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the this is in black america reflections of the black experience in american society are the harlem globetrotters are the world's most watched sports change their whole area's blend of comedy and outstanding basketball talent has captivated millions of fans and more than ninety countries it played before keynes impulse that drama large crowds and basketball's history from arrow green normal drill always were formed to the musical accompaniment of sweet georgia brown to the last track shot trial of the vocal torrent of laughter no matter where they appear i'm john ensign and this week our focus is on the harlem globetrotters in black america just hours a ymca basketball team he was the coach of the winds the
team had his brilliant idea to start in the first the first blood basketball team really likes officials for students with equal time and from nineteen twenty seven as it went into effect five years left in the station wagon driven by a bird saw the trailer and the different directions and chicago playing in about it or they could charge an admission in which was why there was a professional basketball team and the pakistan i was a straight as a penal colony know showmanship and this idea since nineteen twenty seven without much its six years has really grown and seven or even eight had no idea that was but eventually become joe cunningham former player for the harlem globetrotters are easily representative basketball fans around the globe will attest of the harlem globetrotters are the game's greatest attraction everywhere the charges appear to show is the same numerous television appearances have made their routine familiar to all motorola's first introduced to a college and on his family there's more than
twenty years ago attracted more than seventy percent of the viewing public sunday night one example sting came back in nineteen twenty six and dramas were strictly a serious barnstorming chain in those days best work was already it was a cellist who popularized a flat rake in the ball down the court and considers a quick passes between players you lose sight of that played in the va immediately not just an organizer james played in chicago's savoy ballroom when obama who was turned into a roller skating rink eighteen was left without a place to play after some thought they had no alternative but to take his drivers on the road since that time the harlem globetrotters had never had a home court the game of basketball at that time had not caught on generally and the unknown team from chicago didn't seem like much of an attraction players were all black but they still are today recently because i'm out there looking for
a female basketball player for the king other no other team members were from new york city a sapper singing decide to call the taint the harlem globetrotters in the early days of russian ties neatly a persistent find the black players to thirty anti the team became so good that no one wanted to play them to stimulate interest they began to add the coloring retain that were to become the globetrotters trademark i spoke with all the doubts and james blackwell current members of the harlem globetrotters and joe cunningham publicity representative for years joe cunningham when did the entertainment aspect of the game of basketball involved in two more of the globetrotters stalin forty actually was an accident that happened somewhere around three four years after the transaction start to play train would only five players in the closet would become quite popular pitches time swears that their ability to play basketball the fact that they proved that blacks could play basketball
getting our invitation supply so it became impossible for five players to actually play a full game had for basketball speed so despite settling into what is considered today the stall daimler's dean smith caught the four corners and was doing this period stalling get a lot of the routines involved some of the antics that we see now being done by some offensive borrowing the passing in the state i think it was actually a competition between the pockets among the players a private type of thing that the audience seemed to enjoy just as much as of that the team did so this really became our regular pod each night what they would only area grew from ut year and to the point that the magic circle became a great part of trust going so just honest and again the oldies acts that the culture has come to the center caught and go through some of these bombing richie's they would on an inquisition of the magic circle is one most part of things today that the pope trusted wanted to go on trial but obtained national recognition also international recognition wounded so our arenas start coming of it
was a cynical trials became quite part because first of all basketball was a consumer a conservative tack again back in the thirties and poison even a weapon to the fifties in some parts of the sixties and into something very unique that we talk about a regular the regular straight competitive game basketball game being seen as entertainment very unique skills and people worked on the come to see games that have ever seen scores before or abe's idea of taken this globe trotting gmo around the world than first into europe was really looked down upon by a lot of people that felt that there is no way to maybe take a game i ask volunteer european country of course being like as we were we would not be accepted they say wow we are on the trends and ideas to spray of our feelings and our joys and happiness and love around the world this is can be a first step and we're going to try and it happened today the globetrotters of spending somewhere a neighborhood of three months with to eat complete units to complete defeat shows as like a united states and european countries so it isn't that it would happen
and of course it will travers became very instrumental in developing the game itself in a lot of these countries we introduced think that's what a lot of these countries and one of the reasons we became so international somewhere negative ninety nine different countries now still seem to be going so there's two different tech world today there's actually only twenty in uniform was in that fifty six years have been some women who fought at different players were worn that uniform of four hundred employees who have been responsible for the tradition of the harlem globetrotters you know even looking back to my years of playing the things that i remembered would be the things that reminded me of those four hundred different players who have been responsible for a us assess so to speak about those they angled for take some prices are still basketball best lawyers oppose or an outlet to play bass while like to it now and have it and the globetrotters with their competition one thing it takes some of the prices for is a competitive aspect of basketball is concerned
of course there are a lot of pressures of trial and was in the maybe not compared to say the nba teams but there is a lot of pressure a different type of pressure first of our little traumas recognizes masses of goodwill which sounds like a beautiful town and it is the responsibility of the kind that ambassadorship is not just the name of the play is resistance wanda very serious things that we feel very committed to the fact that we are investors effectively represent the united states and so many different areas of the world and maybe not only just a mass of goodwill from ios text of the countries we become the ambassador universe so this week we belong to just about every place in every continent in every country in the individual people that we play for we have a commitment to them and this is universal so we're it's a great resource but then of course there's that decision the tradition of the fact the globetrotters not looking too thinks we can make smart looking at fifty a hundred years and that he says is band for fifty six years it must contain so the pressure of every night competition a different city every day a
different audience every day seven days a week some women would have two hundred and twenty five to two hundred and fifty games per season so all the pressure is there it may not be like the nba but his day phil operation how does one become a globetrotter well we have a strong system some assorted nba we i couldn't get any say precise way of the young men that look we are looking at are looking first of all at a good basketball players just like the nba would always doubting basketball players the taliban perhaps looking at that has exceptional typist you the sectional jumper that the play that stands out in the crowd exceptionally damage shooter jumpers offices growing old back in nineteen sixty in the early sixties was shooting set shots in college basketball something that was or haven't forgotten back in the late fifties he stunned crowd and he was dylan's effectively this is the clinical trials which would recruit then we have a training camp every year on trial can we bring in where fifteen or twenty five players in from the group will pick that one or two players who we feel will fit into the globetrotter system to clear
as it happened a couple years back over new local commerce clause in their town thomas broke wasn't exactly for me with the incident picture but to lead us because it was a drug tested and that happened in europe a couple years ago before the globetrotters quiet rooms while this critical thing happen if i'm not mistaken was in the south america just a couple years ago there was a situation where the globetrotters were connected to some extent to the players had been connected incidents that topic into the day we're not really sure what happens this is one of things about being cool cousin of course been professional athletes the fact that you have to be very very careful who you associate with and there are so many people out there who would would be dying to get a chance to two women are you know and situations the critical players in la and we really don't know what happened in the cases where they were set up in a situation where they were actually guilty it was an unfortunate incident because people trust for so many years have done so many things to try to discourage the use of drones and of course i'm a
professional athlete within various dylan trying to sell a program along with the nba to to discourage drugs in professional sports so this was an unfortunate thing for us that all of a sudden the two rappers had been connected or had been accused of being associated to some extent with drugs and dumb sad to say that had happened of course we get straighten everything out and they were things that we should be in and i don't really think images of china's has been heard a whole lot for years we've had a great reputations for his work with young people and of course as you say they're working to prevent into to get rid of so and the same with a thing of drugs in professional sports and i think it's it was critical causing the future we've we have a great reputation for what we don't have to come all of the things are really is the sweet georgia bar well sweet georgia brown was known as iceman type things of course is you know sweet georgia brown was playing long term affordable child is picked up but that particular version that we're hearing today is look i was thing because that record as leslie recognize
as being hollow just read you were was the song that won the players was downtown of the city now that he was in here at this particular record the record store he love the beat and keyboard to record to get back at his invasion that might end in a dressing room the players were listening to in popular thing is is there one will win here that version they liked it so it might do in the magic circle it is time to play they play to our record player and the people love their one get into the rhythm of what blue trouser do with a basketball in a glove did so within the next year he won out of our rights to act a conversion now so i'm about what drives i would assume that the harm will fall or was this is a mass was asian and that you bring all opponents what do the cities in which you play provides the opposition or would you bring on opponents in fact this has been going well you know one of the reasons for stopping this particular program years ago was to eliminate the problem and were cases affirming that competition and won
the cities were plenty of what obama says that the basketball team's both college and semi pro whatever but a lot is we were printed his teams that really had skills were great but really consider competition so speaker on the charts so to eliminate that we contracted an organization to provide us with what the opposing team to play dances every night and this is a professional team will of all these players have played college basketball summer and he's been detained so every night we spectrum give us the competition because we're in another to try to be human and that's not the purpose of our workers that we of course we hope to win any most cases you said that we will when we lost something like three hundred and twenty three games in a two to six years and the closest person like seventeen thousand wins but that part of china's really not that important what we're really concerned about is for a suborbital in basketball and milk was keep the tradition of trust why bring in lovejoy entertainment that's what's important nobody knows of scores of the globe trotting no one cares but the
fact is they know they've been obtaining know that they've got a piece of the traditional piece of the apple car into charity clinic and that's the important thing players come and go to what future with the goal of longevity in the basketball arena and also an entertainment will sink probably main thing i think has to do also with the fact that the universe of the fact that the one thing that i think that most people can relate to his business is him this gift the thing that most particularly to his lover and what happens i think is the thing that the globetrotters provide as president and also the fact that we are traditional institutions is being passed one generation to the other things that our grandfather's solely to our fathers about the recent routines want change you know iraqis were going to they were back in the forties and fifties it's been passover generation a generation as apple pies image and selling cars look jaws of being considered parallel with these critical things thats what is happening with photos and reason they maintain a public and we expect another twenty thousand views the same way it must continue
unison when i sort of what will happen if every incident say let's just pray that it doesn't cause a part of what we do as a part of what we as americans believe in as happens in jail joe cunningham the harlem globetrotters were the first came to employ full time trainers and the first came to hold preseason training camp they also were the first to employ full time scouts costly on the lookout for new talent besides these first the globetrotters players of the slam dunk we've office and the high arching said job that have become their trademark in the early days as the ball how it was a necessity says the team carry only five players members at no time to rest dermatitis one player control the ball for minutes at a time dialing the other team with his dribbling this gave the other drivers a much needed on court breather former universe your taxes basketball player jimmy blackhawk at the tribe who provides the encore breather today as of now than ten years in the big
oak i was the moderate rises something happened i think it was a blessing in the skies after facing the ut alastair thin and light on has a problem a contract and the play won youth athletes imagine was as a christian our fellowship organization and then after that i was contracted contacted by the globe dollars an hour the real issue at an amount of four times and they were seriously it's just in my service is not allowed to know exactly what they want me to do so one thing led to another and the political program and i look back and i'm enjoying since you mention the program whatever program or initiation it you have to go through was being chosen to congo drums being chosen as autumn of initiation after being chosen set of contract they put you through like a two or three year program which is learning the system kind of menu again just follow the globetrotters game which was very difficult for me in the beginning and to me that for five years actually been both and then i don't know exactly what they really wanted me to do i had a specialty and didn't know what it was which was juggling at
the time and they told me of your routines about juggling and how they want me to perform it giving act which consists of about twenty five to thirty seconds with them a quarter so i don't know exactly how to do that and they got to go with me in a particular program a major house tile by marcus hayes a great one of the great shows if not the greatest allow all time and of course granola and the tex hasn't had a lot to do with maya maya not rehabilitation but my program except so it was a big adjustment but i mean being a probable cause for ten years do you still get up every night a man it's every night every week we have to work we place seven nights a week when we play sentiments we and we have to be every night was impossible b that overnight but with the state were good every night what does it mean to me and they are trying to aa you noticed as this really honestly it means
it's a special thing in my life right now is more meaningful than anything i've ever done and everybody don't get a chance to do it and i sing at the special but i think it's the right place at the right time and i think i was at this time very at a price is baying a problem on both dramas in that that you are ambassadors for the united states as a biggest that is the biggest problem that that was as lawless that this or an image and then to every night eleven eleven because of people expect that and then do we know when we're not playing as sexual and essentially graded the best law but i'll cut our show can say for that and as fresh as their neck but as good as it is a phone coverage is not gonna get along with him to the southern england make people happy and give people a good job filling us to house port should be felt when it's all wood with new interviews having had gathered to him to travel all over the world will protect the country as you think you enjoy going to a love you're avoiding bellows trillion the greatest country on earth it is beautiful places
different and not that we received warmly a lot more than we do in the states but if it's an isolated area and it's a place that american and people itself are centered don't get a chance of islam often it's a place called down under so astray would be the first us and the us of course would be a mistake as white saying is that much virginia by boxes become local trout a financially sure but human out to your attitude towards euphrates and friends attitude towards you one thing i like about what people what when people see me after they see in the year or two before this agenda still say that makes you feel that i'm sure we all change in different ways but i feel the mob rome is burning desire to be what i am today and to be more than that when it's over with you know some of the most ill i think that in the long run a look back on all this handsome enough to be the same and has a jd august boss book and whatnot and that that's totally black white and willfully i'll always be that because buswell
was before i became i've been told this is one of the better of the two chains this was harlem globetrotters arkansas or when he observed the phillies about returning at university of texas at austin plan before some of my hometown plant well i got a mason most is also ok well although baltimore i am bianca is one and that you know i had to leave school at three four five years six years so you sometimes you know you name some of the space will that disappeared if a lilac i had a lot of memories and i love people smiling and happy and excited and knowing that nato has agreed that will close it so the nicest some people walk up to him and then do you remember me from he's back to say you know you look good or it's good senior people couldn't work but that i get mixed emotions but you know i feel good about being here because it's not cut them a coffin here and when i do i know more on a no stranger saic tatters work seven days away what you do two regular nominee of a humble trying to get away from an article on the referees and the mobs i'm
no no no ah the minute they i do i'd never say is i have a slight i do i'm very comfortable in the city i get to our shop or like a shovel like to dress in an ideal out shopping and then love my time spent you know sitting around reading an ad as writing lot of fan mail and answer live fan letters so i'm a pretty much easygoing incensed at being playing semi sweet and then now having a lot of time in between despair it's pretty easy to sell or give away and do your own thing before game time jimmy black bloc throughout the years the harlem globetrotters outside famous college players to tour with it the most common of these was wilt chamberlain who appear with the drivers for season today while virtually all the good black leading choose to play the first leaks the trial was still managed to come up with enough new talent to keep the show going council spoke with all the doubts raised a slam dunk for the harlem globetrotters only one is you come and go try a while you decide to
make that decision when i come at former i'm a sophomore you would play us the album or california laws do not forbid their most nice person dismissed dogs and discover that the game they sent a letter to a continent which was at that time and though a couple knew they were just didn't have the moment the senate the times' turf in a school or one word about their time on him thats in keeping with me so what they live to another beloved by the family of the missing the oven bird to jail and does well without a river that do besides sober sort of because they were interested in me and i one of an incentive to turn of the dragon came up in a puppet be the best thing for me was going to try out a filing knowing that you've made the globetrotters choir warms your reaction well luke said about it up well and i have a good chance of making it because i
felt like that that much every day with that lead into the staal oh donna campbell of california because of armageddon for news cause i'm also from west calls a minimally moment ago in an innovative ways to taxes and after the first couple believe in the gospel of fun fun of oil wells i came to play jon out that in itself because the sofa they want some out who can do that are proven to myself was a just an improv as far as your damon justin trudeau trust our boy wong notice on an extended do were accusing kurdish religion and get paid off into some routine is sometimes and voted upon about a stolen some jams that could go to the basket when he stood above that we got to come back so the play opened a little while to go when i get it you know what i like to do with it and also you know i had to learn to slow down and play with them fundamental basketball as far as my heart in a basketball career to fit and the growth in
passing shooting and you know the events in the fall they're concerned about having traveled around the world what do you think you're going through well the silo home well first of all i like to say about health and appreciated at the legal i like austria like local talent like in place to provide added i get along with people and isis million or small i can't tackle or just ended you know the theoretical what does it mean you being a problem that tradition but it was a giant <unk> skiers are wanted to west harlem globetrotters were more formative mean absolute to take unusual that issue number of big outlets we were closed a kind of all things were chairman of the day that they put into a local skating well now we are going to make it still existed they'll throw a few happy about to be a point of the grand cherokee going on an egg
something new to it then added pressure the size van gogh child living ambassadors for the united states the fed a president isn't it what they thought would do about it they're for by the people on our planet has to be super us attorneys who have come back in a couple months jubilant unity people the same way you can have a mostly of an espresso about eleven but what people expect of us i would say one of the many returning back at university of texas crime for some on fire well in goods and they gave me the opportunity to be world to bait us worked the farm economy with the church's own fall they're paying attention to four square so that i'm happy to be home at german close watch on a couple of tal afar but in an unknown like it where basta ross seven days a week and become a nineties when the soviet doesn't do to make him and i
may get away from the harlem globetrotters cry well you know to send our hotel says and what they would when a fellow with the love and stuff in jazz big <unk> lavender i can wear on the denmark one beloved home us of the same person mm hmm topics conference of the government he and when he was still working is something i can always be a likeable with real doubts the lively haven't changed and once farmed out financially yes but you're still more have to sign cards to your friends there was sued this a moment of silence on the dole no moment
thank you pc world and joe cunningham drivers if you have a comment like to produce a cassette out of this program dr dresses in black america and on a video that where the university of texas at austin austin texas
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The Harlem Globetrotters 1985
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