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or are heirloom move in new hampshire winning candidate files for the presidential primary the governor on tuesday i'm sure over coffee and cake reception in the statehouse after the candidate as well as papers and that was elon musk he went up there in january nineteen seventy two and its reception and as the guests finished her coffee they all discovered that under underneath a coffee as they turned up three cups on the bottom looking up it was on a replica of the mcgovern campaign paolo of those in the end the leaders of the things we've been talking about here
but it is in my view for the bottom range of addict type type operation alive and i called him a bit better known sibling and not a memoir and the senate of the united states these hearings the mcgovern people but not the nineteen seventy two million belongs in the same category with a dirty tricks and espionage committed by the nixon campaign this was the strong position of
two george mcgovern campaign leaders rich stearns and frank mankiewicz and testimony before the urban committee today stands amid the mcgovern campaign made some mistakes but we did not commit crimes he said that was called the nixon campaign techniques and seventy two unprecedented in the history of american politics and said it would be a mistake to say watergate and its related activities constitute a breakdown in the political system everybody in politics michael woods who was a national campaign corner from about and said he was convinced that the mics and arbitrates against democratic candidates successfully created an unparalleled atmosphere within the democratic party and tonight or apply your findings reference is hugely critical to the opening statement made by h r haldeman on july thirty one listed some dirty tricks he thought had been done by some call on the watergate committee to investigate banks tourism that was envisioned we don't specifically
exclude such actions that follow violent demonstrations and disruption heckling or shutting down speakers burning for a bombing campaign headquarters physical damage or trashing headquarters and other buildings harassment the candidates wives and families by assailants destruction of the national convention by slaughtering dinner guests with eggs and tomatoes indecent exposure rocket assaults on balance smashing windows setting trash fires under the gas tank of a bus watching policemen from their motorcycles i know this committee most americans in such activities cannot be tolerated in a political way campaign but unfortunately the activities i have described are all activities which took place in nineteen seventy two against the campaign of the president of the united
states by his opponents some of them took place with the clear knowledge and consent of agents of the opposing candidate in the last election others were acts of people who're going on sympathetic to the president may not a direct orders from it was you can't mr obama made those charges just before he admitted that he had approved the hiring of bottles and ready for a big tug operation it was solomon who complained about a lack of investigation mcgovern telephones used organized an anti nixon rally at the century plaza hotel in los angeles rick stearns will be asked about that the urban committee is going to reassess for two weeks the schedule primarily needed more time for investigating your cane has more on what's coming next even had the senate not contemplated or recess chief counsel sam bashor there's a committee for one what bush wants to do is to give investigators time to dig up evidence which could lead to a dramatic new phase in the hearings resume on october thirtieth there's little doubt that he means
revelations involving billionaire howard hughes and bp rig also a close friend of president nixon's on these lines the committee reportedly met today in and talk to us former nevada governor paul laxalt who has close ties to humans or boss already has told investigators that he accepted one hundred thousand dollars and one hundred dollar bills from a hugely in nineteen sixty nine and in nineteen seventy gave the money back a few months ago because he feared it might be embarrassing to the president several senators say they are interested in probing any relationship between these contributions and a presidential decision to give huge control over west as well as a reversal of a justice department antitrust action which would have barred hughes from having the dunes hotel to his las vegas casino empire alan dixon huge relationship goes back many years in nineteen fifty six he was long two hundred and five thousand dollars to the van vice president's
brother donald who put up a thirteen thousand dollar family law at whittier as collateral if you've long became a campaign issue for mr nixon in nineteen sixty two and in nineteen sixty and an action fund raiser tony recently of a one hundred thousand dollar cash donation by hughes and nineteen sixty eight committee investigators also interviewed several his associates if by any chance i can flesh out the billionaire reckless than watergate will be back with a vengeance gen con is joining us tonight are two veteran watergate watchers who have been with us before john kramer is professor at the georgetown university law center john martin is the former editor of the republican newsletter monday and is now a nationally syndicated columnist they will be back when they at the close of tonight's reply for now here's an hour to guide today's testimony and the first hour rich stearns has some critical words for the committee saying he was upset at being equated with what he calls the apps absolutely outrageous election campaign also in this hour he offers an insider's look at
the mcgovern apparatus noting that local workers were fiercely independent and that caused problems and the second hour stearns charges that republicans were involved in a calculating campaign to smear him over his views on the arab israeli isis says it was a way of a so called must be accountability project a report that accused mosby of line but he said it was never in our history frank mankiewicz charges that the so called humphrey jackson six letter was designed by the white house to get those men mad about must be a mcgovern yes and false advertising and affluence mean that in the future nothing the candidates said it would be believable california democrat and he said that democratic investigators monitored price commission decisions to see if republican contributors liked limits don't have been given it really is
they work under the chairman was called away on official business and as we convene the hearing and ct will be able to rejoin us later in the morning and stay with garfunkel mr richard thanks the storm waves will appear and you swear the testimony about it before this committee will be the truth the whole truth and nothing but the kids are up to get babysitters no question you cover them with john and i understand you have a statement about religion going it's b mr john madden i would've appreciated the
olympic courtesy of reasonable notice that visit that as i would've preferred prepared statement to the committee so they give them charts for examiners critical and it deserves the best reflection incite and what was an awful attack imply that this was difficult despite having all the resources of the white house at his disposal because he was given only six days to prepare those at least underwear nichols of the nation in recent weeks the press has reported that some of the committees that has been engaged in a fishing expedition for a partisan purpose is all the outrage isn't the most corrupt presidential campaign in american history but finding something anything no matter how substantial in order to place blame on the democratic campaign which saw honestly and basically to provide a different kind of national leadership yesterday
hired wire for free a self serving republican expert on social democratic party tricks went so fast and became the memory of senator robert kennedy implying that senator kennedy was the inspiration for his contemptible conduct now some campaign what questions to ask of the scandal that was pervasive the abuses bring attention and corruption nothing could any longer conceal the crimes in the commons problems now whether that was an excuse to start an investigation of whether there was any way to end it now some of those have been forced to last the face of the demon one party's i go searching to find among the other parties are this is not the appropriate exercise in a car that was supposed to reach beyond partisanship in order to do that and suppose we all profess more than that it is a profound disservice first it as a service to the
facts the mcgovern campaign was founded not under any tricks on the true in nineteen seventy two we made mistakes but we did not commit crimes on the list some of the things we did not do would not that unintelligible we did not reveal any offices with irony demonstrated would not employees while we do not revisit it would welcome the opportunity to disclose the sources of the financing we never solicited we never talk and we never expected and illegal corporate contributions we never committed perjury or as anyone to commit perjury false we never manipulated based the fbi the cia the secret service are the justice department we never considered a firebomb it was not a prostitute to compromise the opposition or anyone else are even kidnapping those saw the world differently than we do it we were beaten but we're not the czar and the attempt to find fault or there is not
to lay blame or it does not allow the whitewashed adobe mud blackening as a sympathetic piece of political gamesmanship and let me tell you some of the things that we did do we were honest about who was paying for our campaign about the principles and program which was that we were open and fight with the press and the american people that was about it and iraq and such scrutiny now not the innuendos and slanders with the last refuge of those who cannot help themselves except by accusing others i believe that when this committee's work is done when the last witness has been heard in the final recommendations are written you will call for that kind of honesty and decent politics george mcgovern practice the nineteen seventy two second unfounded attacks on democratic integrity of the service to the republican party is not necessary for republicans to prove the democrats are just as that the truth is that most people in both parties have held the high standards of conduct republicans and
democrats alike have waged firefights in most campaigns at every level indeed most of those who thought last year that the president's re election was right but nothing in that cause what any of us would regard as rob they voted to re elect the president not about the democratic national committee finally it is a disservice to the nation to imply that all politics is as bad as a few men made it in nineteen seventy two not belong in politics only five years but i've met so many people and politicians from the grassroots of the senate and both parties were my probably call my friends and i believe give constant witness to the ideals of the american system his committee and the west the service now would be to convince the nation that this cannot be that the political process is inevitably grated lemon whether that does not say the republicans the administration it not only slanders democrats and justifiably strains the faith of the american people and the american system mr genovese us once you've heard all this is seen a record of sabotage and
slander unprecedented in american history i experienced personally so that's one last year facts a different from the faction which was widely promoted in nineteen sixty seven i signed a newspaper appeal which endorsed the middle east policy that was subsequently supported by the united states and adopted by the united nations at that time i figured what the nixon administration once hailed as an evenhanded policy in the middle east i consistently advocated a policy and responsible way until the outbreak occurred terrorism an escalation of soviet intervention convinced me that i was wrong i'm your position was no secret it was publicly expressed at the top of my composition during the nineteen seventy two campaign despite that the most outrageous outlandish and outrageous ms respond to it but the committee to re elect the president for example the committee publishes <unk> shumway spread a rumor among the press that i had been a guerrilla leader and all the talk about the narrative of the nile deserve that was dangerous and theres a slender why i call like trump patrick buchanan minister
shumway at least was apparently are straying yet what i resented low was not the un found an attack on any of the implication that use an overhaul in years already passed with abuse of george mcgovern in nineteen seventy two certainly senator mccain's position was well and widely state yet great wanted to take the music created for me and they can hit i would say that we can conclude for firebombing brookings institution prove that president nixon was a new mad bomber i think we've experienced too much in such large and we've heard too many unscrupulous <unk> we've seen too often men who should serve their country but shame that instead when you know more towards recovery is no more smears against good and decent citizens among them an assassinated president lucy going to do what they believe is right for their country whether they're democrats like senator humphrey was accused of sexual misconduct republicans like senator wyden was accused of campaign finance abuses and i'm doing
everything but i'm convinced that the only means of checking with the genesee is to concur hardly and whatever is best about jobs for me in nineteen seventy two george mcgovern represented what was best for our clubs not all of your grade and obviously millions of voters disagree but at least i'm confident this much but the mcgovern campaign kept faith with what is best in the american political tradition well you indicated it is the quail and i like to set the record straight on that i can borrow record collector who were first interviewed at the request of the driving rohan wilson's to sherman artist the president on september at this year's the prime minister and that you
were served at that time with a subpoena copy which i have here producer names of iraqis mr stearns appeared in executive session on october third at which time has tendered a subpoena when he was sworn in he had conversations with the members of your legal standpoint prior to that time reno's encountered and joins us we were the october third hearing in the second session at that time he was then examine and have to produce a his analysis is senator muskie's campaign which was supplied to the committee well as in another one of the leaders of a trip with one state of september eighth evening and the kennedys never sorry
there was one city that thought i was called inclusion of my interview with me up and say you are so does imply doctor yet and on october third you were sworn in boston in a new way a new a new us questions on the cables and probably the september eighteenth in the october third interviewed you also as i understand it called up when you're forty to discuss the incidents were being interviewed yes but you will continue with your ears that's
right a national committee are really knew that was gonna have appeared on cnn and he was witnesses of an unpublished in the last two or three days i've heard is that you were with the cinema them and campaign prior to the convention and epic and that's what was the specific simon and position after the convention initially at the convention there was a reorganization of the campaign i was assigned as director of what was called the western region which would like in state west of the mississippi river this is a position and with california one of the states that you were responsible for at the convention that her talked
often is among the states is now in september nineteen seventy two you did make it a trip to work california private airport we were aware that there was a problem in the california campaign with regard to wetzel some peace groups these groups that was whether there was an internal administration again and my reason for being for one on that day was an attempt to negotiate talk you know who's a campaign event that was typical hollywood california our democracy that petition from people and robinson mcgovern's campaign raising certain issues about the campaign for the best recollection of petition of mencia nothing about him and his crew well that race implications in your mind
there was concern over whether senator mcgovern in the campaign were clearing through a strong passing up on vietnam an easter not to not be a question related to internal but most of it is it called the difficulties with all the literature distribution system are mosley points about the manner in which the campaign has been conducted yesterday you were interviewed and thirteen indicated that time to raise questions about the grassroots campaign you indicated also believe that that indicates you there was some concern about the strength of commitment for peace and i believe that that you do that is one of the things that they're grassroots might mean no one can speculate that that's what grass roots might suggest any number of issues that would certainly be one of them but speculation that i made by local conditions and that was a prayer when you were born you were
you in the campaign problems with the peace groups and the campaigns know i'm on my arrival might be perfectly clear that my reason for being in california it dealt with an internal administrative problem within the campaign organization there was no other purpose for my trip there only objective was to interview a gentleman who was attempting to recruit and that we could eventually successfully as a new southern california campaign director oddly only a suggestion discussions with people about a demonstration so with these groups is that yes there was a psychologist baraka critical appointed by that time i was somewhat occupied with other matters and pepper cellars in china because of the campaign as quickly as i could
in los angeles and at that time my assistants liaison with the topic and then asking for our purposes i went to work for the office and shake hands with campaign workers who were there and especially in the pacific i met a lady who was involved in the crowd involved in or had attended the organizing meeting of the demonstration with her friend who is that to introduce you to her mrs jones to be to the gulf on a national level and who was president then a conversation that's my recollection of his conversation with his decision well is there a difference
yes indeed i had a white matter varies from an obama campaign just about with amicus a woman to indicate you why he wanted to meet this other individual i don't recall and yesterday i believe you indicated that you thought you got a briefing from arrest while he wanted what he wanted to meet this other individual that was but because of the person's concern of a lot of recollection of the farmer can save the list were conducting like to work at the headquarters she thought that this is someone that you want to meet me was involved in the dog was in some liaison capacity with these organizations and that she was a character that was a concern of the commitment of these notions and the other individual
now you're asking us a month but the collection of what the curtis that's for re election is that i wasn't just to visit a woman residents the us record recollections of the first occasion which i was even where the president's plan because it was that was that thought oh well i ask her the greatest russians of us when the villain role in visiting dignitary thought ask about the tracker demonstration i'm sure hester army people expected illinois she asked
me if i had any objection to a caller asking if it any objection to members of the mcgovern campaigns that attending the demonstration i said no no and sacrificed any first amendment rights worker presidential candidate well that's a close as they can i had no objection to that that's my recollection of the conversation best of my recollection was a city that was present this lady who i was and especially with was present my plea is on sale in california barbara mackenzie was president of recording now that this other individual request a campaign to provide any assistance your presents are for the demonstration of the senate election now that this other individual indicate that she and others were concerned i don't know whether
it was getting a decision but over time as the nominee i'll re election from your executive session of october three nineteen seventy three julep and you sensor wells i understand the circumstances this lady was just page forty nine million reasons why i understood the circumstances that this lady was really interested in what you might call the peace movement in los angeles and she was concerned about her campaign was giving up the issue of peace in the fallout i
realize that was there i mean with certainty by speculation is what he is interested in making a presentation on the demonstration or the mackenzie they have suggested this to maine does that even though it's just the two suits particularly surprising when he testified under oath on october three good morning this is the dissent well i understood the circumstance that this lady was very interested in what michael keaton in los angeles and she was concerned with the issue of the peace and was in the
context of what he was told to regal your question was what was mississippi when i read the part of a prior pages indicate that there's a reagan was asked about the meeting in fact prior prior questions indicated he was asking about who this other individual was that the network what did they ask you yesterday scientists at the circumstances did you and to get away with what was a positive pr campaign about time to using campaign
resources for demonstrations are the policy of the campaign for demonstrations i think delivering resources today demonstrations i think as a general policy we just heard that he or one of the senator's view of demonstrations it did not it is his art also his lines in the campaign in nineteen seventy demonstrations principles of issues of which he strongly believed i think that was a possibility and we understood by everyone in the campaign i should point out however that you're right and i think you also indicated yesterday that there was some concern over the political impact that might result if the campaign was linked to a demonstration
that would occur to anyone that he on the tactical situation the us so they are made with the president was doing everything it could to thank george mcgovern is irresponsible singing heart we didn't do anything to reinforce an impression a false impression that was in the public's mind about the senator filed an inspiration couldn't possibly serve the best interest of him added to inquire for many individuals during a discussion as to what groups we're going to help dissipate in the demonstration not to issue any instructions to ensure that the campaign would not provide resources to assist in a demonstration the best recollection of him oh you have discussed cause i think you can occasionally so between your first interview of september eighteenth in an executive session on october third in to discuss his meeting with the city with this this
can't separate and can you recall now a commission told to use of what the what happened that me this was a description of what her recollection was it's clear from the record voting session empty i really think that one what is that you know that issues i've been instructed by the informant also have come up that i had used her name but she said then that she had thought about it further and she thinks that the deal to perhaps a question about budget woes
my recollection of her recollection that he often not say that he had the discussions with us individually met in september that they're going to ask you about that demonstration and use resources and she advises you to sidestep that issue it is so i didn't realize that they're you're not constrain that hearsay role here but i would ask to respectfully of greater questions than an answerable question zaniest eskimo questions that are difficult to answer by the time you met with this group that they're that that you're going to be asked about the use of resources for this demonstration if i thought about what i
recall from her roxanne roberts you're welcome what's disgusting demonstration with you if a while so we're seeking to use the resources of campaign that they would accept that it from you know i think you have to go back to the fundamental understanding about the campaign on the autonomy of each local state organization and california property purchase is the richest eight organizations won government ran a campaign in the maw i did not have administrative authority within the campaign a certain authority over gmo no vital issues
for western states optimism while observing other dignitaries capacity everywhere i went i was initially responsible for organizing and recruiting campaigns that authority was given to the candidate i don't think you know any time in any visit mr campaign headquarters in any of those nineteen states i would never presume to take the authority or not have the authority to make administrative decisions about disposal whatever material within an authentic part of our campaign just could not operate just about operate that way we don't largely with fiercely independent volunteer workers are paid workers will lose interest as an artist not as well disciplined organization is that ritual as you present during discussion but where it was indicated that their actions will be taken by local campaign ad campaign headquarters was clearly against the passive senator mcgovern clearly
against the pass in the headquarters office with cause tremendous possible political balance in the campaign you would not take any steps the stock market mr torre testified yesterday you were present for a discussion wherein assistance was requested of the campaign and specifically the fall back a request to be used to assist in this demonstration now if that if that had happened there had involvement in an administration that because i think it's on down into the campaign as i was taught the mcgovern campaign headquarters or are you know i lost count of the number of listener question is i don't recall any of these violent
forgive a lot i'm saying in that situation has different recollections that you say now but if you've been there you still have not taken steps to stop these resorts and i was never in a situation where my knowledge when you don't answer them elevating answer and you're talking about the political circumstances they're confronted with i don't feel that my role here as witnesses to be let into our prophecies about what could've happened in nineteen seventy to understand the threat of a look into what actually did happen and this can see as you said has indicated that you were present during that discussion and testified yesterday that you also i'm not justify new district for his recollection i'm only recollecting this weekend his recollection of justifying what i know i know that
was an assistant coach the organization demonstration that would take place in a copy of a los angeles times editorial titled a demonstration if you're going to demonstrate is that instead of the protests to be peaceful police demonstrated it's possible to maintain order without force welcomes a lot of this is not something you want to look at the report also indicate however that that campaign resources have been used at if that demonstration in fact that's an issue in california that i saw it whether it was a very short article was in its effect within the los angeles times some time in october which said that the telephone bank in the government orders a binge is not my members know i
think that by people outside the campaign for a great period of time and the medical school now if you read that and if you take any steps to ensure that it would not happen again either in california or anywhere else in the country that have been taken and the issue that you're talking about with a perfectly peaceful assembly which constitutionally protected right of citizens understand that the use of resources to assist the demonstration was clearly against passing this is a violation of the past year or so i don't recall as being a major issue and immigration issues are only a great compliment of law i don't think anybody thought that renders of wobble like the employees
testified that he thought that it was such a peaceful demonstration would be beneficial for the us senate campaign did you work with him again there's bees you can the primary is the company's business been you
know oh yeah implied that in his characterization of like what it was supposed to do and why the democratic candidates engaged in things like violent disruptions demonstrations shouting obscenities at forest fire bombings mark snyder that was the larger american story campaign is talking about what if there is a campaign that would run against me during the conservative senator mcgovern says the family's been getting a position that i could not pull the middle east it's both your sort thorough review on interstate with a newspaper account of some of the committees that engage in a
fishing expedition in our place while more democratic campaign which are honestly and be selective about a different kind of leadership do you resent we're being called it was going to burn witness equilibrium of the situation as i understand the frost would be our assistant novel the great question is this that perhaps a few telephones in california we used in disputed circumstances for a brief period of time to recruit people as a matter of conscience dissipate in an orderly peaceful assembly tables
that's right in disputed circumstances but what about what happened how this is being equated with the kinds of things i referred to earlier with writing that i think i think the matter of the commander in which was so which was treating patients being made oh i think it is oh no
you know at the aquarium with the revelations that this committee has wrought with a public that's you know i think i think there is a basic basic premise and mr mellman well you had later learned a lot of partisanship you had been call the illegitimate interview with more specific than that i believe that there is an attempt to make an equation i'm not going to
wait they are you know i'm like no i'm not voting on any names in fact i have significant statement that one of the things like bridget post about politics and how many people from both parties i think represent a higher standard of conduct a high standard of principles of politics in this country represent i'm not a professional politician without it and one of the attractions to me in a political campaign than the opportunity to kind of people that i've met i think inequality it is a piece of professions country is professional like to see representative in the best possible that it's not true as you state in your statement you know that the equipment establishment fishing expedition the blame democratic campaigns are honestly and visited
you refer to anyone goes and slanders you referred to attacks on democratic integrity or the partisanship comes in or you have a right to do that in part is many other people than coal or much more notice is among the many other witnesses overhead and at madonna notice issue iaea color actually known on tuesday the region is to standing law school plans about four o'clock on tuesday this week today we hear a nine o'clock wednesday morning you know by the nummi after the old man's that's less than twenty four hours unless in the guidelines set forth in the senate resolution we as a matter of courtesy cut down here in the best recollection of events we request to know
wayman completely untrue and completely and their star is hearing a day voluntarily there was never any question at these councils you know you sang the races of your recollection that we were we were being subpoenaed a new ad the grace of your office without those new that's never been said you would it
works it was not terror because there's no need to certainly never happened we never enough where we said we said we would reduce mr stone there's no necessity said you know they're thinking about withholding is something that we said mr stern would be there you know every disappearance and he's here and he's here voluntarily means any provision he's not a great number of people i think we have not have the subpoenas a four page two statement is that we were open and fight with the press and the american people still quite something sort of about now is something you referred to before obviously there can be no way to adjust as obvious because there have been major wrongdoings
i would not think that that would be an excuse under i did political considerations i think that you're talking about he's original political considerations it's blue
which is what different recollections looking back to what i said earlier this meeting was not the reason i was in los angeles it was a minor incident and that they're much more and much more importantly really i was accomplishing a much more important that i did not remember this meeting lewis says the campaign until it was mentioned to me about one thing fifteen
so that was not what happened so truly a conversation like show porn you would be comforted to the major policy known as burning oil possible and complain and then shortly after that conversation i had read about it in the newspapers about the phone might mean you've won another to prove to you that that would be something to remember the best of my recollection i was never in a meeting with the incident that you're talking about apple with significant for being with us well you're talking about a hypothetical situation of this and i don't know if it would happen or at least my recollection that happen and it might've been a significant thing that you're talking about an incident which to me is a security officers raises a conflict
related to humans or just another recollection was that there was no conflict on a material for you recollected won his recollection was one play my recollection is another i give you my best recollection of simply get his recollections of film page eight one third of the transcript women work or election you're right another you're welcome
you'll hear campaign within distinguishable chain of that yes i was i was also my real responsibility was in me initial organization of the campaign of each day the defense of our campaign for evolve the very beginning i think you can find evidence of the fact that all the normal almost the entire record of the campaign is that once an organization was in place the day to day authority in the campaign was in the air really important the weekend as having gotten more difficult with sort of the more difficult problem of the campaign in pennsylvania i was like pennsylvania vermont even though i was still only western regional or admit it my function in any administrative zones with a campaign stop at the point
we were not a republican did you have sort of a few of the store's windows are quite so i heard our show yesterday afternoon on radio fm radio station which the narrator the duo the program of the vice president although i came in very late into that i tried to watch last night around one o'clock the muslim this continuing of abuse the farm level because of course as we've stated in the
testimony you asked me that you approve it but that they were used to that after it happened he was injured revelation ch and then but you have one in there with you and with the house escorted and as a sustainable or in fact that when they found out about it they concluded it must be some self starting individual who did this medicine and as it was discovered that it was immediately stopped well
in a way and assuming that this sort of poor people mostly because of a pet which you covered the government open and fight with the person the american people from various my recollection is that i laughed i think to return to washington that i was not that any of these discussions take place between house ms bee through europe there is an american of his campaign
the initial alert the initial statements on the nineteen sixty seven that was a controversy among some examples of how this issue had been used against me in nineteen seventy two i should go where this story of a sixty seventy executive session trade the current record for this report well the first thing is that first i did not all is that i've made clear publicly on a number of occasions i had to do some of those occasions and the transcript of this committee including a letter which appeared in the near east or on july twenty six nineteen seventy two right now with the charges that have been made against me in terms of my views on the middle east wind what my position was on the middle east quite is were widely publicized trip in the british press in this country it is an article from the jewish festival on
august fourth nineteen seventy two writes that in some of the reasons why i change my opinions on the middle east in the intervening five years since it out in nineteen sixty seven at the same time and what i was writing his victory was so dangerous one hour conversation that inspired a great deal that he mailed record of me personally going with them and i love most of jack anderson's twenty four it was instead of the columbus and his novel in boston against pro israeli policy and democratic aides call a whisper campaign against firms and light and severe
that it's an average and unpublished other democrats the next and it is reprehensible and squirrels but that tends to associate really am a representative of palestine terrorist organizations in the united states and you make these pictures are all underneath has reached out to the coordinates of every campaign in a way that you want your vote for governor his employer goes on to make a similar situation about mr gary hart mcgovern campaign manager on the basis of all of the dishes of us one out of a fictitious article appeared in the george washington university's student newspaper but that's the kind of time talking about one of the reasons and one reason why ron paul hornby with the ministers of was that i was spending so much time answering this kind of this kind of charge but i would have been a political liability for a campaign in the los angeles area five every concert and administrative authority there on this bustling
and i sat at before getting who's responsible for this male is make sure we understand exactly what this mayor is on japan and the letter which which he performed an open letter to president johnson the middle east specialist which you won't sound as international players vice president massacred national student association it's about fb the
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