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z's <unk> fb and that texas house this is not bringing greetings from the state of tennessee and all of your friends who are they when you hear
the national association of black journalists brings an outstanding value to the city of nashville and to the state of tennessee and we want to all officially welcome you and to assure you that all of our services will be made available to you so that year's day in this state and this city will cause you to come back and visit with us again will all of you are here that you have allowed to assist you in every way welcome to nashville the music all means the home of fisk university of tennessee state university the harrowing medical collins american baptist college vanderbilt university's peabody college at belmont university all of those institutions that are committed to certain if we can assist you in any way please know that we are ready to do that last august and nashville tennessee the national association of black journalists at its twenty fourth annual
convention and job for more than eighteen hundred brock head of a professional as students gather for five days to delay relevant issues express concerns share ideas and help chart the course for the fictional before and that the states and the community alliance with invention and as you had a historic meeting politically attractive americans nashville played an important role in the civil rights movement of the nineteen sixties when students of this university of tennessee state university emma harry medical college they among those who staged sit ins in downtown lunch counters many of those temperatures and rain and freedom rides the lead to bust turmoil throughout the south being integrated i'm jan ellison june and welcome to another edition of and black america on this week's program the national association of black goes to a fourth annual convention part one and
we are here to talk about the issues we are here to bring some of the foremost newsmakers of this country to mess hall not just in nashville but to you so that you can't parse them on the issues talk about your concerns somewhere along the way we've been doing this now we know a little bit of experience and having pensions so whatever you do and this guy goes without saying but i'll say it anyway how some funny but go back to your respective newsrooms and your respective company is an industry is your towels and as cities and take what you've learned here and you said because that's the greater cause that we're all trying to achieve we are setting up those
days so we can bring to the national convention that's after the million man march are the female president of the national association of black journalists founded on december twelve nineteen seventy five in a b g eight is the largest minority jurors organization in the world no position was created to unify after american journalist ray recognition to their achievement in the newsrooms of america enter the thin ties between black and white media what began with only forty four members and the beginning at most there's little capital and no national office now has grown to over three thousand members and operating budgets in excess of one million dollars this year's convention opening speaker was the man credited with turning his vision of a million man march into our reality when more than one million man responded to was caught to convey in a washington dc last october sixteenth four day of atonement mr lewis far combination
of islamic made a historic first appears before a dj normalization receive more than expected numbers will buy the search before they were allowed to enter the hall the minister also admired black jails were in mainstream media not to fall into the trap of trying to please a master at the expense of hiding the truth the following that exodus of the ministers remarks or somebody a breakup from the hall house system minister louis farrakhan two you're sitting president to run the warner saunders and to get you to the members of the national association of black journalists i'm very very honored to have this opportunity to stay we to a most influential group of our brothers and sisters you
have a tremendous responsibility being journalists and being black and how to approach youre steamed profession with honesty integrity and yet not fall into the editorial track of trying to lease a massacre by saying the things that please is the master and denying the truth that you know this a state forced to stick is really the protector
of democracy without a free press there is no real democracy free press does that really mean that you three years to state your ideas thoughts and opinions in a democratic society but a free press is not a controlled press a free press is fat free to determine what the truth is and to write and speak true to the elements of that society
the founding fathers of this great nation and do that set this nation actually moving toward perfection freedom of speech and freedom of the press and freedom of religion and freedom of assembly must be protected without free speech we are hearing from saying the things that my correct democracy that has gone off course yes we can not say the things that would it the nation
diaz says it's the same and becomes wealthy and influential yet says television stations for the masses the masses not being ignorance stupidity wrote in the name of new laws in the name of jihad in the name of entertainment and as the cops go and want a man that's what that man is and if you see a new family and ignorance and degeneracy that
thanks wade it's great isn't it a demographer and the fundamentals of a democracy is there with him in effect on our computer heavy metals or the business i didn't come to lecture you on another nasa but your business and since you invited me i think that you are now the institution does it you
do the black community we are the people you can uptown in the parade dressed black person who would do the job so the black dress and about to enter the mainstream media and you became a happy to be mainstream this raises eyebrows
and now we've got the idea and you say i would like to see a democracy protected because in a free society i don't have to write tough california in a crowded accept that there is a fight for democracy house has all right
and why is because somebody well he's done what does that mean what does that really mean is a midnight is an anti semite you mean to tell me what are the bigotry anti semitism that as well this is what it is that's right oh
yes as long as mind manipulation and be normal and say this don't get caught up in the mercedes benz and the imaging and how you look on tv you me
do what democratic society and what you need to a suffering people it's sickening to turn on the news my ma right thing don't you have anything else to report all you say when asked what the people you wanted you know you have an hour there could be an interview thank you very much you got asked yourself the x ray's myself in the mirror every day
and now i really do is because you have now you have helped me i know what you are and you love you and your brother we have a suffering people out because it's a nice what do you see he has been arrested you get the facts and somebody editorializing one hitch
your byline as well and others insist the government to delay used to work they have a philosophy and come back you can investigate let's go to nigeria yes yes
so those leagues in the state a lot less than what you know god wanted to
make it you got to be freed from some news and that was that thank you that's it
the pope are you you as billy you i'm very serious because i'm not a politician i'm not trying to be polite
but i know how valuable you especially to be breaking and i imagine you into some facts and you need each other and we need strength and we need more faith in the taste of this assistance as i sit down i'll post it might i might need for saunders and i have known each other a long time i have a deep and abiding respect for him and a deep and abiding respectful on you it may not sound like it but i'm hurting over the condition of the peak and i'm hurting oval what
role did you could if you looked at the roosevelt wanted to get he was at hand the last six years there has been a prize offered for the person each year who has done in the minds of a committee of nine headquartered in geneva switzerland the most in their minds for human rights the prize is named after a man
infamous reputation like myself it's called the cadets practice it has been one by nelson mandela by the children of the intifada i met dan bellow the former president of algeria by the native americans in that struggle and by a scientist who has fought hard put in the fight against aids in africa this past few months they nominated louis farrakhan to receive this prize which carries with it a monetary price of a quarter
of a million jobs and they say they awarded this prize to me because of my stance as a fighter for justice for the oppressed and because of the miracle of the million man march by the twenty third of this month which is friday a law goes into force that for bates any american person from receiving a gift or anything like that from libya iran sudan
and maybe one or two other nations i had written to the department of the us treasury through our attorneys say to them that we're requesting a license to see a surprise and i'm on my way to libya god willing in a few days to accept the prize on behalf of the brothers and sisters who came to washington to make them a new memoir is what it is and what it wants have been many media reports that louis farrakhan billion dollar
million man march moammar ghadafi called on that he was so excited about what he saw i could hardly recognize his voice minister louis farrakhan speaking before the national membership the national association of black journalists if you have a question comment or suggestion that if you jam black america problems write us also let us know what radio station you heard is over the views and opinions expressed on his program and not necessarily those of the station or of the universe your taxes at austin and do we have the opportunity again for it a technical producer of our growth i'm jenelle hansen jr thank you for joining us today and please join us again next week cassette copies of this program are available and maybe purchase by writing in black america cassettes
In Black America
National Association Of Black Journalists Dallas Fort-Worth/ABC with Louis Farrakhan, Part 1
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Highlights from the 21st annual convention of the National Association of Black Journalists in Nashville, TN featuring Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam discussing the importance of the black press in serving the greater community and maintaining journalistic integrity to promote democracy regarding the unfair standards imposed on journalists of color at mainstream publications.
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