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fb find john ensign this week on black america's we focus on fresh and fifty seven all star game definitely are always fun and a lot of things and believes everyone is assigned a fifty seven baseball all star dave enter this process this week on black america is this is in black america reflections of the black experience in american society
mr weber it's true the average from the village our forensic former tennis professional sports is an area with a black americans capture the respect an aberration fans both at home and abroad amateur black athletes and professional every style him in virtually every major sports engaged in by americans one black catholic who has gained the respect and admiration from the fans it's our friends former tennis professional mr s as a formal one within tennis champion and cogent united states davis cup chain arthur ashe as in a positive role model
all of his professional career i'm john anson this week former tennis professional arthur s and fifty seventh annual baseball all star game in black america they turn a jury will play with guys at you playing as all your grace lined a parka bates is a lot of fun it's enjoyable and as a fan zone a break from the chain of another regular season ending is a guy's a pleasant great too and we are finally come out here ah the smells so i stopped for the st louis cardinals and the years as jackie robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball black stars have become too numerous to mention andrew foster in nineteen oh five report the pitch fifty won victories and fifty five exhibition games against white major and my early teens just gives in play professional baseball from the nineteen twenties to the nineteen forties and hank aaron build of these seven hundred and fifteen
home one of his career on april eighth nineteen seventy for breaking babe ruth's long standing record this year's fifty seven baseball all star games played in houston texans it marks the second time the houston astros have hosted the mid summer classic and also marks the fourth time that the asked our game as finn played indoors this year's top vote getter was darryl strawberry of the new york mets as the strawberry received one million six hundred nineteen thousand five hundred al iman balance this is all star game including a black players in the starting lineups for from both the national and american leagues i spoke with tony gwynn the filter for the san diego padres this was its third all star selection is among the leaders and runs hits and on base percentage he finished fourth last year in the national league batting with three seventeen average and led the majors
for the second straight year in multiple hit games was sixty three i question telling honest election to these years are starting i'm thrilled you know any time you just can't all star game it's a big thrill when you voted in by the fans to start this is my third year started playing left field as saul is a pr blitz their mission what that contribute what they try to do something to help our side win because the first two years i really haven't done the things that i'm capable of software get a chance to show a nationally i can play a little bit is something you dream about oh you just go about your business and doing a job every day in a few select its last five team one good yasser guess i'd take it you know maya my job has gone up sinegal ponders women might do in that you know you get recognized and you're selected to play an all star game is a big thrill especially when you feel like you really deserve to be here like the condition of the like the desert of the year leisure started and really wouldn't
have become a season i think i wanted to and i really didn't feel like i belong here and really i played the game but now a mile mind i didn't think that deserve deserve to be their petition to allow things better that i have ever and now i really feel proud about the things i've done so far but i realized really at the halfway point we still get at some games left to go in and you wanna keep building on what you've done and you don't wanna sit back and say ok well happy with what i've done what i read the rest as easily as no big deal but yet to go out there and work hard and i think my work and are good things usually have recess i would promise you may so far off again this year especially because i've improved a lot of areas it's really been like an achilles' heel for me at least as aliyah improve the base running i really improved and hitting i think i've become a better in because i probably would hit hamill pitches i was in a way a local years ago and this may i think it's made me a better overall player but like the city can't be satisfied with what
you've done you have to keep working hard at trying to improve regardless of whatever caught a season you have to have the best season of your life is not to go at work are driving through i think a lot of people in this game get satisfied a little bit too quick in northern they don't know as they'd done something they accomplish a goal like no conduct an all star game you're going to the playoffs or something they seem to be satisfied with the military personnel never be satisfied no matter what i do if i had four hundred and nine to be satisfied with that when god try to be better and we do that they do you're constantly improvement and that's why paul i just wanna be the best black could be at a wannabe not compared to other hitters other players i just more got to be the best player tony gwynn could be the tainted and that's only the sun was split between endorsing of those do you project we'd like to play outdoors the esoteric is difficult for you what was the city like you said they'd arab i would much rather play outside because of the weather the night out in a lot of players are really i don't like playing on turf to watch i don't like playing
in sight were to like the natural grass open stadiums with that a city like houston you got i really appreciate that you don't come into a place where you know as grimy seventy two degrees you know which way the ball's kind of bouncing on it makes a lot easier a lot happened and played inside issue that the major leagues them what you expected to get as soon as everything i'd i expected and do that the competition here so much better so well in the world and come in here then dear successful most right away as the big guns for this because high income areas back to do the things i'd done years since i've done these things and you know you can sit on their tickets a way out when a bank that only forty one of the most accomplished and so what you can accomplish in this game just love work hard and tried it themselves but you know each year is a different venture now you come out and yell and be in
it that on the play and i and everybody knows me as a hitter so whenever i go up to the plate this reputation just falls new or i go no tony blair's come up to the plate or he can hit me i'll be careful with the sky and be able to make the justices are here because what you have success you don't see the same thing he's seen before and what you had that tiny succession body and make adjustments as are going to be making adjustments there is a constant game of making adjustments back and forth back and forth if you can maintain the level that you virus quickly to make their justice if you can maintain it should be pretty successful skip are you looking for to bang against roger clemens yes it's going to be really a lot of fun you know we see on tv and we you know we struck out twenty guys in gaming knowing postcard poses a challenge when every step up to the plate it's always a challenge regardless of that tonight you'll see me guys and throw ninety five and sliders falls off the table and a change up and go be a big challenge but you know i have my game plan on wednesday
to like a poem that got there and not tried over swing just radical my bed on the wall can i get a square should go somewhere so i'm going to go to my games were no flew to work out i question baseball is important party allied world of avenues years as dedicated to as baseball family now that in my family baseball us market because you know in order like a similar views itself with this game you really got to work hard and really almost have to dedicate a lot of your time to become about where you can be and the tides and try to be the best player you could be and trying to spend time with your family no they don't go together sometimes in our family gets upset in the first minutes so much time that baseball but i can say if you want to you want to prove that anyone a scale at this gave you gotta work hard and i thought i've worked hard but i'm like white were one of these identity to work hard but there are other avenues i liked it get into solar later but right now i'm just trying to establish
myself as a good baseball player and then after that all worry about it when it happens you consider yourself a world model while baseball players want to see a plan based was just a job but a lot of young people look up to you all as tammy and what do you see as of mid way yeah i i see myself as a role model and it is like you said a lot of players don't want the job you know they just play baseball but regardless of what kind of player you are somebody looks up to me because we have one uniform in the new play in a stadium were fifty thousand people come out to watch so you have to you have to do things that sometimes you don't want to do you know there are times where you get gold toolbar after david have a beard because seal children are about in the lobbies of the hotels yet to set a good example for children because they're the ones who look up to you really respect the things that you can do like this is a job that a lot of people don't want that know they're like guys on this team on american league side in this holy who
really know except that job than try to do a traveler there like the best way they can so that they could be a good example for children tony landler filled it with the san diego padres i also spoke with ozzie smith shortstop with the same was cardinals are these messages are has been known for his brilliant offensive play it was unanimously selected as the mvp in the seventeenth national league championship series in nineteen eighty two it set a world series record for the most put out by a shortstop with twenty two late on a jury will play with guys at you playing us all your crazy blind date are going to see is a lot of fun it's enjoyable and as the fans are break from their regular routine of the regular season ending is a guy's a pleasant great to him we are finally here it was something that you worked on this past off season well i'm always work world are now whether they will work as hard hit with wages of as i used to do because i hurt my shoulder last year but they're listening to on the offseason
our own always fun and a lot lot more physical strength because i think that somehow compensate for your lack of ability to do certain things and believes everyone has the same you know you continue to work in a cassette that i was more six three hundred and nine thousand two hundred pounds so i had to work really hard time to build physical strength and as one of them was my career over the last couple years things have really start to fall in place paul to live the lives that particular then you import duties but you know any time i'm only live a very thing this could help some people who are indeed i've always tried to have to give something back you know i came from background you know to the people around me and i'm in the area that i lived in your workout or poor you know and it's all about helping people with grenade also you have operation where we do have are sometimes you now to detail about well basically what it is is why it chaotic a friend a minor offers a player hamilton de france and in other then
we go and visit kids who were incarcerated kids were really in the key is if you feel that society have given up on and we sat down and wrapped them or let them know that that there are people outside world we'll hear about how the approach life and so forth that sourness not just about these guys about life in general you go to several baseball players yeah i think that you know we're all idolized by other young kids and our society and they're there are leaders of tomorrow and also you know it's this is one of things that i think that he comes along what we do i try and uphold that responsibility that it to be satisfied with the overall team efforts on the part of the job to reformers have witnesses why not work a lot of time there at an end of the first half of my last four five games was a real good but for the most part most of the first half was was good i got out of the starwood to
some i hadn't done in previous years a new leader not a good start and every settles on a sales on abuses by city not always find from one ad five hundred and nineteen of a strong as i've gone and things start to fall a voice we'll be back with a beginning well no i think that done on a sound now are you not or having fun with anymore but is it even in the very near future we get into a playoff or else or you may see it again with a detrimental effect on you're moving world series of let's you know it wasn't that because none no one gets a game and we were a lot of wind and then actually should have but it was we did the same thing to really a milwaukee here was in nineteen eighty two and also oh what goes around with what a girl comes around and it just was an odd turn ms sheeran we did a phenomenal job getting to the world series and actually being one game away from one arm and that came from a team is expected to finish last in their division so
last year it was unfortunate we want a little one at all but i think that we proved people that we do have faith and i believe we can achieve anything you want it it smelled she was double of the st louis cardinals i also spoke with tim raines outfielder with the montreal expos his with ten six all star selection he is among the leaders and runs stolen bases and on base percentage to mine ranks as the major leagues all time leader in stolen base percentage with a point eight nine seven average in nineteen eighty three he became the fifth player in major league history and the forces ty cobb in nineteen fifteen the steel seventy bases and drive and seventy rhymes what is the realization of an last five six months it's you just isn't leading i feel it is a support yesterday of a fire you know i think when you can be lonely and selected by an imagined
past be in this game in miniskirts no you cannot leave the store and i think that's what all baseball players searchlight achievements might want to destroy an open attic and will play ball as tim ray's threw it into a major league baseball player you know he flows through these payouts lot so i think of the nights you know mud all over a thousand words things are maurice do you know david that song let's think about things and i can't in a slow lessons from one thing to another where to make sure more milk nobody's doing internationally
every year we want to speed you're not it's just people didn't know how to actually talk to parents to be even more hair was talking about roger clemens saying it was important for states another pitcher in baseball is richer and we would face a merciful manager gerald barnes says you know it's this is hard and i think by been actually uses in those fourteen pitches and this is another piece of us maybe american leaders in on one letter and i'd rather have
a long and cars were more used to the national league as they continue the night long yes you know it says the disease to stop the suit isn't out that they were on the thing on the last thirty years in the glass and it was like an eighty two or eighty three am it is tim raines outfielder with the montreal expos tennis is one sport that blacks have not had access to until recent years one black who has made a name for himself in tennis is arthur s off on and off the court arthur s has been a triumphant figure is a former one within tennis champion and coach of the united states davis cup team his nineteen seventy five women tin win was one of the most notable victories along with his nineteen sixty eight us
open win in nineteen sixty eight in nineteen seventy five arthur s was ranked number one in the world is the whole of a degree in business administration from ucla i was twice named an all american and a nineteen sixty five ncaa champion in tennis within the black culture there is the ethos of our culture i think mandates that likes to have influence the matter what their particular areas of emphasis happened to be chewed strive to be role models for those who are coming up behind us and sort of a black church members and i got quite a bit of my influence and wanting to reach out and do all occurred after i became somebody from the black church and yes i do that as a more responsibility you think too much of this is owned
successful black athletes more solvent successful black business persons or in other arenas yes i knew bled us that because sometimes bloodbath it's not only bought half is like you know ten inches like sioux names are unknown to the public they're sometimes asked to give pronouncements on subjects about which they know very little and in those subjects and their pronouncements are cut out as being the voice of black america which in fact it is not and so it's like entertainers athletes public figures have to know what subject and they feel really certain that they can get an alert responsive informed answer that i say five but if they can't then they're better off saying that maybe their sympathies lay with the resolution of the problem but not voted for expelling on any answers what made you winning
winning moment in a nineteen seventy five was a goal that you choose i guess it was yesterday that's the most prestigious title want to win and to win it says would guarantee a player at the very least eco no one ranking for that year you've been asked in a moment involving lives and tennis in an assyrian when kim weaver suzanne mubarak roles on the circuit will save being rational wave of life for the foreseeable future this is not just an opponent school systems which is where most of like athlete's sort of matriculating or mature their athletic skills the athletic events in the competitions that are disappointed and by public schools are not that important in the scheme of things in tennis that is
if you see in a scholastic ever going to go and having that means nothing in the world certain absolutely nothing the onboard quit school at fourteen and dates of the gamble it would they often did for him but others advisers was a lot different we will however we do see blood vessels within their mortars or i would say the ratio of the rory three females for everyone male makes it because there's less competition in women's tennis and also i found and this is just going to stand by it or a long haul tennis requires a great deal of one on one instruction and black female seem to be able to withstand a sustained coach the relationship over a longer time than men do black males what was allowed to change
their minds and tennis has a very long gestation period that is almost all the good players you see a bear sterns before they were ten and within two or three years to stop everything else and just play tennis its acceptance of single mindedness and then actually like males who do that but like she knows well and force the best example as one who is from houston singing errors mr mcgregor park which i would listen when she was very young and she's still with joel creasey after all these years i think that is one of the keys to her success that you stuck with that one coach who used to have for a longer time who have to take instruction and she was not covered a couple years back except in two year tenure for memorial college want to take up that challenge i was asked by iran jurors are others who is head of the center for community change their the teacher corps some of like actually
undone a fan of the challenge just another truck nine and your career path that allows all sorts with a supportive of the year but that at least in response so after a while i decided to stop and i think i may do it again but it with a friend at cornell were thinking what were the program also said the target had asked me about doing a survey of him some eye tribe there is that difference possibilities five the rolling blackout we had become a black college versus local black at warrick university on a lighter roast is too much of a new leader of the use of the word elite society society and and that attacker can say what i think of much much more difficult for an arab or don't know it's really there's no question in my mind that is the case the support system is not there and to the extent that he here she doesn't feel comfortable
mingling with a cross culturally diverse student population that means is there a problem a question as well it used to be when i was a student at ucla even though that's cool to fill in a long history of black like because they should go back to dr ralph bunche in the nineteen twenties and jackie robinson and kenny washington and ray for johnson and so forth the the percentage of black students on campus is still very small end of the camp itself was physically isolated than there appeared to have a social problem you know there weren't enough girls for the guys today the vice versa and until recently there were not too many academic counselors that's a lot that they could go to that feel comfortable with and communicate with until recently the coach didn't understand what just follows as a commodity and irreplaceable carly athletic team were machine and
it might've been finished with all his academic eligibility an athletic eligibility was used now that obtained the likes of emerge much more difficult rollout of what college is has a much longer history and much more successful history and that just the process of the whites still going on even today in that size you continue evolving tennis your other business interests and activities oh yes i'm so fortunate and did very well as a professional athlete was never a frivolous spending saving money has been invested well family financially secure and but i
in addition legacy of anti apartheid movement called stone in the sports medicine and they worry vice chair of the davis cup committee sales of iraq it's close and chooses to go around the world among the fifty largest commissioning date and most of all the most of the activities like this which interest me and that is that i want to give no electrical charges although as former tennis professional of you have a chemical like purges a cassette copy it was focused wry us he dresses in black america long on radio network ut austin to austin texas and seventy seven the whales when black americans technical producer walter morgan i'm jackie hanson you've been listening to in black america reflections of the black experience in american
In Black America
Former Tennis Professional Arthur Ashe and The 57th Annual Baseball All-Star Game
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Profiling the 57th Annual Baseball All-Star Game in Houston, TX featuring interviews with athletes Tony Gwynn, Ozzie Smith and Tim Raines, as well as featured guest Arthur Ashe discussing the perception and role of Black athletes in American society.
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