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more strong stories of may twenty and there's a very large tornado almost a way it might towards more of the moment we remember the frightening day that changed our city once again they should go in the prepared here chilling stories from survivors in their own words everything i have seen how our city leaders use past experiences to help citizens through their darkest hour i can relive all of the meetings where we just all sat and just continue to ask the question are we doing enough and what else this story is not only about the devastation this is a story of hope courage and community a community that is strong now for all the stories and so that you are
it shows is that in some way were all united world woven together and we're just people and they enter stage and can relate to the hope that this community still and it hurt them and i wanted to do whatever was something good with it be to write a letter arrived check wellness and supplies to help in some way they're sacred as citizens of egypt at the time to get their thoughts on paper and given to us and we don't have the post office in which isn't great wings to get these items to as you were the
weather service at one of their operations that morning and i was its wild days where you've got feel it in the air to win the weather service's john you've also you can field there so we know that it was one of those days was possible days i was actually the conference with all of the national retailers from around the us and even international to the one year one time a year that we go to recruit retail had sent an email to our city managers dvd that how tornadoes i were to hit our community on monday that the drive to come back from the conference oh i've been watching it downstairs in the eeoc on film three years as well as on the television the weather channel is what you get for quite a long time while we're at the conference and around noon and we saw on television the tornado come into our community one is the first touchdown and space in all
these studies and it was a town so to start a chance that maybe wouldn't grow very big or wouldn't continue for too long in this district for the last as bones you that as a so has this review obvious that point that there's no way seems to die anytime soon and the only tractor has been gone anyway moves around them as much as possible and it was through a very densely populated area basically kill people the bill and they need to be prepared to take on undercover
within this building is basically the bathrooms a home for a four song every resistance quieted down and announced that it would close we've experienced one of the most revered storms and disaster says that the state has ever faced that yet in the midst of tragedy and loss of life we've also seen the resilience in the courage and the strength of our people were talking levels of grievance four foot high as far as you can say
we're talking about cars that are upside down in and and school books and children's toys and trees this was the storm of storms this has been quite an experience that i was the actual mayor here and i may third nineteen ninety nine so this is not my first rodeo the us but it doesn't get any easier seeing it on a map or seeing it on a television screen but that when you're driving through you know the people that live in the homes and you know that there's some analysts say this awful
just a matter of minutes things that took years to build on the growth of all of this to matter of minutes while level so you stand there you look at that stuff and you're just amazed at what has happened the question is why ms leis funny novel is reacting towards been touted a stately allen as far back to feel safe over here seeking about when her play for the union and the otherworldly another guy who added in the guinness and road out we had no idea this were to come out and things go on the bells
i mean everything the point is that everybody involved yes who says the play
nice boys seeks sikhs this week so the
boys' restroom and girls as well as suddenly get just hear like it sounded like a train my kid finally went underground so i am right now that they finally got a whole lives their cell phones so i knew they were both okay him and i thought you know if i mean i don't think we've ever had each other so that it was very scared that mean my friends are training died not as he had never asked to do these days
with this book has been has been it's billy i know callers pass but
because it was a really they're quiet for a little bit before we started hearing is like just peaceful and then all of the sudden we started hearing rumblings closer and closer my boys i said a little prayer we ask god to keep passengers sheltering arms and we yeah bent over and five dollars on top of vast and i told the boys i was going to cover them with my body and we just i talked to him the whole time so they wouldn't they would hear my voice the whole time my soul just don't know about that it's been three years ago no
more strong the stories of may twentieth we see the overwhelming response from far and wide after the devastating tornado was first was called began over creation over the world really see how city officials pulled together to respond i know that everybody's hearts and minds were in the right place and how we were able to do that it was superhuman strength encouraged by volunteers who made it their mission to help more we've had over ten thousand volunteers come through these doors that are found all over the united states and now the conclusions drawn to stories of may twenty eight
ms bishop mason fire know the deal a better get out there and they also know that their fall and everybody that we have this war our things have nothing normal about several weeks maybe even several months a lot of what a normal job there are normally do and what are the harry reid seemed more moral messages in emergency
situations like this no one really at city hall mr jobs actually so we all have the requirements that are thrust upon us or a lot of reviews when our jobs are they are a voice respected police custody were the same day in their beard and convincing citizens alone we can say i didn't think about that before it could not how ironic i brought out everybody except the people who are affected i do my best to try to think for a survivor's perspective to differences that last everything's perspective when we go on the twentieth kirk also correlate have he was only league and phone call to cnn fox from the bbc it's been is by
itself be nice bright green thank you all for coming out this actually we're trying to give daily updates on different things are going on with the cleanup effort people who have been affected by the storms the little small clear winners rupaul areas that are still barricaded off and you know that because their officers their checkpoints where their barricades and you cannot get through the apple and safety of the rescuers safety of the citizens
themselves and safety of the people in those areas and a desire by those people to get back to see what's left of their home as much as they can they're they're viable picture of a matter of trying to be able to fly planes over the moment though important about it relive all of the meetings where we just all sat and just continue to ask the question are we doing in math and what else can we labored over at every night that there was still a checkpoint in place and what it could mean for their citizens and their checkpoint was there is kept them safe but it also kept them away from their property week every day every every hour we re evaluated the residents were able to really kind of go to work out really well just as there
are going to be temporary closures here in america the next police departments are most of them are here in two thousand korean american i just know what's going to happen by large what the issues are going to be that when those storms in the past about their assaults are so i know that everybody's hearts and minds were in the right place and how we were able to do that i had no idea it was superhuman strength to be able to sit around the table of those leaders and come up with the ideas that we came up with and it would execute the way that we did our job well but also all that work i think
people are hearing it was just that constant feeling of helplessness and wanting to give that and then just within a second of that feeling of despair a call or text a facebook post something that just said you can do this we're here to help already were for coming support themselves we
are a lot older that assistance was so overwhelming that it was it was far bigger than what we can control and what we can manage and so we really just had the non bank based organizations and other groups to assist us with that the week ahead so it's just the volunteer organization to come first and i just started with with me in my neighborhood just want to come and see how mr help huntsman the folks that live here the word got out pretty quickly and that we just started getting a lot of phone calls lot less
facebook twitter this amazing thing about our history out of this and say watch this announcement a voluntary agreements that we've got water with the bathrooms if you need anything just let us now and so we came in and said la follette of your building and i said absolutely love to get into the city and that there's certain way that we can't it was tuesday afternoon that's as you start working just as the thing started to come together contents from parks department said it would be possible for us it's new volunteers solicited outlets do we can get a couple hundred maybe three hundred volunteers in that morning we gather in this place the hat looked
just like maybe six hundred you were so what we realize outside the front doors were standing outside if we can get into the ten thousand volunteers company's taurus all over the united states and says that they're far and the latest batch of wheelbarrows came on down here to help out as bell somebody else and they're so eerie that it was once populated analysis land can make a day of it access
right the regimes view remains in the veins because we watch the news that we have to question what we do here and right now i wish i had a low wage saw were people in the community and have them shake her and say thank you so much for coming in roughly where stories of hope and humanity and our nation and our church we talked a lot about love in the city and this is just a real rubber meets the road to really do we really believe the same thing
when our faith is tested when things get hard but we're really getting home and in some ways we're like going to serve the people lived here and served the city itself were not professionals we just live here you know we've just seen this incredible thing that it just feels like god is built around this week he showed up on set one service eighty one survey means it's been really special to have organizations like the red cross in america or come in and say we heard that doesn't mean the charge from one side and help me were you guys should say were just a collection of local churches really clear the subsidy we love those move
it is my gee
Moore Strong - His/View
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Footage of the EF-5 tornado that hit Moore, OK on May 20, 2013, causing 24 fatalities. Clips of addresses made by Mary Fallin - governor, Mick Cornett - OKC mayor, and Glenn Lewis - Moore mayor. Interview with Plaza Towers Elementary School survivors and their parents. Seven students died in the tornado. Interview with Briarwood Elementary School survivors. Interviews with Deidre Ebrey - Moore Economic Developer, Mark Hamm - Moore City Councilman. Covers the city?s response, faith-based organizations assisted with recovery. Summary
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