Duck and Fletcher
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OETA (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
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Program Description
This program is a presentation of Outdoor Oklahoma. It depicts how the Oklahoma Game and Fishing Department now known as the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservations, from 1938 to 1942, conducted a comprehensive survey of the state of Oklahoma's plants and animals led by biologists Lester D. Duck and Jack B. Fletcher. This survey resulted in two landmark products: a map showing 15 unique vegetation types in the state and a 144 page book titled A Survey of the Game and Furbearing Animals of Oklahoma printed in 1943. This book, nearly 70 years later, is regarded by many as foundation for biological research for Oklahoma's natural resources. This work serves as the baseline by which all changes, either manmade or environmental can be measured since the early 1940's. This was developed on the heels or even during one of the country's biggest environmental disaster, the Dust Bowl. Part of the survey was due to the ecological disaster known as the Dust Bowl. Game and fish administrators wanted to find out just how much the state's natural resources had suffered from poor farming practices and severe drought. This survey was enabled due to the passage of the Pittman-Robertson Act which placed federal excise tax on things such as firearms and ammunition giving states additional revenue. This allowed this department to embark on this comprehensive survey, documenting Oklahoma's flora and fauna using traps and hoop nets to document and inventory mammals and bird species, including the types of habitat whereby each species was found. The major focus of the survey was categorizing vegetation species. This was the predecessor for what might be called an ecoregion biome or landscape and described unique sets of plant communities. This is the story of Duck and Fletcher.
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