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it's both the purpose was not true that votes in the four primaries to cause discomfort among candidates get their backbiting and to make them feel that they're sabotaging each other and as you mentioned the main road sullivan was fake press release it says that supporters much military assistance for israel several reasons r because that was the one big issue of course among the jewish population and a county which has worked with
the venice center of moscow cesar notation here that you helped distribute a reprint of the newsweek article about mrs ma's as we know it's here and it exhibits were particular package on this moss yes sir it was written by newsweek and how many of those passes i believe this race we were going out to lose weight on my washington post has a circulation conditions on and one of us well that would've been
or as a couple of very i think we were doing that was on a group you were going to expel a trip to washington to see the many people worked with you are people that i would hire a refrain from using friends are close associates the reason that i wasn't overly problems doing even though i did not i was i wanted to even the secret locker isn't even about it when i was living at home if i have if i was getting into it also how many were engaged in your operation how many people did you lie about one of the full time at different times i would say it's twenty vision of the
people i spoke with handed out leaflets and let's say between twenty thirty if you're from a lane yes sir isn't that true that there were thousands of young people in florida on the republican side and also on the democrats who were working government weighs that reelection of president nixon and also the candidates it's bright and i'm almost certain will press mr kelly about whether his activities and flows any votes in the florida primary right now we're going to take a short all
over television coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue after this break for a station identification on average coverage of the hearings is being broadcast as a public service by your local public television station this is pbs public broadcasting service the pope fb
from washington impact continues its coverage of
hearings on the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities it again and by correspondent jim lehrer as they go back to the interim senator evan lesser known about those anti must be radio spots in miami you say the deal even indian influence will well that happened also been fighting over the muslim neighbors romney opposes president kennedy i mean i really don't know wow and some common
sense and logic that my intention to oil is going to be presumed to the consequences of that are you know because i'm an iranian but the city itself i suppose there's a million million people oh yes two times and you you people and not letting people on the planet when they realized that they can that make humans people were
not many outside the cubans because of spanish radio station you're welcome yes sir you tell me you didn't really unfortunate humans all that when he was a lesson about the senator's so that israel must be i wasn't incapable of recognizing castro income families do he said that was me an overwhelming majority of cubans not democrats couldn't vote democratic primary about say eighty percent of republican women was necessary to influence votes in the democratic primary it was to get the musty i found that in the displaced
people the rest of animal model you open them and registration will cure one hundred thousand cubans arrived we will remember obama sr a man i believe in the democratic primary i think it was fourteen thousand i'm not exactly sure i think there's about a lot of republicans and that's often a community all of them have sympathizers absolutely yes yes or less what you now know that the regular controversy and one of the most sensitive issues in the state of florida it is relentless
as any new law on the white population problem isn't so you knew that well it's really didn't help his chances of that i would say the other democrats running didn't have much different stance that was the truth in that i'm i think though we did i think of that of the government of the partners and that's what we did one of your population doesn't listen the largest us populations of many companies and yellow that is written on the public test of
them about another candidate though that although the claims of this woman so you were doing that the white men then williams are you owe him and then made a lot of them i'm not sure you disagree but also one of the people who made the statement about the president will come together and i think there was intense
w is an incentive michael welcome and then you've got it no spaces
actually he's going to serve and they will be open to all although the law you're welcome because bb and
you can easily illustrate that oh you're talking about the influence of jewish mother passed out fifty of us on the jewish voters are a beach and i'm referring to the cuban vote how small percentage of which voted in the democratic primary i am as far as the you know the white people on the pressing issue i think if you look back the cancer cells were especially was using an issue for more than we were referring to well as blessings dan are another nine so those may have been very directed by visitors center of an arrow the congress the goal is the complete purveyors of this was for when you pass out forty
fifty or a hundred jewish miami beach where there's thousands of jewish voters i'm not intending to sway fifty or a hundred to our vote you're trying to get that that candidate at them i write about a candidate because that and to take action on maybe do something back to the other candidate it's too upsetting and this season it was knocked down well i wouldn't say so you can find that is that mrs reagan for the journalist events and you save money which came from all of us i mean we
had activities you know in addition to these things apart when you go to college and those who will have to every year the services are really know come and listen as his good name unknown woman vietnam war is emitted your whistle mostly of my heart feels just something that was i'm robin young i don't think you do and this is
mostly mumbles gives are not yours are defending what position i don't have a position that i regret very much what was done in such a kind of wink you what our purpose was an immigration bill but i never signed anything but there were attacks it no survivors have anything with a fortune laying out for yes you anything
it's easy when you're before a committee or interrogated by a grand jury to say that i'm sorry i didn't really feel regretful i know you're not excellent here say i did it great again i understand that he kept complaining and then somebody that you do feel guilty or bad about incidents since two years ago that i still very bad very much unlike two thousand and two write to him about the report of the dunhill legislate possibly make what no uprights misdemeanors or punishable by law well the peace well you're right
you will appreciate that serve as this to lead didn't i mentioned earlier have answered question was of a thousand times i think there's two that said i was overly ambitious i expected the very unique success is that even if i had epcot could've had a conscience made him feel guilty you know if i was sitting up there with any position i'd always look back and realize how i got it who was working with and if i continue on under the circumstances i would assert to be on earth we allow competition in the euro lesson script where it says that lesson is huge wife of owner and changes may reply to the state committed and you to be commended for the agency
sent one i i have no question is gemini you know that it's easy to say i'm sorry we're before committing a grand jury that's not easy when you and quite frankly not every disappeared before yesterday appeared before the committee so i'm actually trying to sell as legitimate or justified by the fact that these things went on the past are fine either of those attitudes on your part and an assortment of your reflection appreciate this because criminals bill
isn't going to pass by would you please get go into a little more detail of what motivated you to go into this kind of activity and to testify yes veterans and also are that at the outset i was new i knew what this goat was at the outset of robbins right away i would not want to take place mr ej you have access to a lot of the money it received you make up people in illustration i guess the white house i could've been reelected president committee my outlook was
friendly image you're in our rv expecting he'll ever be something for nothing this case something for that are i realize i never got into it that because i wasn't sure that it was really difficult that was it just got to a point where a little bit more was done a little bit more was done things were thinking around of all kinds other candidates bumper stickers or other candidates centering their those are some of the things i've recently enjoyed but you realize the answer was to make them worse
well i don't think it was it was a level like each one was worse than the other there were different things were very different times i didn't know that later on the more illegal things that were done for instance the washington hilton affairs center muslims a fundraising pitch that was unable was one the last things and to convince the beginning if i just kind of it was a gradual thing over again to kill somebody this is like that of me ask you something else or to anybody i would do i would not i would never personally intervene when i was arrested i know is that it's really strange part as far as a person personally damaging the character of people and the political career if you were planning on bringing new orleans jews must
be let's not exactly the case when i was there was a girl that was hungry for money she needs money so i i told them i didn't know where she's going to use the word puberty forty years i was too must be santa must use their idea for twenty dollars and oliver how much masters she didn't want to take other close to tell me which was to get unfortunately she did very well yeah no man to ask her to do this well until she earns more money things for reasons and i certainly would approach somebody and also just up the street on campus and operating twenty dollars to tell a
deeply around so i was very surprised you did this i didn't expect it to happen but it just something that did happen now did you also our sense of letters out to some of that water is now without spans was you know many of those who did well up for others is concerned that the levels of all i know that i personally think that's where you practice by the democratic candidates were there people nothing out of the ordinary here reading it to that science is something that every campaign that's ever taken place have anything as it is what you were doing was don't you feel any danger because of what you did
that you have the decency as a man i'm not ready to shoot myself that you think that the gray davis tourism and dignity and decency i think it's the start and then you are starting one was frontrunner right now you feel it any time since speaking <unk> reading about this in planning and so forth but you're representing either the committee to re elect the president or the white house or close to see us and then mrs reagan kqed way that you were really working for these people listening to get out what made you
the parents feeling of participation of these people must in some indications well the case was dismissed that these activities were white nature i knew that he was going to other states shows me some of the literature that was using different areas but perhaps i would recognize that the news was still operating expenses would require high before recovering as much out of this couldn't think of any other source of financial source of partially operating at that time when i referred to whether he was working for the white house every when president committee you were going to say i don't know which one after the election i didn't know he had extensive activities abbott i was not aware of who's talking with just like my feeling that every communication wasn't the case was the fact that i suspected wizard was never clear still i guess is now
that the mission of our job he had been in contact with the news that there was a provision like sixty a correlation there when you came to washington did you visit the white house knows where you engage with anyone working at the white house those are really working for those now who was re engage with nobody knows you know as emotional
and it's easily understandable and of course that was precipitated by the newsweek article was about the hampshire primary imperative not be fooled yes there are i think there was an article in the boston globe he was upset about not simply news report and this was referring to but in any event a difficult argument all hatchet job gains as much refined one has a right to be proud of mr ferguson yes and this occurred as i said before the distribution of these few requests of them as we got all of your new information farber yesterday there were activities understand
before i'm not traveling with their new hampshire i'm not even really sure if anything was done for that but all turned to sabotage is unclear but there may have been reviewed it was the attack on the mosque the problem is that it is a crime don't misunderstand why live question and no way can donor approval of you and your people are doing for just as a great injustice to the political system if we could do without they completely and politics i'm going to be much more ahead and i'd like to try to resolve the conflicts around wisconsin you really feel the weight of the law astronaut rusty ford and i think it could have some effect as
to post convention attitudes there was a lot of that as well you know a publication and it is a calculated risk no sir that was the intention is just that when the question of the actual incident
that you were made weapons that incident in some of your own religion and yes and you just describe what that wasn't committed yes i believe it was referred to home and when the flyers i think there was a large fire noticed lunch was pushed the offers the center must be i think you refer to something to the fact come in here senator must explain why britain and new hampshire that wasn't made of wires it favors legislation in a spare and i would appreciate this in a senate committee what year it is uncertain would you also take into consideration when you write that i could what the possible impact for that might be if you multiply your activities throughout the state of other people doing some of the things mr arcos congressman what activities of another conversation but also doesn't touch on that we
turn all i mean ms zola to regulate and the repercussions of that leno bus or three people are still there were those are some of that but that was not the director but when rock on the way do we know to
pay the committee will stand in recess until when the senators finish that question that mr kelly they broke for lunch probably try to look for the primary mover miami that tempo and there's a you know at this with rubber bands former president of the young republican club that's right all right mr beatty right all the excellent cooperation with the us the martin act that
they conducted themselves in motivation and the committees have known that assisted them he's a listen to the writer respectfully submitted a look at that council tomorrow and that will be all powerful moment when you saw your concerns like video campaign activities should be truthful about to talk with the city council question because you're going to go and
the question to me in the united states that's right and all these events that we totally your address one or six of reporters flurried about thirty i'm undocumented you have
to you in nineteen seventy december seven twenty sixteen he was interested in and then you also in tampa he first asked me
my past experience in the different campaigns and even stated that he would be interested in my becoming involved in the effort to cause disruption in democratic primaries anything so yes it was major pain hecklers that it's an awesome people to infiltrate in the campaigns to gather information what is it
we'll all strategy was to concentrate on the centre of research and muslim sen jackson and to allow generally causing disruption among those camps we do on one occasion right and we see no basis then in nineteen eighty nine
you're welcome you do yes she was a republican and then she did not care center for the president's policies and that he was central mosque seventy nine and it was you
know that's right it is as lane thank you listener that's right i could have
and i'm telling you it means big field activities
well you know it could have you doing this right at all times you're welcome yes now he's funny various campaign information campaign literature up with information on the general campaign strategy thank you
you're right seventy seven in that summer thank you specifically did that include meetings with the direction i'm sure was not an extensive report that interesting of a chemical argument some of that information mr jackson yes right
that information to your table so using that information to the so called eleven glad that you agreed to work so then if you receive whether they could've been going to basically it was a question at all a quire work because at any was a designation might have been in their families to collect which democratic candidate senator clinton that you
know some did not nineteen seventy win win win and we ask why now that information he received from the river that is correct and what that basically does information center mosque he was using them or no typewriters provided by congressman also that federal employees were involved in his campaign and now you know
referring to a reception that is going to be specifically you know there is in westminster vice president would not be acceptable going to make
it so that you're hearing on what they do in class analytical terms of stated they represented one of the other democratic candidate senator you're one of us senator jackson they take any action those are the activities were mysteriously and the settlers to sit across the street with some signs some things that affect the legal muster much of the country you are and in the sunni
areas isn't it the immigration service that no no yes yes even you know last couple of law something of the literary know mr edmonson does
he was a member of the nazi party we knew we weren't we'll discuss the possibility of israeli citizens that is
i have a college presidential candidate was an apparently universal support that detainees to collect universe itself yes he did leisure and i believe that the years of instability if you
like you know you just love loss of local laws was a wasted vote on march fourteen cast about for sen edmund muskie no sir given that many i mean geez we need an organization jackson and there were
as clay and if you have that but yes and yes and if you have a dissenting this began when we listen to the news media's probably was you know senator johnson
it's been now you have something to talk to me in the mail and you receive some items in the cracks and that was the letters answering the sexual misconduct sen jackson i don't think and there's the station where would you do that i'm going to mail letters on those data on the station and latino
supporters of sen jackson we're educated since nineteen seventy two it's tracking recall a conversation that do recall campaign threatening to places liquid substance into the tourism sector must be the two reporters in tampa what do you do
as ej they were teenagers was this evening they didn't have any access to the pill so the brewery well in one building there was a hole in the winter which they proper service to another building is still bombing of this going was open and the window was open and then drop them in but it they're moving
as an all which is clear that they didn't move as related as alan alda you're welcome nevada is on the grounds of the church you know you're not i mean the peaks be yesterday yes
and yes that's right does the same time organizations in tampa yesterday i think that not completely and information center everybody's
because be oh yeah some individuals communicate with individuals with lawyers no it's b the fb the wife
anyone can speak
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