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no its mission is some of the things that was going on it was a news event of this it's likely to be measured it's easy now to say forget it the bottom but as i said earlier moving image you're being overly ambitious and business of this in the senate of the united states a resolution to establish a select committee of the senate to conduct an investigation of the study of the extended family in which illegal or unethical activities were engaged in by any worse the presidential election of nineteen
seventy two from washington and videotape coverage of today's hearing of the senate select committee on presidential campaign activity is anbar correspondent jim lehrer it at to one hundred and fifty dollar among political saboteurs gave full but very different confessional performances today like their later donald cigarette yesterday martin douglas kelly was apologetic and remorseful in his appearance before the urban committee kelly made no effort to justify his bad deeds which range from planning stink bombs painted world around them live in front of edmund muskie so tell rubber bands was a different story is less the tracks included stink bombs as well as recruiting infiltrators hecklers and tickets and sending out only letters and press releases kelly who is twenty four says you just saw that his own a majority and ambition which you translated into the possibility of landing a job in washington after the election cause damage on a
cigarette a dirty tricks to meet a twenty five year old man's on the other hand said he joined because he felt it was a good way to get the democrats the bows of their own medicine is hindsight reflections about it all we're much different than calories to say the least as you will say the contrast and style and move between the two young republican from florida is also more an obvious the uk will be back at the close of tonight's replay with journalist author jules would go over as we've been doing each night years impacts hour by hour ewing got and the first r martin kelly explains how he plays radio ads linking senator must be and fidel castro they were broadcast on spanish speaking patients in miami you said the balls that were meant to insult the cuban population also on that our kelly is asked if he considers his ranks as part and parcel of american politics the answer is no is work went beyond the scope of normal political lines and the second r kelly tells how he played a female student twenty dollars to take off her clothes and walked by gainesville florida
hotel where senator must use than she was to shout i love must be also on that our robert vance takes the stand until saudi guard infiltrators to work in the campaign headquarters of senators muskie and jackson an hour three incidents and arguments with the senators and water proper and ethical campaign practices and plants that there's always been what he called upon the research and political campaigns and that's why other elections have not been produce deeply is this center of encountered by charging that never has there been such rest gowdy on a national scale in a political campaign now to the area known as senator irving doubled the committee on commerce comedians and the moment they go
witness the proceedings mr speaker that this bill he says mr davis yes this report and this
thank you this is the point ok yeah that exhibit short statement is that my name is martin skelly i'm twenty four years old with a miami florida with foreign worker japan i previously been heavily involved in for the college republicans and young republican activities state wide ribbons of a political campaign that i participated in the very extensive capacity since nineteen sixty eight two years ago was approached by a man identifying himself as thompson's asking me to join him political ventures relating to negative campaigning or as a problem or
popularly turn dirty tricks but because the patient use activities was on my own volition and i was initially paid a modest salary for the purpose of causing confusion disruption and malcontents most democratic presidential primary candidates after participating in some of the affirmation activities either by myself or reading a list of simmons how to be paid seven hundred dollars monthly for activities to take place just before during and after the democratic national convention in miami beach no provocations illegalities or very frank carried out that summer because of the watergate break in and he the investigations would follow i'm very political ventures relating to these activities took place there for sometime between december nineteen seventy one to about people are making in seventy two or a period of approximately six months i provided this committee with verbal report all that i can recall that was done for mr security
witnesses a great year on my own volition i very deeply regret the political personal damage incurred by the senator's their families and staff members were running for higher office as a result of my activities it's my hope that young people will continue to enter politics in high school and college a political future had have been virtually wiped out by what i did and was involved in those who live by this or die by the sword and i feel that these hearings serve another function and exemplify the necessity of keeping our political system free of the things that make politics corrupt eventually infected it landed in miami about ten of the last eleven years about how you present employees to
play with my father were starting a business in florida none of that calling for to work for mr simmons come in the fall of nineteen seventy one yesterday and compelling committee of the subjects of the phone call was yes sir and fines of his house and he's saying he was referred to eat even referred to me by a mr smith not no hard to know who's talking about he said he wanted to meet with me at lunch and discuss some possibility of my opinions something political i wasn't sure what yesterday yahoo my choice was the president was for nixon but shortly after that though you didn't even imagine you relate that conversation yes or didn't didn't take that much time i suppose as much as forty five minutes to an hour something that sort we discuss my background my
political background and he asked me what i thought about negative campaigning was wade putting out i expressed interest in a unfortunately and out when i asked him about his background he was it was pretty basic you imagine that he was a graduate of yale i was twenty nine are that dumb he was from a very wealthy family was interested in getting involved in the election well i was corps understand the scope of what he meant but i knew that serving with positive campaign was and i'd seen some negative campaigning in previous campaigns too much less degree but i had a pretty good idea what he met and if you agree to work for mr simmons you oh yes sir yeah
in a way i was and it was like you were hired at that time he said he would get back in touch with me a week or ten days he gave me some money i don't remember the exact amount forty dollars fifty dollars sixty something that sort and i contacted me of my phone in about a week or ten days later and did you arrive at an agreement for compensation for your work would you agree to compensation yes a hundred and fifty dollars out to be paid initially for the first few months and then the same work something out later two more and for your work well not that out later that the fear was that seven hundred dollars was to start out in april about marriage was to run out before the convention during the convention and also some post convention activities by convention of the national democratic convention in miami beach i think this
now mr simmons calling and being you know an individual yes sir i mentioned that you know young republican politics he was locally was also in miami it that the nineteen sixty eight and advancement or presidential campaign and a new socially mostly for some time in seventy one i can't place exact time of day it was nineteen seventy one i think that even getting involved in a republican politics which i was also involved and now a short time ago its earnings report yesterday it was never clear to me even from conversations to the vodka he was one of the preferred security a to me are given him i mean i i was suspicious of them
that he mentioned that security had contacted him and asked him to paraphrase somebody that had guts and fairly good morning when i was first contacted by him and i believe october her i think was october but i really didn't start writing you didn't really started about december and they ran mostly the product of a primary which actually was march fourteenth floor i didn't dissipate within some activities after that latest april or may i suppose the entire time else was involved was ready in political sabotage of the movie about six months during her time at the ballpark and in person contact with them if you discussed with his disability at his strategy for the democratic primary in florida yesterday we discussed what we thought were the strategies what we want to do
the idea was that everybody knew was going to take this state given that fact a second was was that his first really for the rest of the campus i knew it would not abandon a fetus and they must've come in second floor because everybody expected was take this day what we wanted to have a supercenter must've come in fourth fifth are worse because with the railway man wedding service people coming in second would not and out the idea was to it our knowledge confuse the campaigns of the candidates that are called carved out of business to make it difficult for the new night at the convention and out of some of the things that we have done what you're going to wear it was you know those are also discussion about the center must the effort now with his disability as
well he mentioned the lives and let's get a short fuse and that if enough pressure week by week was put on him and the things went wrong he will be more ethical issues huge budget committee how you initially were initially called main polling stations stations i was living with my parents moved to fort lauderdale during that time initially he was contacting he also called life foes that california station station was never a person to person call yes the company later when you start calling the facility and that not even that way out after several house he
gave me a number of an answering service somewhere in the midwest took an associates or something that that i would call when you get in touch with him believe the name is douglas and he would call me back are usually had tied a set time to call me every two weeks on monday at twelve o'clock or something of the sort that something came up that we have a community before that i thought i did i was a caller's number to get that cut that's become a time when humans began in place for seven years and you describe the committee in newspapers and on the radios that yes you describe some of those well her advertisement placed in university newspaper university of miami campus newspaper think when we read yesterday on the one hand was also another one in there there's a cuban newspaper local one in miami that an ad was placed alluding to
senator must be saying this we should start recognizing to post are trying to cooperate work with them and i think it ended by him saying that i was mourning of america which of course was meant to insult cubans read it somewhere and was put on the radio with the same type of cotton and cuban musicians mr lee they're worse i'm an individual that they had a tag on it referring to the center must be re election center must be president committee niger also distribute witnesses ready up on the uss the nature of which are you were struggling some literature were posters that we put up the ocean yesterday the busing
posters here are some of those of miami are there was literature distributed for a police watch that was holding center must be at his campaign headquarters these were passed out kind of bringing me out invitation with them get free lunch and liquor and getting the center mosque in his wife and i am we also have passed on campus some pastel miami beach summer picnics public at his rallies and that the invitation to a free and one thing that you do anything yes mr ao which is really common strategy what we are doing is kind of illustrated the morning the elections to take place of course mostly course people did not know about it think that we pass these out the day or two days
before calling representing myself as a distraught lucy supporter and mention something had taken place or was very upset about the third been done by someone lean season camp and that there should be expecting some of what pressures are surely are dealing with and then i gave him the address of the law once the headquarters where you go down and check it out the calls to senators he's reported yes the evening before i've taken some of the invitations to put them in a front door and lindsay headquarters of the union address a rock on it and knowing that the morning to come pick them up and bring them inside the musty aides to come to the headquarters of probably find the eggs inside headquarters thank you which
focuses on this conception that this committee seems to heavily the purposes of what was done our and others question just by center urban bias and a gurney about this these were these things were being done not done to influence votes necessarily all seen that fifty it was because they were having to do with that letter the sexual letters that is they were going to i think fifty people the perfect primer bison fifty letters out letters and then another they were expected to be brought to notice the candidate sent them and for him to of course be upset about it for him to blame possibly another candidate running in the democratic primary he was to give candidates back biting each other possible to start doing it to each other and outside of our activities that were necessary to influence votes if we could get say sen jackson very very upset senator mcconnell for something that was done after the convention he might raise
money would've speak it happens he would have been a state that of a percentage point in half a percentage point in the difference in state elections but you also put this issue or yes sir again i'm saying is you just describe the nature of the yolk of the release of what they complain that you remember them i don't remember distinctly i think one refer to senator humphrey is written on the muskie stage here refer to senator muskie's ambiguous stan are basically money and yet released and they do stand up at israel which of course didn't go over very well miami beach and out i can't recall exactly what the i think there were three reasons before that and i'd say about senator mccain's position on that issue the senate must use to make it appear that that was it
yes i'm actually i well i mentioned that was released because i don't think it would be awesome unless he's a stationary for this how successful now not specifically out i didn't have a country with reporters by new orders again perceive that a lot was going on they were having problems of working campaigns have been campaign headquarters myself and if life and also started arriving lot of weird phone calls a lot of people working in for lunch or start happening i know it's really be upset about it and a fake press releases sectors of allison life that they were
having problems but in imprisonment yes sir that report in a portly said that congressman of west coast west coast of florida donating his aides and typewriters to us senator muskie's campaign which more or less out mentions the fact that he's using paid government workers to staff members to work for presidential primary candidate of these were sent to think well listen to jack anderson it was sent to the boston globe for senator roland martin listening no it wasn't in the newspapers
yes or just in case during a job one that we figured that would work but there was certainly back and touch center mosque in check it out with a candidate i just in case they didn't resolve the senate jackson supporters because we knew that we needed to have disappeared yes does the news use of political events yes sir i have a friend that was a chemist and it came up with a concoction of the neighbors viewer captain andy guaranteed me that
didn't know you were i think it's b u t y l m e r c e p t e d i n o you guarantee me they made a rotten egg smell of a rose which is horrible it was very very bad that stuff and our it wasn't physically harmful but it was all very very noxious was terrible happens at this point because great discomfort for you in the narrative of this was used a senator muskie had a picnic schedule in miami and others was it's a very human side of abominable snowmen wax around and put in the coke and the way i was using the capital in the coke was dropping them because the food was bad so kind of made a picnic of that affair and i think he was he took some other news eleven
tampa would understand and it was in the miami area is now you also the other activities on primary day in yes sir oh a primary day and we had at the campaign headquarters center muskie we called up some floral arrangements were brought him some chicken pieces on the record all over the liquor law the telephones we tried to tap the telephones by we knew the sequence of is the number of all is campaign trail was one two three four say the last four digits week is the last they didn't get any one number two and calling and all of his
opponents and then with her phone booth but we i mean i want a phone booth would call a number really answered it get off the hook and one were silent i'm not sure that we're clear affection preacher didn't work because the phone cut off when this happens use to discover that we get a little bit try to sell so that it was effective that we did do that there was one occasion when you yes well he had a hit at a press conference with four baskets until i went down and asked cubans to politicize a mosquito we want a free cuba they were picketing in front of the press conference which got some press attention i also want them to be and to the press conference with a long overcoat
and dropped two white mice with blue ribbons on their tails saying what he's wrestling and also a lot of small fish got to fly her other incumbents of commotion so it means that muslims press conference call it's really something we want to freak you realistically what the cubans were unhappy leslie out i gave them comfort that even have three buttons to where they're all wearing have three buttons when our which i try to stay june one of summer mustard seeds came up asked about an apple confidentially that we're really working for sen jackson oh you see the center for the activities of receiving a whirling i never had a written report on human i
mean sometimes literally to those of his activities i think he had a train stop tripping through the state that was forced out to revert to that as i think i have always noticed that on what do anything that political issue i'll have a new one day's notice of schedule for instance he may be talking to the staff of the newspaper the next day this is a case i would call up morning to cancel our backyard call the president tell you yes sir and we attempt disrupt this are you calling for a short notice thirty or friday a lot on saturday morning there was the hell monday
night the washington hilton and out we tried to organize a rally of demonstrators reproduction some signs leaflets saying come demonstrate against the fat cats thousand dollar a reception center something that's where an image aside for the demonstrators men showed that we did that week yesterday collier's whatever's call for a quick so it's our times and there's a section in the newspaper that shows all the different groups black panthers the immigration from the album where different groups and we call that organization where groups that had
different organizations used to and we call the contract in total about the rally what we're going to be there we call some people from our christian movement has certainly had their heads shaved have their drums out they're ready to go we are contacted perhaps ten or twelve african diplomats and they are speaking in behalf of muscular presented myself must lead a call by phone to the dinner for a monday night where their native guard and the limousine services and losing each one of modern bring them to the water go which was regretful the result of that was it was embarrassing for service center must be embarrassing for the diplomats and of course the chauffeurs or less than happy that also now before the
senate yes we had them printed up a local was a georgetown shopping by leo minnesota's set the type to it at the fair there were the dress on the bill the humphrey headquarters and also the feeling of george kennedy northeastern campaign manager or something of that sort the owner of a printing shop would be alarmed all the authorities dragons morning that were beating like soap for that the villager who has ordered the kinds of reporters the democratic
national convention yes we did we were supposed to we were going to use a time aside maybe in july to get together and go over details that never happened because of the watergate break in an investigation how we discuss being possibly advanced lives of the delegate count could be a delegation has reached eight at the convention when they're called delegation chairman setting up appointments for the candidate to meet the delegation representing herself that candidates can show up with the delegation and happy we were hoping to probably that was the voice of others says he was the desirable nominee at the convention to force we were concerned also on this has been over several times and i'm not sure it's actually a fact they're supposed to be a fly over by an airplane training hot
promiscuity with a piece of whatever out this was worried about people or may maybe genetic about may and it was less money for it at one of the local sky rider firms really are constantly play the less money there but i no i never contact him again i never personally saw it on the plane trailing his message out someone told me to find some weird message to latin as you thought sort of exaggerated so it may have happened and imprisonment because humans of hotel rooms at her request yes an invention that it just deposits down on them and believe in maine again the purpose is hazy he didn't know any detroit mention that there may be some people coming down long hairs hippies possibly when they demonstrate in front of all the drought will tell
now during his free time to update your possession should records that reflect exactly you think that was convicted you have you used your plane would've reflected your activities informal security yes i had copies of the flyers and different ideas and those numbers that i did have my position would you do with the fact that white i destroyed the idea millions about september i suppose or october of seventy two when we start coming out in the open house getting calls investigators in and out i was of course upset about it i want and frankly destroy what evidence and was one of all three way you recall which investigative agency was the first
contact if our the senator kennedy's subcommittee on administrative practices in government it means industry practice of cedar subcommittee i think of the title of the chair well yes i think those content by the fbi in august late august of context than one occasion i'll subject the subcommittee on contact and they believe about october ms bullock yeah like interviews mr hardly been good question went unanswered and the senior republican ranking republican and public works committee which every saturday session ought to chair the committee hearings are
likely to stop the senate finance committee was your involvement in politics right in your contact with the house ready conducted at the collegiate level yes or mostly an edge never held a salary position in the republican campaign our lot salaried i had a position and expenses paid on several occasions and i'm in the position to say well i was nineteen seventy i was working for governor kirk's reelection are nineteen sixty eight was involved in the students were an excellent campus and less local elections as a man running for congress and state senator obama
campaign huge opposition well their political prank call this or there are there's the campaign ever seen or having been simply pranks not at this point no but they were surprised when the craziest periods for wild side and campaigned yesterday by people working for the campaigns you were a student and we wasted of time just in the activities it was really just for you a big hit in europe opening statement that you initially paid a modest salary and you wouldn't guess my understanding records you were never knows the lively those starting june seven hundred dollars a month and maybe i'm moving to the army's fort lauderdale and i receive advanced i think for five hundred dollars that was to be taken from
prorated next three months and has received five hundred dollars a month of june july august as it turned out i did not receive anything at that time did you continue with the same model selling start with roger and then news what was their selling video was among the lawyers see you know i receive waivers this is an oversight now a survey to contact you with regard to make a campaign engages present interest in that and said it yet any hesitation all about is playing in his activities well they're talking about the initial contact with exactly where would his activities were going to be one of the two i did have some misgivings about taking part in it out i wasn't sure what i was getting into it was more gradual thing i guess i just kept getting bigger and bigger all myself to understand correctly that you do this if you're loosing
yes it was just what was just not persuaded with political favors and anytime there's this really ever tell you that he was employed by the crp the republican committee working for anyone in the world is are we going to believe the variety who was working for who is working with where he was getting his money and actually i was curious about he would reply i don't know which of course he was putting the arm he told me that after the election would say that i have an ice cold beer the political situation maybe only the voice with the songs he's resigned is no cost some of them online a minority
of the alamo several work at that way where my ideas but mostly i was working on his direction there were some things that were done that i did on my own but i thought about it do you know how much planning and the preparations usually there was a lot of preparation i'll often think of something over the fall or in the cases i mentioned the miami when we talk about the instrument something and maybe do it next week or the next day here some things never five weeks and three days you know you do this well i think one thing i do believe we had a scheduling of all it was very gentle calendar issues i understand there was one instances justify millions morning where the source of the material distributed
yes sir it was the center for energy yes sir yesterday at the university of miami democratic organization on campus was divided into several groups of three different candidates the democratic presidential candidates the opera that had the muscle table set up and this information on the table that's right and the students trust in government was that they made you put on the bottoms of the names on the closer that was a name was on there my guess is that the most curious nation that want to have their catalog but nevertheless it was on the table it may not be printed by the end they were distributed and up it more or less went
into contradictions of settlement covers voting record and what he means that article did you ever infiltrating in again if you're taking part in any act of violence in the campaign not you know whether your little plants that result in violence that was you just like this morning that on march fourteenth the day before the primary you say it says to headquarters flowers that are usually even you stink bombs do you seriously think that any of these activities had any impact on the outcome prior years in what way
out on the four primary itself possibly not ah but certainly had an effect on the candidates certainly didn't help center muskie not my understanding is that it was not your intent that's right it indirectly at this could be treated having some effect of the very slight only in the fact that if a candidate gets irritated it might cause going to be casualties before group it has also been engaged the jew certain demonstrations it your impression that these demonstrations also well have some effect on voters well that's the beginning not necessarily your demonstration of industries gem i'm not convinced they
have a direct effect on the vote as far the demonstrations concern that kind of commonplace now especially during a presidential election times but the purpose of it was that the center must be another candidate was speaking somewhere scientific place in a position where vets could pick them up it reduces or less the pedestal effect the candidate standing there all by itself without any indication of other candidates wrap you have a close relative of candidates looks more like a lot of them are sort of psychological what we're listening to well you might say i was regretting it wasn't jumping for joy about it i'm not sure i realized exactly what i was doing when i was doing it
especially when the investigating story that was more scary than anything else and after that it became a new to the pressure of the investigators in a press call last week i had more time to reflect about just what i was doing and i i really can't say that at the time was i regretted it otherwise i imagined i would be doing it at the time we were in that these activities you feel that you are physically in a type of activity that was on partial american political system well enough in that way and i don't feel that it was part of parcel of the american system a much bigger scale like sabotage than possibly earlier and that person not that like i always say that when i have seen other campaigns of these activities that take part in that the
press recently things were not to this scope of silicon valley a place that i can put it category it's been scary so your conclusion is ridiculous our demeanor of those surveyed i was happy with the stockades i very much regretted you a personal ban metal misgivings are secondary to the guilt i feel
the senators and people that i'm a per person who again feel regrets mr realizing not necessarily when i was caught doing this i suppose by the august september october november it was something i wasn't doing it politically edgy humor i guess ambitions like many things like that that hurdle was overambitious and i was expecting to have high contact with germs that was working with an idea was maybe the white house for reelection committee and why
it is a short term success rate very very unfortunate we got away with the senator and i've not been i sure you don't feel he uses guilt i gather from your responses this morning to show you are not aware of the mississippi and its real identity until after the election itself was an unusual woman to lose someone well i was in the senate is using the advent of advice that my cells possibly not just the two of them maybe using you know i was thinking about the election ad job in washington i'm not rationalizing doing my actions at all anything or is it can be done the city well well
deserved but it's it's not supposed to make a difference as you now have what two weeks ago or two weeks from now if we were concerned about the desert as to persist yes and it began with the pranks start getting more more intense yeah i was aware of some of the things that was doing were not legal so it was unusual weaving spider it's easy now back as they say forget it don't bother me but as i said earlier to being uninsured and overly ambitious and as
republicans so activities and it would be so committed with these activities on ethical immoral illegal also advertise an unethical because they'll three and distribution of misleading literature with doctor identify missiles or the store that my source of personal faith invitations to nonexistent events saying fake press releases saying false rumors designed to the candidate of the opposition party is saying very foolish same thing were you referring
to in that situation is a lot of killings and all the metal forming material suppliers who religious limousines in the act of an opposition candidate with no intention that say inviting a master's of foreign countries wisdom to avoid responsibility yes but is there something wrong with gems of his views on the table to not being able to select freely that as candidates yesterday as an
audio conclusion that in florida the people of florida who were not given the right to really select the best candidate i think it's a sweeping generalities a bit most people were not because of my activities i think most people were very much aware of the activities were taking place the candidates themselves were not that many of those affected however i i really believe if one person affected by adversely that was wrong there's you have a choice a decision as the distribution of literature when he goes what you
usually do the others those characters operation on it yesterday and i think that's really what was going to really have any effect on the selection or what kind of distribution did you marry well senator bernie for answers to the question that the militia that was distributed wasn't necessarily strategic the person receiving it wasn't even of the fifties or passed out fifty are not going to fight the election very well you were going was that we were expecting at least one of those fifty two we raised enough to show that the candidate a candidate to become upset about playing out another candidate in
the primary election because this court the content and it wasn't a sort of a direct effect on the effect on the candidates agreed i might come out every one of the one hundred senators to seven and i stayed silent about all kinds of dirty tricks played on him because a political campaign than we expected dozens of families here you don't really pay much attention to it well anyway distribution did you might and incidentally i'm not minimize his detractors salaries
deliberations here perhaps will produce legislation was it will be better able to control this what about the distribution give us some examples of how and why that you distributed some of these mines well i was in art of these examples university of miami shows a flyer that was around campus are former secretary of the interior udall was supposed to speak out on behalf of a leader the young democrats on campus are they decided to cancel his engagement there because they thought it was maybe less effective speaker we found out about a week of flies over camp is announcing the time and place a previously settled canceled secretary he'll be speaking so they had to put him back on the schedule and go very well the speech levy speaking to when he was
being hosted by the end democrats are speaking just in but to embark on the candidates it has certainly used to say let's go into syria and you know making sure routes are you know well if i'm going to report not that effect is bigger there was testimony ranged that word i'm not completely clear on i think there were those would be from lindsay are not muslims dance or humphreys a letter which on it stands for israel feels that israel should be treated the same way as cuban relations to cuba these are passed out and put under the windshield wipers carve parkinson advance our mind maybe a hundred two hundred those
guys much effect on the election or against her i can of course but a statistic what it did in terms of poachers very small yellow lever that the purpose was not true that votes in the florida primaries to talk about the discomfort among candidates yet the backbiting and to make a few years have imagined that some of their work to thaw mayor ed sullivan was ceo of a fake press releases does that most of the cuban operated not supportive as much military assistance for israel is seldom us politics so what is it r because that was the one big issue of course i'm only jewish population and they counter images were
cultures to the occasion in the center of moscow sanders made a notation here that you helped distribute a reprint of the newsweek article about mrs ma's as well as family exhibits for reagan had to joblessness yasser was written by newsweek and how many million dollar rebranded pass gas i believe this is npr news he's with the washington
post well that would've been working as a complimentary i think what we were doing there was so much of it that on improving you work in florida are explicitly exempt from a trip to washington as did many people work with you people that i only hire a refrain from using friendship level associates the reason that i wasn't overly proud of what i was doing even though i did not i want a secret letters and even about it and i was living at home if i know if i was getting into it also how many were engaged in your operation
how many people did you lie about one every time the different times i would say and it's twenty people i suppose that handed out leaflets and let's say between twenty three children live there yes sir isn't it true that there were thousands of young people in florida and a republican side and also on the democrats who were working out in legitimate ways for reelection of president nixon and also the campus it's
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