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it's b it was they went to the location of the political right does this with ease they denied access to the pill so the brewery work well in one building a place to place to camp there was a hole in the window was a proper service to another building is stove i mean this going was open and the one that was
opened in a proper name with his disability and there's a certain mystique he's on the grounds you know you're not in the area the peaks beef mm hmm
yes and yes we didn't at the same time organizations in tampa yesterday i think that's right not completely with you and information concerning of
a project and wanted to be a surgeon agrees we create that point everybody's been to pittsburgh oh yeah some of the lawyers
as bell any of that and i didn't even get in that room jules job he basically mention
that an astronaut and in two thousand one of the conventions to join in on some of the demonstrations and he indicated that he wanted to inquire too much to not call him punching me with any money and specifically would eventually with money laundering campaign and i cannot recall a specific terms of what she did no indication that the people you know the campaign for the stem cells when you're dealing with
people who he was there's beam specific has been you know could repay that are related to the activities that you did work at one time yes and when you go without it could have been in the summer senator clinton in the fall well it's special when i saw mr
gray's name of picture and an in his many that was destroyed any remaining information about it and he investigated that was january of seventy three was the fbi was referring to senate investigative journalism as well as the senators said the senate for we're going to pause for a moment of the television coverage of the senate watergate hearings will continue after this pause for a station identification on average coverage of hearings as being broadcast as a public service by your local public television station this is pbs public broadcasting service
the the
washington and that continues its coverage of hearings by the senate select committee on presidential campaign activities it again and by correspondent jim lehrer as we go back to the hearings rubber bands is being questioned by assistant minority counsel howard lincoln did mr menzel we doing the reverse newspapers with a tank in the way us does not follow the jewish sabbath or proposition that you engage and certainly collectively on your own religion where this just really make any promises of political favors to you that i'm not from the anytime they search promises overtures
imagine that election there possibility of some type of job even more specific he was not specific know that's a very intimate to you did you have any contact during the daytime yes and no after we had finished the complete operation i was working for a candidate running for the state
house representatives and during the course that i've become in contact with people locally of the president nixon's campaign is that you know regular republican organization campaign organizations be is that they give you any instructions with
regard to ordination of your activities with local republican organizations know as well <unk> the explosives instruction not to not to contact anybody within the republican party for my actions when he gives instructions at the first meeting you follow instructions yet have it elizabeth warren the pain it was really ever explained to you what you're asking him to come to la during the time that you are working to mitigate the suv social money that you've made you know i didn't ask that honestly it's a big day on average about a month and was this figure maintain throughout your
poems work within approx there's a kind of self good morning what was the primary motive i think that i can best explain it stamen question that was ready to put forth to me at the causeway and when he has made another division i'm positive campaigning in negative campaigning and i answer is negative campaigning yes they and they were negative campaigning was in i answered that it is is it the opposite of campaigning and he said yes and i went on the blind some of the up obama
campaign that i was involved in the night and seven elections and also to find him that was a wormhole in enacting seven election for now managing the democratic primary campaigns in fargo and i also felt that this would be an opportunity for myself to give these people a lot of the medicine that they have given me in the past was that you as a teenager in the past ten mile area to basically the democrats had been almost no election time basis always participated in this action and that republicans was as we were in amman aarti we were unable to we always strictly about that a lot fb you know if the democrats got a little bit of
those of their own type of activities and they would build a reluctant to do this to us in the future so you were taking the position that do to you so people in several campaigns to infiltrate the perspective democratic campaigns i understand that it isn't the suggestion of suspicion that that's what were all those infiltration that his suggestion father was you know the until the committee the rationale behind infiltration of a boat's campaign or in this case respective democratic opponent's campaign i think
in most all elections including sponsor least the senators that are sitting on the table here always to send information on their opponents in this was our same as actually gathered this information and what was your purpose of getting information was done with the information that was it was getting we use it in order to plan our own action their action to causes much confusion among the democrats as possible did you throw it all the material that you're from the democratic campaigns he was ready yes sir you operate on any of this information that independently of coronation that's right i operated both independently and also in cooperation with just evidence that you know what
is news of heckling and demonstrations the village committee what the purpose of that activity might be they're saying you know just confusion fb is it to his question georgia it has been a mostly train project now with this literature that only must the train are you saying that isolationism you
must be trying to stop that was because of where's the information here to engage with us about a train trip is that right no no sales at virtually was concentrated in the state of florida your activity in pennsylvania with limited a was contacting one man that i have to dissipate in a basically the same as it was a quiet because in which also the senate in his victims of the elections on quantity the primary candidates in fact that is what this person was just newspaper clippings
did you conduct any activities is that wisconsin other than lucy bumper stickers from this is really the reason why the delivery of our pizza and chicken salad isn't telling and the preparation and distribution of these fires have been protest but now synonymous to themselves and to the things that the village wisconsin is because of the economy that was the beginning
earlier this year state education what that probably was the american president is causing him as much confusion among the staff as possible was the main purpose he's never visited i believe that the only answer that you are but you know as a teenager too impress upon others who might have been exposed to this activity that that your actions was
undesirable activities that now can you think of an illegitimate measures that this committee my answer would you please i think it starts in beginning i think of just prosecuting of protecting republicans and democratically oh i think about elvis all but if you do not take this type of approach and it will continue to have this you know so maybe we are can you tell me about the united states thank you
to oil and i'm melissa block innovation as well what we do with those detainees there
was a question mark i present read into that whenever a president has never been investigated by the news media and by canadians much of this one such as well you in nineteen sixty one it was accused and election law still not done with that list were talking about it can write campaign been influenced and when you remember the senate energy is a campaign was was stolen sector where we do than our sixty eight this is just the united states that's a city in the united states i knew i was all you know all the rest of it it's not an investigation do you do that
that's right and the contact that i had when people tell me it's not the most compelling force and who jesus is sam because jesus was no sermon i
needed to cover the expenses for nato expansion five six months maybe you yeah yeah and i think the seventies it's
because both and my answer to that question before the middle of it and when i do you know of the white house at the news mind oh oh certainly that you set yourself up when you run a campaign enjoys in arrested an opponent research and this is the one way that maybe you used this in a
way that probably most commonly obama oh yeah thank you you're well i know that when you relate in that last rule that the actions of the mosque in the march nineteen hundred and went through i think
thank you nineteen seventy two was not supporting us citizenship and barrel yes sir yes and the national mall that that nothing was done about it that by the united states that florida nevada could detect that to april of this year more than fourteen months that it was a witness well if you don't know that that american operated a few who came with you and your was not and this doesn't read a one quarter mile rival mr mark i'm
a maple bars were made it is that with rape with the flow martin it was a summer that was reported in newspapers are so i didn't know and you know but mr perry pleaded guilty to a lot of people that are rated this all of the factions and go oh i know well you think about the important oil states like to maybe just isn't a lot of the federal courts are living right you know one thing is that politically and that is a
lot of things that go paul is the fact that the advocates of seven men convicted him and if people follow try to go through the process but was playful nominated in lebanon since then to open at through it while you so i'll be committed reelected president at pleaded guilty to justice and other messages read it also pleaded guilty in connection with matthew and he was in that narrative that you all day long what has been the pope and it was a lot of question is the are shown that burns as i understand that
the weather all's well or no you're correct correct there was turnover may answer what you do it that information and all the back there was another major with the with the letter os ken your whole campaign that is correct as i
understand mr herron is sergio sons right now on the basis of having the strength of that letter that crack usual at any time here on behalf of mr harrington indicated that the fact that he was operating under orders and who are you and ranchers i haven't been speaking with the fbi have an oscar speaking with your committees that perhaps state that back well i don't understand why this was the herring is in jail on and so far as lutter is concerned thousands no words that you seem to have gone completely free in this matter than actually were the one that gave viewers on the letter i'm a little confused on that role on several occasions and took the fifth amendment when the grand jury he was granted
immunity from prosecution and required to testify or jail for contempt he was advised by other legal counsel them myself to go i had to present testimony he did so he has been granted immunity from prosecution by the grand jury and the grand jury that that information's wanted and it was just very insecure it's at a biker and say that mr burns was a witness against terror knows no this year's busier <unk> guilty and there was no how you were
activities in nineteen seventy which basis of your participation in the did you ever was a complaint with law enforcement authorities in nineteen seventy i reported everything to my superiors and the campaign or what action they took on a second oh you do as i understand it the race is motivating factor mr lenses activities in the nineteen seventy two campaign similar matters have been done in the nineteen seventy eight and apparently no action was taken and i've asked him to specifically less of those are active
right now and also i asked the question as to whether or not he filed a complaint with the appropriate law enforcement agencies which agencies that nothing against it was naturally turn the information over to his superiors and he is not sure whether they fowler police complaints and not only well we're your superiors republicans yesterday well i mean i am i am very confused as to how we're going to blame democrats for quite understand how are going to blame the democrats and in your situation in nineteen seventy four the law enforcement officials in florida how's that form the basis for doing well in trying to do the same thing to the democrats in nineteen seventy two
years when adam what do you what specific senator of the actions that were done is this your question or a question you say that on the basis of your experiences and ninety seven you too you've also taught me to not report to the law enforcement agencies have new plane then these matters and other law enforcement agencies in florida or the democrats but as for the fall the line in your own party and failing to pursue the information that you get to make cases the information was almost a robin island senator and following that information did you do it was not the
place to do that senator levin was a perilous position to do that i do not know if they did that they might have so well that another reason we're republicans your position your republicans carriers and rubble i do not know if they got the london centre of what law enforcement agencies you would have to testify in those murders and use les it's got to forgive set for second i suggest you do is just to you're given every opportunity to go ahead and illegal wealth in nineteen seventy on the matters that you complain about in the open that they really dont know basis for your motivation seventy two mr manning isn't going on the basis of your faction mann so
my accent is a woman you tell me how i believe i have answered that requires that your eye or if you report these murders to the appropriate law enforcement agencies out where those matters to my superiors were reports that is correct democrats involved in the debate about these abuses by who not going to prosecute this isn't committing acts believe in the still
open question and the muslims too you know fb so in other words there are no facts to substantiate the theory which you put forth that has committed to justify their own actions he's been please senator that if this committee would investigate campaigns that is the one that they have just investigative fund science
and acts as far as his commands and this campaign wasn't unusual that seems to be the general kenyon except with the exception of autism spectrum that's right listen in new releases judges as
green jobs and the places they want muslims picnic unless he's reporters these are all the norman of articles that were maybe not the specific accents were there that just doesn't work nineteen seventy with one particular example cars are others but if you like to give you the complete rundown the nineteen seventy six there certainly were living in new orleans
by the time they occurred were at the time this investigation so i think we covered that before senator kennedy has stated that that was not my place to give any information division and they give that to my surprise that i thought was my duty and as an asset to not know when the fbi wanted to do when you get to in these matters over the fbi at the time you were being investigated relative to the nineteen seventy two campaign well absolutely and again i think what are your opinions of what you did this is a proper campaigning will what's more about a change of mind this was
improper campaign in a new nose improperly that the current normal for questions on this round trip then you have an aggressive fighter activity isn't a campaign yes as her not problem was iraq and try do you have any regrets if one of your subordinates just a hair and served one year in jail for a time you were walking the street for a yes or make you feel like you're quite likely to be fully present time does it not correct when did you start feeling regretful about to activity in a campaign from the beginning when from the beginning when this was a very pleasant tickling end you feel regretful about that
threat to know the you feel regretful and a lot of those are due new orleans last week in the law enforcement officers to see officers or to inform us is ready to do local law enforcement officers and at times he got no sir wanted to remain shut out remains out into a question they may have cooperated with them sir now have you had to subordinates one name is duke in the other names to heroin is that his nickname was dude i do not believe that his last name and the name who witnessed the current value that this man who rosenthal law as has often so i thought it was a crime you didn't mean that
our guardian editor not a given that that the untrained by adolf hitler and it's gone through with the typical new visitor's sign the training school it with a fine him for this for many trains go out with fine person for this job or it is quite true so activities to have to engage in florida i would know that he read some history of that period correct the red rising polling third reich that they correct our deck of it is the largest on completion watch them aimal cynicism where dozens are blue i read about the many fortified documents schlender about the opposition says one way is our
color that in a teapot you think new jet owners activism example reflection and that landrieu yes or vote for the question of this thing questions this provision of the law that covers online that it is not simply sending vague invitation to nonexistent events of prominence or it's not doing the imitation to depend upon whether there was any name identification such sen nelson
dentists nonexistent events such as the ones or was that if there's no indication that he would be a leader i do not have the information that would be an indication of my car it is you do because more than forty one of auto issuing press releases right way not at all salacious take on the opposition party no sir breaking into places what about stunt wasn't so i don't know
unless you think it's a good thing in a political campaign doesn't talk to filing only knows how to carousel center of the viewing the final phone bank could you describe to us what they want are receiving material no one from there it the material to mr herron with instructions to place in this material downtown headquarters which was a massive emergency in in fact there was a hole in the state place a substance in and they campaign headquarters out it was an open window and
there was disappointed only was loose and then to drop it in there which would be the utility will reconsider suppliers who their riches of the apple and opposition candidate with no intention of payment legal ethical moral knows it prior to the explosion of your involvement in the sabotage activities that you consider that the money is spent for furthering of sabotage activities money is well spent and the effort to re elected president jane austen novel was the reelection of the president so important and in these would've
justified are you in your discussion with one of my colleagues you're suggesting that since the other clothing care about dirty tricks your body was in trouble convincing there was a mass in an answer to that i think that in the end that they would paulson actions at this time thirty years and whatnot you about what's about all along working with cost
regions against people with costly then the question is what to play thank you mr disseminating false attacks upon characters sagal sen jackson and so across some democrats may have perpetrated some incidents some of which you disapprove the palm oil comes from my mom well
what is being remade and the special prosecutor's office and there's no indication that got the conversation you have the fbi agents that he made any reference to any allegation ms davis titian like this information daily and we cover some forty hours which offer some forty hours and
intimate no no knowledge of what they did when they did not and these two incidents if you let us in response are you what information you have about other incentives are going to get one was a poster that said quote joining us and one time he said that somebody came in posing as a radio reporter to interview those were two of the asbestos suggestion i thought so ms vince you new evidence or specific instances of being
fixed well assuming that there were instances during the campaign in florida and nineteen seventy you feel it is justified you planning on honorable man or seeking the presidency of the united states senator but it somehow i think it could have just could be that are now assuming that day you haven't committed by individuals which you just such conditions you know it's
been well as it has been and we're talking about the dignity of human beings we're talking about the electoral process we're talking about the american people who deserve the truth in political campaigns that don't you think that they deserve some consideration percent white and you give them that consideration was for you you felt like you were getting that consideration justification for giving consideration to the people
under every electoral process and our constitutional system i think angela questions woman repeated yet i feel that my actions in any way would have cleaned up the political system no nothing could have opinions of a senator what makes you think that you would be the great american legal for purity and politics after what you do i don't think that would be a great american theater what if i did plays some small role it would help out in their area senator well do you feel that you're all have been small yes or if there's no solutions now in one point out i'd still not see the importance of my activity senator just explain how small heroes head in and what you have contributed to purify politics in america if my
actions anyway would cause a deterrent to ashes of this type of believe it in a small way it would appear that and do you encourage the participation of young people in a similar rosen says you performed with respect to our election campaigns in the united states and therefore there for you you're telling me that is correct or he can what she a lifelong resident nasser with you south carolina with loesser actually no area i don't i
never saw i would know the answer this year is the cuban identity yes you and when they don't believe that she had known him in south carolina politics and you know you talk to her in the conversation you know with respect i think we've covered pretty much as what we call the conversation centered well you know in january it was yes or less believe he was a white house counsel from fb
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Part 3 of 4
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