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z's fb for radio network texas at austin this is in black america live in black communities you see the most
suits clean looking for reforming their lines women were not so nice striving to be better candidates coming up out of prison to become socially responsible for building institutions who is farms could we do with a billion dollars share that god made us to have as a history says we are not revolutionaries in his senses canon's we're not terrorists access you afraid of the truth minister louis farrakhan nation of his love leader last august the national association of black journalists eldest twenty
first annual convention in jobs career in nashville tennessee more than eighteen hundred broadcast and print goes along with that's a five day in his youth share ideas that help chart the course for the future of the fourth and fifty states and the community at large the convention and national head start meaning politically for african americans nashville play an important role in the civil rights movement of the nineteen sixties this university of tennessee state university is a military medical college and being among those who stayed city of the downtown lunch counters many of those duties participated in the freedom rides and let the bus terminals throughout the south being integrated i'm john ensign john and welcome to another edition of and black america on this week's program the national association of black girl as tony first annual convention minister louis farrakhan part two in black america
we are not a solution the american security we want to be able to receive not from me in televised address well i live well i mean i live in a nice home and only good for me but we could use that money to put some hope and a people who are quickly lose hope at this year's opening session the speaker was the man credited with turning his vision of a million man march into a reality where more than one million black man responded to was called to converge on washington dc last october sixteenth four day of atonement
mr louis farrakhan the nation is lovely man historic first appearance before the national membership of the national association of black journalists the organization receive more than expected numbers were by research before they were allowed in the hall citing the founding father's vision of a free press the minister told me all is that they would never be free as long as they think their jobs are more important than telling the truth also he had minus the blackout was there who were in mainstream media not to fall into a trap of trying to please a master at the expense of hiding the truth he went on to criticize black media professionals who they were to separate the message of the million man march from the messenger on this week's program we conclude minister farrakhan's remark at him onstage interview with chicago debbie him a cute tv news anchor warren saunders our president has just signed welfare reform
i know to see a black children around him when he signs the minimum wage because this photo op you all know what that is what you can say is that this eighth you can do this yeah you want to take yes it is so you just see how much the wealthy
you receive me maybe i wouldn't be here and when my momma all sincere thank you for getting my two sons through high school to take it from here in a city you know well for us and then tell us when i can fix this you know rosen says the money's been an incentive against affirmative action these cities
right right i see and this is sad and you say only just a communications
business it's nice and you know what you always do is to register that's what happened mm mm
cohen says international relations that was the advice that men in this sex and we will release them so you could see businesses in america but they didn't tell you are and if the
deity and acted like they liked it maybe we would we always look at your worst order to see if the boss like what we got a problem give me to keep going this does oh right if it is true if you know some truth on a dc or deceitful clinton called on it because as long as you let him did you do to your ideas
tennessee three yeah yeah usf i mean god help you if you do you do you will give you want to visit so it banned now well i guess not everybody needs a spanking once in while ryan insists that the front door
this is a pleasure to be with you again i just jotted down a couple know two terms of oil what you said and some of things about mike to talk about with you the issue them in denmark has been on the minds and the slow thaw some last year boys and girls out there and we have an unlimited way that their best to our place that on the front pages of the newspapers and on television stations and i'm sure that you but have realized that on what has been the tangible evidence that you have sea from her memoir terms of all the brothers and sisters out there as you know we have never see that maybe demonstrate love for each other as was
witness that the mailman miles and if you believe that god is love and love was certainly present that love had a transforming effect on the hearts and minds of many of those men who were present and on those who watched but television since that time i'm very happy to announce that there were twenty five thousand black children needing adoption as of now from what i have heard from the reverend dr benjamin chavis a little over fourteen thousand applications have been filed for adopting those killed as of today several thousand
inmates in prisons across this nation have been adopted the crime rate the murder rate in particular and many of the cities across this nation as in the gone down since the million man march and again a black man went home to their wives and asked for forgiveness black men went home to their families that they had a band and ask for forgiveness the transformative effect it's still being felt even though you did on the front pages it really had no choice because it was new as big as
much as it had been involved in the us occupation he says this dj was lucy what do you say oh they continued shooting through cracks and somebody else he's back but then we had that what the other side how i've always doing television and in the news love
is gone tens of thousands have like me and women and young people have been registered to go two hundred thousand applications for registration our genome is a deputy registrar really and as we not only wants to sell the final call we're asking the richest as this is going on throughout the country organizing committees that status and from him to myself that hundreds of thousands of our people are being registered in our goal is several million by the time november fifth i think that that is a league
that is a lot of achievement if indeed it can be traced back to the million man march i can't deal with the issue of oh voting for low that means there is a third party run for ross perot about basically two parties that we are dealing with here in america the republicans and the democrats where are like people to go what are you talking about in terms of voting so we we are voting for what we voted for bill clinton who you are subtly criticize that one see like man is there a nun and so the point is that the democratic party is filled with black people who were being disrespected at the levity of our thought it's trying to extract
from fat which we've given up a lot but we can't decide who will be president and this is a very important election but you know so i had a talk with joint magazine maybe about a month ago john kennedy's publication yes john kennedy jr himself and he made a statement says well why should we consider the black democrats when they don't get a lot of money that they have very little influence says no just can i suggest you use in your party in your nation is going to help
you say if i may be suitable to old school you know how many people are already registered to vote in the last presidential election thirty five percent to forty percent of those qualified people even bought saw its sixty plus at the same time less exercise that most places right then that's the senate has been from the process and that fact that the senate so the americans
singing so i'm out here now getting involved and we want to have a political convention in st louis the twenty seven of the twenty ninth of september it's called the conventions of the world press as a show that we saw last week in a year that was so magnificent in the south seas amazing amazing
that's not enough his family i picked up on that and then i write on national politics are certain that still sixty one years and are the leeds city council are likely to join in our daily and year after year after year but it grew and grew and grew so it appears that the numbers
themselves and the people who voted in large numbers to put these politicians in every very little in terms of benefit so the question i'm sincerely afternoon is it numbers don't necessarily be changed in the party that was a time when we all do and i am yesterday the city council in england we would chase the city well we've got and it has natural question does that make sense to his assistants it really does and that's a sad fact and that's why we lost the mayoral seat in new york city and chicago and chicago and another cities across this nation because black people no need to vote in their own people and that's natural and it's right but we didn't know
he did not make our own people accountable we didn't know how to make la councilman alderman accountable and up people and began to know what's the story of politics and voting because they saw the read very little from that all of that is true i really really is a new day getting people registered to vote without education is giving candid is some they get some slick politician can take what if we raise the level of consciousness of the electorate
the negative ripple becomes a tangible factor apollo and that's the mystery ingredient we've got the right to go but we haven't exercised the responsibility that comes with that right was a lot a lot of education that has to cool i like it when the audience in on this conversation but i have just one of them bit of a conversation to talk a little bit about you and put itself on this and i guess in the we do need certain need to be put in a place i'm going back to this issue of like hobble one of the very reasons that the daley administration holds such a stronghold is because it made me a black ministers now i'm not about passivity and criticize like medicines of course not new polls show the church in the city of chicago
fire almost a kind of a lock step in the administrations where congregations are virtually sunday to find their way to the voting booth to pull the lever for the local democratic party are what are some your thoughts on their transmissions slaves do as slaves didn't just talk about three you get people into office thinking that somebody like that was gonna work for the interests of the community yes we know you got a black man black police chief says that salmon that school city council which are doing what the city is not law because the scripture says maybe
three ms morgan well it does all right minister louis farrakhan nation of islam leader speaking before the national membership of the national association of black journalists if you have a question or comment or suggestions asked if you see a black america are problems write us also let us know what radio station you heard is over the views and opinions expressed on his program and not necessarily those of the station or of the university of texas at austin and do we have the opportunity again fry be a technical producer mr grove i'm jenelle hansen jr thank you for joining us today and please join us again next week cassette copies of this program
are available and maybe purchase by writing in black america cassettes communication building the ut austin austin texas seventy seven one to ask in black america cassettes communications at ut austin austin texas seventy seven wanted to do from the university of texas at austin this is the longhorn radio network i'm john hanson jr joined me this week on black america is nasty satisfaction among white people among black and brown people and the quality of the leadership of the national association of black joe of the minister louis farrakhan
In Black America
National Association Of Black Journalists Dallas Fort-Worth/ABC with Louis Farrakhan, Part 2
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Part 2 of Louis Farrakhan's speech at the 21st annual convention of the National Association of Black Journalists in Nashville, TN addressing the responsibility of the black press in countering mainstream narratives and holding prominent journalistic institutions accountable regarding their coverage of welfare reform and lack of resources in the black community featuring a closing interview by Warner Saunders, news anchor for WMAQ-TV in Chicago, IL covering the media reception to the Million Man March led by Farrakhan in Washington. D.C.; the importance of registering and exercising the right to vote, as well as the quality of leadership in the black community.
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