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you were so and the texas house in this is in black america you will maybe this year than when
you play me in a navy today on the moon we are on the low end we will continue to make the progress that we've made in the path we know that this year there are thousands special controversy surrounding our organization to be talking about those dealing with and straightforwardly that now is the time for us to open our convention on a proper celebrate or a note because we have all worked very hard all year long and this is a special time to come together as rayon as family as the parents and we are planning to have one of the best and vengeance in the history of this organization the media past president national association of black journalists this past summer in aba held his twentieth annual national convention in philadelphia found on december twelve nineteen seventy five more innovation of the largest minority jurors
organizations in the world in a dj was created to unify after american dollars bring recognition to their achievement in the newsrooms of america at a building ties between black and white media what began with only forty four members of the beginning operating with nails bath little capital and no national office now has grown to over three thousand members and operating budget in excess of five hundred thousand dollars besides celebrating twenty years of momentum for a national convention had to do with the controversy surrounding mumia abu jamal occasions i'm jenelle hansen june and welcome to another edition of black america this week the national association of black out with ammonia abu jamal a case in black america it is a great art every year and i know this is an organization that has serious business
on its agenda and he's meeting in it context at a time when that syria's business may be magnified by external thats why do we have some time to enjoy this wonderful city we are a city like most large urban american centers that has its share of problems and the recent progress that we've made in philadelphia in no way and diminishes the seriousness of those problems we have too much crime we have too many people who are drug dependent we have too many people were homeless or living in substandard housing and most of all we have to many of our citizens who are without hope or frustrated because they see all things that money can buy but they are without economic hope that we are without it a real vision of a future that can create an old ford and despite the progress we've made here in philadelphia it is our job and has a job that we must be joined in
our state capitol and our national capital in trying to create real hope for those individuals the outlook i would see when dale mayor city of philadelphia when members of an aba arrive in philadelphia to attend their twentieth annual national convention there and there were protesters outside the host old sale the demonstrators were in disagreement with the way bj hadn't bought itself in the mirror abu jamal a case for those of you are not aware this case is a little background on december nine nineteen eighty one officer daniel faulkner stopped a green volkswagen all look a street located in red light district of my clothes and buyers abu jamal's brother where you could get out of the skies subsequently get into a fight with often of faulkner abu jamal been president of the philadelphia association of black journalists who was driving a cab at the time came upon the struggle iran to as the officer and shot him in the back according to the prosecution's case responding officers found
a dying father and abu jamal sitting nearby on a curb in a pool of blood three witnesses identified abu jamal as the killer abu jamal's a former member of the black panthers became an fbi surveillance before he was old enough to drive now he sits on pennsylvania's death row after winning a stay on the original execution date august seventeenth nineteen ninety five as he seeks a new trial at the time of this production in the first of a three part series we hear from mumia abu jamal as he sits on death row here to discuss the case today we have three people who know it well the first time i left is lynn washington lenders eyad is a longtime journalist in this town is now the editor of the philadelphia new observer years worked for the philadelphia tribune and the philadelphia daily news it is kept in touch with me and over the years he will talk with us about them first
amendment issues related to me abu jamal case and also give us some sense of whom money is having recently met with him next to him is joseph mcgill mr mcgill is this is the person who is the prosecutor in the case of the above me abu jamal he is now a lawyer in private practice medicine at mcgill as leonard wind plants to wine glasses is currently the chief defense counsel from mumia abu jamal and also a well known lawyer in cases involving people whose rights have been trampled by the system one thing to want to focus on other thing we're going to focus on during this period of time concerns the tragic death of officer faulkner's and the life and the planned execution of movie of abu jamal this case has been a very controversial one for this organization but that the controversy
that we're going to deal with it at another time specifically at the ob ward media perhaps on friday when in the general membership meeting on friday as important as an eighty days position is that those of us were taken an interest in this case what an eighty day doesn't do is not nearly as important as the events surrounding the death of officer faulkner's or the light and as i said the planned execution of me abu jamal so i'm going to have to keep that discussion focused on those truly life and that the events to begin with i'm going to play a couple of commentaries that neon recorded while i'm president i want to thank my equal justice awful providing these athletes commentaries to us today she says in order to do this or coffee grounds
as if alas barely perceptible it used to overflow problem eternal face to face helps to arrange or warm spring day in north philadelphia saw her on the way home after retiring duties as a housekeeper in a western ontario upon arrival she was stopped by police who told her she could not enter her home of twenty three years that will be torn down as part of a cd program against drug get my house a notebook and fifty nine year old grandmother argue this is my home the cops strangers this part of town this is helen anthony mackie seemed to contact her grown children two hours later she returned to an eerie scene straight out of the twilight zone or a whole was no more a pile of bricks through the hills of red dust twisted degree alone wall standing jacket a manson flapping
on hope flapping like a flight to surrender after war waged by polluters an ambitious politicians this is actually received a warning before the jaws of a baleful backhoe dig into the bricks of her life caring asunder the gatherings and memories of a life well lit she was served no notice that the city of brotherly love intended to grind her home of twenty three years ago just because they didn't like her neighbors that you showed up one day armed with television cameras and political ambitions and didn't call when reporters asked political about the black grandmother was demolished they responded with characteristic apartments while the law in the domain gets us to like to tear down any house to what they said ok olive branch i will reimburse their loans honest mistake or compensation said that and said is
the result of a policy of mass destruction plan over a branch of pre inquest was executed for the six o'clock news with no regard for the lives and wellbeing of the people involved in a city with an estimated thirty thousand homeless people why does the government embarked on a blitzkrieg of bulldozing and demolish homes even a band loses out and offered compensation face city officials is less than in the way the city treated her paint her daughter geraldine johnson she does not want to live in philadelphia are dreadful treatment at the hands of those who dare call themselves civil servants points to the underlying indifference which black lives property aspirations are treated but the political elite one would be hard pressed to find this degree of destructive marshals utilized and they would wear white grandmother that
another chapter in the tragedy comedy called jamal my name is more me abu jamal i'm a journalist a husband a father a grandfather and an african american i live in the fastest growing public housing tracts in america in nineteen eighty one house reporter for why and president of the foot of the few association of black journalists currently i'm a writer and a public radio commentator i've been a resident on pennsylvania's death row for eleven years tune in to hear my regular reports from death row this is moving up and jamal what your public radio station i'm going to play one more than thirty to listen closely to this one because this commentary he may take a position that may surprise them the federal trial for los angeles cops for some of the public or your rebellion and reach which rocked this city a year before
in response to acquittal stemming from the rodney king beating julie compromise to do it quickly while observers may be dispirited by the fact that two cops who brutalized traumatized pummeled at work when the trial itself raises serious and disturbing questions about what one would call the ryder cup of it is my firm opinion that the fed will reach while before telling cops involved keynes legalized and comedy casa to get a clear violation of the fifth of the united states constitution which forbids job under the fifth amendment provides in part quote more show any person the subject for the same offense to be twice put in jeopardy of life when there are like millions of africans in america to cause a host of americans the acquittals of the only come for the simi valley state assault trial what an outrage that solidified the conviction that there can be no
justice in the course of this is done for you what about the reason for the la rebellion it certainly was a psychic straw that broke the camel's back the simi valley trial like the king beating itself was both an obscenity at the commonality for by the all white police juries or state sanctioned brutality or rarities to those who live in the us drones as opposed to reading about the point is the federal lapd beating civil rights trial was a political prosecution spurred by international embarrassment stemming from the reaching flames of la without which no prosecution would've occurred it also reveals how the system under the pressure of an operation people will betray the trust of their agents so one need not ask how they will treat or to treat one not their own especially what there is public pressure to support the same system that the night before la cops there
of that constitutional rights that buys the rights of the poor and politically perilous dealing with impunity and will further utilize the court case to the nightclubs and the silent while the state violates its own alleged constitutional law to prosecute someone we hate it's brought to invite silence when the state violates its own laws to prosecute the states enemies and opponents this week we must deny this big palace the national aclu is also the opinion that the second federal prosecution violated the fifth amendment to the us constitution a position that seems out i believe it is a part that basis that convictions would later be reversed by appellate court it is ironic that many of those who did not oppose the federal civil prosecutions feel it's inappropriate for the federal system to review state convictions under a huge corpus that it's all this second federal civil rights violation case
has drawn it's provide the system with camouflage to give the appearance of justice the illusion is never a real from death row the somali al jamal for more information about my case racism at the death penalty and what you can do contact equal justice usa at three to one six time i'm o for two i want to play the commentaries because they are the basis of the first amendment issues that then washington will talk about by shortening the two commentaries that were originally planned be aired on all things considered a national public radio and then we'll discuss what happened they are we also have made an interview a videotaped interview that was done not quite sure when but by the mark williams is a member of our organization is about ten to thirty minutes long
and we had that videotape now and then we'll go to the piano since his sentence in the sixties this is nineteen sixty and as the presidential nomination of george wallace for president in restaurants galleries demonstration is
why protests against your last time you were on our tail these issues singing this is the point
and the suit if the broadcast it isn't the end of the recession or what changes it is more difficult than the song news this is this is there's always do anything wrong you do says instead of new these
instances it's been it's been a two polls
he called them you just need to say something this is true
as beans beans well a local newspaper and radio reporter is under guard endeavors a hospital with a bullet wound of the chess detective say jamal to hear apparently from across the street this is mr
in the fifties oh sure
mrs bean says a cash infusion this is true i mean this is like a prison
their songs his
creation please be true remarked that they could give me some additional information about the interview was done in december nineteen eighty nine at huntington correctional institution by andy goldstein and chris bratt and now mr bratton remarkable producing a feature length documentary on me and abu jamal because when this case the other supporting material in the interview was done by the mob associates typically hewed king this material is from their co production
of the film black and blue on police and minority communities in philadelphia and it was released in nineteen eighty seven joe davis and report in the wall street journal next week we present the two attorneys involved mumia abu jamal our case you have a question or comment or suggestions as to fijian black america programs write us also let us know what radio station you heard is over use and opinions expressed on his program and not necessarily those of the station or the university of texas at austin until we have the opportunity again for ivory a production assistant chris paulson and technical producer clove hargrove i'm john l hudson jr thank you for joining us today and please join us again next week cassette copies of this program are available and maybe purchased by writing in black america cassettes communication building the ut austin austin texas seventy seven one to ask in black america cassettes communications at ut austin
austin texas seventy seven wanted to do from the university of texas at austin this is the longhorn radio network i find that male henson genius for me this we got him black america his patient a very controversial want that organization that the controversies and we're going to steal that and another nasa soul stays alive there was an enemy of abu jamal faithless we thought in black america
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National Association of Black Journalists, Mumia Abu-Jamal Case, Part 1
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