixty three so that we can appeal
to the causes of the nation focusing on jobs peace and freedom which they have that may change a little bit but primarily jobs peace and freedom and we will go to that site and stevie wonder just wanna be involved pull the entertainers back in sixty three year sammy davis had the front end pool to give a lot of persons ever to finally put together most people trapped and has to marlon brando in just a host of other actresses and hack tours eartha kitt tom aretha franklin you name it they were there while steve you will be helping an eighty three to bring those people you have someone from laborer to have someone from the business community possibility of demonstration similar to the one the saudi aid solidarity march in new york city what is the continued value of the baptist church the seventies a would be historic because of the ministers that have been there
and people will come from all the world i guess to visit tunisia because i'm under the king jr mutton at the king sr and my great grandfather a billion eggs and if a seventies or i guess was a unique church and i just have anything approaching any abuses across the country would have been easier because it as always been involved in social issues traditionally baptist churches and you have this fight in terms of the two conventions that used to exist the progress of the national baptist convention and the national baptist convention companies it was a member of the progressive convention a baptist churches in the national baptist which was headed by reverend c h jackson just recently of course there's a switch that just a few months back at a convention in miami in the new president is tj jemison baton rouge louisiana
well now say that because devil's ministers who believe that it is supposed to do is on wednesday in those members who believe with depression prayer meeting and from wednesday to sunday you prepare for the sermon sunday you preach and then you wait for wednesday and then same flow of things every day every week while that hess to change because churches have to be of our social into app consequently you will create our consciousness throughout the nation and has to be the black church that provides that sensitivity for it i think this nation and historically black churches have provided that sensitivity so we have to understand that all of that is an integral part of life and for development and if we do these things they in fact black peoples of that white people will sit back in this nation and the world was marty chain so the late civil rights leader dr martin luther king jr and you have a comment
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