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the polls it's been his sister and i was stationed on one occasion on the sixty four but primarily i was stationed on the seventy four or mcgovern's suite of rooms in the situation room and just write what's true mr hart hermann most of the top level staff people were stationed when the united states
there's like an individual human population recovers in the presidential election of nineteen seventy two campaign pandas or other activities related to her the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities hasn't backed correspondent jim lehrer sedan chair to took his turn today telling the urban comedy and the rest of us what it was like to be a paid undercover agent for the nixon reelection campaign is real name is michael mcmahon away sedan chair to being a code name and he told the story of one success after another infiltrating the must be humphrey and mcgovern primary campaigns a second witness for the day was the first democratic
campaign man to appear before the committee fred tour southern california campaign coordinator vermont governor nineteen seventy two was questioned about the use of mcgovern campaign facilities in organizing a los angeles demonstration against president nixon to us that he thought was a legitimate project an unauthorized had only after he was assured the proper precautions against violence have been taken meloy and his testimony detail the undercover activity in wisconsin pennsylvania california washington dc and finally at the democratic national convention in miami as the next image and he was on the mcgovern security staff at the convention and on one occasion even sat with george mcgovern and watch television and mcgovern's own tower of metal i was paid fifteen an awesome up in committee to reelect funds to report back intelligence information he gathered in the course of this undercover work with democrats and like john that jack buckley yesterday a twenty year old middleweight now an insurance man also said he did not consider his operations illegal unethical or wrong in any way the third
and last letters of the day was to take in a thick manila los angeles police department was asked about the anti nixon demonstration in the bombing of the nixon campaign headquarters in hollywood california one note at this point everyone knows by now of course the vice president spiro agnew resigned today about three hours into the proceedings that it will notice when the news reached the mariner the press section is virtually vacated and there's a lot of whispering among the senators with us tonight to analyze today's testimony is howard mccurdy a former member of governor rockefeller selection research that ona professor of political science at american university now for the hearings is a now by our rundown of the testimony and the first hour michael mcmahon a way explains that he needed a diary keep people straight because he was gathering intelligence from so many campaign headquarters in the democratic primaries in wisconsin he observed mcgovern supporter of making signs in and taking part an anti muskie wrapped in the second armored no way justifies he was on the mcgovern security force to them and a convention and quickly
became a familiar face in the mcgovern executive suites also a malady and senator evan debate sharply with his find was a fraud he says no now freeman's mentally tales of driving a democratic delegate to the playboy hotel want to win and exhibited in all activities in the back the clock also now he testified that hubert humphrey was heckled by mcgovern supporters on a visit to a california nursing home and the fourth hour a democrat fred tour takes the stand and he confirmed that anti war activists did you covered phones for a rally at a nixon fundraiser one the governing characterized the use of the phone to the results announced by the toure says it was carefully considered and approved because the demonstration was to be peaceful and the fact that i look at it kenneth been confirmed that the anti nixon rally was non violent only three arrests were made and he testified that there was in fact no bombing of the nixon campaign office in hollywood as a charcoal and detestable and now to the
opening gavel the committee will crumble and counsel will force winds or the way i understand the chairman at his honest weight woman thirties in the open the fbi has been the proof by the pound the police
by the polls but to pass but to play mentally ms blackwell in these families arrive men hughes well at the evidence you have the senate select committee all kinds of campaign activities will be the truth the whole law i see your company by counsel council of the fines up to record it had a junior malloy
here today germany's the most of the night is always a man of nevada witness know others have not requested that the committee extended an independent human rights group well and political activity the presidential campaign of nineteen seventy two and if it became involved were given i think us at the microphone in a positive for the area i really become active in political campaigns in nineteen fifty six presidential election what eisenhower ever since that period of work and every general election and every
cameraman onstage interview with the exception of the nineteen sixty six tennessee senatorial election in the nineteen seventy two national presidential election during the nineteen seventy two presidential campaign will you requested by anybody who were the political spot against the major democratic candidates in primary campaigns mr ben jealous contacted an hour with the war of nineteen seventy two requests to undertake a political investigation an intelligence gathering operation although the contract initially i was contacted that i know the point of my martin welcome or sink in informing the course of our conversation about interested in talking with someone about activities on the national scale and i can send the election he would have the poinsettias contact me
it's there in mid february a man who identified himself to me as jason rainier who have expressed the wish to meet with me in mobile and discuss employment this service cost the employment of the nature of the panic at the specifically what well that's the nature of this one so we had a meeting in lower than thirty critique that even hotel on saturday morning which in which we sit and spin about anonymous working out the details of the specific assignment details at this point in the world to work in a presidential primary states amtrak to infiltrate into the democratic organizations with the purpose of getting information pursueth august agents and personnel of the senate democratic candidates and various
democratic campaign organizations us about that you know by the way the year that be i'm sure that investigation ran robert longo an employee of the committee to reelect president no surrogate now did you ever learn that mr rainer wasn't that long yes sir i did in april of nineteen seventy three agents of the federal bureau of investigation contacted me about all the local terrain four interview with myself in the council or so into their activities that i undertake in a nineteen seventy two with the fbi out informally of history when huge true identity as robicheaux and the record that we've already received the runway testimony before this committee indicates that the actually was an employee assistance to have the bar quarter of the committee to re elect the president what to read this brief reference to your
employment that has the record that came from that porter's testimony page won five four thriller record i'm a total of about six thousand dollars over a six month period again to mr stone that was passed onto a mai i can't remember his last name again now i believe it was like going away from louisville kentucky we're going to have three of the primary campaign so that the records show that not only was different standard that was the order of the committee are elected president was in fact sending on the money when the financial arrangements actually made about mr rainer there you are with you initially there had been an agreement reached that how i received fifteen hundred dollars a month from us sources and if you receive them or fewer for european men and color isn't the only documentation of of any
financial transactions between the terrain you're not auto finance at nine freeway some some potential statement that appeared on a line of visa papers is that with a revenue service members that this reflects the total amount an instability yesterday us kind of shows that on march seventeen seventy two nine hundred eighty three dollars april fourteen nineteen thirty six hundred million dollars may twelfth nineteen eighty dollars may twenty six seven hundred dollars a june sixteen forty seven dollars in twenty nine five hundred dollars and july twenty seven seventy five oh oh the channel appearing on your accounting is
five thousand eight hundred a thousand fans have the answer now you wear by the way that there's the water at vigor elected president identify you at the committee on the old man sudan share to nadia nineteen seventies and that you later learned that yesterday a staff members of this committee and for me that were you ever wear that your reports or saudi reports vote it's a venture to wear forward to most of all and buy most of the group through gordon's ron paul notices that our part one of that one message brown testified before this committee and us ally with the best minds drawn on the record that in fact that's one of your reports to it and what the state was a sophisticated intelligent plan being developed by the committee
which he later destroyed the breakdown of the area on june seventeen you're welcome the rising on this information not a nineteen seventies there and you let it actually a computer yet the iris the consultation with us the committee staff initially inform you that and then i would listen on the testimony watching testimony local which can testify to the fact that he did it my reporting it an initial god that i consented to be informative he was working for a group of concerned citizens who were interested in the outcome of the nineteen seventy two presidential election a company come a time when you they had an atm believe suspicion that they
are in fact you were not working for a global consensus nas rap don't they were concerned about that if you ever come to believe that that you may actually have been employed by the republican party yeah i began to suspect it probably maybe amongst of employment when the gentleman of the activities in the form of the operation was pretty well set into full force and it was it was obvious that i was not that i'm not participate in any respect and i was i never worked in elite republican organizations out is it true that you infiltrated the musky headquarters in milwaukee for the wisconsin primary the humphrey headquarters in philadelphia for the pennsylvania primary the mcgovern headquarters to los angeles for the
california primary mcgovern headquarters and the district of columbia and after the watergate break in just before the democratic convention the mcgovern headquarters at the democratic convention miami all of those assumptions are correct that i worked in the humphrey big ports in los angeles and not a worse idea that mcgovern people in california but primarily america's sent to los angeles to work on that did you choose each of these assignments such as the state to go to when you're all alone you follow instructions of follow instructions and these were again the instructions of mr reiner who we got to stop this or what you get for each assignment a specific instructions there were instructions covered by the initial meeting with must stop the itinerary of the
up there for the scientists was set by mr reiner know words he would tell me to which they travel usually too would say he would tell me what all the station a lot of information about but the actual operational procedures were left and following up to me now that you won a fairly regular basis sen mr renner course materials that you were able to get from the ticket or shouldn't read it in initially said the procedure was also post office box in washington dc do with shallots in any relevant documents are information that i will feel necessary you feel obligation of intelligence gathering and these documents are any materials that you felt necessary here simon from inside the fortune unfiltered indictment i referred to or not whether a
secret documents these documents were documents that were white in republicans' direction that no pandering the course of my appointment copied or are or bahrain or stall or remove any guidance from the courts other than those which were given to me that a person in authority to to pass out this information that you get some of the advance be a candidate cannot yes sir i am at the specific part of an operation to work whenever possible on scheduling and an advance work and you see this private time that schedule of the public in most instances working with a group of people that were making a raven's running with the advantage of your having it in advance whether you could provide this information prior to actually the year publication of this information
yes around us that there's uncertainty on the objective was to get information before the newspapers printed it actually was every time you've gotten to that yet been made public no sir you also that such things as m copies of the lessons of workers copies of the intercom numbers of the internal state workers and that nature but not this year at jack abramoff self listeners now working in the different organizations and the functions within that organization and while we were while you're in the organization of getting diarrhea at the moment us we're already read whatever you could read that was on bestseller raul ended and i think it sometimes refer to you for this information that that you yes sir i did i try to read as much as i couldn't listen that was one of the major sources of my information
from conversation with do with the actual staff member organization people so that you're trying to do is though an intelligence gathering operation having infiltrated into the campaign headquarters yes sir when i got out made a point to try to do the job well into to the verifiable information i couldn't sometimes oversee written statements and verify them through conversation or vice versa about a job is that i'm in and portray it as he waited to master become a political spy drama the old samantha but when you of detainees in his job for wisconsin and joined the muskie campaign headquarters operation mr rock you find out you were out of the normal procedure was true to start opposite volunteer worker in the station from which i wish to get information on how to represent itself as a volunteer
worker issues they're working for the enemy that must be the primary election yes sir i progress then throughout the organizations and throughout the campaign about being able to perform campaign organization activities very successfully i actually work for a candidate to gain the confidence of the department urgently did not in fact in one of people that you are a one republican and two were being employed to work him into the headquarters the purpose of obtaining information the senate either to other candidates want back to your employer that inform about it at that with the role i was never asked that's so you so are successful route but what we look at another image no one ever volunteered information attack the success of your operation the planet a planet that fact
that you're able to at the mosque and people for instance in milwaukee believe that you are a true volunteer interested in helping them must be spent hours in advance the reason they don't realize that they are not in addition to material that you might upset on cruel mr songwriter you know when you when the publication of them yes sir lawyers are frequent was the communication with mr paul in milwaukee it was about every other day basis but later on in the operation that the operation in more and more technical and involve more and more information gathering it became a day to get a minimum of daily conversation sometimes several times and ministers on a daily basis than yes or some information act that our plane was
rather timely now you keep a diary in your infiltration work in wisconsin and pennsylvania yes sir i've been i think just prefers the dedication of the stars we look at that too weak he appears to be the very beginning ending march thirty one and then for appearing at a diary which appears to be one in philadelphia beginning april ten and the ending on april over twenty second it gave roberts and review movies on park asians with a step the movies reflect accurate copy of your cover of the diary entries humid year so they do an avid diary entry really had written and then at a later time you have and fight with you we answer your question committee so what we
have here is that actually your diary entries but it by copying you had made of the actual interest yes sir so that i would be able to refer back to the operation and was involved in requiring considerable amount of name dropping an association and housing bubble quite a few different people and i was at sundance working into three different reporters it was necessary for me to keep it i was on a particular day we're going to go and especially to keep the people straight the names and the names of the people in the richer conversations they work here well now after year pennsylvania activity moved on to california that a columbia letter to miami convention we don't have a year actually diarrhea some reports or
summaries of your family did you after the pennsylvania activity a cease to keep a very odd yes sir i went to the no system for two reason one thousand for a friend of mine who works in intelligence gathering operations for the united states government unrelated to the reelection committee activities that that if you keep a lot of notes you might lose your notes and somebody might find your notes and so i thought that though the least amount of reading material that are left lying around what about this initial finest my room in wisconsin was broken into and none of it made me start to think about the bills for like a break in the steel money and that might be embarrassing if it came out during the time that i was working in these different stations by smyth and we're going to go to god to the diary that she kept was caused largely with me now has possession
you know what kinds of questions as you were was interested in that thing i think we had some weapons and some of the information you didn't step is that ms donna question about and animosity activity and an innocent activity financial contributions to mr laski mcgovern was generally the area that you're interested in basically that was that was at least a part of the information they're trying to gather up personnel was housed a lot of pain as much information on as many of the actual step out of the particular candidates up a little
about your background and what their specific duties within the authorization war and at that particular track initially and then in a mockery of them when i was working in the local populace of interest to restrain year the contributions that muskie was receiving because this was in the great lamprey right before the april seventh federal legislation on campaign financing came into effect and they were interested in the amounts of money and it's possibly who is donating the money and so forth now what we're gathering this information we're all in for hours by whichever unit which to accept you occasionally for some instructional confusion campaign activities that help twenty eight which says that
entry indicates that you took for people out to look like aerosmith company to pass out leaflets that was called toy store opened and the drinking beer instead of prison out leaflets i think i've made that reason we've called to go and drink beer but at the same time to vote with the belief that went up as the original the leaflets work but not this that the motivation was not to disrupt this project return in which is code are now on that day and it would do what i want with a coincidence that the leaflets were not there i don't know it was a coincidence or not it was in the interest of your operation of the belief that you know because that was not in the interest of my particular operation but personally have felt that if they didn't get their snout it would hurt anything that it was that that this was not an interesting operation look at march twenty nine you say that you were the first one i work for the mafia wars that than to revive
until the advance orders all of the men have been here very few girls in the case if you went over to lincoln avenue headquarters and remove the listing of people that were to be contacted sunday april the second so while you're moving that the thing would be content with that nasr that's not indicated in the battery and that is in fact not after reviewing a battery that is not the case that people were still called a backup copy of the list because it was a list of names of campaign that that document of names and paying workers is in the material that are providing this committee is the entry then incorrect the word you use in your entries removed not copy the the entry is correct but the terminology of the interpretation of the terminology that it mean that i
removed it from an edward but i did i did in fact obtain a copy of the walk on water in addition to get intelligence gather there were some other bits of espionage activity engage them for instance reporters and give them of the schedule i was an intelligence gathering you are actually getting nasty headquarters humphries reporters must be scheduled yes or no i wasn't purpose of giving them some advantage or takeover must be the answer and on march thirty one iota as an entry that you can give us some additional explanation you say that it went down to headquarters and there were some election victories what that meant for you
very devoted some election day precinct materials i don't recall this particular instance i don't know now on march twenty five nineteen seventy two you made a significant entry in your diary or if you could read below the bottom of the first part of the page of the diary an industry this deal and that you can elaborate on the century you went to the government orders and fought to stop with about sunday tv interview with muskie without the south would plan to disrupt and then if you go onto the next phase of the page you say you went back to mcgovern's headquarters and watch govern people making signs for a zombie like quote america needs a leader not a cry baby and the
quote the mcgovern people are very improved about what must be but you notice that you say you've been to get easily see yourself with the state of that and what you're observing mcgovern people actually have preparing the posters and then preparing to engage in and it must be actively yes there was and how are these postings are i know now they used to tell us that was the word that they come out as these people that the government workers were no sir they did make a match up as on a bit of that are on the line protesters the scheme of the find was that with onion and retrospective but he was had made a plan of arctic when an appearance on the tv made the press type problem that was only take latin in milwaukee touring during his campaign period and the objective of
the mcgovern people working to get outside of the tv station before must be went there to take the show and have a protest and wallabies pakistan's hoping to to upset him at this particular proof and mr majeski was very vulnerable too and wang and protesting and the protesting and heckling it in fact seem to upset him and housing not be able to speak fluently and in that himself in a controlled manor want during campaign actually are none you'd andrea morris twenty seven you were right for the firms it must be a little speech with an investor protesters flooded in on amazon as he's boasted up law that all right shouting and hollering at him about five minutes and a few questions as chilly room of these full program with a second is the center will be clear in the data from the government or other than a fine before in fact the same group of
people this year's march twenty seven is a different day in a different incident and this was at the universe you know of wisconsin milwaukee and it was the same group of people who work in the mcgovern campaign headquarters in milwaukee but it was the same type tactics the heckling in the center so for you observed any other activity on the mcgovern people or any other democratic candidate which was directed at one of the other primary candidates in this way not only in the of wisconsin primary but also important to know what they get very briefly to the other primaries in wisconsin just briefly tell us what you notice in wisconsin via the most outstanding thing in the west after the two three inches is that you know so he had to hear
cheap under march twenty thirteen with a planted question among there was a debate years you mark here in milwaukee and there was a debate when representatives of the mcgovern staff and representatives of the mosque and the mcgovern people had pointed questions for the man at a question and answer period and they had planted questions throughout the crowd that they felt would embarrass them the most the people and that's why the un have in your diary that the government were taking them was your job that yes they're in several states is by how other people while you were a worker and having infiltrated the mosque the headquarters that you had such a freedom of access to the government works because my initial contact with the youth movement in association with the youth
or later and if you want it you got to know yes sir i mean i did many omega after a court holding beer drinking session after the wisconsin primary election that mr baum or rain or instruct you to go through philadelphia and obliterate the humphrey campaign yes there were several days later i received a procedural call it instructed me to go to philadelphia how hot you are you will become a member of the palm pre campaign activity and what did you do on unemployment figure that i'll follow throughout the campaign activities with the first day out are ravenous city and outside to go to i would check out the locations of all the record for all the river contending candidates and i'll
make the eye chart where they were phone numbers and so forth and what it is i felt that the location of the main of reporters in philadelphia not presented myself there's a volunteer and you were a speech at that time ms gertrude activists and alice and four was in charge of volunteer workers that you identify are some limits to remain what many jews in philadelphia and throughout the remainder of the campaign i use the name of michael snow with a hundred people and my own name michael mcmahon away with them a girl from people and how did you identify your occupation of work family spoke to the public campaign workers the humphrey campaign people of saying that i was a salesman up to this summit on a basic representation may know i'm not really sure how this particular the first band that i actually knew that they thought i was a salesman was when a remarkable her journal yesterday let's say that this activist got referred to me as a
salesman but i don't i didn't our don't recall using that that motives whatever could ever to hire a victim you were abused a businessman that work during the day and you could give them a bomb to work and i know for our they can't i can't and in the route but it's it was never it was never really they were grateful that they had had a volunteer in a normal question whether wisconsin who represented herself to be a volunteer interested in helping the humphrey campaign yes sir now what's your simon salmon philadelphia as it was wisconsin yes they're initially it was and again the senate report yes are up until mid way through the aisle and so when your philadelphia the senate i would continue this indictment and so for me in you're
gonna find records but you kept indicates that you were put in charge of the year the phone banks and walk up in programs what what with his programs initially the predicted quarters in philadelphia set up a phone line get orders separate from the main headquarters it was so a building two three story building on the second floor there were twenty pounds they operate these phones that were they used a system that may result in initiating a successful candidacy for them they're philadelphia were badly when they cross index cards of streets our blocks as they refer to him and they would call all the people on their respective blocks until they fail to work that would volunteer to be a lot in and represent the hundred people in that area and the purpose of this was to have an outlet for the literature in their campaign propaganda and to help get out
of our religion and so forth a new report in charge of that phone bank operation i was assigned to help supervise hours not put in charge of victory well if you have that as i am about to revive an idea that probably begin for saddam as up the program that you know i didn't have the situation in a raid on april seventeen year put up a diary now where the bottom you wrote i promptly put people on polling and duplicating harder than done but they hit hours of that they shift to call people to become what happens and you had people call the same people are leaving yes sir they had stacks of cards symmetry that that index cards and previous to that than i came over there nothing was working very successfully
but i didn't stop at that bank cards that were there the day i came with the ones that were there the day out where i never went to the star of good news are now beloved april twelve doesn't show that there's a day that you wrote on april twelve i rearrange the harts again so that night shift would recall a lot of asian carp so i think that's an accurate statement in there that's the way i read it might not be an impact the effect of this really kind of calling you reflect in your diary on april fourteen and you write repetition of causes starting to aggravate the volunteer block captains captains are getting called to a three time being beginning to bother them some captains have already quit because of the repeated calls so that earn this reputation that had a disruptive effect and then what happens
to me actually again i'm able to we put some limits on the phone cable that already been low so that we people will be made some activities continued again i'll actually be that this was quite a costly trouble for his temper because that when you indicate on and on that mr nussbaum free i was spending one third of his budget on the phone bank and literature packets but the block happens with the information that the hundred people had given a that poisonous disruption in terms of the repeated calls and what
happens to be in oil and some wedding expensive alaska will use the phone that through your service us about away on april twenty second row where you sample people out of the country foreigners and a vote for jackson they do that and that was three days right before the drummer like that's what it is and one thousand gallons is not the answer youre very often visited played a role in foreign presence of the phone bank operation and a lot what you mean on april eighteen when you were you were it's a i really lined up some winners what you mean by winners
and the daily beast people or of low caliber glock occasional person who loses for that possibly on april nineteen you wrote in your diary that when the phone bank and check on my workers are there waiting for me the door i got them to separate the union and the records into an even ration smacks the sixty people lined up yesterday did not show up for work on a twenty fourteen because were so place that anyone born and could not distinguish between any group or sheep or union kosher a record she does the speech writer the person caught so as a result that i take it that some union people receive a call that was directed to black voters and a lack of water a
receiver called a record to have a human remember in some instances but also you abel by the way you manage that with all this to win their confidence and the philadelphia headquarters your survey of the job that did with mystic of its and with the other staff members were also carry out that's an ability to be successful for the the humphrey candidate say anything that they specifically instructed me to do was done correctly what they get we just referred to on the phone banks and these things weren't done to carry out successfully the activities to put the situation in context the phone bank situation was amiss when i got there aren't there was no proper supervision bottom of respect conducted in that area they
spent a lot of money paying expenses of the phone bank that they spent very little and supervising it and no real direct orders were given to the people working there do the proper way of carrying out the phone bank system was new to me when i got there i did not use this opportunity to learn about and so that in the future i would understand what this fight with so that was what the situation was huge advantage of that also to let it that way and i didn't take advantage of that to keep it that way sorrow it was just my kitchen from the outset not to do anything that would really jeopardize my position on covert map you know if you were to volunteer really trying to help the hungry activity and you would've seen the fact that there are these sort of various calls and made you would not have a red cards that people walk again you would not have
remember the situation where the hardwood and so there's a way that the blackwater the union messages and human i think that's obvious now back to half of new viewers a successful and win the confidence of those are working with valuable thirty you'll notice that you wrote i went over to the ball fields element ex mayor didn't say that he is so thankful i am helping of the phone back invited me to a big party election night he told me they were depending on me to get a sample ballots distributed the nomination and on your role now by that time but what they did not inform expert take that would really get it was
no syrians at the growth of this problem as a volunteer well you say that after lunch sam mauldin national coordinator for washington came by and took me about working in california's almond or joe serpent so well those are all the la chairman ferment told them i would work in la in the water michael and sam elliott was a big leather into this he made i'm an avid supporter in any budget and i think that you're crowding actually a crowning victory in terms of the incompetence the report and near philadelphia report which i think is unfair to find out where you indicate that after your infiltration
of the reporters by complimenting the elderly office manager pritchard activates the bleeding that you're dedicated humphrey supporter now on to your trip it has continued to amaze me how far you can go inside headquarters by just walking in off the street to tell me one night while we were walking and working late on our separate goals that quote once every campaign a great worker walks in off the street and really helps in the campaign i'm approaching for a new vets that's in the report is that and then you were at be an interesting comment i often wonder how many rate workers we're also serving of laurel now us oh by the way was some confusion in the mellon
to about that specifically we're standing for a breakthrough able wanting me to say that the maryland today on the second page of the maples wanting to write diary entries the maryland today was successful but what happened to receive them the daily monday that should go toward the answer i like to point out also backing environment mentioned mike cohen who was also he was in fact a delegate to the national convention for them a pre campaign he was the i don't supervisor of an accord no words he was the one officially in charge of this report and he is the one it conducted the distribution of those sample ballots and so forth and unfortunately for him with no political experience he did not notice the difference in the vertical in a
horizontal voting machine situation on a second ballot yesterday and those that support the correct no sir and therefore when you said the mailing the day it was successful was again successful for you but not very successful for them or not you're on this particular instance whether that i would refer to the fact that it was successful from my standpoint that it was not done correctly or not there are in fact that our mailing it in fact the way out of that that sends the final says a lot that a lot the melon read it should go toward letters on a separate sense they could but you know unfortunately remember explicitly some of the details that you've asked me about i remember is definite and what are activity but not this particular incident right now finally before eleven of you you didn't see to it that some needed workers the response to
work about reporters that there could be four primer lecture never went there look at your that entry april twenty two where you think that the lyric let the wannabe entry the phone bank workers were supposed to help them are monday at it at adelphia which borders and i told them we would not need them because the phone bank of both of them and so that meant that those particular workers which was just prior to be a primer election were not available on the veteran heat the answer right now why you're working by the weight inside the hump reporters that ulam of a person named mr zimmer and humphrey orders and yeah there were working either in the government at the other democratic candidates you know a person
by them and this is mr meltzer did you learn while you're working in the humphrey headquarters of a heckling that was the humphrey experienced and the president often pass practically every cab mr humphrey appeared especially before the youth are younger artists nations or group he was heckled in protest took place and that often lands objects were thrown at me are you ready no sir i did not we wear that it was basically the operative names in philadelphia who actually had i read in the record of lists reading a statement that he had wealth mr humphrey had forced to be a reporter must be people for the
hecklers in the tropics you know that humphrey believe or did you have any information that you receive about three workers believe that there are some of the democratic candidates are actually a victory in this struggle for us sir i know in fact that some of the democrat says that this is that you or some of the other democrats were in fact sabotaging democratic campaigns will begin on the fact that there were some agents actually hired by republican worker <unk> radical was creating some of those i did not know that until our testimony before this committee that the president obama re election when instructed to infiltrate the mcgovern campaign in los angeles for the california primary promised to stop a renter another are specifically instructed to follow my contact with the conference people and go to las vegas and worked with humphrey people are the one i was in california i ran into a lot of the
people i stayed in santa monica energetic lloyd wright chemistry from a political reporters the us so i think it's a little earlier that lawyer in california houston and your own name michael dunaway and michael snow using a maverick and then we read in a telethon yes sir each after wisconsin when i became successful in infiltrating well the mcgovern headquarters an appropriate orders it was necessary that olive registering a hotel with both names of the people on the call michael snow they got michael snow and me wanna go michael know whether that might annoy yes or those two names appeared on registration now was your assignment again with animals and as in the milwaukee of activity of the topic that basically it
was and are you keeping up a regular reporting yesterday this time we were on a daily phone conversations isn't the mailings in a written report system had been dropped you become aware and hungry oven and a hundred and showing him holding a big fish or the slogan quote because he's now in the white house notes are not until monday morning when members of the staff asked me that wanted me ask about his seventy were weather was late and i have to use so answer one out but i did not know what to do who had actually get at those that you know about half of white women working for comfort what was was the humphrey us their reactions on not only this pamphlet that other incidents that took place in
california for the candidate california election a victory well known alcohol free versus mcgovern and it wasn't a very wide open field just those two and there was considerable amounts of hard feelings towards the other side of this is that it's just that you have to get other matters was a hundred people that this was an adventure yes i believe that that can they thought they were getting input from people and i think you have indicated to these families from the testimony here on a rock mr committee has already received evidence of the ticket and that was a worker product of the most exhaustive ready and his operatives were working for white house officials with chicken did you observe any heckling that though mr humphrey had to go through a well and tell other los angeles yes sir i did get it is an instance of that
probably the two best examples are a lot of campaign heckling was on one occasion there was a hundred dollar probably was the hundred hour late dinner at the beverly hilton hotel in las vegas was given for him to raise campaign fund for the upper of regroup and on this occasion the santa monica mcguire when youth workers a mess into it into little violence and drove down to be of beverly hilton and march and there in front of the hotel where the day was going to be in hell with the protesters i try to re us the guest is there another occasion in fact that i can remember when i was president was humphrey and his wife were two at a prearranged press or with what i call the deal take a marshal they caught a bunch of press people that were extremely flammable to them and they had planned a series
of jurors the nursing homes and throughout the los angeles area and that deal was that humphrey would go in showbiz beat concern probably old people and the sick and the downtrodden in that newspaper people would you know take pictures of this and i use it to news and then they also had humphrey people taking these events to use for tv commercial it twenty years later and i know that this book was bitterness among the state workers and this conference cell phones to other members of the democratic candidates there were klansmen mr humphrey would become slightly lyrical mr humphrey of all the democratic candidates that our work far with our association orenstein on this ancient african and all the hecklers in the demonstrators much better than it's a muscular government even mcgovern with his youthful
our campaign strategy in all the euphoria he really couldn't handle the you know the direct protest against the poles about all peoples them their appearance was this said that this the effect of government are i think about the major effect of this was that it disrupted the scheduling of it was not from edible for the cameras to film it in quite a smoother manners they have all the distractions that says the noise it was impossible to get audio with with the video because of that some of the arts and things that were say it in the language and the tone dismissive tone at the demonstrators often in california demonstrations that i noticed were more vulnerable and more violent attitude than
some of the early ones was directed this must be in for instance we mentioned in milwaukee or simply efforts to distance shouting bam and then i got to california traveling with the campaign the demonstrations have become more personal and more the ceo lee and they were they were people separately the record of individuals in it remarks i think that the committee already has received some evidence from what's great about his assignment the purpose was to arrange or hecklers against any one of the candidates will appear make it appear like it's coming from one of the other candidates did you know what sources on the second was no ser o the only sources of a planned protests there were the ones that the government claimed against must be in wisconsin and against must be in golf and humphrey in california now the california primary
which is just prior to the right reagan went what did wendy do on a break and where were you a return from california an hour
1973 Watergate Hearings
Part 1 of 6
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Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer anchor gavel-to-gavel coverage of day 44 of the U.S. Senate Watergate hearings. In today's hearing, Michael McMinoway, Fred Taugher and Lt. Kenneth Hickman testify.
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Watergate Affair, 1972-1974
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