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fb and that with the texas house and this is all a journalist and i think that's a complicated in that in many ways parallels the police beating videotaped and in many ways they gave them all the allegations
of the earth and one of the huge international attention on those allegations well yeah when washington editor of the philadelphia new observer newspaper this has some of the national association of black journalists held his twentieth annual national convention in philadelphia more than twenty five hundred students work in journalism and media professionals meant to celebrate two decades of moments count on december twelve nineteen seventy five in a bj of the largest minority jurors organization in the world and a dj with great unify after american journalist bring recognition to their achievement in the newsrooms of america and to bring about better understanding between black and white media
what began with only forty four members in the beginning no operating status capital or national office now has grown to over three thousand members and operating budgets in excess of five hundred thousand dollars when there was a riot at this year's convention they were met with demonstrators protested iraqi navy jays involvement or the lack thereof with the mayor abu jamal's case i'm jenelle hanson join us and welcome to another edition of and black america this week the national association of black girl with ammonia abu jamal case part two im black america it means the system worked as it in cases involving the war involving blacks involving politically radical which is it doesn't work too well who is mia let me start by telling you we use now is not a mosque as his opponents have characterized
him north sea read it copy as you've heard from the commentary it's about the tense armed police officers charged in the rodney king beating money on the side money isn't that the mythical a mythological saw a reporter that many of his supporters are to me i was not young person covering police brutality or poverty or the bass that not everyone is certainly easing that one of the nation's leading black leaders on december nine nineteen eighty one philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner stopped a green volkswagen all of history just east of thirteen street located in a red light district of nightclubs and bars and more jamal's brother william cook got out of the sky and subsequently got into a fight with often of faulkner abu jamal was driving care that the time came upon
the struggle ran toward the officer and salomon the back officer faulkner's pullout drew his weapon and shot abu jamal on the chess according to the prosecution's case responding officers found a dying faulkner and abu jamal sitting nearby current three witnesses identified abu jamal as the killer on june first nineteen ninety five a death warrant was signed by governor tom ridge the mayor abu jamal now sits on pennsylvania's death row after winning a stay of the regional execution date august seventeen nineteen ninety five he also seeks a new trial at the time of this production in this week's programme lynn washington editor with the philadelphia new observer newspaper gives an insight into what some say is a political prisoner money is intelligent he's articulate he sensitive meal was an excellent radio reporter get it with a rich baritone voice into
all our understanding of all the sound and sy says the mayor was aggressive in his reporting thinking cap and balance we have a concern about the have nots in a commitment to make their stories now today me is an extraordinary leap get it right returning to his roots in journalism with his writing as he indicated are in the interview where you start on a black panther party who know me is to what does because dollars are a lot more than just what we do as a profession me is a man with a family and yes mommy is a man with walz i was interviewed him and then what we called castle as it was a lie to live on that role
and the possible moment he says not just the police say they know it's anybody's out of the sight of god i would suggest that no it's anybody's out of the side of your family and you made this case the case of mommy abu jamal races that day is looming know what first amendment issues president or he's run his incarceration have been that may even the basics of writing even in that typewriter on the allegation and it is a security risk yet he could have a television or radio now horse in an interview he says if i really want to work in i could take the screen and tv breaking slashing he's been that's been denied access to information there is a tasty
shrine himself successfully back in the late eighties when he went to get a newspaper and was called the revolutionary war and prison authorities say no you can't have this because it is going to be disrupted want that lay near the inmates are isolated from the general population and are basically kept in their cells twenty twenty four hours to twenty three a day so we've had a smattering of these proceedings president ford he's testified and yes they grudgingly acknowledged that some inmates were receiving white race is great literature and others were receiving pornography ms tiffany abu jamal could not receive a revolutionary leftist newspaper money has been the target obviously his fancy he was a concern also as a civil libertarians
mess here national public radio was slated to work as a series of commentaries not about its mates what about his views of light on that role what makes really extraordinary is because he's articulate and like so many people in a roma or semi literate or mentally deficient and the iraqi army has inside and who better to talk about life on death row as somebody who knows a new candidate union rally earlier this year when his world was going toward publication there was another sensitive that there was there were all so they will basically an unofficial unocal it if you run long hours or so the waiter responsibility for it but those those things happen
the person and the tissues and included in this case i think too which concern us as germans one the superficial reporting any other being exclusionary reporting when as a subversive reporting is a hulking that we began reporting on the world about the states i would suggest with all due respect to your reporting which i feel have gotten better in the last year and last month but we're getting a lot of civil courts and not a lot of state is a more what he hadn't really haven't been explored animals shortell appear and one aspect to the case again the facts and how the facts are interpreted it is it is you know what type will actually kill officer fall and i'd like to just give a little footnote records here than ever shoppers bought a civic this is quite a lot of myself in there as a tennessee that when
you try to talk about the other side of the point somehow you're not been as a support and then it just try to do my job and somehow i'm painting with an update on what it is about this is at me it or we'll never sap is officer the medical examiner and his initial report is that this report was a news reports said it was a war ii port talbot says you see visibly porque el gordo to london may i carry a thirty eight special prosecution said it was loaded with plants he ammunition which is a how low this is a very special plus we either a mad about wrangler i think ramble at the size of this stick is that assad does that say to me is innocent know
this is the sort of things should have been litigated that detrow what were not the supreme court rejected his appeal he was laboring to a decision in the case old austin vs delaware dolphins a white racists in delegates at pratt read and tell us about their wandering in the bag he was very eerie and bravo and they did it and we went with the latest rights say criminal trial so maybe it isn't let me make every application you like a he said no that was what was really interesting in not the delaware supreme court's opinion that was us supreme court precedent are what gates commonwealth or says abu jamal or without the us supreme court once it was just words men washington editor the philadelphia new observer newspaper also
present on the pow discuss ellen yeh abu jamal case and maybe days to have national convention was attorney joseph mcgill mr mcgill with the philadelphia district attorney who prosecuted at abu jamal in nineteen eighty two i'm here for a very narrow issue yet a very important issue and that's the fairness of the trial and sentencing hearing which ended in the conviction and sentence to death of me and which i'm all i'm not here to discuss the pros and cons of the death penalty norm i here to discuss the value of a human life or the talents of mr jamal which i can see what i'm here for and what i want to please listen to and i know that you will is to discuss aspects of the case
and even before i start that based upon those particular videos and writings that you heard in the voice of mr jamal i will point out that i'm also here to focus in on the death of daniel walker slash police officer and the light of the moon the abu jamal on death row i am also not here to discuss the first amendment issue after hearing me undoubtedly sonora spend actually beautiful voice of mr jamal i will point out to all of you and i appreciate history washington's remarks that there is a voice that will never be heard again since december the ninth nineteen eighty one that voice is a voice of an individual police officer who was honored in various
ways for what he did for the city of philadelphia before that night he will not right he will not think he will not be able to do anything in life let alone on death row so the viciousness of the hat that took away the life of a human being police officer in this city must not be forgotten and if i may use the word that mr washington said i'm paraphrasing something else what is hell well perhaps how is being a widow of a police officer when every day you don't know whether they're coming back and on december ninth nineteen eighty one marine wagner didn't know and her husband never did i just at that time let all those since we are focusing on those issues but this is so important an issue because there
is life on both sides is one that many supporters wish to preserve the other that has been lost for ladies and gentlemen i suggest that we take a look at the fairness of the trial at this juncture i will point out to you that the evidence has been quoted as saying was indeed overwhelming i would suggest to all of you that it is almost beyond belief to imagine a conspiracy so wide and so deep as to manage to get all of this evidence in some fashion in properly together to convict this man there are reports coming out that there are there is somehow a conspiracy to get him because he in some way would continue to oppose the policeman
on his political kill i suggest to you that everyone of you and some of you may have relatives that are police officer that's trivializes the death of the police officer and trivializes the word and commitment of the police department who is interested in investigating and convicting a killer of a fellow police officer not getting somebody because he has political views that may at one time been rather now than blisters in this particular case you had four eyewitnesses you had to eye witnesses at the scene identified mr jamal before he was taken away in a car you don't have a situation like oj simpson where you don't have any eyewitnesses or any weapon or any circumstantial evidence beyond those very clear and somewhat dubious what aspects you certainly have no admission so
one really can't do in some way a parallel the two cases you could see that the reason apparently what we have are four eyewitnesses who themselves come from different walks of life indeed one was a prostitute this foray into particulate another one was a cabdriver another one and two other way a male by the way where were in different ways and they didn't even know each other that time when you have a situation where you see somebody shoot somebody an end table and you don't see them and you see them all lined up maybe five or ten days later this were individuals that so i stayed there and pointed at the fund about who never left all for the two of them on the scene ninety one identify mr moore as running across the street something that was never denied by anyone but that same person also fall through
and said that he had his arm raised and sat down here in her let us look at the weapons another thing always missing and so many of these other cases a weapon that conceivably by the defense minister line that belong to mr jamal the weapon at five casings and a fire or something that you may have read falsely it was presented and perhaps at least the articles that i have a great read indicated that there were no tests on this particular weapon well there were tests done on this weapon this weapon which was good seat only mr jama laws at five fire casings from that weapon which were determined to be fired from that weapon hastings or when the project argues the case and remains with us and egypt in his revolver it stayed in five fire consistent with the number of shots that the eye witnesses testify too the projectile responsibility
not just little notations on a coroner's report at the corner now you can eyeball projectile that was exploited plus p explodes in the equipment and the people that have the equipment used to the people that were interested in finding the police officers you're used to determine that it was a parody in certain characteristics of it unlike what was stated by justifies not certain characteristics were similar those that were fired from that weapon and also whether the gun was fired there was dirt and powder falling in five chambers which indicated that was fired there is no way of telling no way of telling that a gun was fired recently or in any kind of time period so that certainly could not have been there and then you have the emissions
that evidence with the admissions the eyewitnesses and the way is it so compelling how many cases do you have one of those components let alone three having trial over a hundred and fifty jury trials in my life and i'm well aware of the tremendous experience and success of mr winder as i can tell you i rarely had a case that apple of those components together the fairness of his trial let us look at this ineffectiveness of counsel you must realize that in the direction you're avenue of appeal but the defense must do in order to get him now is to demonstrate certain things such as that the council was in effect other things such as that there would be after discovered evidence another point would be that there would be some kind of major constitutional violation by the parties involved myself the defense council was there where the judge if you don't you can't go against
the facts and the law and they're all against you going to the players were to the plate but i do not begrudge in any way an aggressive effort because i'm a defense attorney also to tend to find a way to be the best thing you can predict what i tell all of you the evidence is overwhelming and the trial was fair but you know what happened in this and you saw some of those clips from a lot of you if not all of you were watching those clips of his gmo tell you a little bit perhaps about the personal about defiance about the individual who had a commitment to his beliefs no matter what he indicated that he was just overwhelmed with anger or the lesson of the words he used when the nineteen eighty one sentencing of his those that he got to appreciate the move members you remember him saying that on the video and you also remember that that was nineteen eighty one it's happened in december nineteenth nineteen eighty one
mr jamal that you see that tape was nineteen eighty nine and that you hear in that you read is not the one who's been convicted and sentenced it's the mr jamal the format act in his frame of mind in nineteen eighty one when he observed his brother interacting with police officer that perhaps should be looking it is so difficult sometimes to realize the context that context of the facts which underline the conviction i do have a number of other points but like most i guess lawyers or be some lawyers protests like time and i hope that i may be able to raise them perhaps in some rebuttal what i'm anticipating his to one lesson to say and perhaps any questions and the merrimack concluding this portion of the discussion we'll hear from leonard wine glass and who's now it's cheaper to transport the money and tomorrow when i want to thank the membership
on the captain for allowing us this opportunity to explore questions relating to his case i should point out at the outset i'm not your alone however i'm joined by kali so rachel the valerie western camel africa and assisting me and assisting the very ably in this case let me get right to the issue that's been presented here by the prosecutor in the original trial i was not the defense attorney there the question of whether or not the evidence but quote evidence against mr jamal was so compelling just briefly reviewing it the evidence is made up of three component parts eyewitness testimony a weapon
and an alleged admission on the eyewitness testimony first mr jamal were shot at the scene he was found in a pool of blood by the officers who arrived within minutes but four separate people other witnesses who were not together standing in four different places on that street and one of the hotel above it all all the police that night or within a week that an individual rand from the scene after the shooting have that person running on the same side of the street south side of lopez and now we know all of them have that person running in the same direction east even for people were loosened at about the very same
event or in fact the shooter did run away was that presented at trial it was not it was not presented at trial because two of these individuals one of the witnesses that <unk> media refers to a cab driver by the name introvert so that made a mistake when he told police that night at the scene but the shooter ran away he said it was a mistake when he took the stand to testify he retracted his statement and said the shooter did not run away but the shooter fell down white where mr jamal now we now know as a result of the hearing yesterday after fourteen years this man this cab driver was pulled back yesterday and for the first time revealed what really was going through his mind he was driving a cab at night without
a license and he's still driving without a license and he testified that he was assured by mr mcgill presumably before he testified that the district attorney would look into the problem he was having with his license they know why egress chief defense attorney former mayor abu jamal next we will conclude this panel discussion if you have a question or comment or suggestions asked if you take him black america problems write us also let us know what radio station you heard is over use and opinions expressed on his program and not necessarily those of the station or the university of texas at austin until we have the opportunity again for production assistant chris paulson and i be a technical producer david alvarez i'm gabrielle harrison jr thank you for joining us today and please join us again next week
cassette copies of this program are available and maybe purchase by writing in black america cassettes communication building the ut austin austin texas seventy seven one to ask in black america cassettes communication ut austin austin texas seventy seven wanted to do from the university of texas at austin this is the longhorn radio network fb it has a way of life the national association of like joe as an ammonia have to do marc a start to
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National Association of Black Journalists, Mumia Abu-Jamal Case, Part 2
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