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the pings being jane cain neva and i will write in the senate of the united states a resolution to establish a select committee of the senate to conduct an investigation and study of the extended family in which illegal or improper or unethical activities we're engaged in by any person's acting individually or in combination with others in the presidential election of nineteen seventy two campaign counters are other activity related you're from washington and black brings you gavel to gavel videotape coverage of
today's hearing of the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities here is in fact senior correspondent robert mcneil more intense drama today in the fourth day of the senate committee's public hearings on watergate once again and back brings you an edited complete coverage in primetime so far we've been hearing testimony which tended to amplify or corroborate what the public already knew the day that was the first real conflict and testimony conflict which could result in possible charges of perjury the most dramatic witness was one not originally part of the committee's game plan to let the watergate unfold methodically and chronologically but today the committee by its own ground rules had to let records strange defense attorney general knowledge come to the fenced in to defend himself against records charges of improper professional conduct also vehemently attempted to justify themselves and said that parts of records testimony were either not true or were twisted
all just opened up a totally new revenue in this increasingly confused affair he made charges against records new attorney bernard fence a wall which suggested a vendetta to incriminate president nixon but the first witness today gave evidence that came close to suggesting the president himself knew about offers of executive clemency to record something president nixon denied yesterday that witness was john garfield a former white house aide who transmitted your first to record from presidential council during the conversation with jon being with the counsel to the president of the next three years i know what their relations to make certain judgments based upon those relationships in my mind that the president didn't know about so we
become more specific and a crossed my mind but this conceivably was for the president's i believe that i think about that and based upon although i believe that was doing something for the united states and i did sir meanwhile back at the rest of the world outside their interim watergate in the crisis that has spawned continued to have an impact on developments elsewhere and another senate committee and finally on the floor the senate elliot richardson was confirmed as attorney general of the united states the full senate vote was eighty two to three following the favorable report of the senate judiciary committee the confirmation of richardson clears the way for archibald cox the harvard law professor and former solicitor general of the united states to start his labors is watergate special prosecutor there is nothing that embargo on whether or not the current prosecuting team headed by assistant united states attorney earl
sober will or will not continue to run things before the federal law today a grand jury here in washington and another key congressional book the house failed off forty vote margin again the two thirds votes necessary to override the president's veto of a bill that would have subjected the presence of one of the head of the office of management and budget to congressional approval as you recall the senate had previously voted to override the veto in short the president one on a display of strength in adversity and speaking of the president's reaction to his statement yesterday continued senator howard baker vice chairman of the sudden were our good committee was asked are brighter day of the president's new revelations would have any effect on the conduct of the americans i think it's very dangerous
in any event that is a lesson that does not mean the legal questions raised by today's testimony will be months possibly years coming to a final conclusion but attorney gerald all three county in detail these conversations and relationships with his former client james mccord reason a lot of unique and unusual aspects only obvious headline bird a blank discrepancies in what actually happened we asked bill grand hall at georgetown university law center professor who appeared in that day's proceedings with us about this you observe experience of what happens in a particularly famous criminal trial and clyde waves of attorney client privilege and all the ramifications contained therein and think you're going to see him details as the
preacher a trial strategy procedure and error for privileged communications between war and these are things that are normally never spoken out publicly and seven not in the context of which you see we talking the building all again about other legal aspects of what happened that day at the end of the program tonight well as you settle back for the latest chapter in the watergate saga here isn't our by arguing guy windows open with testimony by former new york policeman john coffee says his role in events following the break in was merely as a messenger under questioning he admits he knew trying to silence witnesses illegal but says he did about mr president nixon coffee or continues in the second hour saying the originally resisted requests from john dean former guard because assad involve dangerous involvement in the case but he ultimately arrange the contract because he felt the president to brew coffee of admits he had no firsthand knowledge
that the president knew what the arrangements he was james mccord as a surprise virtually and yet there was a third are we hear testimony from gerald auction records former lawyer paul janssen new wrinkles and some contradictions records he says the court rejected his attempts to plea bargaining process failures in that direction came from federal prosecutors not the white house orchards police records rejected defense of your rest in the last part of the statement or it introduces a surprise senate records new attorney bernard festival suggested that to cooperate to in his words go after the president as a means of framework or whatnot let's start with
the americans as senator sam irvin open in the senate caucus room this morning the witness is john coffee and his attorney beside him john sears yesterday it was great millions
of americans and i understand that you asked the council interview or form as a whole is taking stop growing conflict in contrast was particularly evident it is the reason is
a disease but there's no reason why that's a sticky problem for the committee when the right honorable witnesses senator very aware that formal court attorney carol altered been maligned by mccourt wanted all john quickly to tell his side of the story a story that was considerably different than a court this whole business of discrepancies in testimony in a procedural problem if i'm going to bring the witnesses on is that the level of the committee ended his saturday and undoubtedly will face in europe you know this reminds me
ms boyle i think we can do with your appearance returning visitors mr stewart mm hmm use your nose but we
are today museums it's my pleasure all right and there was a recess over the evening that these seats to summarize the essential highlights obviously going to be a super committee and raise anything
i say it is not consistent with that your understanding is that in december nineteen seventy through the report which complained about a white house effort to blame the cia for the watergate and threaten that quote all the reason the farcical for uncle is this ever considered early january nineteen seventy two while you were in california who received a telephone call from john keene from washington as he knew the liver could deliver the following the system is the game one year is a long time to your wife and family will be taking care free you will be rehabilitated with employment when this is over you did not want to deliver the message but he thought that they could be delivered through this turns on the wrestlers and the dean agreed
to do it that way you lesson you did and you just want to deliver these messages and lawyers we get a great to deliver the message and he didn't want us to report and report back to you that this report appeared to satisfy the report business today the following day he received another cauldron of the game informing you that report wants you when you return to washington you have the last words arranged the meeting which was set for friday january twelfth at the second overlooked on the george washington are in substance you emphasize that were only a messenger of the offer you were comparing of executive clemency
was from the highest levels of the white house and that it was a sincere are reports response and substance was that he wanted his complete freedom and he even suggested a plan which involve proving that the government had wiretap his telephone calls that he had made to foreign embassies was falsely believe we're wired that you do not report saying anything about the president of this report but he did just made an offer of executive clemency board which you told them came from the highest levels of the white house reported this meeting unintelligible the following day you met with us today in the political backing as the report and impress upon them as fully as you pointed at the author of executive clemency was a sincere author and when you would ask if you should mention any names such as the president he said now what told you that you should say that the water
came quote from way up top mr dean also expresses concern over this matter as a great situation that could threaten the president and to become a national anthem that none of the other defendants and the war gave case or any problem and this record was not cooperate with his attorney you again that we have this report that the sec an overlook on the george washington parkway on january fourteen for a short while and convey the message of concern over a national scandal which could threaten the president and that report was the only one of the defendants not cooperate again the court expressed his interest you in securing his freedom and wanted you to do something about the wiretaps he had mentioned you are the telephone mr dean that same day and told them that this report was not interested in executive clemency
and that this report believe that the white house would help them get their charges dismissed by supplying proof of the wiretaps for him you had a final meeting witnesses report on you cannot recall what about the third week in january mr angelo for about an hour at this time you told him that the white house would not do anything for him about the wiretap problem and it was a lengthy conversation which for the most part that wasn't up and all other subjects the mortgage you can hear that conversation that mr mccourt definitely was going to make a statement on the watergate burglary at would probably involve allegations against people in the white house and other high administration officials you give them what you indicated that the committee as friendly advice to
the effect well jim i work with these people and i know him to be as tough minded as you when you make your state don't underestimate if i were in your shoes i would probably be doing the same thing but you also i receive him as majority are some reference or west do something about the bail and you were not able to accomplish anything on the health issue and for the conference with them no sign of the president about this matter or mention the president in this report concerning the executive clemency but that you carry this message that was the report it was you thought it was for the good of the president is that basically there's the summary of ages love the prime minister gordhan is the game vendors that doesn't now although you say that you made
no mention of the president was the fourth nineteen eighties you do know we're not that the president is the only person in his country and in the federal reserve did you understand what you are speaking with news today that nest again i wanted to transmit the message to them is the poor that the law forbids at the times it was made with robert caro this was your intention during your meeting or to remember that their understanding of the persons with the authority to make such a representation as effective and see where in fact extending those overtones it's repeated violence wasn't here and their anger
meeting in lisbon for the league and within their numbers than that persons with alarm the most interesting were records but the president's message what do you see your role in his relationship well and again once they've been disadvantaged by myself as a messenger between fifteen and exchanging information back and forth on the ongoing negotiations which is obviously you have been taking place your understanding of
white house there was to get in as an important to accept this offer because of the concern or trouble or the raisin were clearer you're being as liz b yes sir as your primary
john was concerned about taking steps missouri was on the news statements like that the first conversation that christopher's made that he was different from the others he was right sixteen is that
right and as you know as israel according to one and more in nineteen sixty nine
formally through july seventy one bistro and move over to the domestic counsel them on an informal basis from that time more time at the white house you're welcome as jeannie there will be investigations investigations aside from conservative nice nice
only in the nineteen seventies speaking spanish it is he was
oh yes i was there were no names mentioned mr jean singing there was a party some comments recently said i'm getting a report on that right now dozens of times well because the ideas are coming from outside and someone else who was coming from within the white house and it was someone in the white house so i do not know
having to do with was the day's work and work well there's absolutely no one that was john dean as bad things
think we better get your background and duties at the white house in their perspective what exactly were you doing when you went to work at the white house in april nineteen sixty nine the white house as a liaison with the united states secret service it's easy for example
oh you're working directly under mr erlichman are you again and mr dean means says while the white house was not as i understand you went to work in the white house on april nineteen sixty nine and you were gay until march nineteen seventy two is that correct where you are you you ever get
paid at the president's attorney not sure and were you assigned to the white house they will all you were you on the treasury payment or you working out are being paid tribute to go to the department of the treasury department the white house what did you come in that quite frequently with mr erlichman and i will be working with these people it is an easy
thing and it was never a plan at the white house what relationship that you have witnessed between when he came onboard all mr john ehrlichman when i was working for him coming out of the white house as counsel to the president became the presidential assistant and headed up the domestic affairs council mr john dean cannon and again because of the president and i remain because the president and the rest again is it things that you were on a continuous saying things to you as a dedicated centre only on the rare occasions after mr
buchanan assistant to president obama says there's good mr cole resigned things you only one or two occasions like original cemetery that was never right well you mentioned that you had interviewed mr mccourt for his employment at the executive wael says and recommended him to go to work for the committee to re elect the president that is correct that's essentially the recommendation was far from one of the republican national committee initially and flowing from the law was relaxed for many years sorry
are you recommending oh oh oh yes you recommend someone has her and was there a justification for the individual that he wanted it was easy very very windy oh security at the republican national committee is whether a discussion with respect that would be chosen and the management in you should be qualified and
espionage activity is putting up something else that was one of the competencies that anyway similar measures career experiences of europe would be absolutely outstanding and has credentials will know what they're going to do with respect to moving inland was going on that were mentioned regulatory and that he was doing well you can see that three it was obvious reasons
going on with respect to ms only really get a promise to reporters damon and i refuse to discuss it the stated that i was falling out again i made a few comments about the game or you're going into a conversation well what we're really into that there were you in the prisoners report then we
review about ten o'clock am on thursday january twenty fifth nineteen seventy three in a meeting last thing until about a week prior court rulings in virginia and return and the conversation is repeated and financial support and we'll occasionally i refuse i mean i made a few comments about the game this is the conversation between two friends singing i was falling again
mr gene taylor you know it was calling for one was unique but we want to be delivered to james more detail you chose a new invention email us most are the new known or i had been over the committee eventually after he was hired to study in that it appears to be you
are you mean anything when making decisions is that the audio that you had a chance to re interviewing witnesses or resort you write this in a minute is it being so there were other people at the republican national committee and we're like really and i am wondering why beans elected you
to carry on this nation clemency to miss and more there were other people is that right no i don't in the summer which entrepreneurs have been some tension where it was alleged that the white house was involved in something in place the blame on cia so all of these things were sleeping there was a letter just thinking about it
why are you hearing five sources and who they were we didn't have a conversation now you mentioned david in my mind
without any family you're right did you were you personally ms benton right do you agree
one question i have as these impressions from east a i believe that i'm going back to again extended water walker and that by doing so i was doing a great service for the president of the united states you know use your arms i'd like you to comment to explain the why of why a huge blow your view of reserves for the debacle that
was a great irony as for his memory do si does through his people that i work for a place a high value out of the blue and injected into this scandal and being asked to deliver a message that i know to be executive clemency i try to avoid it as much they can in case
it was about my friends and doing something that our bodies would be satisfied if i was not successful what brought back in again so not being as the same as the report directly i did go to see him on becoming further complicated and that was not a conversation with john being with the counsel to the president of the next three years i know what the relations are having just i make certain judgments based upon those relationships in my mind i thought well president probably didn't know about i'm going to be become more specific and it crossed my mind that this conceivably was with the president i
believe that i think about that and based upon all that background i believe i was doing something for the united states and it needs or scorpio you've lived a life dedicated to law in the very beginning of years very slight a career to refine the one that has recognized time time in many years i remember in his eight
years the fire in your shoes i probably and i read that you tell me if i'm wrong as a man who is in conflict and so on one hand delivering a message a million years ago there's a definite you're going to get here you're for executive clemency once i do so that my love is and especially for the president united states overrides those considerations so i'd say there was a conflict between your loyalty
to a resident who use them are violent question here met and before you mentioned it you feel at this moment in time a conflict between your loyalty to the president and a life dedicated to law and the pursuit of truth as a veteran and also being able to have different it was important for me to carry your money
and that would really good of the country that's the question is that i didn't want it of the reasons that us that it was that it includes gang recent poll you and you know there's also so why are you aware that you were involved in criminal investigations on everest
watergate reagan i know his form of the season with a new content that was the lesson listen now simple things you know his visit through
what the developments from june seventeen via its own economies are the conversations taking place over mr mccourt also conceivably could've been the subject of sunset the government well and it gets him even as a circuitous route that would be the appropriate way to do it
like thousands of cases the inaugural parade will also calling around them do is what he's promised to do national security that's tupac was but i
think that this was a blackmail certain think that that was a black eye view this is an attempt on the part of a man who was the struggle of a lot of history and music use your arms as opposed to be easy i'm
passing those messages back on back in the city's subway in my judgment were twenty questions of policy and national national security you think that this was a reasonable time but it wasn't easy an important position of being a message or giving consideration to warming was a serious it was going to raise problems of the age
who's the author so what was his name sami simon now i have about families my voice his children his wife my job to give the name of all that we knew that might be able to help me liaison with the post office as i recall this is all a very real conversation under very difficult conditions amongst friends convinced my mind that he was
going to at some point it's time to make a statement like significant audio effectively but that was the incentive think of it as you know
as banks and so we still another picture of a law enforcement officer torn between legality and loyalty and john garfield said is loaded the president won out he urged james mccord to keep silent and he said he didn't know the feeling that a message of plants that had the president's own approval however he repeatedly that no contact with the president himself on this matter dealing only with white house counsel john dean prof miller treasury department official only once has more questions in a moment as we pause in our double double coverage reporter thank you very much really taken a troubled writers expressing your approval for this kind of uninterrupted devil devil coverage so far today we've received more than twenty thousand letters and we're very grateful that anymore to co directors do so easily too and that
box three hundred washington dc and gets coverage of the hearings will continue after a pause for a station identification on a bridge to coverage of these hearings is provided as a public service by the member stations of pbs of public broadcasting service the pope the peak
from washington and that continues its coverage or hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities and again correspondent
robert mcneil and as the hearings resume republican senator bernie is questioning john caulfield about his contract with the white house about messages to the court very full very clear i'm asking for you know this to say about his conversations in a meeting with you prof wills and he was trying the message of executive clemency you say in the program following that we were in there and that the president's role of the results of the meeting did you ever have the
president had learned of the results of many of your meetings with top absolutely not he also stated as testimony on the next day that's because he knew david oh i may have the message do you think president zappos call it you know so did you ever have any communication with the president of the united states with regattas so called clumsy awful for most people that you're in there in the city in any of your conversations with honesty he hadn't gone president of an elite means that mr dean emeritus at the president has instructed me
to make this author of executive clemency or cruelty you actually if you ever widening to mr mccollum in any of these meetings for him to do anything in those upcoming trial did you ever ask him to plead guilty this has been cut but it is important because of this court asking me my understanding is that your understanding about these calls to the embassy and wiretaps businesses are having these days most use it doesn't record business review
if you're going to use nineteen sixty seven did you see it is for reasons i will be working very closely with those people you say you were
he's carrying on in the white house rula amin real who are you do you all over half built he's
been wounded fb the
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