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fb says instances is in pieces from the longhorn radio network the university of texas at austin this is in black america she's on children and the academic program and it made me a company that they need them to be on the un do you have a lot of hard information that they're providing weapons ban children and women are a lot of the african republic of the moment is recovering in the way of that location goes in may of nineteen eighty six it was written africa
and the international community really into bullets all vatican boys in law is reported to have that second symbolism of the event that symbolism jabril jell o sing advisor with the united nations children's fund over the past decade the economic and social situation in africa has deteriorated millions are suffering in emergency situations due to natural and manmade disasters such as drought floats epidemics as armed conflict and south africa's act of destabilization at the same time the cat's been suffering from adverse international economic and financial environment of economic adjustment program's results and drastic cuts in social budgets and from inadequate domestic policies and it may be one yourself policies and programs in africa have continued to evolve a response to the crisis situation in conjunction with the united nations and with other agencies i'm danielle hansen
june this week building a grand alliance for children in africa and the armored these gory animal morrill an appeal ms bernice became an equal the symbolism to forgive that got itself which also contains a backup plan about anything to lunges on either side in the yard and beautiful french graduation on one side an english version of the other side and then you are in english and french version of all ethnicities you just ended just like you're participating in this ceremony i asked one of the journalists who covered the bay detainees in
both him and that that in march of nineteen eighty seven he writes an article about what's been most and what has combined fear of those impressions that that would be a very very interesting thing for you in may of nineteen eighty seven and the woman as a shield for african unity summit is of state and government adopted several resolutions endorsing tells a viable efforts growing commitment of african leaders to the well being of african children and women has been central to the success of child survival and development activities supported by unicef in recent years unicef has enlisted the support of decision makers and communicators such as artists writers the intellectuals commentary ends religious leaders and nongovernmental organizations to build a grand alliance for children after the oil eu summit organization
declared the year nineteen eighty eight as a year for the protection survival and development of the african child on a recent visit to the united nations headquarters in new york city singing advisor with the united nations children's fund jabril joe gave us and allied addressing the efforts of yourself towards african child survival the relationship is part of our overall strategy all trying to utilize the kinds of artists writers and intellectuals and i have to communicate is in the broader sense of the word let alone to put together messages on john survival and development secondly do to disseminate those messages because what we find in africa is that then the biggest problem and infant mortality rate is
not so much a lack of medicine education in at the mother's where you know that for instance you know before doing it ought to wash your hands is a very basic things that they would accept that can cut the infant mortality rates drastically and then in innovation comes in another in other fields as well as the reason why are humans have created two years ago or unit or the social mobilization units reacher is here in the division agenda i think whose focus is to try and work on social mobilization of initiatives and so the initiative was launched in africa and i can see you know we have had tremendous impact in africa but also it is constantly in asia latin america as well they do know that just so happened thirteen march of eighty seven since then it isn't an intellectual <unk> today individual countries
and that have formed national total groups and discussing how they can bring the theme of can survive and development to the front and downs of artists and intellectuals and we have been working with vets by building this platform and a disposal all things like to try and reach out to african baptist and intellect to the netherlands and whenever we have these activities we tried to make sure that there is an item on the agenda do we first bite because it's a part of the province in virtually every single african countries that the network is very negative worldwide airlift a lot of that work that we have to go there but from being pregnant in the third world but also do what we all the units have committees and in the us allies countries saw the maid in that country but they only do it to images we have plans to hire one week devoted to do youth the investec itself in june of
eighty nine and hopefully doing that we really allow innocent bystanders like that woman and i write it up on a light or to have a hands on the latest you get it in a week's he is german and jumping on busses effect and this effort and now we are laying a lot of the emphasis up to live over the store with one level it is to consolidate their context a lot of that into like jos at the national level and other remote villages in rio as you do religious jews into women's organisations and cons of using their knowledge to bring across the message so we have now a national support groups and almost every one of the country to work in central africa and then as symbolism gaming focusing specifically on the children and the punchline
faith and they are again in a yard artisan intellectuals who came from southern africa or no specific vision and then outside africa second born with learning on banks with writers and intellectuals in three countries in particular part of the diaspora brazil haiti and jamaica we will have probably would show up sometime next year in brazil trying to link the experience that we have in africa we've what's going on about it and the active ingredient but people using the natural link all the involvement of so many actors and intellectuals from brazil within the first puck network lines of the same thing in it and the same thing in brazil the final form which i would like to make is that in march of eighty seven and is still kind of an ally by the symbolism of this major and buckle
it at nine am so much of eighty nine and this meeting will be focusing specifically on the record about local initiative because the problem that we have seen in africa is that done was people are enthusiastic of our dirt having their children immunized we have to find some in that sustaining that interests wants to know that and i think that ended a provision of reasons essential patents i've bought a camry health care is very important because people love love love love trapped in villages and villager clinics in vienna because there's no medicine available at the village do so again now the last year liu rejected them out of units that went to a meeting or ministers are how full all of africa end up on the recommendation today as the region with an update for the provision of essential drugs drew remotest
villages in africa and this is part of what is called a local initiative we choose to try and get low self supporting family healthcare programs unintelligible so for reasons we can buy medicine say something because the city of new york one dollar we can buy further the lipid a sense we can sell it to the village of foreigners and the religion is it for the equivalent of a dollar in a vitamins a new orleans own money and then you used to benefit the profit enough to regenerate in the community and they have been very very good instances of these die already in africa and the outlook in the minutes of the alphabet have the state senate while very very interested in this process so the meeting in march of eighty nine the address specifically the usual hullabaloo relationships ollie gates is an initiative
that obama who initiative and we're going to have a un meeting all they may not have been planning committee for that is that the video artists and intellectuals from within africa the initiative in africa initiative for that to be up with and played get them and waited another vegas that killed seventeen you'll see all the two comedians know the unions invented the advisory council we just completed the moral authority under which they can do it but the gang that some us shale medium iq that
it was really intimidating and it says nevada's about with us at all of these people also an adviser this is built on those moral authority the whole initiative is being collected and then underneath that the plan out of them blanton comedian review the group of people who actually village on the regional level and they are adults at home some of you i've met who was a very well known then you know i was a little chilly director of unicef away from central africa may have a lunch room is always from a fungal a bottom of the howdy boos from the oh you want a boy out who is the chairman of the company and publishing house and also writer montague fungal oc up response from senator obama and atlanta for more than the rules moral from uganda and then his vineyard and trauma zimbabwe has been happening
in zimbabwe under fifty seven called for december to try and see what have begun to make sure that we keep the racial going at the national level and then also to try and frequently have much meaning in a bubble jabril jell o sing advisor with the united nations children's fund are so well in new york city i attended the comedies go way island memorial an appeal ceremony lori alan off to sing on these goals how those long the most infamous of the buildings from west african slaves set out on a journey across the atlantic well the high points of fast five to be held in senegal the route the month of june of nineteen eighty nine will be the langham a foundation stone for monument at the site representing the image of africans and people of african descent throughout the world the memorial be a replica of one to be constructed on the nearby harmonies head land
warriors already been designated an historic monument by the government a synagogue is on the world heritage list of unesco as worthy of preservation for the moral is intended to represent more than rumors of the past it looks to a future which are those of african descent can join together to play their role in the history of humanity direction of the memorial is intended to take place within the context of one hundred million dollar restoration of glory as a call show an historical complex the total project conceived as a symbol of remembers and reunification the people of africa and its diaspora it will comprise a museum an exhibition center conference center theaters restaurants and a commercial area on october fifth nineteen eighty eight for several years we hailed at the united nations headquarters in new york city the last the world africa more after the ceremony i spoke with dick gregory
regarding the world african memorial mr grech it was important for you and other black americans to anticipate anyone in memorial big indian americans i think the emancipation proclamation to serve one purpose to physically free me from slavery when you physically free me from slavery and mentally you don't which you can't as mike get out of the same things that i was doing the voice of how people write they recounted the right to love sleep so now this is the first step and free up our minds was to give three disappeared it's really good example of what happens when you keep free physically were not mentally ill suggested focus of america's population that it really was responsible for seventy percent of all the homicides i would do that means that me mentally i tolerated and insulting system too frightened to do anything about it so at the time it also might look
like mia religion and the disney i am in sort of the police are saying as we talk right now one out of every twenty one like me in america one of them would be murdered one in every one hundred and thirty one why lynn americans will be murdered so if we are still polluted the possibility that we have ourselves lose the house that we have are free and then was that no fluke and this is the first indian friedman this was how you feel and there's so many like african dignity or decelerating to see black people from the aspen reading together to coming to a common solution to the problems of an indigenous you know and then one day boom we realized that they had become the problems he did have economic bubble up on the couch with his metal steel for eating less
they even when they get all what they probably leased the blackhawks in show at someone who's sitting on their wrist about why the tripod like to think about but you have altogether different nominees so to get what they can use and they have all of the automation can lead out which one of us is raising in which one is not the same as that they were just grab it and take it back and so what the salvation of africa from this year in the south do you think we've lost some of the bigger holy land here in this economic problem in the news and that sort of anticipation
this year in eighty eight armenia seven events on a lot of days ago at our lives and still addressing the problems that exist in an administrative expenses thing and so this is eleven if i beat you know applauded and i presented by julian dibbell south africa people do need a lot of like you
know what we're going to do you know full city make like you know this is a system that white was out so i come to find out from that distressed minority whip and when you have these immediate problem then you can see there's a story like this but you know so we really went out of the time about eighty or so as an actor mainly one run over there just in time a poem by your mouth an ordinance when you see black america here in nineteen eighty eight i see fantastic changing politics and we don't do that is all the money you could get more money to make it i mean we all america's greatest boston latin an object not rush and we get more money what americans
believe it held that we don't have the sense to make america treated with dignity at one point nine billion dollars of political allies are a political vehicle because you know their old boss until we cannot solve all economic power the political power of an example of the rest less than five million views in america yet thirty eight time with people whose us that the bible cement so we said look at that raul may be policy change a fraud and the urban league sclc you know we looked at alumni up his article submitted by graduate from colleges in america send money back home like college is less than four percent a disgraceful moment among some third grade dropout from awesome black brothers and sisters would not be successful or people like that
and yet they also don't want to say i totally respect within money with tax write off so where do we go if we can change our broader level moves because there's no way that major problems that we may find that you get a particular challenge how to convince them to sense of thing happen just fifteen years ago so yawning so it's a lot of beginning with the nasdaq loss of the year that would help with that bond raters though the flammable i was a klansman and that's when the klansmen cannot function of the plane and never did function like a functional black hawks the less resolved now so now we can move to another level not because of apple's small they are liable to call
for the grandmothers you know there's no bailout the problem that we do know that almost gone so now if we can come together and to give money to get the money to the sclc because all of us don't we get in trouble paulson wants one estimate worldwide news designs it and so if you if you if you need to head record in tbilisi the head baby and that those who say he's nobody getting any case to the supreme court in the michigan and in the last place general motors to bolster that we would be reading about it in the chemical agents on the stand that somewhere to change a broad use of the long knives dives change our diet
is if we had all the freedom in everything we wanted and i'd stayed the same and thirty million doses be wiped out in nineteen eighty four when jesse jackson made his first bid for the presidency allow black elected official somewhat show jesse said he was there it never held elective office and eighty eight it was a different story in your opinion what transcendent postwar years oxygen tank and then tissue strength and you don't know where to open up a lot of monday night you know i was that they air and they can look at and remember with the most to lose money me i thought he had they live on the big black box right now that i found out when i was working it was a chemical that they were just
as the bugle plays jazz he understood that they had to get his way what would gamble for them and imagining talk about the second story about how we like juniper like a president sit there really changing the system in a way that reduces common is a very good example in which we and every american people don't want me because wife didn't go off on michael wolf on himself yet he's not the president and to the lead belly colleagues decide i'm an electoral college debate inside the state department the president at all i couldn't bring it up without the law but right now the cephalopod you took your michael across
america and talked about this freedom and said that ten million dollars to get to keep it became a very people select your colleagues did to new analysis say no more than this group of people determined to present gonna be done that twice it's a male in america they are in a contest about what our lives of the presidency and i said that is the best guy you know out there but above and beyond that a lot of things that don't get all my meat because of the publicity and the mildness of the optics that folks that the world was looking at me and they sold only one thing one day and some estimates day so i mean i wonder if you think that you know what wouldn't they know civil rights activists and comedian dick gregory reality is going out a memorial will be by competition and open to any individual or came from a after all of african descent tim winners will be selected
during the first round is receiving a prize of a thousand dollars and for the round of judging will be held is selected as i would probably the basis of the more you registration to protests applied and the competition would take place between october seventeenth nineteen eighty eight and december seventeenth nineteen eighty eight the closing day for seed of design entries will be march seventeenth nineteen eighty nine if you have a comment riders remember views and opinions expressed on this program do not reflect those of the station or the university of texas at austin until we meet again for production assistant w j scott and im black america's technical producer hargrove i'm jan ale hansen jr please join us again next week
cassette copies of this program are available and maybe purchased by writing ian black america cassettes longhorn radio network communication building the ut austin austin texas seventy seven one tune that's in black america cassettes longhorn radio network communication building the ut austin austin texas seventy seven want to just from the centre for telecommunication services the university of texas at austin this is the longhorn radio network i'm john hanson of jewelry this week on black america and also i would like to have a lot of questions from the genesis to educate relationships to confess and children in and why paul vance
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The Grand Alliance For Children In Africa
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The Grand Alliance for Children in Africa: Djibril Diallo, United Nations' Children's Fund, and Dick Gregory regarding UNICEF efforts towards children in Africa and the Alamadies/Goree Island Memorial and Appeal
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